imagine going through your whole life looking like that

The Boy Next Door - Calum Hood Imagine

Sorry, no smut! I just didn’t exactly feel like going that far with this. Also, sorry this is Calum because I’ve written a lot of Michael and I want to share the love. Enjoy!

It was a Saturday night and surprisingly, you had absolutely no plans. You were laying on the couch in your basement, the TV running as you scrolled through your phone. While looking at the most recent tweets on your feed, a notification popped up that you received a snapchat from your best friend, Calum. You’d known Calum practically your whole life. When you moved in he sent a soccer ball sailing in to your yard and went to the fence to ask you to retrieve it for him. You told him you would under one condition: if you would be allowed to play with him. Since all of your outdoor toys weren’t unpacked, you would go over to Calum’s constantly to play. Even after you’d settled in to your house, the two of you could be found running around each others yards. Now he was sending you a picture of him laying down in a sweatshirt, with “What are you doing?” written over the image. You replied by saying that you weren’t doing much and you asked what he was doing. Eventually you told him to come over and in about 2 minutes he was ringing your doorbell. You opened the door and led him downstairs, he grabbed snacks on the way. “So, you ask to come over just to eat my food?” you joked. “Shut up, you always have the best food” he laughed. You started off by letting him pick the movie. He obviously picked the classic super hero movie that you had slight interest in, but you were still checking your phone during most of the movie. Calum and you were already extremely close, you’d go over to his house still in your pajamas when you couldn’t seem to get yourself to do anything but lay around. You let him sleep in your bed with you when his grandfather passed away. When it was your turn, you picked your favorite movie. “Are you kidding me? We always watch this!” Calum groaned. “Too bad, it’s my turn!” you said, childishly. Calum pouted as he adjusted his position underneath you. Your head was rested on his chest while his arms rested lightly on your back. You felt Calum grab his phone and start texting. Out of curiosity, you asked him a question. “Are you still talking to that girl. You know, the one from that party a few weeks ago?”. He put his phone down, “Nah, she just wanted me when she was drunk” he laughed. “Didn’t you guys talk for a while? How often was she drunk?” you joked. “She was always so funny when she was drunk. Not as funny as you, of course” he said. “I wish I was at least talking to a guy right now” you sighed, “I’ve had the longest dry spell in all of history” you sighed. “Um, I do believe you’re talking to me right now and I am a guy” Calum commented. “Okay, you know what I mean” you replied. “Do you remember that one time…” he began, “That one time when you kissed me?” he smiled. “Oh my gosh, don’t bring that up! I was extremely drunk and that was such an embarrassing night” you began to blush so you stopped looking at him and tried to go back to watching the movie. “To be honest with you…if I wasn’t in a relationship at the time, I think I wouldn’t have been able to control myself like I did” he confessed, waiting to see how you reacted. “What?” you asked, looking slightly shocked. Of course, you had kissed Calum when you were drunk and he had a girlfriend and you knew it was wrong but you couldn’t hide the feelings you’d had for so long. You were still embarrassed about that night,  but it hadn’t changed anything between you two because you understood he had a girlfriend at the time and you were just friends. “I’m just saying…I didn’t mind the kiss at all” he didn’t dare break eye contact with you at this point. You shifted slightly so you were closer to his face. He sat up a little, cupping your face with his hand. Eventually you lips met his and you let your hands rest on his shoulders. As you pulled away you saw the look of desire in Calum’s eyes. Without hesitation your pressed your lips against his again as you furthered the kiss. His hands moved down to your hips while you straddled his. You felt his lips begin to move to your neck as he sucked on one spot consistently. You’d have a mark tomorrow, but luckily you wouldn’t have to explain it to him. Calum pulled away and looked in to your eyes. “Remember when I told you she broke up with me because she thought she could do better?” he asked. You nodded slightly. “I actually broke up with her because I knew I could do better. I couldn’t stop thinking about our kiss, and you.” he smiled.