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National Anthem (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request:  imaginary-marvel-mayhemAnything with Bucky fluff honestly lmao. American or national anthem by lana del rey would go really well, although American would be better w Steve tbh  

Alright, I used parts of the song, and I admit, I struggled a bit.  I wanted this storyline and kind of tucked the song in here and there.  Hope it’s okay!

Money is the anthem

Of success

So before we go out

What’s your address?

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Armageddon Anthem


A home without a name,
a love without a face,
a heart without a cage.

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Notes: Some of you may know that I recently got into the Waling Dead, and the moment after I watched the season 4 finale, I came up with a character that I thought fit in well to the mix. Since I don’t like writing OFC, I tweaked a few thing, and it’s now a reader insert :)
Huge shout-out to @wanderingcas for putting up with my rambling of this fic!

Italics are flashbacks.

Please leave me some feedback. it inspires me.

Word Count: 2.3k+

Warnings: mentions of rape, descriptions of violence.

10:43 PM. You were keeping a close watch on the clock, as it was the only thing in your teacher’s office that was worth looking at.

“When are we gonna leave?” you tried not sounding too worried, but dramatically failed by the shaking of your voice.

“We need to stay here until I know it’s safe,” he muttered, flicking open the blinds with his fingers for mere seconds before letting out a nervous sigh.

“Mr. Wallen, please,” you were practically begging, but you didn’t care. “My family’s at home. I don’t know if they’re safe.”

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Various Artists — Imaginational Anthem Vol. 8: The Private Press (Tompkins Square)

How many American primitive guitarists are there anyway?  It’s not that previous editions of Imaginational Anthem were particularly star-studded. Sure you had John Fahey and Jack Rose and famous folksinger brother Max Ochs in the mix, but if you weren’t already attuned to the world of acoustic finger-picking most of the players would have been unfamiliar. Big names were people like Sandy Bull, Stefan Basho-Jones, Glenn Jones and Michael Chapman, stars of the six- and twelve-string (and occasional banjo) that let’s face it, most of the world would react to with a “Huh, who?”  

Volume 8: The Private Press is populated by pickers so obscure that even Josh Rosenthal, the proprietor of Tompkins Square and a major impetus behind the American Primitive revival, had heard of only one of them. This set of 14 cuts (on two LPs), curated by Michael Klausman and Brooks Rice, unearths the work of musicians who were seldom recorded, shunted aside and long forgotten. Yet like the other seven compilations, Volume 8 is very good and occasionally stunning.

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So outrageously attracted to this



Petition for the cast of Hamilton to reenact the party scene from I Made America s1


An anthem for Dan’s expensive taste in clothing

I love him tho

Going through your crush’s instagram like:


Improv - Bill Orcutt

Harry Pussy guitarist Bill Orcutt wins the Imaginational Anthem song title sweepstakes with “John Fahey Commemorative Beer Can.” It’s by far the most adventurous thing on comp, featuring what sounds like Orcutt doing unspeakable things to his guitar. It rules. You can see how he does it on this video. 


i had a pretty awful day today but i’m still very excited about the new records i picked up:

-Imaginational Anthem Vol. 6 (Tompkins Square) - V/A - a collection of the origins of american primitive guitar taken from early 78s. it totally rules and the liner notes are fascinating.

-Total Control/Thee Oh Sees Split (Castle Face) - i bought this at the total control show last night for the total control side but thee oh sees side is really good too. killer artwork. also the 45 rpm 12" is my favorite format for listening to music.

-S/T Cassette - Beth Israel (Dull Tools) - i also got this at the total control show because the guy from parquet courts recommended it. it’s bummer rock w/ a touch of the dead c. i like it a lot

i have bags under my eyes!


After the breakup of The Beatles, John Lennon; Paul McCartney; and George Harrison all went on to have thriving solo careers, including the timeless anthem Imagine for Lennon and the James Bond theme Live and Let Die for McCartney.

After the breakup of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and David Gilmour continued on solo. Gilmour has retired, but Waters still plays to this day–20 years later.

After the schism in Styx, Dennis DeYoung went on to have a solo career. He still performs on a regular basis, both Styx stuff and his own music.

After the breakup of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce … do I have to finish that sentence? I’m pretty sure “After the breakup of Destiny’s Child, Beyonce” is a complete sentence.

After the breakup of The Jackson Five, Michael Jackson … that one is also a complete sentence, I think.

Janet Jackson was never a member of The Jackson Five, but she starred on the family’s variety show The Jacksons. She also went on to have one hell of a solo career.

After the breakup of N’Sync, Justin Timberlake went on to have a successful solo career and went from “boyband sweetheart” to “serious pop artist.”

Remember this: Zayn is doing what Zayn needs to do for Zayn. And should this still be the path he wants, should he still desire a career in music after taking his break from it all, he will have excellent company–from the most iconic boyband ever to the King of Pop.

Don’t assume you’ve heard the last of him. His time with 1D may be done, but you may well see his name on a solo cover in five years. And take heart, too, in this:

In 1979, Richard Wright left Pink Floyd. He returned in 1987 as a sessions musician and writer–legal matters kept him from being an “official” member, but he still produced and toured with them–and with him returned to the band two of their best albums were recorded.

Zayn may prove to be a Richard Wright. Take hope.