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Is there an "Imagination Jumpstart" character you're particularly fond of? Sparky's my favorite personally but that might be because I relate to his thought processes a lot.

Francis, because I based him off my dad (except for the death part, my dad is still alive lol) And then Sunny and Anastasia. And Lucy. And Mitch… actually, I can’t choose XD Sparky was loosely based off my youngest brother. I’m glad you relate to him :D

You’re Fired (So Yeah You Win) - Ch. 8

Pairings: Clexa
Rating: E
Words: 7k+
Part: 8/?

Summary: The one where Clarke draws Lexa’s name for the office Secret Santa, not knowing Lexa is the President of the company she works for. The gag gift she gets her is a bit… unconventional. A dildo. It’s a dildo.

Aka, the Secret Santa AU

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