imagine dragons glasgow

Three years ago on November 15th we played to 150 people in Glasgow. Last year on November 15th in Glasgow, November 15th again, we played to 2500 people and today it’s November 15th, this year there’s 12,000 people in here tonight.

But tonight it means much more than just coming back three years in a row and playing another show and there being more people the reason that tonight is significant is I know that every single person out there made a conscious decision to be here tonight. I think it’s extremely easy to give into fear right now. I know all of our hearts are broken around the entire world whether it’s what’s going on in France, whether it’s what’s going on in Beirut, nobody’s even talking about that… there are people around the entire world that are dying and they’re dying at the hands of terror and terrorists that are trying to put fear into our hearts and yet every single person made a decision to come here to a venue tonight even after what happened because we will not be afraid of any single person in the entire world. And may we please continue to come together and use this moment to see each other regardless of religion, regardless of race, regardless of gender, nationality, boundaries and just be one as humanity and find peace. That is the ultimate goal; to find peace. Anyway, I just wanted to point that out tonight. Thank you for being here, thank you for being a part of this and thank you for standing up and not being afraid.

—  Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons @ the SSE Hydro, Glasgow