imagine an entire season of this shit

ok so i know that tv shows are different than books. i Know that and i Know it’s impossible to include everything. but i can’t stop imagining potential scenes and losing all composure.

  • the first time we see 300 fox way. the reading room. blue’s bedroom. You Guys.
  • the first time we see monmouth from the inside. the bathroom/kitchen/laundry room. mini-henrietta.
  • the pig. THE PIG.
  • aglionby uniforms. 
    • and the entire wardrobe tbh. ronan’s dishevelment. blue’s deliberate wackiness. the boat shoes. adam covered in car grease.
  • how are they going to capture noah’s smudginess? what if they do Cool Cinematic Stuff like make him flicker or glitch. What If. 
  • gansey’s journal. Fuck. it’s gonna be real. there’s gonna be a real gansey’s journal.
  • the seasons changing in cabeswater. Imagine. 
    • truly Everything about cabeswater. Imagine.
  • finding noah’s skeleton.
  • also? um. FLASHBACKS. flashbacks? to anything pre-series? noah? gansey? ronan? 
  • the ‘murdered murdered remembered’ scene. Holy Shit. 
  • i’m gonna get to see robert parrish get beat to shit with my own two eyes.
  • adaM’S SACRIFICE. “i sacrifice myself.” spoken out loud in a henrietta accent. words into my ears. 

Ok but imagine:

  • Clem teaching Gabe how to stitch a wound, start a fire, pick locks, and other cool survivor shit
  • Gabe teaching Clem the handful of Spanish swear words he knows
  • The both of them stumbling on a Rubiks cube on a supply run and spending the entire week trying to figure it out
    • They eventually give up
    • Conrad solves it in like 2 minutes
  • Gabe and Clem always bantering and roasting each other
  • Gabe and Clem climbing on rooftops and watching the sun set
  • Gabe and Clem leaning on each other for emotional support
    • Clem opening up about her past here and there
    • Gabe telling her how much he misses Mari
    • They just listen and never push the other into talking about something they’re uncomfortable with
    • Sometimes there are days when the two of them don’t say a word, just sitting and crying together and leaning on each other
  • Gabe and Clem being too proud to admit to themselves or to anyone else that they have a crush on the other
    • (Javi thinking it’s the cutest shit ever, even if it can get a little annoying sometimes)
    • Gabe telling Javi about how great Clementine is for the nth fucken time
      • “Yes I know, buddy, you told me the same story this morning. Maybe you should ask her out on a date or something ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      • “Pffffft w h a t?? Oh my god Javi she’s my best friend what makes you say that why would you even think that???????” profuse sweating
    • Javi being forced to play along as Clem asks for advice for a friend of hers who maybe might hypothetically like a hypothetical guy, so what should the friend do, you know, hypothetically?
    • Javi: *Looks into the camera like he’s in The Office*

anyways i am here for Gabe and Clem being bffs they deserve so much happiness honestly

didn’t wanna hijack anybody’s post over this, but omg. all of tucker’s kids were conceived around the same time.


now, let’s not get too sad thinking about the disarray chorus’s education system starts off in. (vanessa clearly pulled the planet’s shit together pretty quickly. they’ll be fine.) these kids could literally be an entire class together. 

but it’s unlikely that this isn’t a baby boomin’ age for chorusans, so if there are enough kids to merit multiple classes, and tucker’s kids are split up, there will still be little clusters of tucker children who will inevitably all fucking band together in their younger years.




stardust-dreamer13  asked:

Fluffy,Seung Gil headcannon please! His s/o calls him that his dog hasn't been feeling too good so took him to the vet. But when he comes home to check up on him, he finds his s/o sleeping on the floor with the dog,who is completely fine by this point. Just his s/o is shattered for staying up with him all night.

Omfg I thought this was going to be an angst request, but you saved it at the end lmao. Yeah I’m okay with angst, but leAVE THE DOG OUT OF IT JFC. Anyway, this was cute and I liked writing it! Hope you like :3 Thank you for requesting!

[Seung-Gil Lee]

  • It’s another day of practice at his home rink, and Seung-Gil is ready to go home and spend time with you
  • Unfortunately for him, practice has just started, and the end is not in sight for several more hours
  • He can’t shake the weird feeling he has that he should be home; something feels off and wrong to him
  • u know the feeling right ???? where it feels like something is wrong somewhere and you have no idea what but like you’re concerned for no reason ???? yeah thats him rn lmao
  • Practice drags on at a deathly slow rate, and Seung-Gil can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right back at home
  • After a bit of practice, he is granted a break by his coach, and he rushes off the ice to send you text
  • By the looks of things, you’ve been him to a text about two hours ago, and his heart leaps into his throat at what he reads
  • You tell him that his dog isn’t feeling well, and you’ll be bringing his precious baby to the vet to get checked out
  • He begs his coach to run home and check on you, but he is denied his request; practice must go on because competition season is fast approaching
  • Seung-Gil continues practice against his will, somewhat pissed that he can’t go home for a few minutes to check up on you; reluctantly, he continues practice with a scowl on his face
  • but like imagine how sexy his mad/impatient face is like holy hell boi hit me up with that shit lmao
  • Finally, the end of practice has come, and Seung-Gil rushes to change out of his skates and collect his belongings from the locker room
  • Despite being a bit worn down from practice, he sprints the entire way home without bothering to check his phone, determined to get to you ASAP
  • lmao imagine him fuckin naruto running down the street with his stone-cold expression on his face lmao I’m fuckig dying @ myself
  • He bursts through the door and calls your name, but he quickly slaps a hand over his mouth at the sight before him
  • It’s you and his beloved dog, laying on the living room floor; your arms are wrapped around the puppy’s neck gently and rest your head on their fuzzy back
  • His heart melts at the sight, and he even allows the slightest of smiles to grace his features in a heartwarming way
  • Seung-Gil pads over the living room floor quietly before sitting down next to you, gently easing you into his lap so he can hold you in his arms
  • but just like imagine being held by him ???????????? 10/10 i wANT THAT holy shiT I bet he’s good at hugging
  • You stir a bit, and your eyes flutter open to see the soft expression your boyfriend is wearing, and you smile
  • “He’s gonna be okay. Don’t worry about him. also hi you look hot when you turn that frown upside down holy fuCK
  • “I see that, (Y/N). Thank you for taking care of him.”
  • You close your eyes again and wrap your arms around your boyfriend’s shoulders, falling asleep in his lap and in an embrace
  • Seung-Gil rests a hand on his dog’s back and holds you tighter, his smile not faltering as he admires his two angels
A reminder that

Just five months ago, Even was suicidal.  His mental illness is not only something that is difficult to deal with but can you imagine the shame and heartbreak he must be feeling as a result of what went down at Bakka?  Even is an avoider, yes, but this is a defense mechanism.  Some shit just really, really hurts and Even just isn’t ready to deal with it yet.  Even lost everything after Bakka.  And he just can’t, can’t lose Isak.   And he is terrified of how his past will affect his relationship with Isak when he learns about it.  Maybe not losing him, but how Isak sees him as a person.  During last season, Isak’s greatest fear was that being gay would erase/define his entire identity, but Even’s shame was also a reflection of that - being  bipolar defines him, that it writes his story.  In this season, Even’s struggle is mirroring Sana’s - “please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

Tears were shed. so SO many tears were shed. I love Todoroki so much. I didn’t imagine I’d be left crying out of happiness instead of sadness, but here i am, being so happy for Todoroki that i just want to scream. I love this manga and anime so much. 

the first anime to ever make me cry. Todoroki is one of the most complex characters out there, I’d say. I am so happy with how this was animated. god I’m such a mess right now. I literally just finished the episode and I’ve just wiped my tears away. Todoroki’s past, and most important memories were most definitely what drew me to tears, combined with the beautifully animated version of his flames. I’m so in love with him, and the series as a whole, and GODDAMNIT I will always remember this episode. jesus fucking christ. thanks to literally every single voice actor, Kaji Yuki especially, and thanks to every single person who animated this. 

boy this was one heck of a ride. I can only imagine what the whole Stain incident is going to do to me. 

What Ianto would've been like in Miracle Day

But like can’t you imagine what Ianto would be like if he was in Miracle Day? How cute he would be around Anwen. And how cynical and sarcastic he would be towards Rex. And how the entire team would have to hold him back from beating the shit out of Oswald at any chance he could. He could have been in Miracle Day, he really could have been. Yes things would need to be changed but Ianto could have made the season so much better.

So, I guess ya'all are freaking out about Sherlock

but did you notice how they made sure to highlight Sherlock’s lack of love for Molly and Irene, Mycroft’s conviction that Sherlock wanted John more than himself, Oscar Wilde explicitly mentioned, Moriarty is officially Out, Mary mentioning that she could “see what Sherlock and John could become” without her around, and Mary/Amanda wearing the devil horns during the ‘behind the scenes’ bit (what was she saying there? anyone?)? She winked at us! (I’m still not convinced Mary is dead, btw.)

Also, John apparently moved back in with Sherlock, bringing Rosie? So Sherlock is effectively the other parent now? And Sherlock stated that John is family to him - soon-to-be-spouse, yes?

And, I noted that Euros said she often had difficulty reading people from their body language. I’d been wondering why she didn’t insinuate anything about Sherlock and John, but that would be why.

Not to mention, Moriarty (the now Openly Gay Character) was listening to a song (by Queen, no less) with the lyrics “I want to break free / I’ve fallen in love”. The “love” bit was cut off because it’s not time yet. They’re listening to us. But we have to wait for the patience grenade!

Seriously, go watch the official video for I Want To Break Free by Queen. It’s the gayest thing ever and the lyrics are PERFECT for Sherlock and John coming out.

To the homophobes: “I want to break free from your lies/you’re so self-satisfied/I don’t need you”

You’ll notice that the Bros Solving Crimes bit at the end was NARRATED BY MARY, WHO, IT IS POINTED OUT CLEARLY, IS A LIAR. LIAR. LIAR. I’ll say it again: Mary is a LIAR. Bros Solving Crimes is Mary’s statement about Sherlock and John. IT IS A LIE.

We are going to break free from the lies next season!

Think about it, this episode was named The Final Problem, but in canon the Big Surprise (Sherlock isn’t dead!) is revealed in the NEXT story!  Why wouldn’t they force us to live in Hell (Sherrinford) until the next episode, just like ACD did to his poor readers back in the day? Do not lose heart yet, JohnLockers! They tied up all the loose ends from the other seasons, so everything is free and clear for TJLC to be launched. Sherlock’s big trauma that wounded his heart, mind, and his ability to trust has been brought to light. Both he and John can heal, now.

PATIENCE. We wanted it on our time scale, but just imagine an ENTIRE SEASON devoted to Sherlock and John falling in love all over again. It will be beautiful.

Now, go write some Parent!Lock fic. Or angsty shit about Euros and Sherlock’s childhood. Or Moriarty creeping on his bodyguards. Or Sherlock and John doing some sexual healing of their various traumas. Whatever strikes your fancy, because we are in for another hiatus, and it is The Big One this time.

things that will forever make me bitter: 

  • mickey said i love you in a voicemail to ian while ian was cheating on him lmao and the voicemail was never brought up again
  • two out of the five kisses between ian and mickey had them both covered in blood, one had mickey shot afterwards, one (two technically I suppose) didn’t even air and was a dream sequence. so they had one happy, not violent kiss. in five seasons of being together. nice. 
  • mickey and mandy both confessed their love to a g*allagher only to have that love mocked back at them. in their 5 seasons on the show, no one told these abused teenagers that they were loved. awful. 
  • mickey had to hear his homophobic father call gay people all kinds of slurs his entire life. mickey then came out because ian forced him to lmao and ian then a season later called him these same slurs because mickey?? god forbid?? gave a shit about ian??
  • the fact that ian had to be paid money to go see mickey in prison when mickey was in there because he was trying to get back at sami for putting ian in military prison 
  • no one caring mickey was being shot at even though the gallaghers had treated mickey like family the entire season lmao imagine how that made mickey feel wow i’m so mad
  • mickey got prison for eight years for a crime that there wasn’t any evidence for while g*llaghers do insanely illegal shit including murder and get away with it. 
  • that awful scene in 6x01. i can’t even talk about it tbh. 
  • the fact that the writers were so bitter about mickey and his popularity that they used any opportunity possible in season 6 episodes and on fucking twitter to try to ruin his character in the minds of viewers. 

anonymous asked:

in season 13 i have decided i want an AU based gang made up entirely of my favorite dead characters. (charlie, kevin, eileen, ash, bobby.) and a full on heavenly AU battalion of all my favorite angels (gabriel, balthazar, anna, hannah, samandriel..) with huge fully visible wings. i've been thinking about it so much the past week I'm going to be disappointed if it doesn't happen (i.e. ...I'm going to be disappointed.) might fic the shit out of it, though.

Oh we will definitely be disappointed since imagination doesn’t work on a budget. I would love for the angels to be able to have visible wings they use both offensively and defensively, like in Legion. And an AU would be an AWESOME way to bring back some favorites.

I’d actually really love if the AU had 1901!Castiel vessel as a BAMF warrior channeling both S4!Cas and Endverse!Dean, brutal and efficient because it has to be done, and better him/her/them than someone else. And also, I was sad Dean never got to see Cas in a previous vessel and that part of his history. Castiel needs to swap the trench coat for a leather duster jacket like Malcolm Reynold’s. Thigh holster for their sword and the Colt on their hip. Like, Castiel all beautiful and brutal and familiar, and Dean recognizes him without having to be told… but of course, we get our Cas back. Or like, Castiel and Anna being the epically synced team of badassery. I just really want this scenario.

Cas/Anna isn’t really a brotp for me, more like… uh, hm, favorite bamf power non-couple? I like them teamed specifically with each other when they lay waste to their enemies. I like it a lot. Flashes of black and red, with eyes of green and blue.

And then, of course, Charlie. Like, ResidentEvil’sAlice!Charlie. Can you IMAGINE?!

I just don't understand why

all my lesbians and bisexuals die or get fucked over. Like why are they so expendable? First Lexa, Faking It gets cancelled, I wait through 6 seasons of bullshit to get like what three scenes of Emison who are now supposed to be endgame after being bait forever, Pippy and TMI breakup, and more I’m too upset to remember. So I migrate my ass to Person of Interest because Shaw got shot and lived *holy shit groundbreaking* only to have Root shot to further Finch’s character development. I honestly couldn’t even watch the episode tonight because if just seeing the gif sets and spoilers did this to me then I can’t imagine what seeing it in its entire context would be like

Not even shitting on the writers or whatever I’m just upset that as a bisexual woman of color I do not feel that I have positive representation or living representation. It’s as if the world is saying you will never get a happy ending or will be the background wheels for someone else’s story. That might not have been the shows intention but it is how I feel. I become invested in these shows and characters only to relive the utter devastation I felt when Lexa died. I just don’t think it’s fair.


We’re back to the same two choices we’ve known our entire lives. Toil for another man’s benefit or  s t e a l  for our own. Unless, Captain Flint just showed us a third way. A reconciliation, pardons and not because we need to apologize for what we’ve done. Not because we got any desire to go back to where we came from, but because maybe, with a little help, this place could be the reason we never have to do either again.

A few thoughts on Sense 8

1. Had to power through ep. 1 but breezed through the rest with joy.

2. Lito being born while his entire family looses their shit over a telenovella was the funniest shit ever

3. All the fucking tears, ohy my god

4. Whispers is a terrifying villain and he does fuck all for the most part

5. Wolfgang.  Everything Wolfgang.  

6. Sun.  All the Sun.

7. I have never seen a show with so much potential in character development and breakdown.  Imagine in season two if they had one of the Sense8 have schizophrenia, or Disassociate Identity Disorder, or Agoraphobia.  Imagine if one of them is blind, or paralyzed, imagine a hardcore Ace experiencing second hand sex.  


In other news, hey Netflix!  If you’re short on ideas hit me up, I got about a million more.    

i actually get kind of mad when people are like “oh why does gwen care so much about what other people think in tdas!! character derailment!!”

gwen got enough hate in-universe for getting out of a toxic relationship that she didn’t feel she was able to handle (and yes she needed to talk to trent first, but she was still viciously hated by a lot of people in-universe- see aftermath II).

in season 3 she made a horrible mistake and knew it was wrong and called herself a horrible person in secret despite enjoying what she did. she did continue to defend herself in public but it was clear she was very mad at herself and knew she was in the wrong. she got much more shit than duncan in (and out…) universe (and while she deserved to be called out duncan was way worse given he was the one who cheated and didn’t seem to feel bad at all about it yet he got much less shit and  even got commended). 

i imagine gwen lost a lot of support off the show because of that, and she’s already a loner. she may not be entirely by choice, since she did mention in season one she sometimes wishes she could be a social party girl but doesn’t feel she’s able to be. she prefers to scare people than feel like shes weak and following the crowd, which maybe makes her feel dependent. i also consider she may try to be rough on the outside to counter her own stress (and her diary may be important to her to release her true feelings that she doesn’t want anyone else to know about lest she be seen as too “girly” or cliched), and this has been a thing since tdi. she may also just avoid attention as to not risk any negative attention. so after the love drama, after all the friends and conflict, i imagine she lost hope that anyone would see her as a cool edgy goth girl anymore and just as a bad person, not even scary bad (which she does probably like to be) but morally bad.

so when tdas comes along she distances herself from duncan, knowing their relationship caused her guilt, and she desperately tries to apologize to courtney. she really wants to be a good person, even if she doesn’t really know how to apply herself or communicate with others. being labeled as a villain just made her feel horrible, like she is a bad person and no one wants to like her. so she needs to rid herself of the guilt desperately. tdas was shit but this does make sense to me.

Why Derek's death pushed me over the edge with Grey's Anatomy, and why it should push you over too

I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy for so long that I’ve stuck by through all the ridiculousness out of loyalty. After Lexie’s and Mark’s deaths, I was extremely upset, but it was not a reason to stop watching becuase they were not essential to the story. Killing off Derek  however, screws up the entire dynamic of the show, becuase Derek Shepard and Meredith Grey’s love story is the core of the show, and it has been for 10 years.  Meredith has gone through more hell than any fictional character even imaginable: a bomb, a drowning, a gunman, a plane crash, her mother’s death, her sisters death, and now her husband. (Did I miss anything?) And this episode wasn’t even good! There was many instances that had absolutely no logic. And Shonda kept trying to be cute and shit paralleling the series premiere.  But alas, instead of ending the show RESPECTABLY  after 11 seasons, giving the fans the ending it deserves(with Derek alive), it shall continue for Shonda’s incomprehensible reasons (If it even gets a renewal). It should have ended years ago. Also if Cristina freaking Yang doesnt show up for this funeral, I’m definitely out. I’m not going to stick around and watch a show focused on a bunch of characters I don’t even care about. Thank you Shonda for ruining the show, for now I won’t even be able to rewatch one of my favorite shows, as I will have to witness the beautiful, complicated relationship of Derek and Meredith turn into a tragic love story. And that’s not a compliment honey. Screw you Shonda, truly, screw you. 

Me vs. Green Arrow TV and Funko Inc.

There’s just shit that happens during hiatus. Life in the fandom is slower. No new eps. No new spoilers. Until SDCC fandom life can seem like…

So things that may have otherwise gone unnoticed get noticed. Resulting in conversations one may otherwise not have entertained. In short?

I got into a Twitter fight with Green Arrow TV today. Over a POP figurine.

Yeah. It happened. What’s more? I’m still annoyed.

I give you Exhibit A:

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I’ve been hearing a lot of talk recently about “How the 40k setting could be made better/less oppressive/more productive/nicer/etc”…

It seems to have escaped these people (or they seem to ignore) that 40k is supposed to be as oppressive and backward as is functionally viable. This is the setting where the creators invented an entire alternate reality within the setting just so they could shit on the mortal races even more than was physically possible.

The point of 40k - as has been the point since its conception - is that it’s probably the worst setting imaginable, deliberately turned up to 11, and is only seasoned with sporadic instances of nobility, wisdom, justice, and genuine progress just to break up the entropic monotony and provide context to the otherwise-irredeemable setting.
In 40k - irrespective of your favourite faction - nobody is the “good guy”, by any normal standards. Everyone is the villain. Even the ostensible good guys are far worse than the genocidal regimes of the 20th century. They make The Galactic Empire from Star Wars seem tolerant, inclusive, gentle, and peace-loving.

I speak with absolute conviction when i say that the vast majority of the fandom (both on Tumblr and off) does not want a “nice” or “optimistic” 40k (as demonstrated by the protestations surrounding the introduction of the Tau, forcing GW to alter their fluff so as to make them more Orwellian).
40k is grimdark. 40k is humanity at its absolute worst - not just morally, but also intellectually and organisationally - save for the occasional goodness of an insignificant few. That is its “prime directive”.

This has just been bugging me. If you want optimism in a sci-fi setting, watch Star Trek. That’s where it belongs.

“Forget the power of technology and science, for so much has been forgotten, never to be re-learned.
Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war.
There is no peace amongst the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods…”