imagine dragons 2014

actually here’s a question: who else hasn’t ever taken a hiatus from fr? i’m not saying you’ve been super attentive the whole time you’ve used it but you’ve never like.. actually stopped for any length of time. cus i know i haven’t lmao

top 100 songs of 2014

(the mix starts off with indie/alternative songs, then gradually turns to pop and ends with rap)


1. best day of my life - american authors // 2. take me to church - hozier // 3. don’t - ed sheeran // 4. habits (stay high) - tove lo // 5. bad habit - the kooks // 6. when i get older - wild party // 7. riptide - vance joy // 8. royals - lorde // 9. do i wanna know - arctic monkeys // 10. settle down - the 1975 // 11. pompeii - bastille // 12. i bet my life - imagine dragons // 13. cardiac arrest - bad suns // 14. i’m not the only one - sam smith // 15. cool kids - echosmith // 16. ain’t it fun - paramore // 17. stolen dance - milky chance // 18. shut up and dance - walk the moon // 19. centuries - fall out boy // 20. every other freckle - alt j // 21. i wanna get better - bleachers // 22. 1901 - phoenix // 23. carousel - melanie martinez // 24. demons - imagine dragons // 25. budapest - george ezra // 26. the kids aren’t alright - fall out boy // 27. fall in love -phantanogram // 28. the wire - haim // 29. what you know - too door cinema club // 30. i see fire - ed sheeran // 31. why’d you only call me when you’re high - arctic monkeys

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It seems as though the brand new Zelda U footage wasn’t all Nintendo had planned for The Game Awards in regards to The Legend of Zelda. Koji Kondo alongside Imagine Dragons wrapped up the event with a beautiful Zelda medley while some Majora’s Mask 3D footage was screened behind them. The medley consisted of the “Great Fairy’s Fountain”, the “Song of Healing” andthe “Overworld Theme”, then followed by Imagine Dragon’s original song “It’s Time”. 

Make sure to click the video above if you’d like to listen to this gorgeous piece.


Gallery | Billboard Music Awards 2014 Red Carpet [Gentlemen Edition]

Credits: Steve Marcus/Reuters, David Becker/Getty Images, Christopher Polk/Getty Images


My favorite people of 2013 in no particular order:

(My favorite famous people so my parents aren’t offended)

Jennifer Lawrence- for being a wonderful role model for young boys and girls and for staying true to herself

Ed Sheeran- for having wonderful tweets, caring for his fans, and for advocating Fuck Cancer

Harry Styles- for being the nicest person I’ve ever heard of and never saying anything offensive also dorkiness is a plus

Joseph Gordon-Levitt- for being a fantastic actor, hilarious lip-syncer, and for making a movie where he wanted to show how the media reduces women to sex objects

All of the Nice Guys in the World- for making people smile and not giving up on others, for being kind to strangers and to the earth, and for putting others before yourself- you guys can be some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting

Macklemore- for bringing the issue of equality to the hits radio and showing everyone even at a young age how obvious it is to support gay rights

Louis Tomlinson- for constantly supporting charities, making children smile, and standing up for his best friends even through all the hate he recieves

Dan Reynolds- for the tear-jerking speech he gave at the Imagine Dragons concert I went to about how concerts were a safe haven for him when he was younger and he wants to offer that to anyone who might be struggling out there and make it an incredible night for them

John Green- for showing so many how interesting learning can be, for signing 150,000 copies of The Fault in Our Stars, and for always supporting women not changing themselves for a man

Happy New Year