imagine an r version of this scene

Loosely based off the fic “A Poetic Retelling of an Unfortunate Seduction” by @diojonas!! I know this is rlly inaccurate from how that scene in ch. 10 played out with dio giving jonathan the scarab and his outfit is totally different but I keep imagining incubus dio in an outfit similar to this character idk lol. im srry its so sketchy and messy it was pretty spontaneous aosigjjasf. i wanna draw a more accurate version later but I’m actually like 5-6 chapters behind rn so i gotta catch up ;w;

Wishing for a PG-13 or R rated Version of Zootopia?

Hey so everyone has probably already seen the deleted scenes and commentary about the collars. If not and So they also were going to make Nick the main character and show us his childhood but they took that out because it was “too dark” meaning kids wouldn’t like it. Well adult themes, dark or not, are giving me life in the fandom. Imagine if it were legit.
For those who don’t know, Telltale games has been remaking TV shows such at TWD and GOT as interactive choose-your-story types of video games. Look up videos of TWD game and you’ll see how much they can do. They can make our zootopia without being afraid for the kiddies and even give us options for how to shape the story. Maybe if we give them enough pressure we could push them to make a deal with Disney. Thoughts?

Imagine if The 100 was a Netflix series…

  • We’d get to see the delinquents cursing (Raven and Bellamy would be the #1 offenders).
  • Just picture how much better these lines would be: “Whatever the fuck we want!” … “They dropped us on the wrong fucking mountain!”
  • Less limitations on sex scenes (Jason tweeted about the Network standards being ridiculous compared to their standards for violence).
  • Binge watching a whole season at a time (sure there would be a year wait, but we basically have that now anyway…)
  • Basically it would be an R-rated version of the show now, but with more freedom to tell these stories exactly how they want to tell them.