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Killua needs more hugs!!

I felt the mighty need to draw Paddy, she’s way too adorable. Obviously, her senpai is there too.

hey you match everything!


I may not live to see our glory…



hey guys! 

its been awhile since the last time i posted my lockscreens. i was so busy (lazy) lately so i dont really post lockscreens anymore. But im kinda back now! Got lots of lockscreens to be uploaded very soon. Hope you enjoy this lockscreens i made ya! <3

ps. send me messages tell me everything! :D


no but aldertree sent raj to fetch a change of clothes and a cup of tea for clary aka raj probably stood in clary`s room going oh this shirt will go nicely with those jeans and i would like to personally thank him for that because clary looked fly 

With  the colder months approaching, it seems fitting for Kenma to own at least one cat-eared beanie (chances are he has one in every colour)

Michael Mell x reader + switching glasses

- the sqwade™ doesn’t know you and Michael are a thing yet
- Michael went to the doctors recently and got glasses that match yours to be #secretlyrelationshipgoals
- you and Michael spend the night together
- interpret that however you like
- you wake up and put on what you assume to be your glasses
- but definitely not before Michael puts up a fight to get you to stay in bed and cuddle with him
- “Nooooooo, come back.”
- “Babe, I’m hungry. I’m making myself some breakfast.”
- you eat breakfast together and talk about what to do on your free day
- “I kinda want to go to that bakery Evan opened up with his boyfriend.”
- “I wanna stay in, though.”
- “Movie night?”
- “Yeah, we could have someone stop by the bakery and get cookies or something.”
- later in the day, you invite the Sarcasm Squad over to watch movies and make snarky comments
- the Sarcasm Squad consists of Jeremy, Christine, Jenna, Connor, and Jared
- when you turn the TV on, you get a weird headache from the screen
- “I’m gonna take an aspirin.”
- “You feeling okay over there?”
- “Yeah, it’s just a headache.”
- after a while, you notice Michael squinting at the screen
- “Can you see the movie okay?”
- “No, I think I have to go back to the doctor.”
- the whole crew is concerned
- “Dude, didn’t you just go to the doctor?”
- “Yeah, he did. For some reason his glasses match (Y/N)’s now.”
- the whole crew is connecting the dots
- “Try this.”
- Jeremy switches your glasses
- you can see clearly now
- Michael can too
- you look over at each other like “oh shit, secret’s out”
- “Are you guys dating now?”
- “Yeah. We spent the night together and Michael only has one bedside table. We must’ve mixed up our glasses.”
- “You guys have matching glasses? How cute! Connor, fuck up your vision so we can match.”
- “Shut up, Jared.”
- “I really didn’t need to hear about you spending the night together, but I’m glad neither of you are going to die alone.”

daferhikari  asked:

Oh please for the kiss art challenge, number six 😍. Marinette is discussing about something an Chat is just like..."oh god" he just hug her and shut her with a kiss. Btw I love your art, is amazing!!!

Aye chat your Adrien is showing!

(Thank you so much! <3 )