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Imagine Dragons theory time y’all.

ok, so, the thing is, I have a theory about when could they drop a new single or something that would be pretty soon; now let me explain:

I Bet My Life was released as a single (first Smoke + Mirrors single) in October 2014. Smoke + Mirrors was released in February 2015, 4 or 5 months after depending on how you want to see it.

now, we already have Roots. it might be in the album, of course, but what if it is not actually a single for the album? maybe they just wanted to give us something new to hear while they were on the road. because they’ve released some other songs during this year (Not Today, I Was Me, Levitate…). and leaving all of them behind, we could say they haven’t released anything from the album yet.

going back to where I left it, there were 4/5 months between the release of IBML as a single and S+M as an album. now we’ll take into account all these rumours about album 3 being released in late spring/beggining and medium summer. that leaves us with 3 months: May, June and July. they’re already going to some festivals in Europe in June and July, so we can suppose they’ll need new music to play in them. now:

May - 3 months away.

June - 4 months away.

July - 5 months away.

this means it’s really possible we’ll have a new album in June and July, but don’t discard May either because it’s also a possibility.

If we also take into account Dan’s twins will be born around March/April, we suppose they won’t release the album in those months, as it’s also too early.

another thing: they’ve been in the studio 3 times since they started their break in February last year:

-once in summer (they recorded some stuff already for sure).

-then in autumn (they were with Alex, so they may have recorded more AND also edited).

-now in January (in fact, they all were together just a few days ago recording things. and also editing as we can see in their twitter accounts and their tweets about new music happening).

then, they may have already have some songs edited and prepared, so my theory is the following: if those rumours are true and album 3 will be released in spring/summer, we might have a new single in February or March.

what do you guys think?


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Polaroid & One Day (Imagine Dragons & Matisyahu)
  • Polaroid & One Day (Imagine Dragons & Matisyahu)
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Just finished it this morning! Haven’t yet posted a video to YouTube, but here’s the audio!

This is a mix of Polaroid by Imagine Dragons off their new album Smoke + Mirrors with One Day by Matisyahu.  The inspiration comes from the beginning of the chorus in Polaroid where it sounds exactly like One Day.  In fact, the two songs merge together very well.

As always, there are no added sound effects, etc.  Everything you hear is from solely from the two songs.