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Lupe is my new favorite Adventure Zone character, okay?

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does several backflips into your inbox how about Killian 💋?

Oh shit, sweet flips!

I imagine they sparred 

I really like the idea that Taako is actually pretty small but it’s not really noticeable because he wears like fuckin ten inch heels or something ridiculous like that
And when he first takes off his heels Magnus is So Confused and Merle barely notices because even without the heels Taako’s still taller than him lol

The Bronze

Summary: You and the team decide to trick Bucky and Steve into watched The Bronze for your movie night. Bucky teases you about your crush on Lance Tucker after noting your reaction to the sex scene.

Warningsteasing, masturbation, smut (reader receiving oral sex)

A/N: Wanted to write a Bucky smut. What’s new? Totes not my best work but I wanted to write a short fic for you guys because I haven’t in a while.

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ok. taz fandom. where is the fic where magnus gives kravitz, an actual grim reaper, the shovel talk?

Imagine the ghost world after Vlad’s accident when he first creates his own ghost portal.

He’s so fucking excited about it. Here’s this thing that Jack failed to make and yet he’s got one on his own, without Maddie there to check his work. It works. It WORKS and now he’s finally going to see it. He’s going to see the world that made him like this. 

And there are these little weak, faceless ghosts running around, screeching and fighting for no discernible reason and then all of a sudden their population just dwindles because Vlad can’t stand all the fucking noise. 

Imagine the first ghost that he runs up on with an actual identity. This ghost has been claiming territory in this part of the ghost world for a while. He thinks he’s hot shit. And all of a sudden this stranger shows up with his own portal that he covers with a fucking giant lavender football. This tall lean ghost is a football fanatic. No biggie. He can take him. What’s a little football obsessed newbie ghost to a season spirit like him. 

And Vlad just obliterates him like he’s nothing. 

It keeps happening. Some ghost will hear that a huge area in the ghost zone is up for grabs. There’s a new portal there that leads straight to the human world. Imagine all the people you could scare. Imagine how powerful you could get. There’s a stranger up there guarding this portal and if you go through it you’ll have to fight him, but big deal, right? He’s a new ghost. He’s weak. All those that challenged him before you were weak. All young, skittish baby ghosts. 

And then you find out that even Skulker can’t beat him. Skulker, one of the most feared hunters in the ghost zone, and he bows to this new stranger like he’s the fucking king. 

Challengers stop coming. That portal is not up for grabs. The purple football that floats in front of it is never moved, never touched, never looked at. The territory is never sought after. It belongs to Vlad Plasmius and if you touch it, you’ll get blasted to smithereens. Vlad Plasmius is fucking powerful and he doesn’t fuck around. 

And then, years later, there’s another stranger. Another ghost portal. And this little stranger might not blow you to smithereens if you’re powerful enough to combat him, but somehow every ghost that goes through his portal is shot back into the ghost zone less than a day later. He even gives Vlad Plasmius a run for his money. 

There are two humans invading the ghost zone and kicking everybody’s ass like they own the place. They each have their own portal and their power is unrivaled. 

And there’s nothing you can fucking do about it. 

little angus mcdonald walking right up to death personified, his baby-fat face serious and brow furrowed in determination, tugging on kravitz’s robe til he looks down and the world’s smallest and most important boy detective can point his training wand at the terrifying skeleton man and demand, “excuse me, sir, but what are your intentions towards taako?”