imagine france

In Paris tonight they’re doing a “Barricades Night” to protest against France’s current politics & the elections and everything and,,,, imagine Enjolras

Cinnamon rolls

Looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kick your ass: 2p England, 2p Romano,

Looks like they can kick your ass is actually a cinnamon roll: 2p Germany, 2p America, 2p Canada,
2p Russia

Looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: 2p Prussia, 2p China

Looks like they can kick your ass and can kick your ass: 2p France, 2p Italy, 2p Japan

face family boyfriend headcanons

❀ i’ll probably do abt three bullet points per character, but if i ever get a request for one character’s boyfriend/girlfriend headcanons, i’d do abt five ❀

♡ allies ♡

America / Alfred F. Jones

‣ He loves to surprise his significant other with date nights every once in a while, but they may only consist of staying in and binge watching old 90′s movies.

‣ He loves to sing in the car and will expect his significant other to join him in a duet every once in a while. He also enjoys holding hands with his s/o while driving, which could be a bit dangerous because he’ll only have one hand on the wheel.

‣ He likes to show off his relationship on social media every once in a while, so his s/o should expect many selfies of the two of them being posted to Instagram and Twitter. If his s/o is uncomfortable, however, he’ll keep the selfies to a minimum.

England / Arthur Kirkland

‣ A romantic date to him would be going to a quaint coffee shop and reading a book with his significant other or just going on a quiet stroll throughout the park.

‣ He loves to give his s/o kisses on their hands and arms. If they’re just sitting down on the couch, relaxing, he may grab their hand out of the blue and leave kisses on their wrist and knuckles.

‣ He may leave notes for his s/o, reminding them how much he adores them and how he treasures them.

France / Francis Bonnefoy

‣ Francis, being the romantic type that he is, would take his significant other out on dates at least once a week. These dates would consist of moonlit picnics, balcony dinners, or going dancing.

‣ He would love to cook for his s/o, especially if they let him cook let breakfast in the morning.

‣ He’d bring up thoughts about the future frequently with them. He would inquire about whether or not they would want to be married or have children or move in with him. He wouldn’t be asking because planned on asking them to marry him anytime soon (unless he thought they were both ready to take that next step) but because he is genuinely curious.

Canada / Matthew Williams

‣ Matthew would take his significant other ice skating or to a hockey game if they liked the sport. Those are the kinds of dates he thinks are best for him to connect with his s/o and get to have fun with them. However, he will probably let them decide the dates most of the time since he wants them to have a good time with him.

‣ He’s the type to send his s/o sweet good morning messages and the type to constantly ask them how they’re doing. He’d send them lovely messages, telling them that he was wishing them well throughout the day and that he hoped the stayed safe.

‣ He loves being affectionate with his s/o, though he is very shy about it. Even if they’re just chilling on the couch, he’ll cautiously place his arm around their shoulders and softly play with their hair.

Allies Kink Headcanons

America/Alfred F. Jones

  • Feeding- He loves to feed you greasy goods, especially burgers. He loves the groans he receives after a stuffing session and likes to rub their soft stomach to help relieve the pain of over eating.
  • Adores his when you’re on top - He loves to watch his s/o work for their pleasure as well as watch their chubby body jiggle and bounce while riding him.

Britian/Arthur Kirkland

  • Roleplay- His favorite is playing Captain while you are his slave. He needs to hear you call him captain before he cums, or there will be a severe punishment.
  • Master/Pet- He loves to have you wear a collar with a leash attached while riding him, every now and again he will pull and tug on the leash to make her go faster or as a reminder that you are his and his alone.

Canada/Matthew Williams

  • Lace- He loves when you wear lace; bras, panties you name it. He is also known to cum on the parts your body is covered in lace with.
  • Language- Often he will whisper words of love in your ear, especially in French. He is very confident when he talks dirty in his native tongue. Bonus points if you also speak French.

France/Fracis Bonnefoy

  • Over stimulation - Loves the way you squirm at his touch and the whimpers you lets out. He will not stop unless you beg or are completely spent, most likely the latter.
  • Praise- He is perfect at this. He loves to give words of love and encouragement when you are riding him or when you take his punishments well like a good girl.

Russia/Ivan Braginski

  • Spanking - Often spanks you to the point of not being able to sit correctly for a week. He loves the way you squirm and mewl under him from his touch.
  • BDSM- He is very much into tying his partner up and blindfolding them, leaving them completely clueless to what happens next. He is also a slight sadist.

China/Yao Wang

  • Edging - He loves to tease his partner either with his fingers or tongue. Bringing them up to almost a full climax, but then takes away that pleasure and watches as his partner whimpers from the lack of release.
  • Pet play - He loves to dress his s/o up in cat ears and a tail buttplug! He gushes over the mewls and meows you make on your knees before you open your mouth to receive him.

anonymous asked:

2p! FACE and 2p!Germay's reactions to their s/o being really short and cant reach something they want (book, pancake mix whateves) but refuses help and gets so frustrated with their height the shout "CURSE MY INFERNAL SHORTNESS!"

2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy- He won’t seem to react much but internally he is chuckling. It’s a strange but…funny thing to hear from a pipsqueak…also quietly brings you a stepladder. 

2p!America/Allen Jones- Loses. His. Shit. It is too funny that one, you can’t reach whatever it is. And two, what you just yelled.

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams- He just picks you up by your waist and helps. It’s cute when you get all frustrated. 

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland- Not being the tallest himself he’ll understand the struggle and help you get the item. Although he does like how you phrased that. 

2p!Germany/Lutz Beilschmidt- Has a good laugh out of this before helping, provided you don’t swat him away for having laughed at you in the first place. 

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you could do 2p Allies reacting to being handcuffed to their crush?

2p America: Ohhh boy. It looks like it’s Al’s lucky day. He would make some some not so subtle sexual comments. Once that’s out of the way he will try to impress his crush (and fail because he’s a dork) but would probably make his crush laugh

2p England: Oliver would be a blushing, blabbering mess. He would try to be polite and not touch his crush more then necessary. He’d be one of the people actually trying to find the person who handcuffed them. He hopes he doesn’t somehow scare away his crush.

2p Canada: He would have mixed feelings about this. He wants to use this as a chance to get to know his crush better but he’s afraid he may be to rough and accidentally hurt his crush (by accidentally jerking his crush around). He will try to be as gentle as possible.

2p France: This guy would wonder how he was even handcuffed. Was he passed out drunk when it happened? Who knows? He would secretly be slightly happy to have the chance to make his crush see he isn’t a complete asshole. He would be nicer then usual and try to not smoke around them. But he’s lazy so uh…his crush would have to figure out how to get them both free.

2p China: This guy would be happy and he’d show it. He would first make sure he wasn’t high. Once realizing that this was real he would definitely take advantage of the situation. Like Al, he would tell his crush all the dumb and crazy things he’s done. He may or may not make up some of the things. He just really wants his crush to like him!

2p Russia: Tbh he’d probably read a book with his crush. He may lecture them about something but it’s because he likes them. They would have fun trying to find the person who handcuffed them together. I can see him being annoyed because he doesn’t want to be handcuffed but happy he’s at least handcuffed with his crush. he would straight up tell his crush that.