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Rolling Stones- Sympathy for the Devil Lyrics (by 111111111576)


Gregory and the Hawk - Prismatism (Come, Now) (by Hecante)

imaginaryboat asked:

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☻- Muse

I’m quite fond of animals.

☺- Mun

I have a huge phobia about things going near my eyes. I can only use eye drops if I’m the one to put them in. It annoys the hell out of my eye doctor. Once, one made me sit on my hands because I swatted his hand away from my face. We don’t go to that one anymore.

☻- Muse

My passion for the culinary arts began shortly after my uncle’s death. Not everything that I attempted to make was very edible, but that’s why practice is important.

☺- Mun

I’m also afraid of pigs.

☻- Muse

I often wish I had more time to travel. 

☺- Mun

And spiders.

☻- Muse

I love to throw dinner parties. It’s always a joy to see people enjoying my cooking. However, it’s so difficult to find good quality produce. It wouldn’t do to serve meals with sub-par ingredients, so I’m often forced to go out of my way to ensure that I have only the best.

☺- Mun

I’m a pretty good cook, and I really enjoy it. Unfortunately, my family doesn’t seem to realise that I can cook, and so it’s rare that I get too do so when I’m home. 

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imaginaryboat asked:

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“Three secrets, Will? People will start thinking you're my psychiatrist,” Hannibal said, offering a faint smile. “But, fine, let’s see… I believe I briefly mentioned my parents, and that they are dead. I also had a sister, also deceased. They were all killed. That’s one. Afterwards, I didn’t talk for years, besides screaming in my sleep. Which, didn’t make very many friends. That’s two. After being taken in by my Aunt and Uncle, my Uncle died, but we lived happily enough. Unfortunately, my Aunt and I had a falling out while I was at school, and we haven’t spoken sense. That’s three. I do hope you’re satisfied.”

☺☺☺ Mun Secrets!

I’m sort of an open book, so this is a little hard. 

  1. I was given, by the court, to my Aunt and Uncle when I was three years old. My birth-parents were really negligent, and I have no interest in ever meeting either of them.
  2. I tried to kill myself about two and a half years ago, and I’m really glad that it didn’t work, even if I ended up really, really sick for a really long time. I’ve realised that the things that pushed me to that point did, eventually, get better, and I try to keep hope that anything that does make me want to die, or self-harm will also get better. Sometimes those thoughts aren’t enough, and I have lapsed, but I do try to keep myself from doing anything that I’ll regret.
  3. I was a really manipulative child. I once convinced my kindergarten class that since salad was made of leaves, and leaves were parts of plants, plants were thusly salad, and they could eat them. So, they did eat some plants. I thought it was hilarious; my mom didn’t. I also made my cousin, Daniel, eat a dandelion because he was making fun of me for not wanting to touch a horse (it was huge, and it scared me). It made him cry.

imaginaryboat asked:

♬ //honk honk

The Horror Of Our Love -  Ludo I’m a killer, cold and wrathful
Silent sleeper, I’ve been inside your bedroom
I’ve murdered half the town
left you love notes on their headstones
I’ll fill the graveyards until I have you.
Moonlight walking, I smell your softness
carnivorous and lusting to track you down among the pines.
I want you stuffed into my mouth
hold you down and tear you open, live inside you -
love, I’d never hurt you.
But I’ll grind against your bones until our marrows mix
I will eat you slowly…

Oh, the horror of our love
never so much blood pulled through my veins.
Oh, the horror of out love… never so much blood

I wake in terror, blackbirds screaming
dark cathedrals spilling midnight on the altars
I’m your servant, my immortal
pale and perfect, such unholy heaving -
the statues close their eyes, the room is changing
break my skin and drain me.
Ancient language, speak through fingers
the awful edges where you end and I begin
inside your mouth I cannot see -
there’s catastrophe in everything I’m touching
as I sweat I crush you.
And I hold your beating chambers until they beat no more
you die like angels sing…

Oh, the horror of our love
never so much blood pulled through my veins.
Oh, the horror of out love… never so much blood

You’re a ghost love, nightgown flowing
your body blue and walking along the continental shelf
you are a dream among the sharks
beautiful and terrifying, lit and restless
we dance in dark suspension.
And you bury me in the ocean floor beneath you
where they’ll never hear us scream…

Oh, the horror of our love
never so much blood pulled through my veins.
Oh, the horror of out love… never so much blood

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I’m going to call the mun N because I don’t know if they’d be comfortable with me just pushing their name everywhere (bby i need a nickname for you).

First off, their Will is just wonderful. I love their characterization, and I really need to get my reply out to them, but I just want it to be as perfect as I can. Their Will is really perceptive, and I’m worried about making a false move that can tip them off. Wouldn’t want the game to have to end so soon, after all.

Onto the Mun. I love her. She’s remarkably creative and intelligent. I love our conversations, and how she puts up with me ranting about everything. I hate it when she’s upset because I’m a major mother hen, and it pains me that I can’t make everything better.

rigamortician asked:

♥ imaginaryboat

Trust was a fragile creature. It had taken so much time to get Will to this point of trust. Even then, Hannibal knew it could so easily be shattered by one faulty step; one accidental nudge in the wrong direction.

He couldn’t have that.

So he’d kept his seduction slow, organic even in its deceit. He’d plied Will glimpses into his past, meals brought to his doorstep, wine after their talks. He’d kept it gentle. Even with their lips pressed together, he kept it gentle, slow, unhurried. Roughness could come later, for now they were still building trust.

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Little Lies- Tarja

Take my faith with an open hand
And warm embrace my confidant
Use my words, take the good away
And leave the worst to sell me out

Little lies, little lies
Making up tragedies
Nothing is what it seems
Who cares what is real

Little lies, little lies
Only to entertain
The message is all the same
For those who believe

Feed the flames empty wishes
With no room to blame my sacrifice
Deep inside there is nothing
Left to stand behind but little lies

imaginaryboat asked:

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Altered State of Mind:


Misha p with sedativd


mst ccancle 


No worrires

Angry Text


I do my best to respect your privacy William, given my profession, and I would hope that you would do your best to respect mine. If you have a desire to rifle through my things, all you need do is ask. Sneaking around is below you. -H

Rushed Text


Must cancel. Apologies. -H

Secret Text


After the deaths of my parents and sister, I had nightmares for years. I still do, on occasion. 

imaginaryboat asked:

After a fairly full glass of whiskey, Graham was finally able to sleep. At some point in his deep sleep, his body took another nightly stroll away from Wolf Trap. The difference this time was that it decided to call for help before the police arrived. The first available number on the contact carousel happened to be a certain Dr. Lecter. It dialed out. The ringing didn't wake the conscious part of Graham, heavy under the drag of alcohol.

Occasionally, Hannibal found himself invited to someone else’s house; someone else’s dinner party. When he could, he tried to avoid such occasions (tending to be overcritical of anyone’s cooking besides his own). However, he could only decline so often before he seemed rude, which was rarely ever his intention.

He was at one of these such dinners, amicably smiling his way through a rather unimaginative variation of keşkek, when his phone buzzed. He was vaguely thankful that he hadn’t bothered to shut it completely off when he saw the caller ID. Hannibal made his excuses-emergency; a patient, you must understand that these things happen-and promises to entertain later in the month, and left.

“Hello,” he said, lifting the phone to his ear as he grabbed his jacket from the coat closet. “Will? Are you there?”