Remembering the original “Image Works” at Epcot’s Imagination Pavilion. 

From 1983-1998 you could visit a magical place in Epcot’s Imagination Pavilion called the “Image Works” Yes, I know there is currently “Imageworks: The What If Labs” in the Imagination Pavilion, but it is not the original and doesn’t even come close to being as amazing as its predecessor. The original was located at the top level of the pavilion allowing guests an outside view through the glass pyramid. The beautifully designed spiral staircase and glass elevator which took you to the “Image Works” is still there and can be seen in the current Imagination store.At the top of this staircase/elevator you would enter the “Image Works”, a place where guests could test their imaginations. At the heart of this creative playground was the Rainbow Corridor/Sensor Maze, a colorful tunnel of neon that changed colors as you walked through. The “Image Works” also included: Figment’s Coloring Book, Magic Palettes, Light Writers, Stepping Tones, Pin Screens, Bubble Music, Dreamfinder’s School of Drama, Giant Kaleidoscopes, Image Warp, Lumia and Electronic Philharmonic. The “Image Works” closed on October 10, 1998. The new “Imageworks: The What If Labs” opened on October 1, 1999, in the new downstairs location. Sadly, the whole upstairs area that housed the original “Image Works” is now closed. Check out the awesome video posted here for a look at the sad current state of the “Image Works” next to footage from back in the day.


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[These songs remind me of Dreamfinder & Figment
& All Songs Related to the Imagination Pavilion at Epcot.]



One Little Spark - Chuck McCann & Billy Barty ; The Journey - Boston ; Magic Journeys - The Sherman Brothers ; Magic - Coldplay ; Let’s All Take a Journey into Imagination (Unused Song V1) - Robert Moline ; Wake Me Up - Avicii ; Pure Imagination - Gene Wilder ; Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford & Sons ; We Are Here To Change The World - Michael Jackson (Captain EO) ; Believer - American Authors ; Magic To Do - Ben Vereen (Pippin 1972 Original Broadway Cast) ; Dreams Don’t Turn into Dust - Owl City ; Mountain Sound - Of Monsters & Men ; Rather Be - Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne ; Magic - Mystery Skulls (ft. Brandy and Nile Rodgers) ; Alone in The Universe - Seussical The Musical ; I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons ; Makin’ Memories - The Sherman Brothers ; Defying Gravity - Kristin Chenoweth & Idina Menzel (Wicked) ; Journey into Imagination Area Music - Epcot Center ; Hey Brother - Avicii ; Some Nights - Fun. ; True Colors - Honey I Shrunk The Audience (Preshow) ; Riptide - Vance Joy ; Magic Journeys Area Music - Epcot Center ; Find You - Zedd (ft. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant) ; Honey I Shrunk The Audience Area Music - Epcot ; How You Remind Me - Nickelback ; The Kids Aren’t Alright - Fall Out Boy ; Another Part of Me - Michael Jackson (Captain EO) ; Let’s All Take a Journey into Imagination (Unused Song V2) - Robert Monline

I peeked through the glass door of Figment’s Place (His meet & greet) a few months back, and was surprised to see that everything was still intact, and there was just a maintenance cart inside in the corner - I looked through the door yesterday to find this - the place completely gutted, only the old paint and that one standee laying against the wall. How sad. :( I wonder if they’re doing something with it?


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Monorail Monday - Blue Edition.

Journey Into Imagination (The Movie) Update

As I mentioned in this post I’ve been working on a spec script for a Journey Into Imagination feature film… and need YOUR help getting it to someone at Walt Disney Pictures who can at least read it and consider making it a real thing (or read it and burn it. I just want to give it a chance.)

So today I want to give you a quick overview of my premise. And if you like it (or like the ride…or Figment …or don’t like it but still want to help) share it with the Internet or anyone you may know who can pass it around until someone important sees it. 

What’s the premise?

We meet a young Daniel Fanning (DF…Dreamfinder…get it?) in Dublin, Ireland during WWII. The city is under attack and he’s seeking refuge with his mother, nervously waiting for the rest of their family to return home safely. Daniel’s mother encourages him to think of a more peaceful time and place…she encourages his imagination.

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From the Epcot Explorers Blog’s Facebook

The Imagination pavilion at Epcot will cease operations on January 2nd, 2014. The Captain EO show will not reopen, while the ride and retail location are rumored to remain closed for one year for renovations. There is no official statement from Disney on the scale of work at this time.

Are you guys ready for a miracle? Even with those Phineas and Ferb rumors flying around?

“Ron Schnieder (the original "friend” of Dreamfinder) told us how he was walking into Epcot about two weeks before the park opened - preparing to film something for the ride, I believe - and came across a patch of wet cement. Unable to resist, he found a stick and scratched out “FIGMENT” with a backwards E. He later told everyone that was where he and Figment first met.“

"Took a fair amount of searching, since it’s hidden behind/inside a partition pretty much backstage, though just barely. If you go looking for it yourself, follow the path between the Imagination Pavilion and The Land, and hope the wooden gate is open!”