imagine cute guys calling you noona

Noona PT. 3???

So I had an idea for another part of Noona, and I thought it was really cute and good but I would love to get your guyses opinion on it because I don’t know if it should be posted.

I the second part of Noona Namjoon tells the reader that Jungkook calls her Noona because he thinks it’s his special nickname for her and he feels special when he says it, knowing he’s that close to her. At the end of the imagine the reader and Jungkook end up together.


So I was thinking about Jungkook and Yugyeom’s friendship, and it got me thinking. Jungkook and Yugyeom are the same age so that means he would also call the reader Noona.

The whole idea was the reader starts to get close with Jungkook’s friend (Yugyeom) and he begins to call her Noona as well and it’s just a whole bunch of jealous Jungkook and cute angst that follows. 

If you guys think this is a good idea please let me know and hopefully I will start writing it soon. THANK YOU!~

p.s @chaychie

Loving the Same Girl (Reaction)

Please can you do a reaction where all of 17 members love the same girl who is a 98 liner :) thank you :)

This was really fun to write


S. Coups (Seungcheol): She’s 3 years younger than him and the other boys love her too but he doesn’t care because he loves her and will do anything to make her his

Jeonghan: He would be very sweet to her. He would open the door for her and compliment her. He’s in the same boat as S. Coups, she’s 3 years younger but that won’t stop him. He’d know the other guys loved her so he’d put his arm around her and hug her a lot. 

Joshua (Jisoo): He would whip out the guitar and play for her all the time. He’d sing her love songs and she would close her eyes and lay next to him. When the boys would fight over he would yell “She loves my singing” and that would start an even bigger riot.

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