Some fanart highlights from (most) every month this year: 

It’s been a wonderful 12 months. <3 

The Brain Scoop is the finest cutlery for wolfing down science online if you ask me. Entertaining, enlightening, serious, well written, awesometasticly presented and beautifully produced. What else can one ask for?

As an illustrator I sometimes get to do scientific illustrations. Some archeological and some zoological. Most of the time however, my passion for nature and history manifests itself in the form of more or less cuddly fantasy creatures.

To subject myself to the wide variety of the natural world and human history, through museums and screenbased resources (and the outdoors), is essential for me as an artist. I like to think of it as adding things to the great compost that is creativity. Who knows what parts of the Brain Scoop eventually will be dissolved, processed and end up in the tip of my pencil?

/Henning Cedmar Brandstedt (

imaginationshow asked:

What's the longest time you've ever spent making a single picture?

I’m not a very patient person so working on a pic for more than 3 days is pretty impossible BUT my digital painting teacher from a few years back really had us work on only two peices the whole semester so my final from that is definitely the most time I’ve spent

Brain Scoopin’ the World!

The introduction course Historical Osteology: Archaeozoology at Lund University in Sweden (one of those really old and prominent universities you know) is showing the tumblr/youtube channel The Brain Scoop to their students!! The lecturer thinks it’s a good way to give the students a better grip of the bodily context of the bones they study. I have a hunch it’s The Wolf episodes.

And… it’s all down to the fact that I always speak of how aaawesome the Brain Scoop is when I hang out with the friends and colleagues of my doctoral candidate/archaeologist/girlfriend, going on and on about it in much the same way as I do on this blog and over at my art tumblr imaginationshow :) 

It spread!

I’m so happy right now!


Some details from my last painting, with which I’m very happy. It’s not meant to be looked at this closely as a picture but since I’m always curious to know how stuff is made myself I thought I’d show you.

Most of the time I do sketches on paper first but this one was digital from scratch. It’s done in Photoshop using a wacom and digital brushes from Kyle T. Webster or rather just one actually, the Real Watercolor Broad Wash.

Apart from cmd+z (undo), I use the short command ctrl+alt all the time which allows me to change the width and the opacity of the brush without bothering with menus.

I love books and following beautiful book-tumblrs like bookporn has to show in the end. I googled and tumblred to get more specific inspiration for the booksy feel but what sparked the whole thing was when I tumblr-stumbled upon a video of the work process of Vasili Zorin av He is a wizard making all kind of stuff but you must check out his cityscapes! Generally I don’t bother too much with perspective and construction but his work made me want to give it a go.

Hope this inspires you!

So, I have a day job at an office where I mainly do graphic design. And from time to time I get to do illustrations. Yay! It’s quite liberating using only the standard office supplies available, copy machine paper, one size fine liner, one size marker… I unintentionally cheated using an extreme pro quality 2H pencil I happened to have behind my ear though. Bought that one out of curiosity (it’s not all that different from the standard issue pencils). Next I’ll be scanning these, add a bit of color and integrate them into photos :)