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I know this has been said countless times before, but i will NEVER stop finding it hilariously fucked up that Disney allowed all of this on Gravity Falls:

  • Taxidermied animal heads chanting “ANCIENT SINS, ANCIENT SINS” with blood coming out of their eyes and mouths
  • Several risque political jokes
  • A man marrying a woodpecker and trying to sustain an actual relationship with it
  • Mentions of swearing and profanity (and somehow got away with ALMOST saying “son of a bitch” in a context that the kids watching it would understand)
  • Mentioning suicide, as in, they explicitly used the word “suicide”. How the fuck???
  • A LOT of overly detailed body horror that could give anyone nightmares

But a spin-the-bottle reference? A quick scene of 2 old women in love? A character NOT putting on the seatbelt in a car??? All of that got censored.

uncultureddoubloon  asked:

Could you please explain the "help me" in the bottom of the groom's shoes and how it's a joke/poking fun at/is an example of toxic heteronomativity?

So I dunno if y’all have seen this, but I’ve worked a lot of weddings in my life and  there’s this super funny (/sarcasm/) thing where the groom will write “help me” on the soles of his shoes, so that when the couple kneel down at the altar, everyone will see it and laugh at the fact that this poor man has been trapped into the sanctity of marriage.

Sort of like those cake toppers where the groom is attempting to run away or is being forcibly dragged to the altar with words like game over on it cause he no longer gets to have fun with his life or something because he’s getting married:

Or quite literally, a ball and chain:

Basically the whole “help me” thing? Is a continuation of the idea that there are definite gender norms, and that those genders are in direct conflict with each other, and therefore predispositioned to eventual resentment and hatred. 

It’s the snarky sitcom hetero snide comedy where the wife is always nagging the husband who is the put upon joe average who had life and dreams until he got married and had kids, who now wants to just be left alone to read the paper while his wife looks after his home, his kids, his general emotional well being, and is still cast as the shrew for wanting something more from him than his dispassionate resentment that she won’t coddle him like one of the offspring.

Cause haha, it’s so awful spending the rest of your life with the person you are profess to love and adore…imagine that…imagine losing your freedom, your individuality and quite possibly your own autonomy to another person through a societal convention… *everyone not born male and white looks into the camera like they’re on the office*

Also consider, if a woman knelt down at the altar and had “help me” on her shoes? How drastically unfunny that becomes because we know, we know the way marriage is set up to give one partner the advantage over the other…

It’s just icky. It’s an icky not funny joke which I wish would die out.

freedom & escape

Where Sagittarius and Pisces are ruling on your chart can show where you want to explore and escape. Both signs are traditionally ruled by Jupiter, while Pisces is modernly ruled by Neptune. Where Sagittarius falls in your chart can show where you find your freedom. Where Pisces falls in your chart can show where you’d like to escape, in a realm that may not exist or be realistic. Jupiter and Neptune, being the rulers of Sagittarius and Pisces can show why.

If you have an interception in Gemini/Sagittarius in your natal chart, where Sagittarius is intercepted can often give a feeling of being caged. There is a feeling of not having any freedom, or any way to have freedom. Looking to where Jupiter is in your chart can show how and where you can get that freedom. There’s the feeling of, “I don’t know how to escape.” If you have an interception in Virgo/Pisces in your natal chart, where Pisces is intercepted can often give a feeling of being lost. Looking to Neptune can show how and where you can escape. There’s the feeling of, “I don’t know where to escape,” or “I don’t think I can escape at all.”

Sagittarius Ruling the Houses + Jupiter in the Houses

You find freedom through ___ but you can exaggerate to where you ___.

  • Sagittarius ruling the 1st: expressing yourself / are self-centered 
  • Sagittarius ruling the 2nd: what you value / stubborn
  • Sagittarius ruling the 3rd: your thoughts and words / are intellectually arrogant
  • Sagittarius ruling the 4th: your family and past / don’t focus on the future
  • Sagittarius ruling the 5th: your creativity / find your ideas scattered
  • Sagittarius ruling the 6th: the daily motions of life / are inflexible
  • Sagittarius ruling the 7th: your interactions with people / forget yourself
  • Sagittarius ruling the 8th: intimacy / don’t associate with others
  • Sagittarius ruling the 9th: exploring the world / get lost
  • Sagittarius ruling the 10th: your goals / forget where you came from
  • Sagittarius ruling the 11th: your friends and community / feel dispensable
  • Sagittarius ruling the 12th: your subconscious and dreams / can’t find reality

You want to keep your freedom because you’re good at ___.

  • Jupiter in the 1st: being yourself
  • Jupiter in the 2nd: valuing yourself
  • Jupiter in the 3rd: thinking and communicating
  • Jupiter in the 4th: staying comfortable and safe
  • Jupiter in the 5th: applying your inspirations
  • Jupiter in the 6th: going through routines
  • Jupiter in the 7th: interacting with others
  • Jupiter in the 8th: gaining intimacy with others
  • Jupiter in the 9th: exploring and learning
  • Jupiter in the 10th: working on your ambitions
  • Jupiter in the 11th: helping others
  • Jupiter in the 12th: healing others

Pisces Ruling the Houses + Neptune in the Houses

You escape from ___ but you ___.

  • Pisces ruling the 1st: yourself / are creative in expressing yourself
  • Pisces ruling the 2nd: your values / are unique in what you value
  • Pisces ruling the 3rd: your thoughts / are inspiring with your thoughts
  • Pisces ruling the 4th: your past / are strong from what you’ve dealt with
  • Pisces ruling the 5th: your passions / are beautifully imaginative
  • Pisces ruling the 6th: your daily routines / are creatively innovative
  • Pisces ruling the 7th: people / are kind and compassionate
  • Pisces ruling the 8th: your secrets / are empathetic and accepting
  • Pisces ruling the 9th: your discoveries / are open-minded
  • Pisces ruling the 10th: the world / are aware of the reality around you
  • Pisces ruling the 11th: your friends / can still be a good friend to them
  • Pisces ruling the 12th: your subconscious / are secretly aware of yourself

You escape because ___ can often be overwhelming for you due to your sensitivity.

  • Neptune in the 1st: your self-expression
  • Neptune in the 2nd: implementing your values
  • Neptune in the 3rd: thinking
  • Neptune in the 4th: recalling your memories
  • Neptune in the 5th: utilizing your creativity
  • Neptune in the 6th: the daily motions of life
  • Neptune in the 7th: other people
  • Neptune in the 8th: your secrets
  • Neptune in the 9th: your discoveries
  • Neptune in the 10th: your ambitions
  • Neptune in the 11th: your friends
  • Neptune in the 12th: your imagination

Time is our greatest obsession. Who has not dreamed of returning to the past, of changing the future? Imagine the power. To see how our choices affect our lives, and then return to undo them. Endless possibilities. Imagine the freedom to cross time and journey through the ages. The freedom to change the past, and bend history to your will. What would you do if you had that power? Could you eradicate the mistakes of history, and build a perfect future? Or would you be subject to fate, and be swept down the river of time… …powerless to change your course?