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Does Moonstone have a voice actress? And if so, WHO ?

I’ve said Cara Delevingne is the closest for what I imagine her voice being like, but I’m subject to change if I hear someone else who would be better suited

Request List ☠️

Current Request List

If you have requested something and its not on the list please let me know, i probs just forgot to add it. 💕 Also please note I have summarised a lot of these requests so if you see yours but its missing some details, I do have the full requests I just haven’t put it all on this list. Feel free to send something in if you want me to write it, Requests are still open.

Ps. Y'all really love Juice. Theres so many requests for my baby and I aint complaining 😂

  1. -You’re Happys favourite Diosa girl and he breaks into your house one night after killing someone because he needs someone to take his adrenaline out on
  2. -Imagine taking care of Juice after he gets stabbed in prison
  3. -Imagine your Clays 18yo daughter and Juice is in love with you but you aren’t into him.
  4. -Imagine having a panic attack in public and Juice sees and comforts you
  5. -Imagine being Wendys cousin and her and Jax are mad at you and Juice for something. You and Juice make them dinner but end up burning everything
  6. -Imagine making love to Juice after he gets out of Stockton after 14 months
  7. -Imagine Juice finding a la perla lingerie in your closet. He thinks your cheating but it was an anniversary gift for him. Smut.
  8. -Imagine Juice being scared to have sex with his pregnant wife but she convinces him
  9. -Imagine surprising Jax by wearing the lingerie you wore on your wedding night.
  10. -Imagine your Opies sister and Tigs ex. You still hang out at the club and Tig tries to make you jealous by flirting with a crow so you kiss a crow so he sees.
  11. -Imagine being close with Happy and you talk about how you think Alvarez would fuck you but Happy shows you who you belong to
  12. -Jax imagine based on Alone by I Prevail
  13. -Opie imagine based on Breakup Sex by Hunter Phelps
  14. -Imagine being Jax’s pregnant old lady and in the early stages of labour, but you don’t know. You get kidnapped and the baby survives but you dont.
  15. -Imagine bing best friends with Jax in middle school but you move away. You come back years later and you have a child. Jax sees you one day and you pretend like you don’t remember him until eventually you admit that you do remember him but he broke your heart.
  16. -Imagine Jax overhears you telling Lyla how you think its unfair that ladies get the crow tats but the guys don’t get anything so Jax surprises you by getting your name tattooed on him.
  17. -Imagine catching the eye of Jax. You’ve just finished an army tour and your a Hale and an old friend of Donnas.
  18. -Imagine being married to Jax when he goes to Jail and you go up for a conjugal and wind up pregnant.
  19. -Imagine working with Gemma in the office, your always quiet but you go to a SAMCRO party and show your wild side. Jax gets to see a little more of your wild side.
  20. -Imagine having an argument with Juice and he goes to Diosa. When Lyla asks him his preference he says my wife. happy ending.
  21. -Imagine Juice breaking up with his OL to protect her. She starts dating someone else and Juice cant handle his jealousy so he turns up drunk at her apartment to erase any trace of him on her body, smut.
  22. -Imagine fighting with Jax. You drive off and the IRA takes you hostage.
  23. -Imagine with Kozik based off Halestorms I Get Off
  24. -Imagine Juice’s estranged wife giving him a fake alibi for some SAMCRO beef and they reconnect
  25. -Imagine Juice is jealous of his OL’s yoga instructor
  26. -Imagine Jax finding roses on his ex wife counter
  27. -Imagine a shy/insecure girl goes to the club for help as her abusive ex is trying to get back together. They help her and she breaks down and Jax falls for her with smut.
  28. -Imagine Happy has a GSW to the chest and the reader (a trauma doctor + Haps OL) has to save his life. 
  29. -Imagine being Clay & Gemmas kid and having a thing with Tig but you have to keep it a secret
  30. -Imagine opening up to Juice about having depression and your fears of being alone and thats why you shouldn’t date cause you have so much baggage but Juice loves you anyway.
  31. -Imagine based in the past. Your in high school and dating Opie and you go on a double date with Jax and Tara and get high.
  32. -Imagine being plus-sized and being best friends withTig. He wants to take the next step but your unsure due to your size.
  33. -Imagine being Happys daughter and in the same line of work. Jax always flirts with you and one day you finally give in.
  34. -Imagine leavingJax after he cheats on you and you start hanging around with Opie and become close friends. Jax gets jealous and you have to tell him you are only friends with Opie.
  35. -Imagine with Jax based on Bonnie and Clyde by Haystaks
  36. -Imagine with Jax based on Don’t Let Me Be Yours by Zara Larson about how Jax falls for you watching you dance at a SAMCRO party.
  37. -Imagine based on Heaven by Pvris where the reader is pregnant and gets kidnapped and ends up dying.
  38. -Imagine Happy having the same reaction meeting you as Tig did meeting Venus
  39. -Imagine dating Happy and he comes to your office, you fool around but your boss comes in and Happy has to hide under the desk and Happy keeps himself busy :)
  40. -Imagine being i college and having the lead role in a play. Her bf Jax watches her rehearse. with smut.
  41. -Imagine Jax goes to a club and asks for a private striptease and lap dance from the reader and they act like they’ve never met before and it leads to hot steamy sex but its revealed she is his OL
  42. -Imagine cheating on Jax because he’s always busy with the club and has no time for you. You have a big fight but end up having sex with him.
  43. -Imagine being Venus’ daughter and Juice is in love with you so he goes to Tig and Venus for advice
  44. -Imagine being Chibs’ OL and someone flirts with you and he gets jealous
  45. -Imagine having a one night stand with Happy and ending up pregnant. Your best friends with Juice and you go away for a year until you can figure out how to tell Happy
  46. -Imagine being Gemmas sister and meeting Nero and he falls for you.
  47. -Imagine being Jax’s sister and secretly seeing Juice. Your fighting with him about having to keep the relationship a secret and it leads to smut, involving his bike somehow.
  48. -Imagine a polyamorous relationship with Tig and Kozik
  49. -Imagine being Chibs’ daughter and dating Juice and you get pregnant. Chibs doesn’t know andJuice lets it slip.
  50. -Imagine based on Burn With You by Lea Michelle with Happy smut
  51. -Imagine being Happys daughter and being just like him. You go tot he club for the first time and Tig stats flirting with you eventually you have to leave to go pick up your girlfriend, and you take her back to TM to see everyones reaction to see you dating a girl
  52. -Imagine dating Happy but hiding the fact your a single mom from him
  53. -Imagine you are/were a street racer and dating Juice
  54. -Imagine trying some kinky stuff with leather with Tig
  55. -Happy imagine based on Happier by Ed Sheeran
  56. -Imagine Jax falling in love with a black woman and overcoming the club rules & bullshit.
  57. -Imagine moving in next to Happys mom with your abusive boyfriend and Happy falls for you
  58. -Imagine with Opie, something cute and fluffy.

what ever you do, don’t imagine amy going home after jake goes to jail. don’t imagine how quiet and empty their apartment feels without him. and how she can’t really remember it ever being just her apartment. it’s like he’s lived there forever. and now suddenly. he isn’t there. don’t imagine her waking up with a lump in her throat because he isn’t in the bed too. don’t imagine her not being able to bring herself to put away his leather jacket which he left hanging on the handle of their cupboard. or her staring at it for minutes on end sometimes. don’t imagine her looking up from her desk at work and almost expecting him to be looking back. don’t imagine her going to visit him at jail for the first time. how she smiles when she sees him, tears sparking in her eyes, but she swallows them down and doesn’t let them fall. not yet. don’t imagine her breaking down in the car after that visit. sobbing, her head on the steering wheel. instead imagine the smile that breaks out across her face when jake is finally released. imagine the sob of joy as jake runs into her arms and she hugs him like there’s no tomorrow. imagine her and jake going home. talking. laughing. hugging. kissing. imagine them together. imagine them happy.


Is this where I give a speech? Ask you to die for me? No thanks. 

I say we shove the Remnant down the Archon’s throat, and maybe that buys us a chance. All of us. We get the whole cluster to pile on. Everyone in Heleus has earned some fucking payback. 


Allura’s Moving Castle AU

1. why? 2. why not! 3. asadahsdklsasdf

i got an ask for Kara with potstickers so here you go

NESTA ARCHERON | A Court of Thorns and Roses


I gave her the Illyrian wings after hearing so many theories that she was Made in the Cauldron to be Illyrian. I don’t imagine her as being full Illyrian (as it is sort of a race and that would be kind of problematic tbh) but rather adopting the wings and subtle attributes.

My hope for Nesta in ACOWAR is that she will become as badass as ever, fighting in battles and eventually taking over the warcamps and training the female Illyrians herself. Just imagine any of the males trying to stop her. 

SJM, please oh please let this happen?!


“Who are you calling a child?”

Did anyone order up some non-silly D.Va headcanon? No? Ah well, just leaving this here then.


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #45. Peyton Sawyer & Jake Jagielski 

“Yes, losing your heart’s desire is tragic, but gaining your heart’s desire? That’s all you can hope for. This year I wished for love … to immerse myself in someone else and to wake a heart long afraid to feel. My wish was granted and if having that is tragic, then give me tragedy because I wouldn’t give it back for the world.”


Flora’s gorgeous and wonderful but so are her sisters


Mass Effect Garrus Vakarian & Commander Shepard

meetings & reunions