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Episode 1: The King’s Weakness

“Is that blood?”


“That’s not a question you are supposed to answer with another question.”

“Then, what do you expect me to say? That there’s a red liquid coming out of your bloody head?” You replied sarcastically. 

But little did you know, Pan was genuinely asking.

Fear that what you said was true, he placed his hand on his head. As he pulled it back to the front of his face, his eyes widened at the sight of red goo that now covered his palm. 

Not long after, you saw Pan’s face turned white-wash and his lips turning blue. A sense of worry started to kick in. “Pan, are you alright?”

No reply.

Instinctively, you walked over to his side and tapped on his shoulder. “Pan, can you hear me? Are you alright?”

Pan started to sway for a moment. Knowing well what would happen next, you swiftly stood behind him and caught him just in time before his body could slam the ground. Unable to hold his weight, you slowly sat down and placed his head on your lap. You shook his body, trying to pull him out of his fainting spell.

“Pan! Pan! Wake up!” You heaved a sigh of relief as Pan gradually opened his eyes.

“Why the bloody hell did you push me out of the way?” From your tone of voice, Pan could not determine whether you were scolding him or just merely your way of showing concern.

“Seriously?” Pan spoke faintly. “You are… blaming me… after… I saved you…?”

Watching Pan in terrible pain, a sense of guilt seeped in your heart. If it were not for his actions, you would be the one lying on the ground with an arrow in your heart, literally. Who fire that arrow anyway? You pushed away that thought for a moment as you turned your attention back to the major problem in your hand, literally.

“Can you use your magic to heal yourself?” You suggested after recalling seeing him treating the boys’ injuries time and time again.

Pan tried to reach out for his head, trying to heal himself with his magic as you suggested. However, the pain was draining his energy away. Feeling obligated to help the guy who had saved you from a terrible fate, you quickly came up with an alternative plan to heal Pan.

You reached out for your walkie-talkie that was strapped to your belt and pressed a small button. After allowing the static sound to clear, you spoke into the black rectangular box which has an antenna protruding out of it. “Felix. Felix. Do you copy?”

Moments later, which felt like centuries in emergency like this, a roughed voice was heard from the other end. “Yes, y/n. What’s wrong?”

“There’s been an emergency. Pan is…” Before you could continue, Pan shook his head and looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. Understood his facial expression, you nodded.

“Y/n. Y/n. What happened to Pan?”

“Err… Pan and I are backing out from the game.”

“Why? What’s wrong? Where’s Pan? Should I call the boys in?”

“No!” You blurted out. “Don’t. Just continue with the game and act as per normal.”

You looked into Pan’s eyes, telepathically asking him if Felix should be told. Despite no words being exchanged, it was as if you knew what you were going to say to one another. Knowing that Pan has given his consent, you continued. “Once you are done, come to Pan’s treehouse. I’ll tell you more then. Just don’t say anything to boys, aites?”

Felix took a moment to think. “Alright, I trust you. If you need me, please call me out immediately and I’ll come right over. Got it?”

“Yes, Felix.”

With that, you switched off the device and turned your attention back to Pan who was starting to drift away. “Pan.” You gently shook his body. “I need you to stay with me, alright? I’ll fly us back to your treehouse. I think I know how fix that head of yours.” Pan slowly nodded, agreeing with your plan.

“Great. Now, I need you to stand up. Can you do that?”

He nodded again. You placed your hand behind his neck and the other in his hand.

“Good. On the count of three. 1… 2… 3.” On three, you pulled him up, helping him back on his feet.

Pan leaned on you for support, placing almost all his weight on you. You struggled to get a stable position to hold up his weight. In these moments, you could only be grateful for the creation of pixie dust. If there is no way for you to fly, it would be almost impossible for you to bring Pan back to camp alone.

You grabbed a handful of green, sparkling dust from the bottom pocket of your shirt. I believe, you closed your eyes as you affirmed that believe in your heart. With that, you threw the dust over yourself and Pan. The next moment, you found yourself flying towards Pan’s treehouse.

Throughout the journey, there were not much exchange of words between yourself and Pan; just once in a while to make sure that he stays awake; perhaps mostly because of the anxiety that was consuming you by the minute. What’s worse, you were not certain whether your plan is going to succeed. All these while, it was Pan who healed the injured using his magic. Now, it was him who were badly wounded and none of us have the powers to heal him. You could only pray hard that you will succeed.

Halfway through the fly, a sudden realization hits you. 

No… It can’t be… 

But how’s that possible…?

Urgh! Why so many questions today? Oh… I’m so going to kill the person who fired that arrow?

With Pan’s treehouse coming to view, you ignored your worry for a moment and checked on Pan once again who seemed to be awake, but only just. You landed in his balcony and walked Pan over to his bed. Carefully, you laid him down on his bed. You hurriedly walked over to a shelf that stood by the wall across his bed.

“Now… where did you put it?” You rummaged through his stuffs in the shelf, looking for a small glass bottle. You could have sworn you saw it somewhere on the shelf the last time you were there.

“What are you looking for, honey?” He spoke with his little energy left.

“The water from Neverland’s spring. Where did you put it?”

“Wait… How did you kn-?”

“Never mind that. I’ll explain it to you once you are well. Quick. Tell me.”

“It’s in the white box, top row.” He said as he pointed at the top shelf.

Instantaneously, you reached out for a white box with a red cross on it right at the place where Pan mentioned. “Why would you even keep it in a first-aid box? Ah nevermind that.”

You opened the lid and found the glass bottle that you were looking for. Yes! The waters from Neverland’s spring! This should help him. With no time to lose, you placed the box back on the shelf and ran back to Pan.

You lifted Pan’s head anxiously and placed it over your lap, raising his head a tad higher. “Drink up.” You whispered while unscrewing the lid with one hand. You poured the glistening clear liquid into Pan’s mouth. Drinking it all in one gulp, you placed his head back down on the fluffy pillow.

Soon after, you could see Pan’s lips lifted upwards and his dimples faintly showing through his cheek, telling you that the waters did its magic. For the first time in years, never had you felt contented to see the sweet, charming smile on his face. Without realising it, he infected you with his smile as you grinned.

“I never knew you cared so much about me.”

“Huh?” You stared down at Pan, who was looking at you with a gaze you could not quite comprehend. But yet, this look invited a warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach.

“I thought you hate me.” Pan repeated.

“Who said I hate you?”

“Well, let’s see. First, you don’t like to follow whatever I’ve instructed you to do. Always love to do the opposite of everything that I said. Second, you could tell all the grandmother stories to the boys that they had to stop you from talking more. But when it comes to me, you only gave me a one-word answer. Also, you were so kind to the boys. But when I asked for your help, you treated me like I’m a tosser.”

“You are actually.”

Pan stared at you with widened eyes, surprised by your bluntness. Throughout the hundreds of years that he became the king of Neverland, never had any of his lost boys talked back at him. But instead of anger, he was intrigued to know you even better.

“Alright, fine. I’m a tosser.”

“You are! Only a tosser like you save others instead of himself.” You paused. “Why did you even push me out of the way? If I was the one injured, you could have healed me with your magic. Instead, you got hurt and no one here have even the slightest power to heal you. Imagine if I hadn’t spot your stash of Neverland’s spring. How am I going to save you then?”

“Sorry, honey.” Yes, you felt outraged at him for caring about you more than himself. But his guilty eyes charmed you, making it hard for you to stay mad.

“It’s alright.” You responded while brushing through his hair, looking for any open wound. You let out a short breath, glad there wasn’t any. “Try and get some rest. We’ll talk more once you are well.”

“Can I put you and Felix in charge of the boys for now?”

“Don’t worry about them. They’ll be in good hands.” Assured by your words, he closed his eyes and soon fell into a deep slumber.

Watching Pan recovering fast, you heaved a sigh of relief, glad that the worst was over. Quietly, you walked away from Pan and head for the door, trying your best to avoid even the slightest creak of the wooden floor that you were standing on.

As you stepped outside, you could see Felix running towards you.

“What… was… the… emergency…? Are… you… guys… okay?” Felix queried, breathing heavily in between his words.

“Yeah. We’re both fine.” You replied briefly, still in deep thoughts. Despite the worst being over, there’s another worry that you can’t seem to stop thinking about. 

After mustering up enough courage, you finally spoke to Felix with regards to your concern. “Felix. I need to talk to you. It’s about Pan.”

After inhaling a final deep breath, his breathing finally stabilized. “Yeah? What about him?”

“Pan almost died today.”


Kiseok (Husband 💍) explaining to the fans how you two meet (feature Gray lol ) : Kiseok - It was really awkward , for being sincere ! MC - Awkward ? What do you mean ? Kiseok - (y/n)…is really a particulary person. You can’t find another person like her , in this world , i guess. She and i meet in front of the building ||of AOMG , of course , just imagine that their agency being like YG || near a bench. All the fans were crying , screaming , jumping ! MC - Jumping ? Kiseok - Yes , they were too excited and (y/n) was there too, she was like “I’m not interesed about him , who is he ?” Seunghwa - Her friend said “(y/n) is just shy . She likes you so bad ” and she turned her head and said “Nope , i don’t know them !” with a salty voice. I was shocked by her attitude lol ! Kiseok - We had to go…But her friend told me to talk to her maybe she will not be like this…I didn’t do it , i just signed the autograph that she asked me and leave away…But (y/n) catched me by the shoulder. She gave me a paper where she wrote her number and she ran away ! Gray - She was so cute 😄! Kiseok - I’ve waited near 4 days for call her. I was wondering if it wasn’t a joke and she respond, we talked a little bit . I really don’t knew her and i tried to explain her that i could not do stuff like that. She tried to understand but i knew that she was so mad ! Gray - Why you lying ? That man stayed near 5 hours at phone with her that we all tought that they were preparing for their wedding 👰💐💒! Kiseok - We had a good conversation , and i tought a lot about her after the call ! Gray - He was saying “I did something bad , i want to kill me ” ! Kiseok - Anyway, i can not remember all the things but it was really really a good experience ! Gray - Wtf , are you talking about 😐? Kiseok - I do like youtubers “story time” 😃 ! Gray - So , you watch stuff like this ? Kiseok - No , my wife watches this and sometimes she forces me to watch with her lol !

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Morning, Sunsine!

Hey, guys! So I just wrote this short imagine; just a lil bit of self-indulgence. Have fun!

“Morning, sunsine!” Pan said while he opened the doors to the balcony, allowing sunlight to enter his treehouse.

Ever since he confessed his love to you, he has been asking you to sleep with him in the treehouse. Not because of whatever reason anyone might think it is; but because he wants to protect you from any danger that might come to you while he is asleep (since now the pirates know of your presence). At times, you do feel suffocated but there’s nothing much you could do about it. You did manage to convince him to let you sleep in your tent, but he can be very persistent. In the end, you just gave in to is request.

You cringed as the bright light entered your eyes. “It’s still… so…. early…” You pulled the blanket over and laid back in bed.

Pan smiled and shook his head. Despite being the leader of Neverland, waking you up in the morning is still his toughest task. Oh, y/n.

The morning of your second day in Neverland played in his mind. He walked over to your bedside and placed his lips close to your ear. You could feel his warm breath on your skin of your ear. You giggled. “Do you remember that day?”

You started to recall of that painful morning. You placed your hands on your face, reminded of the pain. Immediately, you sat up. Forgetting his face being so close to yours, you accidentally slapped his face.

“Ouch!” Pan said as he rubbed his nose. “Was that revenge?!”

You laughed your heart out. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to. Well… since it did happen, I guess it is…”

He pinched your nose and you squealed. “Now, what was that for?”

“For being so cheeky.” He continously poked you. You laughed defensievly. Wanting to stop his tease, you got out of bed and ran away from Pan. But there’s nowhere to run in this small treehouse.

Realising that Pan has a small closet in his treehous, you made a run for it and shut the doors tight. You laughed at your victory, but unfortunately, it was short-lived.

"Open this door, love. Or I’ll…” Pan said as he knocked multiple times on the wooden door.

“Or, you’ll what?”

“You asked for it, love.” Pan cheekily smiled.

The knocking stopped. Curiousity came over you, not knowing what Pan is planning to do.

“Pan.” No answer. “Pan! Where are you?”

Without warning, Pan appeared in front of you. Your heart almost jumped out of your mouth. His surprise almost gave you a heart attack. You rubbed your chest area, trying to calm down your heart that is beating rapidly at this moment. You wanted to move away to get some air but the room is too small for two.

“Oh, come on! You use magic. That’s not fair!”

You pouted your lips, showing the dissatisfaction for losing against Pan. But then again, he is the all-powerful Peter Pan. No one could beat him.

Looking at your pouting lips, he felt sorry for you. He placed his hands around your waist and leaned in for a kiss. With his lips on yours, you tightened your hug around him.

After a few minutes of locking your lips together, he pulled back and said, “I love you, y/n.”

“I love you too, Pan.”

“Come on, let’s go. The boys are waiting for us at the lagoon.”

“Yay!!” You jumped with joy. He then left the closet for you to change out of your nightgown. He could only smile, knowing how much you liked the cold waters.

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The only way Julian Fellowes or anyone associated with Downton Abbey is getting my money for a movie is if it features Mary getting a divorce or already divorced from Henry Talbot.

Like, I still cannot even believe we watched every character on the show push her at him, and push her at him, and push her at him, insisting (and in Tom’s case, snarling) all the while that she didn’t know her own mind, until she literally broke down and cried, then were expected to swallow his whole “I just happen to have a marriage license with me even though I haven’t so much as breathed a word about or in the direction of your son – what’s his name again? Geoff?” routine.

There was a better way to write that pairing. A THOUSAND better ways to write that pairing. Instead, it came off as lazy, rushed, shallow, insert-your-own-negative-adjective-here.

Seriously, in that scene where Mary’s talking to Matthew’s grave, I imagine Dan Stevens dressed up like a ghost and making a perfect “WTF? WTF?” face at her.

Free Mary Crawley.

#Popular YA Heroines and the House they'd belong to in ZODIAC:
  • (There's a description of each House at <3)
  • House Aries--MILITARY: Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games) for being bold and brave and a general badass
  • House Taurus--INDUSTRY: Clary Fray (Shadowhunters) for being direct and stubborn about everything, including her love for her friends + family
  • House Gemini--IMAGINATION: Shahrzad (The Wrath and The Dawn) for being two people--the pleasant girl she wears on the outside, and the blade of vengeance she harbors within--as well as an imaginative storyteller
  • House Cancer--NURTURE: Rho Grace (ZODIAC) for her nurturing nature and stubbornly selfless love...and also because she's already in House Cancer! ;)
  • House Leo--PASSION: Celaena Sardothien (TOG) for her overpowering passion and magnetic, larger-than-life presence
  • House Virgo--SUSTENANCE: Kestrel (Winner's Curse) for her meticulous plans, perfectionist ways, and no-nonsense nature
  • House Libra--JUSTICE: Meira (Snow Like Ashes) for her deep empathy, extreme likability + charm, and her innate sense of justice
  • House Scorpio--INNOVATION: Mare (Red Queen) for her secretive nature and the general mystery that surrounds her
  • House Sagittarius--CURIOSITY: Marguerite Caine (A Thousand Pieces of You) for her inquisitive nature and groundbreaking travels + adventures
  • House Capricorn--WISDOM: Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) for being wise way, way, WAY beyond her years
  • House Aquarius--PHILOSOPHY: Tris (Divergent) because she's smart, introspective, thoughtful, and the pioneer of a new tomorrow
  • House Pisces--SPIRITUALITY: Laia (An Ember in the Ashes) for her selfless devotion to her family and her unending stores of inner strength
  • House Ophiuchus--UNITY: Adelina Amouteru (The Young Elites) for her deep emotions, hunger for power, and gutsy ambition
It is an extremely common mistake. People think the writers imagination is always at work, that he’s constantly inventing an endless supply of incidents and episodes, that he simply dreams up his stories out of thin air. In point of fact, the opposite is true. Once the public knows you’re a writer, they bring the characters and events to you, and as long as you maintain your ability to look and to carefully listen, these stories will continue to seek you out over your lifetime.
—  from The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson

Iconic Imagination: Xiao Wen Ju wears a semi-sheer tulle based gown with tumbling tiny embellishments and beads lavishing every inch of the one-of-a-kind dress from the Givenchy Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2011 collection by Riccardo Tisci, who explained it to be of ‘‘purity, lightness, and fragility’‘ in this dreamy and ethereal frost stained shot from the editorial ‘Magical Thinking’ photographed by Tim Walker, and styled by Jacob K for W March 2012. Scanned from ‘Storyteller’ by TW.

Arthur Yorinks, Maurice Sendak, and Robert Redford pose with the wild things in 1987 at the Sundance Resort.

“Everyone is formed one way or another by what he or she experiences as a child. Too often, this segment of our society gets second-rate, leftover entertainment. We established Sundance Children’s Theater and asked Maurice and Arthur to run it because we believe kids are intelligent and deserve original, thought-proving entertainment.”

-Robert Redford, June 20 1988

Photo courtesy of Sundance Institute

i have to say, im not frozen’s #1 fan myself, but even i can see that it was pretty much made to be in kingdom hearts. I don’t understand kh fans who say they’ll refuse to buy kh3 if frozen is in it, Guys, it’s literally perfect for kingdom hearts. Imagine how good the snow and ice effects are gonna look w/ the ps4 graphics.  Imagine all the storytelling possibilities when it comes to how similar the dynamics of anna and elsa are to those of sora and riku. Also, the storytelling style of frozen is perfectly suited to the storytelling style of kh when it comes to individual worlds.  I can literally envision things like having anna as a party member, a kh-style horrible sleigh riding minigame, maybe an ice-skating minigame; imagine the keyblade for the world? it’ll look so fricking good. Guys, frozen is literally perfect for kh3, i don’t know how people dont see this,

Storyteller (Newt Imagine)

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You couldn’t truly explain why you never really spoke, but you figured it was just the way you preferred it. You knew you could speak, but whenever you tried, it felt like you didn’t have any way to say whatever you were thinking of. So, you remained silent, and used your facial expressions and your hands and gestures to convey most of your thoughts.

That seemed to work well for you, and all the other Gladers could understand you 99% of the time, if not all the time. Despite perhaps your lack of oral communication, you got along extremely well with all the Gladers, and you were well-loved among the boys. You worked hard, you were kind to everybody (even Gally and some of the hard-headed slintheads), and you were just a generally lovable person.

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For those who have a hard time understanding Multiverse Theory

Lets imagine a native american storyteller in the north east, before Europeans ever visited.

The storyteller draws on familiar ideas in her life, to create a story about a fantasyland. 

She imagines a land where it is so hot, that it rains instead of snows in the summer, and where the horses have stripes, and there are big cats that have manes of hair like men.

Now imagine Europeans come, and one of them hears her story. 

The European says “I have been there! That’s the land of Africa!”

And the storyteller says “but how have you been there? I made it up. Its just a story.”

Its like that. Tolkien didn’t know about elves and hobbits when he created them, they just happened to exist in another place. Satoshi Tajiri didn’t ever see Pokemon, there just happen to be worlds with pokemon in them.


Revolutionary Girl Utena Deluxe Box Set

Story and Art by Chiho Saito; Created by Be-Papas

Coming in February 2017!

Lured into the twisted duels at Ohtori Academy, can Utena become the prince she’s been waiting to meet?

When mangaka Chiho Saito teamed up with anime director Kunihiko Ikuhara (Sailor Moon) and a group of talented creators to form Be-Papas, it ignited a firestorm of creative and imaginative storytelling that resulted in Revolutionary Girl Utena, a modern classic. This deluxe box set contains the entire series of Revolutionary Girl Utena plus The Adolescence of Utena in two hardcover manga volumes. Color pages and a poster are included.

About the Author:
Chiho Saito was born June 29th in Tokyo. In 1982 she debuted with Ken to Mademoiselle. Her many works include Green Apple Labyrinth and Waltz wa Shiroi Doresu De (Waltz in a White Dress). She won the 42nd Shogakukan Manga award for Kanon. In 1997, Revolutionary Girl Utena became a groundbreaking anime series.