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     Luke had gotten use to being on the road and away from family. It was apart of his job and he wouldn’t have it any other way. You had become accustomed to his lifestyle for a while now too. On occasion you were able to join on the tour, but this year was one where you couldn’t. Time became tough and even though the two of you made the effort to talk and Skype it wasn’t enough. You missed his presence and affection. Any other time you were fine with him being halfway across the world, but now it felt unsettling and you felt lonelier than ever. Luke was feeling the same way. He constantly called and wanted to face time before heading on stage. It was becoming somewhat unhealthy and the guys couldn’t sit through him not being happy much longer.

“I can’t just drop everything and come out there I have a job,” you sighed into the phone, glancing at your calendar for a quick second. Luke’s birthday was just in a few days and already you were feeling guilty for not being there.

“I know you get vacation days,” Ashton said, “Just use a few of those and plan a trip down here.” The guys had decided on making you Luke’s birthday gift. It was a way to make both of you happy and everyone could rest easy knowing Luke wasn’t walking around miserable. “The guys and I can chip in for the flight just please come see him…but it’s a surprise so don’t tell Luke.” You began to chew on your bottom lip in thought, wondering if you should take on the offer. Ashton was right you did have some vacation days saved up, so why not cash a few out now. 

“Alright I’ll come out there. I just need to know what days I have to call out for,” you mumbled. This had to be happening around Luke’s birthday so you thought on just calling out the day before and through to a day you could come back home. Some more words were exchanged and soon you were packing for your journey.

     Luke’s laughter was loud as the guys piled on top of him shouting out happy birthdays. He began to wiggle under them, Michael’s hand making it’s way into the young boy’s head and messing it up. “You guys are crazy!” Luke shouted, letting out a huff as they finally climbed off of him. Before he could even walk through the door they had him down on the ground, showering love everywhere. It was what he needed right now. Something to take his mind off of you not being here. It only worked for about five minutes. Usually you were the first to tell Luke happy birthday, but for some reason he hasn’t received a message back from last night. Even now as he texted you it kept telling him the message wasn’t being delivered. It was making him worried. Luke’s attention was taken off his phone at the sound of his name being called. 

“Are you excited for tonight?” Calum questioned, handing over a wrapped box to his friend. They were performing tonight, and because it was his birthday the event was going to be better than ever. Fans were already excited to see the concert, but the fact that it was Luke’s birthday made it even more special. 

“Yeah I am…hey have you heard from Y/N?” Luke asked, glancing down at his phone once more.

“No I haven’t, why?” Calum replied, putting on a poker face. He didn’t want to ruin the ultimate surprise for Luke. A sigh left Luke’s lips and he shrugged.

“Nothing, it’s just she hasn’t called. Which is weird because she always calls me during this time.” Calum frowned at his words. He knew you were currently on the plane. The arrival time being at least two hours before the concert time. 

“I’m sure she’ll call just don’t think too much on it,” Calum said, “It’s your big day man, have some fun!” 

If it hadn’t been for the guys preoccupying his mind, Luke would have thought you had forgotten his birthday. If you had messaged there was a slight chance you would have ruined the surprise. It was hard enough keeping a secret from him, so you never did unless it was really important. After some time your flight had landed and you were picked up. You were already buzzing with excitement and couldn’t wait to see Luke again. It had been five months since you last saw each other and you knew you couldn’t go another. From Ashton’s instructions, you were suppose to hide out on the tour bus while the guys did soundcheck and come out when they were ready to give Luke his birthday cake. 

The anticipation was killing you and finally once your wait was over you made your way inside the venue. Not wanting to ruin the surprise and have fans see you before Luke did, you sneaked into a side entrance with help. You had freshened up and by the time you made it towards stage the guys were finishing up a song. “So today’s Luke’s birthday!” Michael shouted into the microphone, making the crowd cheer loudly. “And the guys and I have one last present we want to give him.” Ashton ran off stage, coming to a halt in front of you. 

“Hey good to see you. Are you ready?” he asked, giving you a hug. You nodded, helping everyone place candles into Luke’s cake and lit them. “Okay I’ll walk out with the cake and just follow behind me,” he told you.

“Got it, man I’m so nervous…do I look okay?” you muttered, smoothing down your dress. 

“You look fine come on,” Ashton chuckled. The crowd was singing happy birthday as loud as they could when Ashton began to walk out. You waited a few minutes and watched with a smile on your face as Luke turned to blow out the candles. The minute you stepped out on stage the fans went wild, phones out as they recorded what was going to happen. “A cake! Thanks guys you made this the be-” Luke stopped mid-sentence when he spotted you walking out. The smile on his face turning into a grin. “What!” he exclaimed in awe, jumping around in his spot. 

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” you shouted, holding your arms out wide. It didn’t take long for Luke to rush over to you. Grabbing you in one quick motion and pulling you into a tight hug. “I missed you,” you said through laughter, letting him squeeze you as hard as he could. 

“I missed you too,” Luke hummed, pulling back to hold you at arms length. He couldn’t believe his eyes. “Are you really here?” he asked, then looked back at the fans. “Is she really here?” They shouted in response and Luke pulled you into a kiss. This was the best present he’s ever received and he couldn’t thank his friends enough. Luke’s energy for the rest of the night was on high and he was once again happy to have you in his arms.

Loud-Luke Hemmings Smut

Summery: you get home early and you arrive at your apartment and hear moans coming from your roommate, Luke’s, room. You peak in to see him masterbating and suddenly he moans your name.

Warning: Smut (of course), swearing

Rating: R

Work had been a bitch. You boss was up your ass (not literally) all day handing you more papers to file each passing minute. Thankfully the office shut down early due to a sudden outbreak of the flu.

The door slammed behind you and you kicked off your shoes with a sigh. You knew Luke was home because today wasn’t his turn to write with his friends.

Luke was no where to be seen and you automatically assumed he was asleep. When you walked towards your room you saw his door was closed. Right when you were about to walk past his white wooden door, a loud moan came from the other side.

It was a usual thing to come home to the sounds of Luke fucking someone. You didn’t say anything because you knew he was fine if you brought home guys which you rarely did. “(Y/n)!” he moaned followed by the sound of the bed squeaking.

You gasped silently and covered your mouth. You never though Luke, your best friend since high school, would think of you like that. Cracking the door open slowly, you saw Luke pumping his length while his back was facing you.

When you cleared your throat, he froze and covered his dick with a pillow. He turned around hesitantly, “Hey, (Y/n). H-how’s it goi-” you pressed your lips harshly against his, making him groan into your mouth.

You had always thought Luke was attractive, but you never said anything in fear of ruining your friendship. But with your friendship not in mind, you removed Luke’s pillow and started stroking him. “Sh-shit,” he pulled away from you and screwed his eyes shut.

You circled your thumb around his tip, spreading his precum before leaning down to run your tongue up the underside of his dick. He threw his head back and gripped onto your hair, pulling you down further. You could tell he was close when he twitched in your mouth so you pulled away abruptly causing him to whine.

“I’ll be right back,” you kissed him briefly before scampering to your room and pulling out the handcuffs you hadn’t used in ages. You also stripped down to your black lace bra and matching thong.

When you returned you saw Luke on his bed shifting uncomfortably, his red swollen dick standing up. When you entered his room his eyes widened at your attire. You joined him back on his bed and wrapped your hands around his wrists, bringing them to his headboard and cuffing them together.

His eyes darkened at your dominance and you soon felt yourself getting wetter. You pulled away from him and slid off your underwear, a groan coming from his throat as you did.

Placing your hands on his chest you started grinding your pussy against his cock, spreading the wetness around your folds. “Luke,” you moaned, attempting to tease him.

His tugged at the restraints, “(Y/n), shit please let me fuck you. Please I need to touch you,” he begged. You never would have thought that Luke begging would be so hot and it only made you continue your actions of teasing him.

When you unclipped your bra, flinging it to the side, Luke only begged more, “Please, (Y/n). I need to touch you-fuck! Let me touch you,” he pleaded.

Ignoring his pleas you kissed down his jawline and made you way to his neck leaving huskies everywhere. When you tugged on earlobe he lost control. He tugged harder than before on the handcuffs and moaned your name. You had never been with a guy as loud as Luke before but god it was hot as hell.

Deciding he had had enough teasing, you slowly slid your hands up his chest and to his wrists, taking off the cuffs. He waisted no time in flipping you over and attaching his lips to your neck and sucking harshly, “Shit (Y/n), I’m so hard,” he breathed into your ear before lining himself up with you and pushing it.

You gripped his shoulder tightly, “Luke!” you yelled.

Another moan left his lips and he stilled inside of you letting you get used to his massive size. “Move, please,” you whimpered.

He pulled out completely before slamming back in causing you both to moan. You bit your lip to hold back your moans but he grunted, “Don’t hold back, let the whole apartment building know who’s fucking you this good.”

With that you released your lip and moaned his name repeatedly as his continued to thrust in to your pussy. “Shit your so tight,” he moaned.

He pulled out suddenly only to flip you around so you were on your hands and knees. He entered you again, picking up his pace. His new angle reached new depths making him moan at how tight you were. “Luke I’m so cl-close,” you panted, feeling Luke smack your ass.

“Me too,” he pulled you up to kiss your neck, sucking harshly before sliding his hand down to apply pressure to your clit.

With that you felt your whole body spasm as you came undone around Luke’s thick length. Pornographic moans left both of your mouths as Luke rode out your highs.

When Luke pulled out you both collapsed on the bed. You wrapped your arm around his sweaty waist, craving his touch. “I really like you,” he whispered, kissing the top of your head.

You smiled into his chest, “I really like you too.”

Imagine you were secretly dating school nerd Luke Hemmings. He was the son of your math teacher and excelled in every form of science. You never really paid any attention to him until one day you bumped into him during school break.
“Hi Luke.” You greeted politely as you passed him at the cereal stacks, but he just stared at you wide eyed.
“Yeah, good to see you to, luke. My holidays have been great so far thanks.” You blabbered on sarcastically, rolling your eyes at the hormonal teenage boy. You just hated it when anyone thought they were “too cool” to talk to you, I mean all he had to say was hi and you would have been utterly satisfied.
“Always a pleasure running into you, Luke. Have a great day.” You ended sarcastically and hurried away.
You were getting some avocados as Luke suddenly appeared next to you.
“Listen, y/n im Sorry about before. I was just taken back a little, about how you’d know my name. Usually people don’t address me with luke, but with freak or weirdo.”
“What? Who calls you that?”
“Your boyfriend?”
“Jess? And he’s my exboyfriend. We broke up weeks ago.”
Luke sounded almost as happy as you were about the breakup.
“Good. He is a mean jerk and a bully.”
Luke continued more to himself.
“Is Jess bullying you, Luke?”
“No, I … Never mind…”
Luke stuttered and ran off, but you followed him.
“Luke wait. If he is …oh, hi mrs. Hemmings.” You broke off as you saw his mum and luke smiled at you thankfully.
“Good to see you y/n. How are the holidays?”
“Great. I’ve been studying math non stop.” You joked and she chuckled.
“Yeah, I can imagine. Luke are you ready to go?”
“Umm… Yes.” He said looking at you. There was obviously something he wanted to tell you.
“Alright then, y/n I will see you in school.”
“Yes bye mrs. Hemmings.” You said, and whispered to luke as she wasn’t paying attention anymore.
“Meet me at the oak tree in the park at 6.”
Luke nodded and you said “bye luke” loudly for his mum to hear before walking back to your avocados.

“Hey. I was afraid you wouldn’t come.”
You said as Luke eventually walked up to you. You had been at the park early and started reading your book to kill the time.
“Yes sorry. Mum didn’t let me have the car so I had to take the bus.”
“It’s fine.” You said staring up at him standing awkwardly in front of you.
“Why don’t you sit down?” Luke nodded and sat down next to you leaning back against the oak tree.
“Hi” he smiled.
“Hi.” You smiled back. “So let’s just get straight to the point. Do you have problems with Jess? Is he bothering you.”
Luke sighed.
“So that’s why I’m here?”
“Well yeah. If he’s bullying you, Luke, you need to tell me. I can help you.”
“I can handle it.”
“Can you? For how long has this been going on?”
“A while.”
“More concrete please?”
“A couple of years.” Luke shrugged.
“A couple of YEARS? So Jess was already bullying you while him and we were dating? Why didn’t you say anything?”
“Because I didn’t think you’d care. I thought you knew.”
“I can’t believe I didn’t see it. I mean I was dating that guy, I should have at least gotten suspicious.”
“It got better when the two of you started dating. He wasn’t such an ass anymore, but a couple of weeks back - I guess around when you broke up - he tried to make up for lost time.”
“Shit, Luke. I am so sorry. I honestly had no idea.”
“Yeah. Jess is pretty smart. Hardly anyone knows what he’s doing to us.”
“Us? You mean there are others too?”
Luke chuckled.
“You really have no idea, have you?”
You shook your head and Luke got to his feet.
“Where are you going?”
“I’ll show you something.” Luke said holding out his hand to help you up. Jess never did that. He never even waited for you when you were going somewhere. It was such a small gesture, but it sent butterflies through your stomach. What was happening to you?
You strolled through the park beside Luke and you couldn’t help but smile at the peoples glances. You imagined they thought you and Luke were boyfriend and girlfriend and giggled to yourself.
“What are you laughing about?” Luke grinned at you.
“Look at that elderly couple over there, who’s watching us. I bet they think were dating or something.”
Luke’s eyes grew wide at your words and he secretly glanced over to the couple you were talking about.
“Oh shit. You’re right.” Luke cursed. “I’m sorry.”
“Why are you apologizing, luke?”
“Because they see you with me?”
“I’m a nerd.”
“Is this going somewhere?”
“It doesn’t bother you that they think you’re dating a loser?”
“You’re not a loser, Luke. Stop selling yourself under what you’re worth. I don’t know these people, I don’t care what they think about me.”
“Really?” Luke looked at you unconvinced, so you took his hand in yours and entangled your fingers with his.
“What are you doing?” Luke whispered in a low voice.
“What? Are you ashamed to be seen holding hands with me?” You teased and he chuckled.
“You really don’t care what people think, do you?”
“I care about, what people I care about, think of me, but everyone else… Nope, not really.”
And that was when Luke started opening up to you. He felt like he could trust you, even though he usually had immense trust issues.
Suddenly Luke let go of your hand and opened the door of a small shed.
“What is this?”
“You’ll see.” Luke chuckled and let you step inside, following you quickly. You were greeted by two pairs of eyes.
“Oh, hi!” They welcomed you quickly.
“Hey. Calum and mikey right?” You replied.
“Yeah, how do you…?”
“We go to school together.” You explained.
“We know, but how do you know our names.”
“Why shouldn’t I know your names?”
They exchanged a glance and Luke quickly joined in.
“So boys, y/n bumped into me this morning and we started talking.”
“I started talking, you were just staring at me.” You joked and the boys chuckled.
“Fair enough, I wouldn’t have been able to say anything either, if my cru-” Calum was cut off by Luke throwing a water bottle at him.
“Ouch!” Calum protested, rubbing his arm.
Luke ignored Calum and explained to the boys why I was here and we started talking for ages on the couch in the shed. It had grown dark outside.
“You are pretty cool. Why didn’t you ever come talk to us before?” Mikey suddenly asked.
“You could have come talk to me too, you know.” You defended yourself.
“Yeah right.” Mikey rolled his eyes.
“Like any of us would have even gotten past your "security”.“
"My what?”
“The jocks? They are basically cutting your circle off the rest of us.”
“Wait, what? Is that why all of those people suddenly stopped talking to me?”
Mikey, Calum and Luke looked at each other and then back at me, before they all nodded.
“I had no idea.”
“Why do you hang with those guys anyway? You’re not like them at all.”
“I don’t know. Kate was the only friend I had when I came to your school and she introduced me to all of her friends. I’m not really good at making friends. Usually people don’t like me much or maybe that’s just what they wanted me to believe, if what you’re saying is true.”
“I think a lot of people like you, but they think they are not good enough for you.” Mikey said.
“Yeah, just look at Luke.” Calum added and Luke shot him a glare. You checked the time.
“Shit guys, it’s already pretty late. I should get home now. I bet my dad is already worried sick. Tonight was really nice though. Maybe we could hang out again tomorrow?”
“Umm… Sure.” Luke answered surprised and got up as you did.
“I’ll walk you home.” Luke offered. “It’s on my way anyways.”
“Oh ok, thanks Luke.” You both said goodbyes to the other boys as your ways parted.
“I’m sorry, my friends are weird I know, but there the only friends I have, so..”
“I actually like them.”
“You do?”
“Yeah. I like that they are being themselves even though they hardly know me and they were really nice to me. Calum is a little funny though.”
You laughed remembering his cheeky side comments and you swore you saw Luke blush.
“Is he always that sassy?”
“Pretty much, yeah.” Luke nodded.
“I think they are cool. I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

One week later
You had spent everyday since with the boys just hanging out and you had the best time of your life. The boys took you to the beach and cycling, sometimes you just hung out in the shed. You wondered what you used to do, before you starting hanging out with them.
It was a rainy Tuesday morning, when the boys called you. You had made plans to go to the beach for the day, but since the weather was shit you had to come up with a plan b. You invited the boys over for movies at your place since your dad was working and you were home alone until late that night. You were halfway through your Harry potter movie marathon as you suddenly felt Luke’s hand touching yours. You over to him, but his eyes were focused on the screen and his cheeks were flushed. You smiled and returned your gaze to the screen as well, turning your hand up side down so your finger locked with Luke’s. You glanced over at him and saw his cheeks reddening even more and a smile on his lips. Still he kept his gaze on the screen. For a few minutes you and Luke just held hands, before Luke started rubbing his thumb softly over the back of you had. You felt the electricity of his touch and started doing the same with your thumb. After a while both of your hands were wrestling over control and a chuckled escaped your lips.
Luke quickly let go off your hand as Calum and Mikey looked up at you confused.
“That was so fun.” You said quickly pointing at the screen.
“Harry nearly died.” Mikey stated.
“Harry nearly dies in every part.” You defended yourself and mikey and Calum, who were sitting on the floor in front of the couch, you and Luke shared, returned their attention to the screen. You couldn’t help but look over at Luke who silently chuckled, making his chest shake.
“Shut up!” You whisper yelled for only Luke to hear. “That was your fault.”
Luke shook his head and laid his hand, backside down in the space between you. For a second you hesitated, weighing whether or not you should put your hand in his, but quickly grabbed his hand as he was about to pull it back. Luke smirked and squeezed your hand slightly before returning his attention back to the screen.

Luke couldn’t help but secretly gaze at you during the movie. He had seen all the Harry potter movies a million times, but if anyone had asked him now, he wouldn’t even have been able to tell, which movie you were up to.
After you had finished Harry potter 7.2 mikey and Calum decided to go home and Luke said he would stay and help you clean everything up.
“Bye guys.” Calum said as he left and added “you know what you have to do Luke.” And he was gone, leaving behind a blushing Luke.
“Luke?” You asked as you brought the dirty dishes back into the kitchen. “What did Calum mean as he said "you know what you have to do”?“
"Nothing, just forget it.” Luke said clearly uncomfortable.
“Please y/n, can’t we just pretend he never said anything?”
“Fine! Whatever.” You groaned and turned around to rinse the dishes.
“What?” You snapped.
“Can I ask you something?”
“Sure, but I don’t know if I’ll answer. Since you don’t bother to answer my questions either.”
“Do you like me?” Luke asked ignoring your sass.
“Do you like me? And I’m not talking like as in like as a friend, but actually like-like.” He looked at you impatiently waiting for your answer.
“I told you I might not answer your question”
“Please, y/n.”
“First tell me what Calum meant.”
“Calum is a dork. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”
“so there is nothing you need to do?”
Luke hesitated for a moment at your question, but then took a deep breath and walked towards you. You stopped breathing as his soft hands stroked your neck and jaw.
“Actually there is.” Luke whispered and pressed his lips against yours.
So that was your first kiss and now you were dating the school nerd for almost a month. School had started again and except for Calum and mikey, who had occasionally crashed your dates simply because they were bored, no one knew about your relationship with Luke. You had basically spent every waking minute together during the holidays and surprisingly still hadn’t gotten sick of each other. Actually quite the opposite. You would walk extra longs ways to your classes just so you could have a secret glance at each other. You’d stay behind after school and wait for everyone else to leave just so you could walk home together. It was hard sometimes as the jocks kept hitting on you during lunch and class, while Luke had to sit there and watch you giggle. He knew it was all just an act, but he couldn’t help but to feel jealous when one of the boys laid an arm around your waist or touched your thighs. What you didn’t know was that Luke wasn’t only jealous, which you found actually quite cute, but also he was becoming more and more insecure. He started comparing himself to the other boys around you. They were all fitter and cooler than him, he thought.
Whenever he got insecure the boys would make sure to cheer him up and convince him that you had only eyes for him.
“Luke, stop frowning. That girl has fallen heads over heels for you just like you have. There is no reason to be jealous.”
“How long is it going to take until she grows tired of sneaking around with some loser?”
“Why don’t you make it official then?”
“I don’t know. We haven’t really talked about that. I guess she is ashamed of being seen with me. She once told me that she cared about what the people she cared about think of her so I figure she’ll break up with me soon anyway for some jock.”
“She would never cheat on you. She would never do that to you. Trust her.”
Luke trusted you, but he didn’t trust the jocks. He hated how they touched you, especially since he saw how uncomfortable you got whenever they did. Jess, your ex boyfriend, made Luke snap. He had walked over to you and pushed you against your locker in the hallway forcing his lips onto yours. Luke had been watching you from across the hallway talking to Kate, when Jess attacked you with his lips. Luke saw you squirm under Jess’ touch and was by your side in no time, grabbing Jess’ arm and pulling him off you.
“Stay the hell away from her!!!” Luke shouted and suddenly the whole school was watching. He had only now realized that to them he had no right to pull Jess off of you, because they didn’t know about him and you.
“Who the hell do you think you are, Hemmings?”
Jess yelled. “You think you can just pull me away from my girl?”
Luke stayed quiet, not knowing what to say. He saw his heart break in his eyes as Jess kissed you and now called you “his” girl. And Luke wasn’t able to do anything, because you weren’t officially dating yet. You never knew why you weren’t. At first you just kept it a secret because you both wanted time to see where this was heading, but as Calum and mikey walked in on you making out you figured you were “coming out” as a couple soon, but Luke never said anything and you didn’t either. So when school started you were sneaking around and it turned you on up until now. This broken look on Luke’s face was breaking your heart.
“I’m not your girl Jess.” You spat and Luke looked at you surprised. You waited for him to stop you, because you figured he knew what you were planning, but when he didn’t say anything you pushed yourself off your locker and walked over to luke. You stood by his side and took his hand in yours, looking up at him. You heard the students around whisper excitedly and giggle, but you ignored it all and just looked up at your perfect boyfriend.
“I’m Luke’s girl.”

Me dating luke hemmings would be like

Luke: hey babe wheres your laptop lets watch a movie
Me: its by my bed dont touch it i have something on pause, let me finish it first we can watch something later
Luke: sure babe, what are you watching?
Me: Luke Hemmings cute moments now go away

QB Final- Luke Hemmings

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Thank you sooo much for everyone who requested and liked this, love ya much. This is the final part and I’m actually kinda excited cos I got this Michael one stocked up but anyway ENJOY!

Part One | Part Two

You went to bed upset and woke up on Saturday upset, even your parents noticed while you were aggressively flipping your omelet. 

“How as your date with Luke?” Your dad carelessly asked and your mom shot him a look before you blew up. 

“Awful okay!” You exclaimed loudly but quickly apologized before rushing to your room. 

You quickly shut the door once you got into your room and flopped down on your bed. You were peacefully laying on your bed but your phone buzzing with texts interrupted the peace and you groaned as you flipped over to get your phone. 

You turned on your phone and bit your lip as you read Luke’s name flash across your screen. 

‘Open your window’

‘Y/N I will come up there’

You read and shut off your phone and laid face down again before your phone went off again, you couldn’t help but check it. 

‘That’s it’ was all it read and you began to worry thinking Luke was ending things with you but your mind drew up a blank as music began to play outside your window. 

You quickly jumped off your bed and went to open your window to find Luke standing with a beat box held above his head. 

“What are you doing?” You yelled over the music and Luke paused the music. 

“I honestly don’t know, it seemed like a good idea. Can you just come talk to me?” He shouted back and you rolled your eyes as you pulled on shoes and tied your hair back. You walked down the stairs and avoided the stares from your parents as you opened the door and went to where Luke was standing with his beat box. 

“What?” You asked stubbornly and crossed your arms over your chest as you leaned back slightly when he moved closer towards you. 

“I know you may think that we are possibly the worst combination in the world and you’ve probably heard a lot of stuff about me-”

“Yeah.” You interrupted. 

“Just hear me out okay?” He scratched the back of his neck before looking you in the eye. 

“Yes, I’ve been with a lot of girls but honestly none of that fucking matters. I don’t know how to describe it but you make me feel like- I don’t know! Your smiles send me into heaven and I’m so madly in love with you, ever since you flashed me that beautiful smile of yours in ninth grade. I don’t care if you realized how much of a douche I am and never want to see me again but the fact that you actually acknowledged me is something I can be happy with.” He finished and you looked around anywhere but at him. 

“Luke I don’t care about all the other girls! It’s just that you treat me exactly like them.” You began but Luke  grabbed your hands that were now dropped at your sides and ran his thumbs over them. 

“I’ll change, anything and everything, for you.” He pleaded and you looked down at your joined hands. 

“Luke I’m not asking you to.” You protested and you finally mustered up the courage to look him in the eye. 

“Then what are you asking me to do? I’ll do anything, go to the moon and bring it back for you.” His voice broke and you tugged your hands from his and placed them at the nape of his neck and played with his baby hairs. 

“That’s impossible,” You giggled and he pressed a happy kiss to your lips. 

“I’d overcome it some how.” He grinned and hugged your bodies closer. 

“Does this mean I get to call you my girlfriend?” He asked happily and swept you up into his arms. 

“I guess.” You hummed. 



PART 3 You have to tell Luke something 

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Long Time No See- Luke Hemmings

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Summary: You and Luke were dating but broke up and you disappear for a couple of years then resurface with a child 

A/N: So sorry this is late babes, hope it’s everything you wanted anon who requested this (which was dope tbh) 

Y/D/N- your daughter’s name

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Luke- "The Talk"

request-Will you write an imagine where lukes mom walks in on Luke and y/n making out? (Like heated making out) And then she have like “the talk” with them at dinner? :) If you want to, I saw that you hadn't feelt good lately, I really hope things get better xoxo

word count- 1100+

rating- PG-13 

A/N- hope you like it. i had a lot of fun writing this one! and im feeling a little better.  thanks for caring…it means a lot. 


“hey give that back" Luke said as he reached over to try and get his phone back.

"nope” you said as you got up from his bedroom floor and ran to his bed.

you had been sitting together as he showed you some of the photos on his computer from tour. you both were laughing as he told you stories from the road. he accidentally slipped and told you that there were still some photos on his phone that he described as pictures he wouldn't show his mom. when you asked to see them he said no and laughed.  

so when you had your first opportunity you grabbed his phone and ran away to his bed that was just across the room. his long legs made him reach you sooner then you wanted so you didn't the first thing you could think of and you stuffed it down your shirt. 

he smiled as he stood in front of you. 

“you think i wont reach in there?” he said with a smirk. 

you scooted yourself up the bed so you were in the middle but he climbed on the bed and crawled to meet you. he moved on top of you so he was pinning you down on your back. his face was close to yours…your lips almost touching. suddenly you felt his hand on your chest. you felt him try to feel where you had put his phone but it was just turning you on. 

he connected his lips with yours as you felt his hands on your hips. soon you felt his hand slip inside your shirt and into your bra to get his phone. the way he kissed you made it so you couldn't fight him so you just let him take it from the warm confines of your black lace covered bra. you felt him toss it to the side as his hands moved back to your chest but this time just to touch you. 

things started to heat up and you ran your fingers on the warm skin under his shirt. he quickly pulled his shirt over his head before attaching his lips back on yours. you felt him pull your shirt down so your bra was showing. suddenly one of his hands was on your breast as his lips kissed and nipped at the exposed skin of your other breast. soon his lips moved back up to your neck and your reached your hand down to feel the growing bulge in his pants. 

all of a sudden you heard the door open. you both stopped and looked to the door to she Luke's mom standing there with an open mouth looking at you to in this unfortunate position. it was only seconds but i felt like minuets. you quickly rolled off the bed and on to the floor just attempting to hide from your embarrassment.

Luke set up and tried to discreetly move his pillow to cover the tent that his pants were forming.

“oh..i didn't know you had company Lucas” she calmly said

“umm  yeah…i was showing her stuff from tour and umm-” he tried to explain but didn't really know what words to use for what his mom walked in on. 

“dinner will be ready you both should come down” she said as she walked away making sure to leave  the door wide open. 

 soon Luke got off the bed and joined you on the ground. you had your hands over your couldn't believe that had just happened.

“so that was awkward” he said with a laugh 

“can i sneak out your window..i don't think i can face her at dinner” you told him 

“i live on the second story”

“i honestly don't care” you said as you started to get up so you could walk to the window but he pulled you back down onto his lap.

“I'm not letting you jump out of a window…we have to face her..I'm sure she wont even talk about it” he said as he stood up and pulled his shirt back on his body. 

you both walked down and set at the dining room table as Liz brought the plates in. you started eating in silence. after a few minuets Luke started a conversation about something random but you still couldn't look up at his mom. 

after more silence you all had finished eating. you stood up to take the plates to the kitchen but his mom asked you to sit back down. 

“so..i think we need to have a little talk” she said which made you nervous. 

you looked over at Luke to see if he knew what she was about to say but he looked just as lost. 

“you guys seem to be getting i thought it was time…to talk about some stuff” she said

“what stuff. what are you talking about?” Luke asked her  

“sex” she simply said making you cringe 

“oh” he said as his face turned red.  

“so now that you are 18 and you are in a relationship…i know that you are going will want to do things together” she said and your face also turned very red

“as your mother.. i want to say that you should wait..i know being a virgin might not be cool but-” she was mid sentence but Luke cut her off 

“mom…i don't think you should..umm worry about this..about me waiting ” he said 

“what do you mean?” she asked seeming confused 

“well i already” he awkwardly said 

“what? when?” she asked seeming shocked

“a while ago…i mean we have been together a long time” he said looking at you. it was true you had been together for almost 2 years. apparently his mom didn't know it had been that long. 

“oh” she was all she said at first “are you safe..i mean do you use protection” she stumbled over her words because of the difficult subject matter 

“yes mom” he said with a almost pained expression “can we not talk about this anymore” he begged

“i guess…i had a banana ready and everything” she said with a small laugh 

“thank god i don't have to see that” he said and you all 3 laughed.

“okay…we are going go..yeah” he said as he stood up and took your hand. as you started walking up to his room you heard his moms voice coming from the table

“i want no sex to happen in this house” she yelled to the two of you 

“too late” he yelled back as you hit his arm and both ran off to his room laughing. 

Amnesia (Luke Hemmings AU) Spotless Mind!Luke: Part 1

Hi! Caryn here! Okay so I had this idea to do an AU series inspired by the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (if you haven’t seen it then you totally should). I haven’t seen anything else written like this before, so I’m pretty excited. This is the first part of the series. A preface, if you will. It’s kinda like the tattoo soulmate AU with a twist. The rest of the parts will either be from (Y/N)’s or Luke’s POV (but mostly Luke’s). I’m making this first part kind of vague ON PURPOSE to build suspense in the other parts. Don’t fret, my little cherubs. All will be explained and revealed with time.

Word Count: 985

Rating: PG-13 for some language

Summary: In a world where medical technology has come leaps and bounds, the general public now has the option to have a procedure done to erase memories if they so wish. But is erasing the memory of someone who used to be your everything really the answer?

Luke’s POV

I lay in the hospital bed, the stiff mattress pushing angrily against my spine. The whole room is so bright. White walls. White counters. White floors. White blankets. But even with the bright room harshly burning into my retinas, my insides feel dark. Heavy. Hollow. I try to ignore the only person I allowed to sit in with me before my procedure. Ashton. I can feel his whiskey colored eyes lasering in on my expression, trying to pick me apart. 

I subconsciously pull my lip ring between my teeth and try to avoid eye contact with him at all costs. He may be the only person I want in pre-op with me, but that doesn’t mean he agrees with my decision to erase her from my mind. The silence in the room crushes me.

Ash sighs deeply from the tackily upholstered chair beside my bed. “Are you sure–” 

“For the love of God, Ashton. Yes. I’m sure,” I furiously cut him off. I don’t mean to sound so harsh, but I’m really not sure if I want this. But I do know that I don’t want to feel the pain I’ve been feeling. That I caused. That (Y/N) is also feeling, only magnified by one hundred. 

Even thinking her name makes my throat tighten. 

“You don’t have to go through with this, Luke. Just because she is doesn’t mean that you have to,” his words are soft. He really cares.

I rub my hand across my stubble-covered face. “Then what do you suppose I do? Sit around and live the rest of my life pretending that I don’t know her? That I don’t exist? That we never existed? That this fucking tattoo that has been on me since birth that I share with her because she’s my soulmate was just something I thought would look swell on my forearm?” I forcefully yank up my sleeve and force him to look at the image of a raven that will forever haunt me if I don’t do this. “Because that’s exactly what will happen if I don’t go through with this, too,” my voice cracks and I feel the all too familiar burning behind my blue eyes. I hate myself for cracking.

Ashton eyes the black ink for a moment before slowly dragging his eyes to meet mine. 

“But what about the circus? Where you took her for your first date? And you came bounding back inside the house after to tell me and Calum and Michael how you scored a kiss on the cheek, but it was the best moment of your life?”

My vision blurs. “Ashton, stop,” my voice comes out as a whisper as the night replays in my mind. I remember how her face lit up when we saw the elephants lumber out into the spotlight. 

“W-what about about how when (Y/N) would come over and spend the night with you, she would always wake up and fix all five of us pancakes for breakfast? And she would put peanut butter on her pancakes, and then syrup because she said Who gives a shit about the sugar content?”

“Ash, please,” I can’t help the trembling in my voice as the memories wash over me.

“What about how much you loved her? What about how much you love her, present tense? Yeah, you fucked up. But dammit, Luke, you bought an engagement ring–”

Get out! Get out, Ashton!” I snarl. The words fly out from between my gritted teeth. Furious, helpless, heartbroken, hot tears spill from my eyes and down my cheeks. He doesn’t move. 

“I’m having the procedure. I’m going to forget the way she said my name. I’m going to forget how it felt to fall asleep next to her. I’m going to forget the moment she told me she was leaving me. I’m going to forget about the stupid little things that make me want to jump in front of a bus right now. I’m going to forget (Y/N). Get the fuck out of my room.”

Ashton nods slowly, taking in every bitter, rage-filled word that spews from my mouth. “I’ll see you when you get out.”

And then he’s gone.

I don’t know how long I sit inside the room just staring at the wall. Occasionally glaring down at my raven tattoo through tear-soaked eyelashes. Hating myself for hurting her. Hating her for leaving me. Hating the pain that overwhelms every single one of my senses. Hating that every single memory we’ve built over the last three years of loving each other is tainted because of my stupidity. But eventually the doctor and his fleet of nurses waltz in and cart me away to the operating room, leaving me without a white wall to glare at.

I lie on the table, all the wires and machines hooked into my arms. 

“Alright, Luke. We’re going to count back from one hundred, and you should go under pretty soon after,” the doctor’s chirpy voice reaches my ears like nails on a chalkboard as he places a mask over my mouth and nose. “Breathe in,” he instructs. I take a deep breath.

This is it. 

“One more big breath for me, and we’ll start counting down.”

Everything is about to disappear.

“One hundred.”

Her eyes.


Her smile.

“Ninety-eight,” his voice is becoming distant.

Her laugh.


I can’t do this.


Wait, I can’t do this! I try to scream out the words, but it just comes out as a groan.


Please, stop! I can’t! I don’t want to forget her! The thought rings desperately through my mind. I claw at every memory. Every snippet of (Y/N) that I can remember. Every expression, every sound, every touch.

But it’s too late. My eyelids are too heavy. My mind is too hazy. And the world around me is turning into black velvet. It’s too late.

I don’t want to forget. 

Just Friends (Luke Imagine)


“Oh my God, are you two dating?” came a high pitched voice behind you. You turned to find a teenage girl, probably around the age of fourteen, rushing towards you and him. The look on her face was one of shock, excitement, and maybe a little anger.

You looked at him. He gave a nervous smile, shooting you a glance before turning back to the girl, who now stood in front of you both with one hand on her hip and the other holding up a cell phone, its camera pointed at him. “No, we’re not dating. We’re just friends,” he told her.

“Guys and girls can’t just be friends, Luke,” came her quick reply. She shot you a nasty look.

Luke gave an awkward chuckle. “We’ve been best friends for years, so that’s definitely not true.”

The girl took a step closer to him and stage-whispered, urgently, “She wants you. I can tell. It’s a sixth sense I have.”

“So, do you want a picture, or…?”

Her face turned immediately into a smile. “Sure! She can take it,” she said, thrusting her cell phone into your hands. Luke put his arm around the girl and you snapped a few photos before handing back the phone. The girl seemed satisfied and finally headed off.

You resumed walking. “Jeez, I can’t believe that keeps happening.”


“Us getting stopped by fans and their first question being ‘Are you dating?’”

He laughed softly. “It’s no big deal. They just don’t want me to get my heart broken, I guess. Or they want to be the one breaking my heart.”

“But doesn’t it seem weird that people always assume we’re together?” You turned to look at him.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I guess I never really thought about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, is it really a bad thing if people assume we’re together?”

You stopped walking. “Luke, if you’re about to confess your love for me, don’t.”

He laughed, continuing to walk. “No, I’m not in love with you, Y/N. But, okay, if I was forced to marry anybody in the world by tomorrow, it would one hundred percent be you.”

You smiled to yourself, opening the door of your favorite ice cream parlour and stepping inside, immediately overwhelmed with the cool, sweet air of the place. “Well thanks, Luke.”

“What, you aren’t going to tell me you’d choose me too?”

You turned to look at him, one eyebrow raised. “Not while Zac Efron is alive and well, darling.”

He rolled his eyes and headed to the counter, knowing your favourite flavour by heart. You chose a booth by the window and pulled out your phone while you waited for him. Twitter was abuzz with photos of you and him side by side. It was so weird that so many people were obsessed with your dorky best friend. The photos were kind of cute, though. You saved one and made it your phone background as Luke arrived at the table, carrying two ice cream cones.

“Thank you,” you said, smiling and taking a lick from your cookies and cream one. “So, Twitter officially thinks we’re a couple.”

“What?” he asked, completely absorbed in his own ice cream.

“I guess that girl didn’t believe you when you told her we’re just friends.” You held up your phone so he could see the photo.

He examined it for a few moments. “Why’s it your phone background?”

You shrugged, taking another lick of ice cream. “We make a cute couple.” He stared at you for a few moments, his strawberry cone dripping slightly onto the table. “What?” you asked, fiddling with your hair.

“Maybe we should be a couple,” he suggested quietly, mopping up the spilled ice cream with a napkin.

You choked on your own ice cream. “Are you insane?!”

“No, I’m being serious, Y/N,” he said, now looking you directly in the eye.

“But we don’t like each other!”

He shrugged. “I have a theory about that, actually.”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “Go on, then.”

“Okay, so you say we don’t like each other. But we’re together all the time, always hanging out, laughing, having a good time.”

“Yeah, we’re frien-”

“Let me finish,” he interrupted. “All this hanging out is basically us going on dates. Like right now,” he glanced around the ice cream parlour. “I bet everyone in here right now thinks we’re a couple.”

You eyed the parlour’s other patrons. They were looking at the two of you in a kind of dewy-eyed ‘isn’t that sweet’ type of way…

“My theory,” Luke continued, and you looked back at him. “My theory is that we somehow just skipped over all the butterflies and awkwardness of the first few months of dating and went right to the long-term relationship part.”

He finished speaking and leaned back in his seat, licking his ice cream cone as you sat in stunned silence. “That’s completely crazy,” you finally said.

“Is it?” he asked.

“Yeah, it is,” you shot back.

“Prove it, then. Kiss me right now, and if you feel nothing, I swear I’ll never mention it again.”

He leaned towards you again, an offer. You couldn’t help but hesitate. Were you scared? You didn’t think so. What the hell, you thought to yourself, and kissed him.

It was quick, just a light peck, but even still, your stomach exploded with frantic butterflies at the pressure of his lips on yours, fitting perfectly, at the taste of sweet strawberry ice cream on his lips, at the way his eyes widened in surprise after you had done it. “Shit,” you whispered to yourself. You stared at him for a long time. “You were right.”

And then his face broke into the biggest grin you’d ever seen. “I knew it! Now say out loud.”

“No, I’m not saying it, you say it!” you said, giggling.

“I’m not ashamed,” he told you. “I really like you.”

The butterflies in your stomach grew ever more excited. “Gross,” you said.

“Say it,” he said, holding his ice cream cone out to you like a microphone. “Please, for me, your boyfriend?”

You made a face. “Even grosser,” you said, but you couldn’t resist smiling.

He poked your nose with the end of his ice cream, leaving your nose sticky and cold. Your jaw dropped. “You’re the worst!” you exclaimed wiping your face.

He was laughing uncontrollably now. “Say it or I’ll do it again!”

You held your hands up in defeat, raising your ice cream cone like you were the Statue of Liberty. “Okay, okay, I like you! Alright? I like you a lot!”

“Thank you,” he responded. “I told you so,” he added, grinny cockily.

“I’m leaving,” you deadpanned, standing up from the table and walking out the door.

You felt his hand in yours before you heard him say, “Look, I saw the opportunity, I had to take it.”

You smiled at him. “I like you, but you’re the dorkiest person in existence.”

He grinned back. “Weird, I was about to say the same thing about you.”

You rolled your eyes. “So, should we go find that girl and tell her we’re not just friends?”

“Absolutely not,” he replied. “I’m spending the rest of the day with you, and later we’re going to cuddle.”

“Did I mention that you’re the dorkiest?”

“But you like me anyway.”

QB Pt. 2- Luke Hemmings

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Ayyyy thanks for all the people who requested part 2, I hope you like it :))) Part three will be up sometime tomorrow and will probs b the final part

Part One |

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Zodiac #2 - Who You Fall in Love With

Aries: Calum, bc y'all would be cute together


Gemini: Calum from the Hood


Leo: Ashton; you guys would balance each other out and be cute af

Virgo: Luke; you guys would be the most adorable couple



Sagittarius: Mikey, because you’re both sarcastic

Capricorn: Ashton freaking Irwin. You guys would be the couple everyone wants to be

Aquarius: Mikey bc you’re both super cuddly


*Hey guys, thanks for reading! I’ll have another actual preference tomorrow. I thought this would be a cute/fun idea… And I haven’t posted since Sunday. Whoops, sorry! Request please! Have a good night! - Kam ❤❤