imagine gavino

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Imagine having a really passionate night with Gavin. Your hand is trailing down his chest as he pulls you into bed. Towering over you his hands seem to tear the clothing from your body. As he leans close into the hotness and the mess of bodies, his breathing sticks to your neck, causing shrills throughout your spine. Leaning even more forward, his mouth reaches your ear, slightly grazing it before he whispers, "I love you."



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Then imagine Michael and you both satisfied and laying in bed, cuddling. You can hear him breathing softly, his heart beating against his chest while he strokes your hear gently. Suddenly when the of you look up, you see a hole on the ceiling and Gavin was watching the two of you the whole time. "Wot? You just thought you could knob each other without inviting me?" And Gavin gives the same disapproving look as the one on your tumblr icon.

OH MY GOD. i’m imagining him making the face I JUST