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“Smile, the worst is yet to come…

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Imagine Again

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Imagine Alistair. Imagine watching his lips quirk into that cocky smile. Imagine the feel of his nose against your cheek as he leans in for a kiss. Imagine his hands, softer now from ruling Ferelden instead of fighting. Imagine the feel of his stubble on your collarbone as he kisses your neck. Imagine the smell of his hair as you run your fingers through it. 


Clenches fist cause ilu archosaurman

The Pirate King - A mix for the commander and the crew of the Volkvolny.

i. Who We Are // Imagine Dragons  ii. Ready Aim Fire // Imagine Dragons iii. Warriors // Imagine Dragons iv. Glory and Gore // Lorde v. Discombobulate // Hans Zimmer vi. Black Sails Theme // Bear McCreary vii. The 100 Theme // Evan Frankfort  viii. Pyrates Beware // Brian Tyler ix. El Dorado // Two Steps from Hell x.He’s a Pirate // Hans Zimmer xi. Norwegian Pirate // Two Steps From Hell xii. Skull and Crossbones // Klaus Badlet & Hans Zimmer xiii.The Medallion Calls // Klaus Badlet & Hans Zimmer  xiv. Nassau Shores // Bear McCreary  

10 songs I’ve been listening to daily

I was tagged by the lovely @13pjms thank you for the song recommendation :)

1. Dream in a Dream - Ten
2. Watch Me Rise - Mikky Ekko
3. Pizza - Oohyo
4. Believer - Imagine Dragons
5. Perfect - Ed Sheeran
6. Spring Day - BTS
7. Lucky One - Exo
8. D (Half Moon) - Dean ft. Gaeko 
9. We Don’t Talk Anymore - Jungkook cover
10. Kids - Mikky Ekko 

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I’m always looking for new music so let me know what you listen to!

Sam x Reader - Masterlist

this is mostly put together by the amazingly wonderful @onceuponasaltcircle​ who you should go and shower lots and lots of love on<3

I Told You So- You get injured on a hunt and Sam doesn’t want you to go on another one.’

Cold Motels in Winter- You get cold so you steal your boyfriends warmth

Butt Touches- Someone doesn’t treat perverts very nicely

Fluffytime- Morning-after fluff.

What Team- When Sam is feeling down you cheer him up.

Guardian Angel Who isn’t Actually an Angel- Things can’t be bad when you have each other

Tell me a Story- You are seriously injured during a hunt and Sam is keeping you awake.

Sea Your Opportunity- You make the guys go to the beach.

Rejected- You are Sam’s girlfriend and Becky gets jealous.

Complimenting Sam- You love a lot of things about Sam.

Bored- The frickle-frackle and then cuddling

Start a Family With You- Sam wants to start a family.

Maple Syrup- The boys worry over their pregnant girlfriend.
Cramming for a Test- You tell Sam about your cancer diagnosis.

Say Something- Based on the song.

Not Even if You Tried- Sam takes an argument a little too far.

Smoking Hot- Sam is worried about you smoking habit.

Her Over Me?- You don’t trust Ruby at all.

Joking Around- Sam brightens your day.

Too Much Worry- Hunters can’t be in relationships.

Look Silly Together (Part 1)- You chop off your hair together.

You Don’t Look Silly (Part 2)- The mocking begins, together.

Nose Twitching- Getting sick gets you cuddles.

Smurf Attack- Dean puts blue die in Sam’s shampoo.

After All Your Dreams Came True- Gabriel puts you two into Disney movies.

Party Poopers and Sunshine- Sam knows the right things to sing.

Green-Eyed Monster- Sam gets jealous.

A Little Bit Deaf- You like singing, but aren’t good at it.

Lazy Morning- Morning fluff with Sam.

I Want To- After a demon attack you need some comfort.

Online- An online relationship.

A Dog, or A Guy- A Nurse stitches Sammy up.

Chewbacca and Thumblina- Size differences can be funny.

Beach Day- Sunburns are terrible.

Just Friends- A friend from college wants to be more.

Study Buddy- Sam helps you through school.

Finally- Sam makes a good pillow.

Love is Blind, or a Little Deaf- Sam goes partially deaf.

Perfect Fit- Who said girl’s muscles weren’t sexy.

Note to Self- Drunken Love Confessions

Back Your Corner- Too much of everything can cause the best to crack.

Plan 7A- Fluff, just fluff.

Fall- Sam catches an angel crying.

Hell Hath No Fury- You take out your anger on a Vamp nest.

Real or Not?- Things are fuzzy after Sam gets his soul back.

That’s What You Get- You break down after your family dies.

Firmly on the Hook- You and Sam help Destiel happen.

Out Like a Light- Sam is a pillow while recovering.

Home- Sam proposes.

Awkward- Cas tries to help with a little mind reading.

Wish You Were Here (Part One)- Sam’s dead. Based on the song by Avril Lavigne.

At Last (Part Two)- You finally get to be with him again.

Bad Day- Some cheery fluff.

Bleeding Out- Based on the song by Imagine Dragons.

Now I’m With You- Sleepy stressed out Sam.

Totally Perfect- Sam attempts to be funny.

Don’t Know Where We Are Going- Sam is awkward around girls.

Like a Princess- Sam drinks demon blood again.

Make a Move- Being hammered helps love confessions.

Popcorn War- Sam cheers up his boyfriend.

Good News- Sam’s a little excited that you are pregnant

Over Anything Else- Back to your icky hometown.

Freedom- Sam rehearses his vows.

Take A Picture- Their photos get Tumblr famous.

The Only Ten I See- The brothers find out you have a southern accent.

It’s My Job- Sam is insecure about his addiction to demon blood.

Asshole Relationship- You mock each other with love.

To Be Of Help- Sam teaches you how to research.

I Like the Sound of That- Cas’s Little sister finds her soulmate.

The Real Magic- Should Sam know you are a witch?

You for You- Trans acceptance.

Holding On- You never lost faith in your religion.

Harmless Prank- What was meant to me harmless, wasn’t.

Earlier Hours- You are not a morning person.

Made it - Based on 18 by One Direction.

Close Call- You hear his confession in a coma.

Question- Drunken Sam pops the question.

Laura Croft, Tomb Raider- You get a codename.

Not True- Dealing with past accusations.

See You Later- Asked out after a demon attack.

Mr. and Mrs.- You go undercover as newlyweds.

Cute Guy on the TV, or Not- Your actor crush makes Sam worried.

Scary Movie- The horror movie freaks you out a little.

You Morons- The Ghost Facers are trying to flirt with you?

Don’t I Always- Plus Sized Sam fluff.

Just What to Say- Sam knows how to make it better.

At Midnight- Sam’s daughter is a singer.

Rough Time- School is draining and hard.

Plot- Kidnapped by Abadon and her followers.

Only Human (Part One)- Another ability child.

One Hell of a Biology Lesson (Part Two)- You learn everything about monsters.

Defiant- Sam’s daughter sneaks out to hunt.

The Twins- In order to escape horrors you hear stories of the starts.

Falling Apart- You drift apart to save each other.

Not For Us- Father Daughter fic based on Breathe Me by Sia.

Nephilim- You find out you are part angel at an inopportune time.

Bad Days- You give each other hope.

Miracle- Sam gets very protective.

Dance With Me- Sam catches you having a dance party.

Turn Away- Sam falls out of love and cheats.

Adjusting is the Hardest Part- Adjusting to College life is hard.

Red Like Roses- Sam refuses to leave you after you come back from the dead.

Sand Bar- Swimming based panic attacks.

Never Knew- They find videos of you in a musical.

Shield Against Evil- Sam will protect you from all 8 legged monsters.

Swip Swap- You switch bodies with Sam and he has to deal with your monthly gift.

Only if its Eternal- Faces of concentration make Sam realize something.

Family Barbecue- A get together with the Harvelle family.

Fever- A bad cold and Sam is there.

A Sick Hunter is a Dead Hunter- Sick and sleepy Sam.

Can’t Sleep- It’s okay to be scared.

Can’t Say It- Everything Sam loves dies.

Gag Gift- Dean gives you stilts to help out the height difference.

The Keeper- Sam tries to keep you entertained in the hospital.

At Home- Cuddling in the Impala.

A Lot- The Winchester fight for your heart.

Figure from the Past- Cas recognizes you an an angel.

Better Off Without You- When your heart is broken you give away your soul.

My Hammy- Your daughter loves her “Uncle Hammy”.

Family- Your daughter calls Sam “Daddy”

Where Do I Start- Sam’s birthday present to you.

Any Other Way- You are worried how your ex will react to this relationship.

Where You’re Wanted- Spying on the Winchesters didn’t involve falling in love.

Perfect for Us- Best Friends fall in love.

Fight Club- Sam is teaching you how to fight.

Scheduled Meeting- Everyone wants your attention.

Tackle it Together- You are skipping meals and Sam notices.

Sleep Tight- You fall asleep in the library.

Water Buddy- Involving mermaids.

As You Wish- You know ever word to the Princess Bride.

To Fit In- As Sam’s daughter you just want to do normal things.

Undone- Based on the song by Haley Reinhart.

Eternity- Blue hair, don’t care.

Flight of Fancy- He broke up with you to date Jess.

Hurdles- Cute internet dating.

Before Anything Else- First things first, underwear.

On Purpose- The hemline is rising for a point.

The Happiest Place on Earth- You go to disney for your birthday.

Far From Perfect- Dean likes Sammy’s BAMF girlfriend.

All This Time- They were both hunters all along?

Day Waster- You just want out of this dumb hospital.

Links- Sam gets worried when his daughter goes missing.

Fact or Fiction- He wants you out of the bathroom.

Too Hot (Hot Damn)- You just need to go swimming.

Don’t Want to Wait- It doesn’t make sense that he would love you.

I Gave You All- Based on the song by Mumford and Sons.

Seeing Things - You’re cursed by a witch to see things that aren’t there - Sam understands what you’re going through.

You Think I Don’t Notice - Sam misunderstands your lingering glances.

Make It - You always manage to incite a reaction from your boyfriend.

Take It Off - You can’t decide whether you want the blanket or not.

My Attention - You haven’t been eating or sleeping enough.

Have Faith In Me - Sam isn’t willing to let the reader hunt vampires, unknowing of her personal vendetta against the bloodsuckers.

Wild and Free - Sam and the reader leave the job as teenagers, then flash forward to a few years later…

Someone Like You - You end up on the same hunt together, which leads to something more.

Rough Time - Sam does everything in his power to cheer up a depressed reader.

Epic Saga - Soulless!Sam does have a habit of spouting some pretty unforgivable crap.

Frozen - on a wintery hunt, you fall into a frozen lake.


DOGS: Bullets and Carnage Fanmix (LISTEN)

Man In The Box - Alice In Chains // Countring Bodies Like Sheep - A Perfect Circle // Across The Golden Field - Foxy Shazam // Engel - Choral // Monster - Imagine Dragons // Counting Bodies Like Sheep - A Perfect Circle // Beyond Me - After Forever // Down In A Hole - Alice In Chains // Fear Of The Dark - Iron Maiden // Mein Herz Brennt - Rammstein // Wolf Moon - Type O Negative // Mutter - Rammstein // Beast Within - In This Moment // Oh Death - Jen Titus // If I Had A Heart - Fever Ray