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A/N: Request from anon. I needed another Kylo Imagine for my Halloween special, so thank you for the input! xD Who else is hyped for the new movie? 🙋‍

17th October: Pain. 💍 | feat. Kylo Ren

Words: 1519
Warnings: forced marriage

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RISE (Kylo Ren x Reader unseen content) CHAPTER TWO

A/N: I was not honestly expecting such a reaction to this series! chapter two has been sitting in my drafts for weeks now and I completely forgot about it! I’ve been busy with trying to get back into college and I’ve been doing something secretly that I’m not ready to announce yet. as always- thank you for your love and support. I hope you enjoy this chapter. also…  I really didn’t know what to name the knights of ren so I just gave them nicknames based on this photo or article I saw. remember I wrote this a while back so my knowledge of things has faded. but I defiantly didn’t think of the nicknames on my own.

SIDEBAR: this series is definitely not for the faint of heart! while I am impressed at the writing style of the series I am also shocked at the events that take place! THIS SERIES IS UNBELIEVABLY DARK AND COULD EVEN BE TRIGGERING. 

Summary(?): there is an age difference between you and kylo. from what it looks like, he is about 18 and you are 16. the idea is this takes place before kylo becomes commander and after he has already left home. its a sort of “chronical” of the in-between period.

Words: 3.5k

WARNINGS: Kidnapping. force torture. abuse.



Things had not changed. after two weeks of being beaten and starved, (y/n)’s answer had not changed. Kylo would not give up. He was persistent in asking and becoming more creative with torturing.

Today he was given a mission to invade a small farm planet by the name of Geeta Don. eyes had been on the planet for some time, and the moment resistance members were spotted Snoke deemed it time attack. 

Located on the planet was a small station set up by the resistance, and it was used as a campsite for when flights were too long or the members just wanted a good meal. Where there was a station there was resistance scum.

Kylo and the other Knights were expected to board the command shuttle by nightfall. travel to the system Getta Don was located in would take time. Time Kylo would be away from his soon-to-be protege. He could not have that. By then she would have been dead.

Kylo threw a small bag over his shoulders and checked behind him to see if she was following. The girl was right on his heel and looked ridiculous. She was dressed in his robes, giving her a frumpy appearance. There was a rope wrapped several times around her waist to keep the pants and extra cloth in place but no matter how many times he had adjusted it for her the robes still dragged on the ground. His clothing would have to do till he had something else to put her in.

She looked more like a child than she did an adolescent. Her figure swallowed up by his dark robes. (y/n) was tiny next to him.

Signing Kylo reached behind him and snatched (y/n) by the back of her neck. She squirmed and tried to pull away but his hold was too strong.

“I’M NOT- I’m not going to hit you.” He pulled her right next to himself, his free hand now holding her arm to keep her from tripping. “Listen to me, these knights don’t fuck around! Piss them off and they will kill you! If you do anything to embarrass me then I will kill you.”

“Ok!” She mumbled.

Kylo tightened his hold on the back of her neck. He lowered his head to her ear. His robotic voice growling. “Speak only when spoken to, girl!”

“Alright!” (y/n) stumbled forward as Kylo pushed her. She had to learn to be fast on her feet or she would constantly be knocked over.

Kylo would frequently shove her into the wall or push her down when she least expected it. He would push her to fight back, and when she never would he would rough her up badly but never to the point where she couldn’t move. He was trying to break her and if manhandling the princess was the way, then he would do it.

When Kylo first turned to the dark side he was beaten to the point that he no longer felt pain. The other members of the Knights of Ren took pleasure in beating young Kylo. They would kick him in his mouth, yank his hair, defile him to nothing. He learned from his beatings to fight back and never be weak. Now he was stronger than all the knights combined and they knew better than to test him. They were no match for him, no match for his lightsaber and no match for the force. (y/n) was fortunate. She did not endure half of what he went through.

If he would have let the knights circle her like they did him, she would not survive. She would instantly be killed. (y/n) was too weak, too naive. He could not have her killed. She was important. She had the force and Kylo would not let it be wasted. When he was done with her, she would be a warrior.

The command shuttle was large, and the air was cold. No doubt the temperature was kept low due to all the armor the knights had to wear. If it had not been for Kylo’s robes, (y/n) would have been freezing.

She remembered most of the shuttle (the parts she was still conscious for.) there were long benches facing each other, where they would sit during take off. At the front of the cockpit was a pilot’s chair and co-pilot’s chair. In the back of the shuttle was a hall that led to several different rooms all used for various things.

(y/n) stared down the hall and remembered one of the doors leading to the room she was taken to before being knocked unconscious. 

She glanced behind, no one had boarded but her. Feeling curious she took quiet steps down. Carefully she placed her hand on the glowing blue panel. When the door slid open she stepped inside.

The room was empty except for a center console that was off and another long look bench in the wall. On the far right of the room were shelves full of navigational drives. (y/n) scanned over the names of the small databases and froze when her eyes came over the name Tiagawa. Next to Tiagawa was a slot for Fozmov and Pragua (pra-gwah), both allied planets to her home. There was a whole section of planets that were allied to the kingdom. All places that had flocked together to be ruled by one. If the first order had Tiagawa the rest would fall.

“I did not give you permission to come back here.” Said a dry robotic voice.

(y/n) jumped, spooked by Kylo’s sudden appearance. “I wasn’t touching anything.”

“You’re scared.” He stepped closer. “You think the other planets in your system are important enough for our taking.”

“You have a whole shelf full of planets, how could I not be scared.” She swallowed.

Kylo walked a circle around her till he reached the drives. “We have no business with these other planets. I could care less about them, honestly.”

“Then why do you have maps?!”

He turned on his heel helmet facing her direction. “They were a gift from your brother.”

“Why would he give such a thing?” (y/n) was being brave, unaware of her tone.

He sneered, smirking underneath his mask. “Why would your brother make an alliance with the first order? Why would he sell all of you out?”

Kylo didn’t give her time to answer before he had his hand out to her, her feet dragged by the force, his fingers wrapping themselves around her throat. “Don’t try to be a hero. Know what side you should be fighting for. You belong to the dark side now, and you belong to me.”

(y/n) was dropped to the ground and she ate at the air. Though, Kylo wasn’t done with her yet. He grabbed her by the forearm and dragged her over to the bench and pinned her down. He placed his mask close to her face and breached her mind. “You want to go home but you know you cannot. You wonder if your people mourn your family’s death, and if they know you’ve been taken. You think they’re out looking for their princess.”

Kylo gripped her jaw tightly, almost breaking it in his grasp. “They’re not looking for you. The first order has taken over your planet. There are camps set up for your people who refuse to obey. They will be dealt with.”

“No- you’re lying!” (y/n) sobbed.

Letting go of her jaw, he moved his hands to his helmet and pulled it off. He leaned in close to her, his breath hot on her lips. “Look me in the eyes and tell me I am. Go on, use the force to breach me like I did you.”

“I don’t have the force!” She cried off the top of her lungs.

Kylo pinched at her cheek playfully. “But you do. Why do you keep denying yourself that? Is it because your mother didn’t want you to become a Jedi?”

(y/n) shut her eyes feeling the pressure on her brain. He wasn’t going to stop. Kylo would never stop.

“Your mother was right for keeping you from becoming a Jedi- but she was wrong for making you hide the force.” His fingers now pinched along her jaw. “You would not be betraying Tiagawa for using the force or being of the first order. They belong to use now. The first order is everywhere.”

He looked closely at her and the way her lashes brushed her cheeks. She was still so scared of him and the force.

“Just try it.” He whispered. “Try using the force.”

(y/n) pressed her lips together to keep them from trembling. She slowly opened her (e/c) eyes to meet his honey colored ones. “I don’t see anything. All I see is darkness.”

“That’s because I’m keeping my thoughts from you.” Kylo pushed back. “I can even manipulate your thoughts into seeing what I want you to see.”

An image of (y/n) dressed in black and red began to paint itself in her brain. She was sitting before thousands of people and hundreds of stormtroopers. A big ceremonial headpiece made to replicate the symbol of the first order was placed on her head. The crowd before her roared and a voice boomed behind her. “Hail to your new Queen Tiagawa or you shall be put to death! Bow before her!”

The image changed to reveal dead bodies all slain by her hand. In her grasp was Kylo’s lightsaber. He stood next to her with a hand on her shoulder. She watched herself kill. Before her feet lay fallen her mother and brother. All brought down by her. Ephraim, her father, on his knees and hands pressed to his side. “Why have you done this (y/n)? What have we done to make you go dark side?” She lifted the lightsaber up in the air and brought it back down. The head of her father rolled right in front of her. She used the blood of her mother to paint lines across her face, giving her the appearance of the many dark side warriors before her time…

(y/n) cried out loud for Kylo to stop. 

she couldn’t form sentences and her words sounded like babble. He was pleased of the mess he made out of her. She was a sniffling incoherent slob that was begging him.

Kylo raised his helmet up and placed it back over his head. He smirked widely and turned away from her.

 Before he closed the blaster door her scold her. “Shut the hell up!”

(y/n) had not seen Kylo the whole flight to Getta Don. He did not check up on her nor did he even glance to see if she was awake but (y/n) knew the minute she fell asleep he would pollute her dreams and scare her awake. Every once in awhile a swelling pressure would sweep over her brain and cause her discomfort. She figured it was him.

The blaster doors opened suddenly and (y/n) scrambled to her feet. It wasn’t Kylo, but another knight of Ren. His battle armor was much different and less intimidating to her but she wasn’t going to him tell that. He came near her with a blaster gun in his hands and it was pointed at her. (y/n) flinched expecting to be shot but was surprised when he shoved it into her chest.

“Shoot if those fuckers if they come at you.”

“But I don-” it was too late he had walked away before she could even finish.

She studied the gun trying to understand how it even operated. It was small in size but large in her tiny hands. It was almost like a concealed blaster handgun. The blaster was black and beat up quite a bit. Her finger grazed the trigger but never pulled it. She was only mentally preparing herself.

“(y/n).” Thundered Kylo’s voice.

She ran down the hall, blaster in hand ready to fire if needed. Kylo motioned her over with a single finger and placed her in front of him. He tugged at the hood of his robes- pulling it over (y/n)’s head.

“Keep your eyes open, and don’t wander off. Do I make myself clear?”

(y/n) nodded her head nervously.

The door to the shuttle opened and out ran the first three Knights followed by the next three. Kylo put a hand to (y/n)’s back and pushed her down the ramp. He walked slowly with confidence unafraid of the dark sky. He peered out over the land and whipped out his lightsaber, not hesitating to ignite it.

If on cue two resistance members charged from behind a bolder, guns blazing! Kylo pushed (y/n) out of the way and wasted no time in taking them down. With the first two down more tried to storm him. Blaster beams flying all over, ricocheting off the command shuttle barely missing (y/n). She tucked and rolled out of the way instantly losing herself in patches of tall grass. She hopped to her feet and ran the wrong direction. When she reappeared she was standing right behind one of the setup resistance camps. If they spotted her… they would kill her.

(y/n) slowly backed away only to be tackled to the ground. She struggled to free herself. The pilot on top of her wrapped his arms around her body restraining her.

“I got something over here!” He shouted and out from the grass was another piece of resistance scum.

He held a blaster inches from her face as he tossed his partner a pair of handcuffs. “We gotta take this kid back to the General.”

(y/n) shut her eyes zoning in on the faded voice of Kylo.

Just try it…the force…

Use the force…

“I can’t move-” strained the pilot. “I can’t breathe.”

(y/n) kept her eyes shut tight as possible, using the strength from within. From across the camp, Kylo could feel the force being used. He looked around him and realized (y/n) was missing from his side. 

The resistance member in front of her tried to shoot her but when she zoned in on him it was all over. The blaster in his hand slowly raised to his partner’s head. She had a grip on the pilot and the soldier.

“What the hell?!” The resistance soldier gasped. “No way- there’s no way!”

(y/n)’s jaw trembled as she struggled to keep her control over them. She grunted and pushed harder getting the resistance scum to shoot the pilot in the head. She let out a cry and almost released the soldier. A line of blood trickled down from (y/n)’s nose as she pushed as hard as she could. Her eyes felt strained and her brain wanted to give up, but if she did the soldier would kill her.

The gun in the scum’s hand moved, the barrel of the blaster pressed against his own temple. (y/n) flung out her hand and in an instant, his trigger was pulled. His body falling in front of her. (y/n) pushed the pilot off and stepped over the soldier grabbing his gun in the process. It wasn’t like he was going to need it.

Rounding the camp, (y/n) managed to find her way back to where Kylo was. He was fighting the last three resistance members. (y/n) ran forward with the blaster aimed shooting one and then the other. Out of nowhere, a man jumped out from behind the command shuttle trying to make a sneak attack but (y/n) had already reacted, shooting him twice in the head.

“You fought, but you won’t fight me?” He said almost offended.

(y/n) dropped to her knees unable to hold herself up any longer. Kylo kneeled down in front of her. He ran his thumb along her upper lip wiping away the blood that had fallen from her nose.

“I felt the force. You finally used it, good girl.” Kylo put an arm under (y/n) helping her to her feet.

In one swift motion, she was lifted into the air and into his arms. Taking her inside one of the empty camps, he placed her down on a cot. And pulled off the outer robe wrapped around her and instead draped it over her body like a blanket. He put out a lamp that had been left on.

“You have my permission to sleep.”

(y/n) nodded, her eyes closing blissfully, surrendering to the tiredness aching her. When she opened her eyes again a droid was standing over her scanning her body. She flailed her arms and tried to sit up only to feel a shooting jab in her side. She plopped back down crying out in pain. The droid stood back up moving over to a tray and picking up a needle gun. (y/n) strained her neck trying to keep her eyes on the droid, when she noticed a weird symbol on its arm. It was a medical droid. The droid made a beeping sound and its robotic eyes turned blue.

“Alerting Kylo Ren.” it beeped again. “Patient 5-7-9-7-7-1 has awakened.”

Moving back over to her, the droid lifted (y/n)’s arm and injected whatever was in the needle into her veins. It was like warm ice spreading over her skin. Pulling her into a clouded haze. Her eyelids were droopy but she did not feel tired. She felt a strange high she had never felt before. She felt mostly paralyzed yet relaxed. The pain in her side was gone, but so was the use of her legs. (y/n) could move her fingers but not lift her arms and she could turn her head but not pick it up. If not for the haze she was in, she would have been panicked and in tears.

The flap to the tent open immediately, Kylo emerging. He ducked as he entered and had to slouch to keep his head from touching the roof of the tent. He watched as the droid worked back and forth combining a bunch of veils into one and placed it back into the needle gun. The droid grabbed at (y/n)s wrist and stuck the needle in her vein. (y/n) could feel the liquid course through her body in a flooding rush. She coughed choking on the taste it left in the back of her throat. She was injected with a mixture of vitamins and different key nutrients her body was lack from not having been feed in weeks. The injector gun was a faster version of intravenous therapy that didn’t require her to be hooked up to bag all day. it was a method used on stormtroopers to aile them quickly when they lacked their strength.

“Why can’t I feel my legs?” she slurred.

“The medication that was injected in you subsides most of your motor functions depending on your weight and height,” Kylo said.

(y/n) moved her head the best she could so that it was pointed in Kylo’s direction. Her fingers twitched without her command, and the droid began to exercise her fingers. Kylo pushed the droids metal hands out of his way so that he could move her fingers instead.

“You were out for two days.”

She gasped. “Why? I mean I felt tired but not that tired.”

Kylo pinched at the pads of her fingers and in response, she would wiggle them.

“You were in bad condition; the force had drained all your energy and somewhere in the fight you were shot.”

“Th-those b-bastards.” she stuttered. “D-didn’t even f-feel a thing.”

“Of course you didn’t, you were high on adrenalin.” he pinched harder. “You should feel nothing after but you are weak. You like a tolerance to pain, unlike me.”

(y/n) shook her head. “I’m n-not buying wh-what you’re selling.”

“But you should. Sometimes I even find pleasure in the pain.” Kylo admitted.

“you’re a freak.”

Kylo placed his hand over (y/n)’s nose and mouth, smothering her till she passed out.

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Imagine Tom playing truth or dare with an interviewer

Interviewer- Well the internet want you to play truth or dare Tom, are you up for it?

Tom- Sure…

Interviewer- Okay, truth or dare?


Interviewer- @fangirl78 asks did you used to stalk your now wife y/n on social media?

Tom-*gif* Yes.

Interviewer- *begins sniggering* wow thank you for your honesty

Tom- you’re welcome *laughs to himself*

Interviewer- truth or dare?

Tom- I’ll go truth again…

Interviewer- @princesslaurea asks have you ever slept with someone on the first date?

Tom-*gif* Yes.

Interviewer- Wow, does y/n know? *he begins laughing again*

Tom- I hope so, she was there *a huge grin dawns on his face*

Interviewer- Again thanks for the honesty, guess Tom isn’t as innocent as we all thought….

Let’s talk about something I never realized.

I had always assumed that the Beast heard Belle say “I love you” before he “died.”  But no, your hearing doesn’t miraculously stay or something weird like that.  Adam didn’t hear her say it.

So imagine him fading away thinking that even though his life had been horrible, there was one small light that really truly meant the world over and more to him, and that he was glad that her face would be the last thing he’d ever see…

…then suddenly he’s feeling less cold and much more warm, and there’s a golden light at the end of a tunnel, and he’s still not sure if he’s alive, but then there’s more and more of it and he’s back in the West Wing, standing upright, his bare feet cold on the tile floor, his hair tickling his face and neck, claws absent from smaller, thinner hands, fingers, and it’s not a dream, it’s not a dream, it’s not a dream

And then he turns around and sees Belle standing there, shocked into silence but unafraid, fearless.  He stares at her incredulously because there’s only one way this could be happening: she loves him.  He used to think such an emotion was impossible and yet here he is and she loves him

He wants to run into her arms and laugh and cry and jump but he can only convey this with a look, an expression.  The night is over, the sun has risen, and the curse is lifted, but he did nothing, it was her, his beauty, his angel, his saving grace.

She smiles in realization, their lips touch, and his world is ablaze with life, love, color.  The ground shakes beneath their feet and dawn breaks across the castle.  This is his new beginning, his rebirth into a better life, a better man, and he is not alone anymore, he will never be alone again.

for she has set him free.

You Owe Me

Spencer Reid x Reader (smut)

Requested: Yes. You guys wanted a part two to Let Me Help and so I delivered ;)

Word Count: 1,811, Warnings: Swearing, NSFW, Oral Sex, Wall Sex, Just sex in general tbh.

A/N: So I seriously don’t know whether this is good or not lmao, I tried my hardest. I was listening to Feel It by Jacquees whilst writing it and just oh my god if you haven’t heard it please listen to it. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!

After you managed to catch the UnSub that was disfiguring women and stabbing them in the chest you and the rest of the team were heading back to Quantico on the jet. You sat down in the comfy, creme coloured chair and closed your unrested eyes as you heard the rest of the team load onto the jet. You hugged your form as the air conditioning pumped throughout the plane whilst getting ready for take off. You felt someone sit opposite you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to open your eyes. You were so tired from the long nights and the constant moving around that you just wanted to relax for once.

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Beast!Adam x Reader

Note: Hi there! So um, this is my first imagine for this blog, but I’m no stranger to the art of x readering. I’ve been writing these for over a year now, I think. Anyway, Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite Disney movie as a kid, and I’ve already seen the new one twice. It’s amazing. So, here we are.

You had stumbled upon the enchanted castle about a month ago. Maybe less. Maybe it had been longer than that. It was so hard to keep track of time here. And though the place was odd and enchanted and sometimes scary, you couldn’t deny the beauty concealed in the darkness.

“Miss, the master is ready for dinner.” Mrs. Potts, one of the castle’s many enchanted caretakers rolled into your room on her cart. She was accompanied by her son, Chip.

“Tell him I’ll be down in a few minutes.” Madame Garderobe was currently in the process of pulling your hair into an intricate braid. “We’re kind of…in the middle of something here.”

“There’s no rushing beauty~” the wardrobe sang. Every time she belted her soprano notes, you feared a window would shatter.

The cart rolled out of the door and down the hall. A few minutes later, you were finally ready, dressed in a gorgeous pink gown. You hurried down the halls, down the stairs to the dining room, where the Beast was waiting for you.

“Sorry I’m late,” you breathed, taking your seat at the end of the table opposite him. “Garderobe decided to try something new with my hair.”

You could have sworn you saw a soft smile on his fur-covered face.

“It looks nice.” He stated and then paused. “You look nice.”

“Well, thank you.” A blush crept onto your cheeks. The two of you began to eat.

“You know, you’ve never seemed homesick in the time you’ve been here.” He pointed out.

“There’s nothing to miss. Not where I’m from.” You shook your head. A certain sadness waited behind your gaze. He raised an eyebrow. “I was kind of…outcast. I suppose that’s the best way to put it.”


“They thought I was too headstrong. They didn’t like a woman that couldn’t be controlled.” You shook your head. “Because I wasn’t married, I didn’t have access to the things men did. They expected me to cook and clean and bear children, but that’s…not what I want to do with my life. I want to be a doctor. They don’t think I’m educated enough.”

“That doesn’t seem right.”

“It’s not.” You shook your head. “It wasn’t. So I left. And I found this place.”

“Well, if it means anything…” He took a somewhat nervous breath. “You’ll never be an outcast so long as you’re here. You’ll always be welcome here.” When he peered into your eyes, you could tell he meant it. Emotion swept over you in a deep, warm wave. Tears filled your eyes and you couldn’t stop them from trickling down your cheeks.

The Beast stood up to come over to you at the same time you did. You practically ran to him, and while he was expecting the sting of a slap or rejection, what he received was something much different. It was a hug.

His eyes widened as he realized what had happened. You were standing there, your arms around his wide frame with tears dripping from your eyes. He looked down at you for a few moments before gingerly embracing you. His touches were tentative, careful. The last thing he wanted was for you to recoil in disgust, in fear of the monstrous creature he had become. Admittedly, it had been a long time since anyone had showed him affection, even something as simple as an embrace.

“I’m sorry if I said something wrong-” he began to apologize, unsure of the cause of your sudden emotional breakdown.

“I wish the people back home were like you.” Your voice was quiet, broken. You gripped him tightly, continuing to sob in relief, or perhaps in realization that you had finally found somewhere that accepted you for who you truly were. “Thank you.”

At your words, the Beast’s jaw dropped. And it was in that moment that he realized, like a whisper in the back of his mind: you had to be the one.

okay no offense but gansey was literally the first person to ever show adam uncomplicated, unabridged, true affection. gansey was the first person to recognize just how much adam longed for love, the first person to recognize that adam was too proud to ever ask for it. gansey was the first person to not only recognize the potential and abilities of adam, but tried to make adam recognize it himself as well. gansey was the first person to care that adam was unsafe, to care that adam was unhappy, to care about adam. from the moment they met, it felt real to both of them in a completely new way. gansey was adam’ best friend from nearly the moment they met, and has not ever stopped being it since. their relationship is one of simplicity, respect, honesty, obvious mutual admiration, and it is so evident that, on whatever level u chose to recognize it, they love each other !!!!!! that’s love, bicth !!!!! that’s it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



- dark and mysterious 

- cocky as hell 

- sweetheart, kitten, baby doll, baby girl, the list goes on

- “i bet you taste as good as you look” 

- “shut up asshole” 

- you want to hate him

- but you like him

- alot

- pretends he doesn’t care, but actually does

- he would beat up your ex boyfriend for breaking your heart 

- secretly inlove with you

- wont admit it tho


- artistic 

- maybe even writes poetry from time to time

- knows how to take care of someone properly 

- always wants to make sure you’re safe

- “i care about you.. alot actually..”

- princess, flower, pumpkin

- sweetest little munchkin 

- cuddles galore 

- always wants to be around you

- he has so much love to give 

- all for you

- and no one else


- shy

- slightly awkwardly 

- stutters a lot 

- blushes a lot 

- casually likes to watch you, but not in a creepy way

- adores you so much

- a flower everyday 

- honey, princess, sweetie, darling

- he likes to bake you things

- always wants to hold your hand

- forehead kisses

- mostly for him


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A/N: This is part 1 of a request made by @floofy-halfling. I don’t know if this is what you wanted so like just tell me if I’m on the right track :)

Italics: Elvish

Word Count: 1,806

Part 2 - Part 3

Master List

You swing your sword into the spider before it has a chance to attack Thorin. He looks up at you and nods in thanks and you nod back. 

You had joined their journey when they came to stop at Beorn’s place. You were there because he had found you almost ten years ago, badly injured from an encounter with an orc. Since then, you had been living with him and once you met the company, you left with them. Thorin didn’t want you at first since you were an elf, but Mithrandir had convinced him to let you join and here you were, saving his ass.

You pause as your hear footsteps running in the trees and turn towards the noise. Thorin has noticed it too. You see a blonde elf running through the trees and sliding down the web of the spider. He kills that one and slides under another one, killing it as well.

You watch as he moves to stand and you pull your bow, stepping in front of Thorin. You two come face to face, arrows pointed into each other’s faces. He narrows his eyes at you and you do the same.

Don’t think I won’t kill you elf,” he snarls and tightens the string. “I could say the same for you,” you say, mimicking his movements. You feel an arm on your elbow and you look at Thorin. He nods his head and you place the bow and arrows back to where they belong.

“Legolas!” you hear a female voice say and you wince a bit as you realize you had just pointed your arrow at the prince of Mirkwood. You listen to the conversation he has with the female and you look at Thorin.

“ Do you know him? You went frigid,” he asks. “He’s the prince,” you mutter back as the prince comes over to you both. “Search them,” he orders and you are all stripped of your weapons. The guards put shackles on you and you are lead to the palace.

While you and the rest of the company are lead to the cells, Thorin is lead to the the King. You sigh at as you are pushed into the cell. You laugh as you notice a guard stop Fili to take away one of his hidden daggers.

You sigh once again as the guards leave you alone. You sit by the door and look up. You notice the prince standing on the platform above you. You make eye contact with ice blue eyes and he comes to move in front of your cell.

Why are you with the dwarves?” he asks, coming to stand in front of your cell. “I did not think it was any of your business,” you reply not looking at him.

You are in my kingdom,” he retorts.

Really? I thought it was your father’s kingdom?” you ask sarcastically.

So you know who I am?” he asks.

Blonde hair, blue eyes. You must be a Sindarin elf and last I remember, the only sindarin elves to live in Mirkwood were the King and his son. Given the fact that you were out on guard duty, you are the prince,” you explain trying to sound smart.

He looks so surprised that you knew so much about him.

Plus, I heard the female call you Legolas,” you say, shrugging and that causes him to smile. You smile back. “Where are you from?” he asks, taking a seat on the steps next to your door. “The Valley of Imladris,” you tell him.

You weren’t lying. You were just not telling the whole truth. You were from Imladris, but you’ve been gone for ten years. You had an argument with your father, Lord Elrond, and you had not returned since then. You did not know if he was looking for you and you did not care. You loved your life with Beorn and you had not regretted your decision to leave.

“Why travel with the dwarves? What will you get in return?” he asks and you decide to answer him this time. “You know? I have no idea. It’s just something that I wanted to do. A rash decision, yes, but a good one all the same,” you reply, looking at the wall in front of you. “How long have you been traveling with them for you to gain such an attachment?” he asks.

Literally a day or so. I couldn’t really tell how much time has passed in the forest,” you shrug. For some unknown reason, that makes him laugh. “I’ve never heard an elf laugh or smile so much,” you tell him truthfully.

I laugh because you are funny. You join a bunch of dwarves and you will die for them even though you’ve only known them for a day,” he says.

And a half,” you retort, making him smile.

The two of you continue talking until another guard shows up, dragging Thorin with him.

The king wants to see the elf,” the guard states as Legolas stands. He nods and you switch places with Thorin. Legolas and the other elf leads you to the throne room after chaining you again. Once you get there, the elvenking’s eyes widen in surprise.

Remove the chain,” he orders and the other guard does as he’s told. Legolas stares at his father, confused. “Lady y/n. Your father has been searching for you for ten years and he thought you to be dead,” Thranduil states, making his way down from the throne and Legolas’ head snaps towards you.

You’re Lord Elrond’s daughter?” he asks. “Surprise?” you ask back. He sighs. “Ada. If I knew she was Lord Elrond’s daughter, I would not have put her in the cells,” Legolas says, watching as his father circles you.

Where have you been, milady? There had been many an elf searching for you,” Thranduil asks, ignoring his son.

He was curious. Lord Elrond had been in panic for the first three years of you going missing. He had even left Imladris to search for you, but had been unsuccessful. When the fourth year hit, he did not search, but started mourning. As a close friend of Elrond’s, it hurt to see him in such distress. He had been in that same state when he lost his wife and now his friend had to go through it yet again. The pain must’ve been unimaginable.

I’ve been staying with the shapeshifter, your majesty,” you say, looking dead ahead. You did not like making eye contact when you were being interrogated. Granted, it did not happen often.

And why have you been staying with the shapeshifter instead of returning home? Your father thinks you are dead,” he says, stopping in front of you.

That is new information. You did not intend for that to happen. You knew you should’ve sent a letter, but you could not in your state. Not after he said that he wished you were not his daughter.

“I felt like I was no longer welcomed, milord,” you reply. He narrows his eyes at you.

“Legolas. You will escort the princess back to Imladris back where she belongs-,”

What? Milord! I do not want to leave. I promised Oakenshield that I’d help him. I cannot-“ you start, panicked.

Have you heard of the story of the king under the mountain? Of the sickness that lies under that mountain?” Thranduil interrupts and you nod your head.

Then you know that Thorin Oakenshield will fall under the same sickness just like his grandfather,” Thranduil says.

I do not believe that, milord,” you say. “Whatever you believe is wrong. Legolas, take her back to Imladris,” he says, making his way back to the throne. “No,” Legolas says and you turn to him in shock.

Did he really just disobey his father? His king?

Thranduil turns to his son slowly, frown gracing his face.

What did you just say?” Thranduil asks.

I said ‘no’ father. It is obvious that she does not return to Imladris. She has been happy and safe with the skinchanger. Are we going to take that away from her?” Legolas asks.

Guards. Return her to her cell. My son and I have to discuss a few things,” Thranduil says, glare not wavering from his son. You notice Legolas has the same glare on his face and you can’t help but think that they look even more like father and son.

The guards take you back to your shared cell with Thorin. “What did he want?” Thorin asks as you sit at the door. “He was just curious as to why the daughter of Lord Elrond had been missing for ten years and was found traveling with a group of dwarves,” you reply nonchalantly, still thinking about Legolas and his decision to go against his father’s wishes.

“You’re that y/n?” he asks, surprised seeping through his voice.

Lord Elrond and Gandalf had spoken of you multiple times during their stay at Imladris. It was always with sadness. Fili had asked one of the elves what had happened to you and they had said that you had gotten into an argument with your father and left, never to be seen again. They had thought you to be dead and Imladris had not been the same since.

“Ah. So you’ve heard of me,” you say as you close your eyes. “We had stopped in Rivendell a few months ago and your father and Gandalf had mentioned you multiple times. Everyone believed you to be dead,” he says.

“So I’ve heard. Thranduil had ordered Legolas to take me back to Imladris, but he had refused,” you explain.

“Did he really deny his father and king?” Thorin asks, scoffing. “It seems that the children of rulers are rule breakers. Perhaps when you eventually have children, they will break many rules when they’re under the mountain,” you suggest and that causes Thorin to chuckle.

“I don’t see why not. Fili and Kili already do that,” he states loudly.

“We heard that, Uncle and we do not break rules. We just skirt around them,” Fili defends from his spot in his cell.

“It’s the same thing,” Thorin argues back and you smile. You liked the fact that he could still joke a bit in this situation.

“I reckon the sun is on the rise,” Bofur’s voice sounds throughout the cells. “We’re never gonna reach the mountain, are we?” you hear the youngest ask and your heart clenches a bit.

These dwarves have been through so much, they cannot just be stopped right here.

“Not stuck in here you’re not,” you hear another voice say and it’s the hobbit and he’s holding keys. He lets the both of you out first and suddenly, your hope returns along with the fear that you may never see the blonde prince again.


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