imagination arcade

You only get so many second chances
Don’t waste a second second guessing
Not everything’s always your fault
Life’s not always simple
You don’t have to hate yourself.

IMAGINE going to the arcade with your boyfriend Jungkook after school. He only has one thing in mind, and it’s to impress you, He somehow fails badly when you start off playing dance dance revolution , and is extremely embarrassed, but then you challenge him to a car racing game. Knowing that he obtained his driving license barely two months ago , the boy is more than thrilled to show you how good he is at that game. He magically wins the race and leaves you dumbfounded with his next words : “If I win this one , I get to kiss you anywhere ”, he’d give you that smug look.You stare at him in puzzlement as he works his way onto victory again and Celebrates on his own, while you still wonder why he’d even want you as his prize. “What if I refuse ?” You cross your arms on your chest. “Then , that would be very embarrassing for me” he’d lower his head in shame. You chuckled at his response and chose to kiss the side of his jaw to bring him back on earth. “ I-I-I….WHY ARE THE ROLES REVERSED ?! I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO KISS YOU” he’d stammer cutely , his ears turning an explosive shade of red at your daring act.

The Good News: RWBY is still sitting pretty in second place of Top Preorders while Nickelback, Imagine Dragons, and Arcade Fire fight between third. Lorde is watching with popcorn.

The Bad News: Because everyone is preordering the album and not buying the songs individually, none of the RWBY songs are in the iTunes charts so we have not yet grasped the maximum potential to confuse the general public as to why an anime song from Texas is next to a song by insert-rapper-here about ladies with big behinds

New Music Friday

Let’s just get right into it guys!:

  • Lorde’s album Melodrama was released today. I honestly love it so much, i think it’s a wonderful follow for Pure Heroine. Perfect Places is probably my favorite song off the album. Let me know what you guys thought of it and what your favorite song was!
  • Fleet Foxes new album Crack-Up was also released today. It’s definitely the opposite of Lorde’s album, i haven’t had a chance to listen to all of it yet, but let me know what you guys think.
  • Portugal. The Man also released a new album today, Woodstock! I will forever think Feel It Still is a jam.
  • Imagine Dragon’s released their last single, Walking The Wire, before their album comes out next week. I really like it, and i’m ready for this album next week.
  • My 80s babes Fickle Friends also released their new single Glue. It’s amazing if you’re into the 80s vibes like i am, and i’m patiently waiting for them to release an album. Please and Thank you!

Some more things that came out this week are:

That’s it for this week! Let me know what your favorites were from this week and check out my monthly favorites for all of my June Favorites so far!

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Title: First Date

Pairing: Peter Maximoff (XMCU) x Reader

Warnings: Peter being a goof, excess fluff, lots of cuteness

For @candycountries, the sweetest little maple leaf. Thank you for believing in my writing, even when I don’t 💚

Based off the song First Date by Blink-182 & the endless Peter discussions I have with @candycountries

It was Date Night & Peter was nervous as Hell. You & Peter had began dating a few weeks ago, but this was your first official date. He wanted to make sure it was perfect, but his nerves were getting the best of him. He was parked outside your living area on campus, waiting anxiously for you. You were both professors at Xavier’s, although you were a new professor. Peter had been teaching Physics at Xavier’s for about 3 years now & you had began teaching earlier this year, just a few months ago.

You were a shy & quiet person, not really socializing with many professors, aside from Charles & Hank. You only really talked to your students & the rest of the time, you just graded & kept to yourself.

Peter, on the other hand, although shy as well, was very sociable & loved talking to others. He was a favorite among the students & the professors & it didn’t take long for the good word about the cute (& single 👀) Physics professor to come your way. Even so, you didn’t dare try talking to him for free of making a bad first impression. Thus, you kept your distance.

This drove Peter absolutely mad because he definitely noticed you & he was eager to chat up the gorgeous new professor. He tried his best to get to know you, but you instinctively shut him out & conversations with him were minimal. This all changed; however, during Xavier’s annual Halloween Bash.

You & Peter had been assigned chaperones to the dance, which means you both had to watch all the kids, dress up for the evening, & talk to each other so you could work as a team & not be bored out of your minds while the students had fun & you supervised them.

You came out of your shell a bit more that night, just because Halloween was your favorite holiday & it always made you feel secure because you could be whoever you wanted to be, even your true self, without fear of being judged.

Peter noticed how more at ease you were & he took full advantage of it. He chatted you up all night, cracking jokes & shamelessly flirting with you. He relished every laugh & blush you gave him in return. By the end of the night, you were much more comfortable around him & you’d developed a stronger friendship than you had previously.

Unfortunately, the night was coming to an end: the younger kids were heading to bed, the older ones were going with Charles & Hank into the woods nearby for a spooky campfire, & you & Peter were left to help clean up the dance room. It was an absolute mess, but with Peter’s speed, it was getting cleaned up in no time. Or, at least, it would have, if Peter hadn’t stopped to impress you with a crude & joking strip tease to Thriller, which had you nearly dying of laughter.

Later that night, when you & Peter went to supervise the campfire, Peter romanced you under the stars & asked you out officially, to which you agreed to.

Fast forward back to the current day, where Peter was still waiting anxiously in his car for you. He checked his watch for the nth time that afternoon, keeping his eyes glued to your door afterwards.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, you finally emerged. Peter couldn’t help but stare at you because you looked so different, so at ease, so comfortable. You were dressed more casually instead of the usual professional garb you wore when you taught class. He was dressed similarly in his favorite casual wear, instead of the more clean-cut outfits he wears for lecture.

He smiled widely at you as you got into the passenger seat, his cheeks flushing a little as he did so, “Hi.”

You returned his smile as you put on your seatbelt, leaning closer to press a soft kiss to his cheek, “Hi, thank you for taking me out today.”

His cheeks flushed darker & he lost all power of speech, simply from that little kiss.

He was already done for, & the date had barely begun.

Aside from the initial awkwardness & shell shock from your kiss, the rest of the car ride went smoothly. You both made idle conversation & you attempted to press Peter as to where he was taking you, but he was intent on keeping it a secret. In all honesty, he didn’t want to tell you because he was worried you’d laugh at him & find the date idea childish & stupid. So, he figured he’d take you there & if you hated it, he’d pretend he was joking about that being the date location & resort to Plan B, which was a movie.

As he neared the date location, his anxiety steadily increased to the point where when he finally reached the date designation, his heart was practically going to burst from how fast it was beating.

You looked out the window before looking back at him with an amused expression, “You brought me to the arcade for our first date?”

He swallowed nervously, “Um…yes?”

You grinned, “How did you know I can play a mean game of Galaga & DDR?”

“You do? I mean pfft yeah I soooo knew that duh!”

“Then you also know that I’m going to kick your ass & win more tickets, right?”

“Ooooh honey, if you think you can beat me, then you’ve got another thing coming.”

“Bring it on, Maxipad.”

He held a hand to his heart in mock hurt, “Be careful what you dish out, babe, because I’m dishing it right back.”

Peter knew right then & there you were the one because no one had ever outsassed him like that before.

He did; however, prove to be the better gamer & kicked your ass at nearly every game, aside from skee-ball, which he had purposely let you win. You of course, knew this, & challenged him to a rematch, but he just let you win again anyway. By the end of the day, the two of you (mostly him) had acquired enough tickets to win the grand prize, which you were very eager to obtain. It was the latest Atari game system, which you were dying to have, but you weren’t about to spend the thousands of tickets Peter earned on a prize for yourself.

“You should pick something,” you told him as the flustered guy at the ticket counter counted all your tickets, “you won most of these tickets, it’s only fair that you pick the prize.”

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion & surprise, “What? No, I want you to pick the prize, as my gift to you for giving me a chance & coming on this date with me.”

“Peter,” you sighed, a bit taken aback by the sweet gesture, “that’s really sweet, but they’re your tickets. You should pick the prize.”

He playfully glared at you, “Listen, this is less tickets than I usually win. I can come back any time & win double this in a few hours. Seriously, I insist: pick something.”

You sighed, biting your lip as you continued to feel guilty, “Okay, how about this, we both pick something?” that way it’s fair.“

He pursed his lips, weighing the option before nodding in agreement, “You’ve got a deal.”

You smiled, “Great, you pick first.”

He pretended to weigh his options before he made his decision, “I’ll have that sickass looking gecko,” he pointed to the prize & you glared at him when you realized how much it cost: one ticket.

The ticket counter gave Peter the little toy gecko & he grinned before placing it on the side rim of his glasses, “Alright babe, your pick!”

You sighed & gave in, picking the Atari game system, which cost the remainder of the game tickets. Peter hoped he would never forget that glorious smile that made its way onto your face when the ticket counter gave you your prize.

As you both excitedly made your way back to his car, you were quick to gently set the game system on your seat & grab Peter’s hand before he could race to the other side to open his door. Before he could react, you grabbed his shirt collar & pulled his lips down onto yours in an adoring kiss.

He squeaked in surprise, completely shocked by your sudden display of affection, but was quick to reciprocate. He let his hands rest gently on your waist, squeezing your hips a little as you deepend the kiss. When you pulled away, he had the biggest, dopiest smile on his face & he pushed his glasses up his nose, which were fogged up. You laughed at how cute he was, adjusting the gecko, which was barely clinging onto his glasses, “I really hope you were also included with the Atari system because you are definitely a grand prize,” with that, you gave him another quick & final kiss before you got into the car.

He tried to recompose himself as he closed your door for you, letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding before mouthing a quiet “Wow” to himself as his cheeks reddened at your unexpected compliment.

The cute Physics Professor at Xavier’s was now the cute, completely taken Physics Professor & he was more than happy to spread the news when you both got back from your successful first date.

Tagging: @v-writings & @dragon-chica (hope you guys don’t mind being tagged! I thought you both would enjoy more Professor!Peter 💚)

Imagine your Squad

We all have a favorite squad, either our OCs or from canon, that is basically like a happy dysfunctional little family. Imagine that they are now living in an apartment/dorm together

-Who is the annoying roommate who never does the dishes? which one stays up so late and keeps everyone up? which one is the mom friend who keeps everyone from burning the house down?

-imagine gaming nights. They decide to do Mario kart/smash brothers. which one swears? which one always wins? which one flings their whole body around and hurts themselves? does it end in a physical fight? imagine them playing guitar hero

-imagine it’s like 4am and they are all crowded in the living room helping each other finish their cosplay for comic con. what is each dressed as? who is just wearing a t-shirt and calling it a day? who has spend three months on their cosplay? who is mom friend who wears the backpack full of everyone’s water and money. who comes home with so much merch they can’t fit it in their room

-imagine pizza nights. what do they order? who pays? who steals the last slice and who fights them for it?

- imagine your squad going to Denny’s at 3am and filling up a booth and being so loud and crazy that they get kicked out. which one is asleep the whole time? which one orders more pancakes than a human being should ever eat?

-imagine them deciding to have a sleepover in the middle of the living room. imagine them all pulling out sleeping bags and flashlights and staying up until 5am. which one tries to get everyone to stop talking at a reasonable hour because they’re so tired? who starts a game of “truth or dare”? how does it end? about what time do the dirty secrets start coming out? who is wearing the crazy pajamas? who snores so loud nobody can sleep? who brings the epic snacks? who starts the pranks? is there blanket sharing?

-imagine a rainy day. they decide to play board games. who rocks at which game? (scrabble/risk/chess/connect-four) imagine little candles out, and one of them makes Ramon noodles and hot cocoa, and everyone of them in sweaters

-imagine one of them gets the horrible idea to play monopoly. who owns the board? who is always in debt? who spends the whole game in jail? who flips the board? who tries to kill whom in the fight that is guaranteed to ensue?

-imagine it’s 1am and the squad decides they need to take an emergency trip to the store, because they need more energy drinks or Doritos or something. who sits in the cart? who pushes them around the store? who gets lost? who is the mom friend trying to contain them and ends up paying for the food and something they broke. 

 -imagine Christmas time. imagine they sharing hot cocoa and eggnog and all wearing sweaters. who made all the sweaters? who gets (and gave) what for secret Santa? who drinks a little too much eggnog and blasts Christmas music so loud the landlady has to intervene? who bakes Christmas cookies for everyone? who puts something ridiculous as the star on the tree? who puts up the mistletoe (and is there kissing?) who puts Christmas lights on everything and everyone?

-imagine clothes swap, where everyone has to change clothes with someone else. Who switches with whom? who looks like a child with giant clothes on? who’s clothes are about to burst? who looks embarrassed and who owns it. 

-imagine them playing a tabletop RPG. who is the DM/GM? who is obsessed with loot? who is always rollling 1s and who is always rolling 20s? who has a superstition they have to follow or their dice will be cursed? imagine the healer gets killed and they all begin to panic. who makes the bad decision that gets them in the mess? who is the healer? who brings all the good snacks? 

-if the squad is magical/superpower imagine their powers going out of control and they destroy the apartment and the landlady has a heart attack (alternative, squad is solider/spy or something and ends up using weapons in the house and leaving bullet holes and knife marks in the furniture)

-imagine one of the squad members wakes everyone up because there is a pokemon outside and they have to catch it, so they all pull out their phones and go on an adventure.

-imagine the squad at the beach. imagine them in their suits laying on the sand. imagine them playing in the waves, and knocking each other over and splashing each other. who stays on the sand with the stuff while the others swim? who builds the epic castle and who builds a mount of dirt. imagine the squad burying one member up to the neck. imagine them having sandwiches and lemonade and chips and salted watermelon and getting sand in everything.

-imagine the squad skipping rocks. who’s good at it and who just lugs a giant rock into the water to splash everyone. 

-imagine the squad trying to make a cake (maybe for one member’s birthday?) and getting cake batter everywhere. who tries to eat all the batter? who squirts frosting onto whom?

-imagine the squad having a dance off. 

-imagine all the members of the squad wearing shirts saying “if lost return to xxx” and one person wearing a shirt saying “i am xxx”

-imagine sqUAD ROAD TRIP. Who drives? who rides shotgun? imagine them fighting over music. who distributes the snacks? who complains the whole time? 

-imagine the squad all wearing fuzzy socks, and sliding around and pretending that they’re having a hockey match

-imagine the squad at the apartment, all trying to reach a deadline for their work/school before morning. who can’t handle it and starts crying? who falls asleep? who keeps everyone hydrated and motivated, (and carries a squirt bottle to wake up sleepy heads). 

-imagine the squad at the bar. imagine all but one of them are sober, who is the sober one(aka the driver)? who does something really stupid? who catches it on tape? who gets really flirty and who starts bawling and telling all their secrets? who ends up paying? 

-imagine a squad prank war. Who starts it? who takes it a little too far? what are the pranks? who tries to stay out of it but ends up falling into all the traps meant for someone else?

-every squad needs a swear jar. who the top contributor? who carries it around and thrusts it into peoples arms when they swear? who shamelessly swears and drops a coin in every time they pass the jar. who feels like an awful person whenever they swear  and will run all the way home to put their coin in? who refuses to put their money in when they swear, but is perfectly fine with collecting? what do they do with the money when the jar is full?

-imagine the squad creating a secret handshake, involving no less than 18 different motions, a hip bump, lyrics to chant during the handshake, and ending in a full body flourish and someone throwing confetti 

-imagine a squad sick day, when that one person (we all know who) gets the cold that means everyone is getting it, there is no use trying to hide. imagine everyone is sick and sprawled out on something (bonus if one is on the ground) and covered in blankets and surrounded by tissues. They do rock paper scissors to see who is making everyone chicken noodle soup (who loses?) 

-imagine the squad going camping. who puts up the tent? who makes the fire? who tries to roast twenty marshmallows at once? who gets bitten the most? who complains the most? who spots the deer? imagine them going canoeing. who tips over the canoe? who makes sure everyone wears a life vest?

-imagine them playing in the snow. who builds a snowman? who cannot for the life of them make a snow angel? who wears so much clothing that they can’t move? who throws the first snowball? who takes the fight a little too seriously? imagine the chaos.

-imagine the squad at the arcade. Who spends all their cash on tokens? who tries to climb into the skeeball machine? who kicks the coin pusher to try and knock the coins hanging over the edge? Who beats all the high scores on all the games? who wins the giant stuffed animal? (and who do they give it to?)

-imagine the squad having a really nice family dinner with spaghetti and garlic toast and salad and milk in wine glasses. Who makes the dinner? who stands by the whole time trying to steal bites? who tries to force salad onto everyone’s plates? who puts one lettuce leaf on their plate to make that person happy? who eats all the garlic toast? who slurps their spaghetti? who ends up cleaning afterwards?  

-imagine squad movie night! what movie does each suggest? imagine them all trying to share one couch and one blanket. who closes their eyes for the scary parts? who keeps a deadpan expression through everything? who screams the most? who cries first/the most when the dog dies? who laughs the most and who make stupid comments throughout the movie? who eats all the popcorn? who falls asleep?

-just imagine a happy squad with nobody trying to kill them and the world not ending

Pocket update on : MJ

Originally posted by jinwooh

Last week you went to an arcade with the boys (with pocket machines !)

Mj wanted a plushie so bad that when the machine suddenly froze, he froze too

Originally posted by vonseal

Luckily the staff gave him the plushie as an apology for the broken machine, the tiny boy then spent the whole night hugging his tiny plushie with a big smile and never sleeps without it :’)

Then you started noticing this little boy making more fun of the tiny leader than usual

Originally posted by jinwooh

Even Jinjin started asking what he did wrong, the elder then answered this :

Originally posted by rockekeke

The truth is that these two often sleep together and Jinjin started moving and kicking a lot so Mj couldn’t sleep and got angry for that

That being said, the culprit said he was having nightmare lately and promised to move less if his hyung hugs him better and thus they shared a “make up drink" and lived happily ever after

Originally posted by papajinjin

That day the members stated 3 things :

  1. Pocket Mj is revengeful (and scary)
  2. The hyungs sleep together
  3. They are basically a married couple

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battlewhale  asked:

May I request a scenario where Hanzo and Symmetra and their s/o have a fight before a mission, and at some point they think their love died? Them feeling horrible that their last words were so cruel. The S/O turns out to be fine but the ANGST I THRIVE FOR IT

I’m posting this on mobile so I hope the writing doesn’t clump up on desktop ughh… I only did Hanzo because I couldn’t think of anything to make Symmetra mad but I will keep thinking of it and I’ll write it and tag you in it! This is my first time writing something angsty so I hope it’s despair inducing enough! I even put my hair into Junko Enoshima pigtails to call upon the deepest pits of despair while writing this. Please enjoy!

“What is this?” Hanzo’s words came out harsher than you expected. Hanzo, Genji, and yourself were currently having a discussion just outside Hanamura’s arcade, where your other teammates were getting prepared for their attack.

“He just wants to talk to you. And it hurts me to see you so full of guilt whenever you look at him.” You try sending a smile only for him to return it with a scowl.

“Brother I…” Genji starts.

“No, this is between me and (Y/n)” Hanzo interrupts. You and Genji both look at each other in confusion. This was supposed to be about the brothers, the only role you played in this was getting the two to converse.

“What gives you the right to meddle around in my business?” Hanzo walks towards you, scowl never leaving his face. You suddenly started to shake as he got closer and closer.

You remembered the time he looked at you with so much pride and love. Now, he was looking at you in utter disgust. His arms which were always open to you, comforting you during bad nights and warming you up on cold chilly mornings, now crossed and repelling you away from him. Even his kind words from just a few hours ago rang through your head.

~“I never thought I could feel this happiness ever again.”~

“I just wanted to make things better for you. To make sure you’re always happy! To make sure you never feel how you’ve been feeling for such a long time ever again!” You exclaimed. Hanzo scoffs.

“Nothing in this world could ever bring back my joy. Now I see that it holds true for even you.”

~“You are mine. I will protect you from everything that may cause you harm.”~

“You… You don’t mean that.” Voice cracking, you say to him and to reassure yourself.

“You mean nothing to me. What a waste of time this all was just to lead up to this. All this time I’ve been sleeping next to a snake.”

~“When everything starts to slow down… It would truly be an honour if… we could start a family of our own.”~

You knelt to the floor as you were on the verge of sobbing. Genji kneels down beside you, resting a hand on your shoulder to comfort you. You hadn’t even noticed.

“I’m glad father isn’t alive to watch me stoop so low. Though he must have been turning in his grave this entire time.”

“Hanzo! Think before you speak!” Genji chimes in, trying to stop the situation from getting even more worse than it already was.

“No, I am doing what I should have done a long time ago.” He says grimly.

“You, are not my brother.” He points to the cyborg.

“And you,” he stands in front of your curled up form, “I am not obligated to keep being polite to a companion that over steps their boundaries.” Hanzo scoffs yet again as he walks back into the arcade.

“He didn’t mean any of that (Y/n).” Genji says, embracing you as you sob into his chest.

Despite everything that happened, you still had a mission to carry out. Genji and Tracer immediately went for the backline. Hanzo climbed up various walls to get some shots at the objective. You were with Reinhardt and Ana at the chokepoint, with you dealing damage to any enemies poking the choke safely behind Reinhardt’s shield with Ana taking great care of the both of you and occasionally the others if they were in her line of sight. Ana had noticed the lack of fire in you today, she made a note to keep an especially close eye on you today and to ask what was bothering you after everything was finished.

“My barrier won’t hold forever!” Reinhardt’s booming voice called out. The shield cracked threateningly as it took on more and more damage. Ana put a hand on her healing grenade, preparing for what was to happen next. Unfortunately, she didn’t act fast enough.

The barrier broke and the enemy sniper shot you in the chest immediately after, not even sparing a second of reaction time.

The grenade did hit the floor, yes, but it was because Ana dropped it to catch you as you fell. She presses her hand onto her comm.

“(Y/n) is down. I am taking them back to the safe area. Requesting back up.” She may not be as young as she used to, but she picked you up as if you were nothing more than a sack of flour. She rushed back to the arcade and put you on the first flat surface she saw. Suddenly, Tracer blinked by your side, holding a health pack.

“She gonna be ok doc?” She asks.

“Hard to tell, I might need to call in Angela for this.” She explains as she investigates your wound.

You kept falling in and out of consciousness, every time you opened your eyes they met with someone new each time. Surprisingly, Hanzo was one of them. ‘Sorry’ was all you could hear from him but it astounded you that he’d disregard his pride for you, especially with what had happened pre-mission.

When you fully woke up again, you were in the infirmary back at Watchpoint. Hanzo had been watching you anxiously the entire time you had been there and oh how his eyes brightened when yours opened.

“(Y/n)” He wastes no time as he moves from his seat and hugs you, causing you to wince in pain due to the pressure on your injury.

“Surprised to see you of all people here.” You muttered.

“I was a fool. I let my anger blind me and now, I almost lost you.” Hanzo looked down. His words got your blood boiling.

“I’m not yours to lose!” Your voice rang throughout the room. His head whipped up and looked to you in shock as he has never witnessed you lash out like this before. You refused to look at him. “You made that very clear, remember?”

“I didn’t think you would get hurt like this-”

“So what? It’s ok for you to say those awful things to me as long as I don’t almost die after?” You say incredulously.

“That’s not what I meant.” He looks to you sorrowfully and reaches his hand out towards you which you promptly slap away.

“Sure looks like it. Anyway you can leave, my injury will heal but I’m not sure if the thing that truly hurt me the most today will.” You stare off into the other direction. Hanzo has enough common sense to know that there’s nothing that can be done right now, he would just have to wait. He goes to the door and says ‘I love you’ in his native tongue quietly, but loud enough for you to hear. You fight the tears that threaten to spill over as you keep looking in the other direction until you hear the door close and you let go of the breath you hadn’t realized you were holding.

He leans against the door as he fishes for something he’d been holding for a while. He holds it up to the light and sighs. He really messed it up this time didn’t he? Why does he keep doing these awful things that he ends up regretting? Maybe he should try to change his ways. But what if it’s too late?

He walks towards his room to continue brooding over these current events. Just a couple hours ago you were with him right on the very bed he sat alone on. You were holding onto him. You felt safe with him. You loved him. Now he can only pray that he’ll be able to see you without feeling ashamed. He looks at the object again and scoffs.

Hanzo tosses the ring out.

anonymous asked:

wait wait this is v important to me,,, poly yoonseok?

i’m, please

  • group chats vacillate between brutal sarcasm and super fluffy cuteness
  • you and hoseok calling yoongi out on his bs when he’s pretending to be all cool and unfeeling like come on man ur not fooling anyone
  • hoseok teaching you how to beatbox and then you two harmonizing while yoongi freestyles
  • hope you weren’t trying to walk anywhere on time bc if there’s a puppy on the route we’re looking at a 45 minute delay
  • gummy smiles all around
  • yoongi sitting in hoseok’s lap and hoseok playing puppet master with his arms
  • every time someone is trying to relay important information
    • one person is on their phone, not listen
    • the other is making full eye contact while pulling faces (and continually reassuring the speaker that they are in fact listening)
    • (that one time you almost fought yoongi bc his faces were making you laugh so hard that you couldn’t tell them that your grandma was in the hospital whoops)
  • accidentally color-coordinating outfits while dressing separately
  • jhope doing one of his bits and you and yoongi laughing so hard that ur faces are red and you’re gasping for air
  • jin cooking dinner when he find out you’re coming over 
  • you and hoseok happily holding hands everywhere while yoongi glares and rolls his eyes and refuses to participate
  • yoongi always having an arm around one of y’all when ur all alone
  • sorry about how much you’re getting pranked ?? i guess
  • you suggest something to do
    • yoongi: nah i’m go
  • hoseok suggests the same thing
    • yoongi: well, ok hobi if you /really/ want to i guess..
  • :/
  • yoongi setting positive affirmation reminders in ur phone whenever u leave it out unlocked 
  • hobi pretending that he’s not good at fuckin everything so that y’all win sometimes
  • !!! ARCADE DATES !!!
Pocket update on : Moonbin

As always our pup-kitty boy never stops blessing you with his precious smile

Originally posted by binwooed

Once he also blessed you with a big mess…

This small boy has gotten into doing some food experiments. One day he decided to make some “pop-corn powder” so he used your big blender. The device is ten times bigger than him but nothing can stop him when it’s about food. If he had poured just a small amount it would have been ok, but he accidentally emptied the whole pack

Originally posted by shookbin

This didn’t seem to bother him though, as he still turned the blender on… and a mess ensued. Pop-corns were flying everywhere, then Moonbin started dancing and singing “It’s a pop-corn rain, woohoo woo !”

Originally posted by binwooed

Eventually you came in the kitchen and discovered the mess. His eyes were shaking, suddenly he didn’t find this funny anymore

Originally posted by shookbin

The boy looked like he understood his mistake so you simply let pocket Jinjin kiss him as his punishment

Originally posted by binsblush

The boy didn’t seem to dislike it though, or maybe he simply felt glad he got away with just this

At least he won’t make those experiments for a long time now

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So I made some crap (and it took fooooreeeeeveeer). If you listen to any of these groups, shoot me a message and I might follow you. Feel free to use these for whatever but please give me credit. Don’t reblog this and delete the description or something dumb like that. Kay? Thanks.


Almost at 700 so a small treat

Okay imagine you and (c/n) always being the flirty type of good friends. (c/n) always wanted to tell you he liked you as more than a friend but things always got in the way. It was Friday and tonight is the football game. (c/n) always wanted you to go being his “good luck charm” and all, so you always went. There was one more class before school ended that day and (c/n) was in that class with you. “You’re going to the game tonight right (y/n)?” (C/n) asks leaning over to your desk to get your attention. “Yes of course. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” You say with a smile forming on his lips. “Hey (y/n), I was also wondering for the game if you could wear my letterman jacket” he asks nervously, causing you to look over at him. “Y-you want me to wear it. But isn’t that for the-” “yes I want you to wear it. I want you to wear it and that way I can tell people you are my girlfriend.” He says smiling as he sees the smile on your face. You nod. “Of course I’ll wear it” you say. “So is that a yes to being my girlfriend (y/n),” you nod again “Of course it is”. The bell rings and you head out of the classroom. He takes off his jacket and hands it to you. You put it on and look up at his smiling face. “I’ll see you at the game,” and with that you guys hugged and left. You went home and got ready for the game that started at 7:00. You walked over and sat at the bleachers with your other friends. The game soon started and all the players ran out onto the field. You look for your lucky number, which was also (c/n)’s jersey number. You spotted him being the last one on the field and you when you both made eye contact he gave you a shy wave before continuing to his team mates.

The game ended our school winning. Everybody ran onto the field as we celebrated our win against our rival school. You became face to face with (c/n) as everybody started clearing the field. He picked you up by the waist and spun you around. “We won because of you (y/n). My good luck charm,” he says setting you down. You rest your hands on his shoulders, looking up at him and his sweaty face. “What would you do without me,” you say rolling your eyes sarcastically. “Well I definitely wouldn’t be able to this,” he says before kissing you slowly on the lips. You close your eyes and bring yourself into true bliss. Soon once you began to run out of breath you felt yourself being pulled away from (c/n). You open your eyes and see (c/n) panting for breath. “Can you wait for me outside the locker rooms while I change?” He asks and you nod bringing your hand into his.

You sit at the bench, waiting patiently for (c/n) to get out of the locker rooms. Your attention turns to the doors opening and closing when you see (c/n) standing there in basketball shorts and a sweatshirt. Walking over to his car, you feel (c/n) put his arms around your lower back and push you against the hood of his car, his hips against yours. He gives you another peck on the lips and pushes hair behind your ear. “You look really hot wearing my letterman today. I’d like it if you could wear it for a long time,” he says kissing below your ear and whispering in his low raspy voice.

I just recently reached 700 followers so this is a small gift to all my followers and id also like to say school is starting August 31 so I still have a small while until school starts but imagines will be decreasing shortly.

Arcade (Drabble Challenge)

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36. “I thought you were nice.” + 35. “I’ll just tell your mom on you.” + Yixing + Chanyeol

You were sitting at the restaurant with Jae, chatting innocently when Chanyeol walked in with Yixing, Jongin, and Sehun. You waved and burst into a smile, jumping up to your feet and going to say hi.  

‘Y/N!’ gushed Chanyeol, reaching his arms around  and crushing you to him before you could say anything. 'I can’t believe you’re here!’

'Chanyeol,’ you wheezed. 'We’re here every Thursday night, now let me go.’

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