inspired by a mood board by @anieekkjeeex

You always woke up holding his hand, he liked the contact. That was if you’d fallen asleep on the sofa, in his bed or really anywhere. He always found your hand, he said he didn’t know how it happened, but really he always grabbed your hand before he fell asleep because it grounded him.

When he was away, he’d send you a selfie in the morning, and if he forgot, he’d send you one in the evening. You always sent one back, usually of the view outside your window. He liked those because it reminded him that you were home, safe and unharmed. He also liked seeing the progress of the bird’s nest at the end of your garden. Recently, the chicks had left the nest. Tom had named them and constantly asked you how a specific bird was doing. Like you knew which one was which!

When you did manage to go and visit him on set, he’d take you on a tour of the location, arm slung around your shoulders as he pulled you close to his side. He always spoke too quickly and gasped for breath when he remembered he needed oxygen, but his excitement was contagious and you would tug him to different places and encourage him to explain a silly anecdote he has of the place.

He would transform his hotel room on his days off, sheets hung overhead isolating the two of you from the rest of the world. You’d marathon all the movies you could think of, and would only leave your little heaven to get some pizza. It was nice for Tom, he savoured these days more than he ever told you because it was just you and him. He wasn’t Tom Holland: Spider-Man, he was just Tom. Your loving, dorky Tom.

Tom had arranged for one of your dates night for a hammock to be set up, fairy lights twisted through the branches above. It was in the corner of a filming lot, not the most romantic place, but somewhere that it was private, just the two of you. Tom always tried to keep you away from paparazzi, by your choice. You were the one who didn’t want to be in the limelight, so you asked to stay as secret as you could. You just didn’t want everyone to know of your love life, and Tom appreciated that. So he called in a few favours and got this place sorted for you. The two of you swung gently in the breeze as he ran his fingers gently through your hair. Neither of you spoke as words weren’t needed, there wasn’t any awkward silence’s, not when it was just you and Tom.

At one of the locations, there were ducks. So, of course, Tom chased them as he is a child trapped in an adult’s body. He proudly strutted back to you and held a duck close to his chest as he beamed at you. You rolled your eyes, grinning as you took a photo. You then told him to put the duck down, neither of you knew if it had fleas! Throughout the next couple of days, whenever Tom saw the duck, he grinned and pointed it out to you, waving enthusiastically at it, as if it knew he was saying hey.

But before you knew it, you had to go home. The day came too quickly, and it was a sombre day as Tom kissed your forehead as he pulled you close to his chest. For a few minutes, the two of you stood in his trailer, swaying to the imaginary music. Someone knocked on the door way too soon, saying Tom needed to go for hair and make-up. With a heavy sigh as you pulled away, looking up at Tom as you kissed his lips with all the passion you could. He gripped your waist, as if afraid you’d slip away right between his fingers. You practically had to rip yourself away from him, and it felt as if you had left half your heart with Tom as you boarded his flight. Before turning off your phone, you saw he had sent you a selfie. Him and all the crew smiling at you through the screen.

When you got back, the first thing you did was visit Tessa. You set your sunglasses on her nose, grinning as you snapped a picture before sending it to Tom. He knew you were home, knew you were with his best girl. It was only two months before you saw each other again. It’ll fly by…right?

The Maze Runner: Newt - Drunken Confessions

Prompt: Newt confesses how he feels for you… but what happens when you notice things haven’t changed the next day?

Requested by: @nickey-mouse

You lie in your bed, blinking slowly as the sunlight wakes you and the warmth engulfs you. You smile, remembering the night that just happened, the imaginary music you danced to with the all the Gladers. The sparkling bonfire that glittered the night sky. The way Newt’s eyes clung to you as you danced.

And of course…

His drunken voice spilling over his lips claiming how he feels for you.

You sigh as you roll over, clutching to one of the pillows. It’s as if a dream came true, or something quite close to it. You don’t even know how it could have happened. Would it ever have happened if you didn’t encourage Newt to let loose and drink a little? Was it the alcohol that gave him courage to tell you or… maybe it was just drunken talk?

You sit up in your bed, the covers falling off the side of the bed, doubt overcomes you and suddenly you feel that maybe it might not have even been true after all.

“Y/N!” You hear your Keeper Clint call your name from below, his voice filling your room through the window.  “Get your shank butt down here, we’ve got Slicers to fix up!”

You tumble out of your bed, slipping a clean outfit on before sticking your head out of your window, “Already!?”

Clint laughs, “Unfortunately.”

You slide your feet into a pair of shoes and tie back your hair as you make your way out of the Homestead. You meet up with Jeff and Clint by the shack where your supplies for patching up the Gladers are kept and start on the group of guys, who are of course, Slicers.

“I swear I see you every day,” you mutter over at one kid who’s scarred hands only earn more scars. “Why’d they give you the Slicer job if you keep getting yourself injured?”

He blushes crazily, “It was that or being a Slopper, I practically begged them to give me the Slicer job.”

You raise an eyebrow, “Point taken.”

After a few more kids, you spot a blond head enter the building; a stream of blood covering his right arm. “Bloody garden tools, I tell ya’.”

You walk over to him, almost too shy to even touch him, and bring him over to the first-aid kit. You wash him arm with water and then wipe it down with anti-bacterial wipes so it doesn’t get infected, that’s the last thing anyone would want in this shuck place. “Garden tools attack you again?” Your voice is quiet, and you’re not sure how you’re supposed to act around him after last night. But he doesn’t seem to look or act any different to usual…

“Yep, as always.” He laughs, and notices your unusual quietness but doesn’t say anything. Thankfully.

“Maybe you just can’t handle those tools because you’re still a little drunk from last night?” You joke, a smile on your face.

He laughs, “Yeah, yeah, last night was killer.” And that’s it, that’s all he says. You start to wonder, maybe he’s just joking around with you. It’s such a Newt thing to do, he’s probably just messing with you or trying to get you to say something first.

“Yep.” You’re not going to play his little game, so you just go along with his pretending.

Soon, the bleeding stops completely and you manage to cover the wound. He smiles gratefully and thanks you before he goes back into the Glade; you only watch after him.

Later that night you find yourself thinking about Newt, about what he said over and over. The way he was so shy, and how his voice was very timid. But you can only go about pretending it never even happened for so long, so you find Newt hanging with Thomas and Minho by Gally’s wrestling ring. You want to just go and ask him about it but the other boys are around and you’re not sure if you want them to know or not.

“Ah look, it’s the gal who saved my life!” Newt exclaims, smiling gleefully.

You laugh at his joke, “Barely.”

“You finished working for the day?” Thomas asks, chewing on a leftover bun.

“Yeah, but I’ll be on emergency duty tonight so I have to sleep in the Med-jack building.”

“First night doing that?”

You shake your head, “Third actually, I tried to tell the boys that I could do it more often but… well, I guess they’re just used to the schedule they have.”

“Well they bloody should trust you more with it, no one could fix my bleedin’ arm the way you did, darlin’”, he gives you a wink and you find yourself blushing. He’s still playing this game of his?

A few seconds roll by after you don’t reply, because of your confusion with Newt and this immense sudden feeling of not knowing how to act around him anymore. But the silence is cracked as Minho speaks, “How flattering,” he says with a laugh, and you join in. But it’s awkward, and you find yourself wishing you hadn’t come over here.

“Y/N, can I talk to you a sec?” It’s Newt, and at first you wish it wasn’t him who said it. But you knew sooner or later it would come to this, and finally you feel a little excited. You want to talk about last night, and you’ve been super annoyed all day because it hadn’t happened yet.

You wander off with Newt, walking beside him as you find a quieter, empty place to chat. He stops abruptly, his back to you for a moment as if he’s thinking over things, which makes you nervous. What if he’s going to say that last night was a mistake? What if he’s going to tell you that he never meant what he said?

He pushed your hair out of your eyes, tucking them behind your ear. His slurred voice and happy smiley-face the most adorable thing you’ve seen. “There’s something I want to tell you…”

He turns to face you, “Y/N… You’ve been acting weird. Not completey weird… maybe not even weird, just different.”

“God, you’re beautiful, you know?” He smiles even wider, “I feel so much… I feel happy when you’re around me, Y/N. I love the kind of person you are. You make me feel better, you make me feel as though this place doesn’t even matter. I think I could fall in love with you if you let me.”

“And now I’m worried that I might have… done something to you. Last night? Did something happen? You’ve been quieter and… I don’t know, maybe I’m just overthinking it, but I do get this vibe as if something’s changed with you. And I can’t ignore it anymore.”

You take a step back, and a flash of fear crosses his eyes. You blink, unsure what to say at first. “You mean… You don’t… You don’t remember?”

His breath hitches in his throat, “Like I said, if I did anything to you, I am so, so sorry.”

You shake your head, “I… I was so happy when I woke up this morning. But you don’t even remember? You don’t remember what you said to me?”

Newt looks away as he tries to remember, but it only brings on more confusion. He doesn’t remember that he confessed his feelings for you, and its like a stab to the heart. “What did I say?”

You feel your face tighten as you try not to cry in fornt of him but it’s no use, you’ve never been one to keep your tears away. You cover your face out of shame and he comes closer to try and comfort you but you only walk further away.

“What did I say, Y/N?”

You drop your hands from your face, “I can’t believe you! I can’t believe you don’t remember!”

“I was drunk!”

“Then man up next time and tell me how you feel without being intoxicated you damn shank!” Your cheeks blush out of embarrassment and anger, and you wish you could have just forgotten what he said too.

His mouth falls open slightly, and it’s like all the oxygen around the both of you has been cut off. “I… I told you? I really told you?”

You swallow another batch of tears, “Yes you stupid shuck-face, you told me!”

You kiss his little nose, not wanting your first kiss to be a half drunken one, “I think I could fall in love with you too, Newt.

You tell him what he said, and you tell him what you said. But you’re angry; frustrated. The moment you both had last night was the most perfect moment ever, and now it’s been ruined because Newt was too drunk to remember and you had to angrily tell him about it after.

“Y/N, I am so sorry.” He walks closer to you, and you think about just shoving him away and going to bed or something, but something makes you reconsider. You feel his arms slide around you as he pulls you into a hug. You hug him back and find comfort within his touch.
“What I said was completely true, you know that? I know I was drunk, but what I said is exactly how I feel.”

You laugh into his chest, the urge to cry subsiding. “I’m glad.”

His hands slide to your face as he pulls you in for a gentle kiss; it’s everything you had imagined and more. “I know it would have been better if I told you when I was sober, and I’m so sorry I’m such a shank. I hope you can forgive me?”

You kiss him again, resting your arms around his neck, “Of course, I forgive you.”

Her hidden talent

a/n: This is a little nonsense I came up with, hope you’ll enjoy it! Reference to smut and a little teasing. Feedback is appreciated!

word count: 1806

I was still in my pyjamas, sitting on our bed with my guitar Shawn bought me for my birthday last year and a notebook that looked all creased and beaten. The page where it was open was full of scribbles, crossed-out lines and new ones written above them.

‘What if after G I play a D and then an Em.’ - I mumbled to myself as I was trying to figure out the chord progression. I placed my hand on the fret and played the chords while humming the lyrics. ‘Yeah, that sounds about right.’ - I took my pencil and wrote the chords above the words.

‘Okay, let’s see from the beginning.’ I started playing again but heard the front door open and close.

‘Honey, I’m back! - Shawn’s voice came from downstairs.

I panicked and tossed the notebook under the blanket and put the guitar back on its stand like I didn’t even touch it. I exited the bedroom and walked downstairs quickly. We met halfway on the stairs. I hugged him without really thinking about it, and he had to drop his gym bag to be able to catch me.

‘I’m really sweaty!’ - he chuckled as I buried my face in his chest.

‘And smelly.’ - I grimaced as the strong scent of the gym filled my nostrils. I lifted my head to plant a kiss on his lips and because I was standing higher on the stairs than him I didn’t even have to go on tiptoe to do that. ‘But I still love you, even when you’re sweaty and smelly.’ I smiled at him.

‘Lucky me.’ he pulled me in for another kiss. ‘I go take a shower and then I’m yours all day.

‘Really? I thought you have a meeting with Andrew.’

‘No. It got pushed to tomorrow. I’m all yours for today.’

‘Sweet. And what do you wanna do? We could go out and have brunch or stay in all day. Whatever you want.’

‘I think we should stay in, watch Netflix and chill.’ - his hands travelled down from my waist to my arse and gave it a firm squeeze.

I giggled to his suggestion and kissed him again but with more passion this time showing him how much I like his idea.

‘Go and take that shower then. Be quick. - I whispered pulling away from him, stepping out of the way.

He walked upstairs with a cheeky grin all over his face and I watched him disappear into the foyer admiring his perfect body. I grabbed his gym bag and walked downstairs to the laundry room to put away his training gear. After I finished I decided to watch some TV until Shawn was ready with his shower.

I watched an entire episode of The Big Bang Theory when I started wondering where the hell he was. I didn’t hear water running anymore so I went to search for him. I walked upstairs and into our bedroom where I found him sitting on the bed, only wearing a boxer and reading a notebook. MY notebook. Shit.

‘Hey, that’s mine!’ I said with panic in my voice and tried to grab the notebook to get it back. He reacted quickly and hold out his arm so I couldn’t reach the book. I stepped closer to him still aiming to reach the book but he grabbed my waist with his free hand and pulled me to his lap. Now I was kneeling on the bed straddle style in Shawn’s lap but still couldn’t reach the book.

‘Shawn, give it back! It’s mine!’ but he was just laughing at me, still holding the notebook out of my reach.’ It’s not funny! Give it back! I’m serious!’ I tried to free myself from his grip but he was too strong. I changed tactics and stopped wrestling in his lap, pouting at him. ‘Please, would you give it back to me?’

‘Not until you explain what this is.’ he said, a cocky smile spread on his beautiful face.

‘Nothing.’ I replied with annoyance.

‘Really? Because to me, it seems like song lyrics.’

‘You weren’t supposed to see that. It’s not for you. Please, give it back.’ I tried again, but I knew he won’t let it go.

‘Did you start writing songs?’

I didn’t answer, instead, I pressed my lips to his, hoped it would surprise him enough to let go of the notebook. Taking advantage of the fact that he was wearing only boxers I tried to distract him enough he would forget about that stupid notebook I didn’t hide properly. I deepened the kiss, wrapping my hands around his neck, grinding on the soft fabric of his underwear. He didn’t protest and even pulled me closer by wrapping his hands around my waist. My hands travelled down his well-trained arms and I was inches away from the book he was still holding in his hand when he broke the kiss and pulled away from me.

‘Good try! But I’m not gonna let this go that easily.’ he said with a husky voice.

I moved my hips against his erection as a final try, but he tossed the notebook to the other side of the bed, grabbed my waist and lifted me off his lap, putting me down on the bed next to him.

‘Spill the beans, y/l/n! Did you start writing songs?’ - he used my last name, which meant I won’t get out of this without giving him an explanation.

I leant back on the bed, staring up at the ceiling before I finally gave in.

‘Maybe.’ - I said letting out a sign.

‘When?’ he asked, laying down next to me.

‘After you went away for tour.’ I felt my cheeks burning up. It was supposed to be my secret. No one should have found out. Especially not Shawn.

‘Why?’ came his next question and it felt like I’m at an interrogation.

‘I don’t know.’ I lied, finally looking at him desperately wanting him to drop the subject.

He rolled to his side, reaching out to brush away a lock of hair from my face with his fingers.

‘Tell me, please.’ He pleaded.

Maybe it was because of the way he said please, the words started pouring out of me.

‘I was feeling so alone after your tour started. I was here all by myself, we just moved in here, everything was new and it didn’t feel like home yet. Without you, I felt miserable in this big house. I tried to distract myself, working harder, staying at the office later than usual, going out with my friends more or asking them over for a girls night in, visiting my family more often so I wouldn’t have to be alone. I did everything to avoid being here alone. But I not always had a choice. One night it was this huge storm. It was pouring rain, crazy wind, thunder, lightning, everything you can imagine. And I was so scared. I didn’t know why. Usually, a storm doesn’t bother me. But I guess because I was alone in a new house that didn’t feel like home yet, I just didn’t feel safe enough either.’

‘Why didn’t you call me? We could have facetimed. It’s not the same, I know, but maybe it would have helped.’ he interrupted me, his voice filled with worry and guilt.

‘And admit that a stupid storm scared the living shit out of me? You know me better than that! My proud would never let me do that! Anyway, the storm was on full blast, I couldn’t go back to sleep so I grabbed my guitar and started playing the songs you taught me. It felt like you were there with me. It distracted me from the storm, from how alone I felt. After that night I played every day. It was the best distraction. I learnt new songs, watched a bunch of tutorials on Youtube. It helped pass the time and slowly I felt better and better. One day I started humming this melody. It got stuck in my head so I wrote it down. A few hours later I had a song. With lyrics and everything. It felt amazing. So I kept writing and playing. I thought it will end when you’re finally back home. But tour ended a month ago, you’re here, everything is back to normal, but I’m still coming up with new stuff.’ Now a big smile was playing on my lips I couldn’t explain. I didn’t mind that Shawn found out about my little secret. I was happy about it actually.

He reached out above my head to seize the notebook again, and this time I let him. For a few minutes, none of us said anything, I was watching him study the songs I wrote.

‘I’m sorry I left you alone here like that.’ he glanced up from the book, sounded sad.

‘Don’t. It’s not your fault. And you couldn’t have done anything. You were on tour. I’m fine now.’ I kissed him softly to reassure him that everything was okay. ‘You’re here now.’

‘But I still feel like a let you down…’

‘Shawn, stop! You didn’t! It was a tough year, but I swear I’m okay. Really! Believe me!’ I wrapped myself around him, resting my head on his chest. I wanted to be as close to him as I possibly can.

‘I believe you!’ he kissed my forehead. ‘You know, some of this stuff in here are actually really good!’ he waved the book in front of me.

‘You really think so?’ I looked up at him in surprise.

‘Absolutely! We should record them and release them! People should hear it!’

‘Don’t be ridiculous. I’m not a musician. I’m sure no one would like my songs!’

‘I’m not kidding! You are talented! I know you can sing too! Seriously we should record these songs, put out and EP and launch your music career! I’ll talk to Andrew about it tomorrow.’ he was not kidding and it shocked me. I don’t want to start a music career. This is absurd.

‘You’re crazy!’ I said in complete disbelief.

‘I am not! I always knew you’re good! You should really do something with it!’ he started rambling about label contract, singing lessons, studio sessions and a bunch of other stuff I couldn’t keep up with. He got so excited about this whole thing I just didn’t know what to do, so I did the first thing that came to my mind to shut him up. I kissed him.

‘Right now I just want you to kiss me everywhere and make love to me. Please, drop this nonsense!’

I kissed him again, he rolled us over so he ended up being on top and we didn’t talk about my imaginary music career for a long time after that.


Which one of you wouldn’t have wanted to join him, on this obviously beautiful evening? 

You glowing, in some fantastic, designer gown, as you step out to find him in his tux. Turns out he’s as nervous as you are about this night.

He compliments you on your dress in a way that makes you feel like the Queen of England, takes your hand and leads you to the, as you put it ‘Right Posh Event’ 

And after what seems like an age of photos, and interviews, where he hold you close at his side. There’s the dinner and all the small talk, the merry banter of filming passed and projects new. Of other actors disasters, and their own personal triumphs, all told in slightly tipsy voices. 

When its all over, he walks you down to the bay in the moonlight, you slip off your high heels and the pair of you dance in the sand, by the murmuring ocean, to the imaginary music in your head. 

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Pancake Day // Oli White

Word Count- 1005

Summary- based on olis vlog and part of caspars live stream :) tho i changed it a bit

A/N- also s/o to liv for giving me the idea. ilysm girlie


Today was February 28th. Which meant one thing.

It was Pancake Day.

Due to it being such an exciting day, Oli decided to vlog because you and he were going to celebrate.

He started the vlog a little after noon because he had had a dentist appointment earlier that morning. And you two may have gotten a little preoccupied after said appointment.

While he finished talking about his past few days, his book tour and his future plans, you patiently sat on the couch scrolling through various social media platforms.

The fans knew you quite well due to the many videos you had been featured in throughout all the buttercream channels. But you preferred to do the behind-the-scenes because the spotlight just wasn’t for you.

After an agonizing 10 minutes, the fun began.

You gathered all the ingredients onto the countertop as Oli pulled up a recipe on his computer, simultaneously talking to the camera.

He handed you the camera as he grabbed the bag of flour.

“Okay, so we’re going to start off with the flour,” he poured some into a bowl and grabbed the sifter. “Right, this is my sift. Um, I couldn’t find a bigger one than this. So this is what we’ll be using.”

You laughed from behind the screen, “Babe, you don’t really need to sift.”

“Y/n doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Of course you need to soft. You always need to sift.”

You got an up close shot of his sifting job.

He looked directly at the camera, “Look at this sifting action. This is what you call a world class sifter.”

“Just so you know guys, Oli yelled at me when I tried to help so that’s why I’m the cameraman.”

“Stop lying to the viewer’s, Y/n!”

“I’m not lying!” you giggled.

After a few minutes of sifting, Oli finally finished.

“Alright! We’re done sifting. Now we need to add the salt, butter and milk.”

He grabbed an egg and tried cracking it.

“God, I really hate cracking eggs.”

“Here,” you said, handing him the camera. “Let me try.”

“Okay,” he sighed. “But if I can’t do it, then neither can you.”

You grabbed the egg out of his hand and easily cracked in open, “I’m sorry. Can you please repeat what you just said?”

He flipped the camera so it was now on him, “its official guys, and I have the greatest girlfriend in the world.”

You just smiled, giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“Can I keep that in?” he asked.

“Sure,” you smiled again, cracking the second egg.

“Okay guys, so for the rest of the ingredients, I’m going to speed it up and play some music.”

What was supposed to be just adding the rest of the ingredients, turned into a full on dance session. Oli was doing the moonwalk while you were pumping your fists in the air to the imaginary music.

“I can’t wait to see all the comments telling us to stop dancing,” you laughed as you stirred the batter.

“We won’t care though,” he said as he kissed your temple, wrapping his arms around you.

He quickly got his camera out, “Alright so that has to sit for ten minutes.”

You quietly covered your hands in flour then said, “Babe give me a hug.”

Oli shut off the camera, “Of course, love.”

He wrapped his arms around you and you squeezed his butt, causing two flour hand prints to appear on his pants.

“Whoa, love. We already did it once today. Looking for a second round?” he chuckled.

“Nope, just wanted a squeeze,” you said quickly, kissing him.

He let go of you and turned his focus to his computer. While he did this, you wiped off your hands and tuned on his camera.

“Alright, so I think we’re almost read- what are you doing?” he asked suspicious.

“Just vlogging,” you said smugly.

“Okay…” he said, turning around. However, his laptop had fallen asleep so he could see your reflection, he quickly turned around, “Why are you vlogging my bum?”

You busted out into a fit of laughter as he turned his head and upper body to look at his pants.

“Oh my god Y/n!”

“Sorry babe, but it was so worth it,” you continued laughing.

He took the camera and looked into the lens, “Well, we still have 5 more minutes of waiting. So in the meantime, Y/n and I are going to have a food fight.”

“What? Oli no!” you protested but he had already thrown a handful of flour at you.

“Oli!” you squealed chasing after him, grabbing the Belgium Chocolate Dipping Sauce on your way.

“Get back here!” you shouted, chasing him into the living room.

“Catch me if you can love!” he smiled from behind the camera.

You knew it was wrong but you couldn’t help it. Oli was so gullible.

“Ouch!” you screamed as you flung yourself onto the floor.

“Y/n? Babe are you okay?” he dropped his camera on the couch and rushed over to you.

“It hurts,” you fake whined.

“What does?” he asked.

“Seeing you lose,” you smiled.

“What are you on about?”

You stuck two fingers into the chocolate and smeared it all over his face.

“Y/n! That was so cruel. How dare you use me like that!” he said, inches from your face.

“Oh come here ya big baby,” you sighed as you grabbed his face, licking some chocolate off his face.

“Ew!” he pulled away.

You wriggled your eyebrows, “Wanna taste?”

He dipped his head down and captured your lips in a kiss. The kiss was rather short due to you accidentally putting your hand on his cheek which caused you to get covered in chocolate as well.

“Okay, let’s get cleaned up and finish the pancakes,” he stood up.

“One more kiss,” you whined, using his arms as support to pull yourself up.

Yeah, you guys didn’t get to cook the pancakes until later that night. Your afternoon was filled with way better activates.


From concept to official art this is my pride art for Pride Month 2017. The concept images are on my Drawing Amino (tydoesart) and the Orbiting Human Circus Amino (link in bio). This was so much fun and I really​ took to the quote “It’s okay I know what I’m doing! My first boyfriend was a polar bear.” It’s just so cute so I wanted to make this. I suck at animals which is why there’s no polar bear here. But I’m also happy because this year I have come to accept my sexuality and know that I am asexual and aromantic and I am not broken. I know that I am perfectly fine as who I am and people who tell me its a phase or I’ll eventually find someone are wrong. I am proud of who I am and no one can bring me down.
Anyways also the OHC Amino is so close to 15 members! 2 more members and we’ll be able to list our Amino on the community page for Podcasts and Fandoms! If you want to join the Orbiting Human Circus Amino the link is in my bio. We’re still looking for curators so if you’re interested in a position please message me on here or on the OHC Amino. I’m so grateful knowing that this community is growing and that it’s close to being listed! Also big shoutout to Singing Saws and spectralSpooks on the Orbiting Human Circus Amino for helping finish the rank names. Thanks to them the ranking system is complete. As always the link can be found in my bio but it is

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Title: Perfect For Me
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Isaac Lahey x Reader
Trigger Warnings: None
Requested by anon: Can i please get an isaac imagine where you’re insecure about your body but he makes you feel better?

A/N: Yes, of course! Also, just a note to anyone reading this - you are beautiful in every sense of the word. Don’t ever think you aren’t. To someone, you are perfect. You just have to find the right one. :) (But spoiler: that someone is me)

It was your anniversary and of course, you and Isaac had plans to go out and get dinner at a quaint restaurant. But as you slipped on your dress and looked over yourself in the mirror, you began to point out your flaws in your head. 

You stood for what seemed like hours, but was really only minutes. Having been so distracted, you were just barely holding onto the straps of the dress and having them over over your shoulders.

That was when you were suddenly pulled out of your thoughts by Isaac, handsomely clad in a tuxedo, coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist. He delicately placed his chin on your shoulder and looked at your reflections.

You looked beyond gorgeous to him.

But you seemed to think otherwise.

“You’ve been holding those straps for 5 minutes. Were you waiting for me to take them off?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows at you.

You released a little chuckle and shook your head, causing your hair to fall in front of your face. Before you could even speak, Isaac’s hand reached up and pushed it behind your ear. 

“You look breathtaking,” he told you, placing a small kiss on the space between your neck and your shoulder. “You’re making it really hard for me not to put a hickey on your neck.”

You blushed and averted your eyes away shyly. “Oh, shut up, Isaac,” you muttered.

You felt Isaac shake his head and noticed in your peripheral that he was grinning like an idiot. “I must say that your dress really hugs your body perfectly,” he began, “but your body looks way better with it off.” He then wrapped his arms tighter around you before spinning you around to face him. 

Gingerly, Isaac placed his hands on your waist and swayed you softly to some imaginary music in his head. You rolled your eyes, but wrapped your arms around his neck anyway. “You don’t need to flirt with me. We’re already dating.”

“I know,” he said with the softest of smiles as he looked into your eyes, “but I always like seeing you blush when I compliment you.” 

He then placed a kiss on your forehead, his lips hovering for a few seconds. “I also like the way that you carry yourself. I love the way that you speak. I love how you fit so perfectly against me. Your skin is so smooth. Your eyes are so dazzling. And your hair. When I run my hands through it, it feels like silk.” When you looked away in embarrassment, he grabbed your chin lightly and turned your head to face him again. “I know you don’t see yourself the way that I do. Maybe you’re not perfect to others, but you’re perfect in my eyes.” He leaned down and gave you a passionate kiss before he pulled away reluctantly. “I just wish you could see yourself the way I do.”

Your eyelashes fluttered as you looked up at him. “You’re making it really hard for me not to want to have sex with you,” you said with a laugh.

Isaac smirked and released a sigh of relief. “Oh, thank God, the speech did help to get me laid tonight,” he joked, lightening the mood.

The two of you shared a laugh as you slapped him on the arm, pretending to be offended. “Thank you,” you told him, a breathtaking smile spreading across your lips, “I mean it.”

Isaac gave you a smile that made your knees weak, but you were glad that he was still holding on to you to keep you up. “As long as I can make you happy, I’d gladly do anything for you.”

A/N: Hope you like it!

Dont read this if you dont like super fluffy Egobang
I really couldnt help myself, sorrynotsorry

Danny watched the sunset, sighing softly to himself. Watching the bright blues of the afternoon fade away to cool oranges and purples always set his mind at ease, especially after a rough day. He hummed at the stars, closing his eyes and focusing on the chill that night brought with it.
“Need some company?”

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Music Series: Somebody Out There by A Rocket To The Moon

Now that For the Love of Harry is on (a possibly temporary) hiatus…(see what I did there?)…and I’m working on my next chaptered story…I want to do some music series stories. I’m quite nervous about choosing which chaptered story I want to share with you next. Would you hate me if Harry cheated on his girl? Do you love Daddy Harry stories as much as I do? Do you hate AU stories (as much as I do)? I’m so concerned with turning you all off that I’m anxious about what to write. So until I figure it out, or get more feedback from you all, I’m going to do a few music stories!

My goals are to entertain you, and to not disrespect Harry. But I don’t want to be ‘that girl who thinks she can write but sucks’. So I ask…if you hate my writing, please let me know. And if you love it, please let me know that, too!

I’ve gone back and forth with this song for a couple of weeks. I love the song, but the story wasn’t coming to me…until this morning. I hope it translates the way I’m wanting it to.

This is my story, inspired by “Somebody Out There” by A Rocket To The Moon. I hope you like it!  Link to song on my Spotify playlist called ‘I Love You Long Time’:

Love to you all! xo



You deserve someone who listens to you
Hears every word and knows what to do
When you’re feeling hopeless, lost and confused
There’s somebody out there who will

Harry could already tell you weren’t yourself. You loved your friendship with Harry. He was the best friend you had ever had.

On your last birthday, Harry showed up at your apartment with “Birthday In A Bag”, making you laugh as he pulled out numerous items for a make-shift birthday party, most of them cheesy but very ‘Harry’, and you knew he had gone to a lot of work to put it all together. There were deflated balloons waiting for air, along with a small air canister so the two of you wouldn’t have to deal with a light-head as you blew up 100 balloons…yes, 100. There were trinkets and gadgets to play with, and noisemakers that said, “Happy New Year” and “Cinco de Mayo”.

“Oh, wait!” he said, nearly forgetting, as he ran back out to his car and inside again, his guitar in one hand, and setting down a freshly-baked cake he had made for you with his other, a crazy hat on his head, and another that he quickly sat on your own head. He lit the candles on the cake, kissed your cheek, and began singing the most horrendous version of “Happy Birthday” that you had ever heard. You thought you had never laughed so hard in your life, but that was what being friends with Harry was like, you had quickly learned.

Even when you were sad, or not quite yourself, Harry was attentive to you, probably even more so. When he saw you planting flowers outside your house, he pulled into your drive and parked. A mutual friend had told Harry that the night before you had caught the guy you had been dating for awhile out with another girl. You hadn’t said anything to Harry about it, but he knew planting flowers was something you did when you were sad and needed cheered up. And you liked how, as the flowers grew, the blooming beauty of them reminded you that you got through yet another miserable time in your life and survived.

You need a man who holds you for hours
Make your friends jealous when he brings you flowers
And laughs when he says they don’t have love like ours
There’s somebody out there who will

Harry opened the trunk of his car, pulling out pods of new baby plants, bright with vibrant colors, and carried them to where you were working. Kneeling down beside you, he shows you the plants he brought and grins lovingly at you. You look at him with eyes beginning to tear, and accept the hug and kiss to the side of your head, as he grabs one of the little gardening tools and begins making a spot for the new flowers. You wipe your face with your shirt, then continue digging and planting, neither of you saying a word.

When you both finish, you feel accomplished and stand back, looking at the new beauty of the garden. You feel Harry’s arm around your shoulders as he looks at the flowers and smiles, then looks at you with an even bigger smile. You chuckle at the dirt on his face, then lean against his chest as his arms wrap tightly around you, holding you for a long moment, and in that moment, there was nobody else in the world but you and your best friend.

There’s somebody out there who’s looking for you
Someday he’ll find you, I swear that it’s true
He’s gonna kiss you and you’ll feel the world stand still
There’s somebody out there who will

Harry had been gone for a while with work and you were missing your friend. You knew he stayed busy and probably hadn’t thought twice about you, but when you were about to go to sleep one night, you were happy to see a video call come through from him. You pushed the button on your phone to accept the call, and smiled as you saw your friend on your screen.

“Hey!” you smiled broadly. “What’s up?”

“Just finished a show and trying to wind down a bit in the hotel room,” he said to you. “A bit homesick, if I’m being honest.”

It made you sad to think of Harry being sad. You being in London and he being in the states tugged at your heart, wishing you could be there with him to keep him company.

“I’m sorry,” you say, blowing him a kiss. “That better?”

He giggles and smiles. “Much, thank you.”

He’ll take you dancing and pull you in close
Spin you around and won’t let you go
Till they turn the lights off and he’ll take you home
There’s somebody out there who will

Harry threw himself backward on the strange, hotel bed. He was getting really sick and tired of hotel rooms, wishing he was home in England. He lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling, then grabbing his phone and looking to see if he had any missed calls or messages. He wondered what you were doing, assuming you would be asleep, being the middle of the night in London. He imagined you sleeping and smiled slightly. He wondered if you knew that he liked you more than just a friend.

Tossing and turning and dreaming at night
About finding him and praying and hoping you might
‘Cause you deserve someone who knows how to treat you right

As his mind explored, he closed his eyes, then heard a knock at his door.

“Yeah?” he hollered as he heard it open.

“H, you have company, man,” the guard said. Harry lifted his head and looked toward the door, as he saw you walk around the guard and into the room. Harry jumped at full speed off the bed and ran to where you stood, nearly knocking you off your feet. You laughed as he held you so tightly you could barely breathe. The guard closed the door behind you and you returned the love to Harry that he was showing you.

“I’m guessing you’re happy to see me?” you chuckle.

“You have no idea,” he says, finally leaning away with the hugest smile on his face. “How on earth…” Harry asked in complete shock that you are actually there. “Please don’t wake me if I’m dreaming. You’re the best sight I’ve seen in ages!”

You laugh as he hugs you again.

“I’ve missed you, too,” you say honestly. “Was lonely in London without my best friend.”

You start to feel Harry sway you back and forth to imaginary music, as he begins to hum into your ear.

You giggle. “What are you doing, you crazy man?”

“Can’t a man dance with his best friend when he’s happy, if he wants to?” Harry asks, spinning you slowly around, not letting you go.

“He absolutely can, handsome,” you say, loving his adoration for you.

I know he’s out there
He’s looking for you
Someday he’ll find you I swear that it’s true
And he’s gonna kiss you and you’ll feel the world stand still

As Harry stopped humming, he leans away from you, smiling.

“Thank you for coming to see me, love,” Harry says with his heart. “You don’t know how much that means to me.”

“Selfish of me, honestly,” you say. “I missed you.”

As you smile at him, you see him look at your mouth, then gently press his lips against yours. He leans away again, his arms still around you, and looks into your eyes.

“Means more to me than you could ever know, babe,” Harry gushes, as he again kisses you, making no mistakes in showing how he truly feels for you. Your heart smiles, knowing you’ve felt the same for him for a long time but was afraid to show it. As Harry tastes your kiss, his body begins to slowly pull you into his slow dance once again, holding you closely, kissing you passionately, and happy you seem to feel the same for him.

You need someone who’ll miss you
Hold you and kiss you
There’s somebody out there who will

The 2nd Imaginary Symphony, Episode 1

[Music starts]

Augustus: This is August Plumb; you are listening to the Perpetual Broadcasting Corporation.  Of course, it is holiday time, and across Paris, we begin celebrating the month-long lead up to our Platypus Eve, a distinctly Parisian holiday now celebrated across the globe, observing the hatching of the Great Recitating Platypus of the North, the platypus, of course, believed by generations of French schoolchildren, to visit them when illness strikes, recite poetry while they sleep, thereby restoring them to health by the time they wake.

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I’m really, really glad that there are people who appreciate the mixtapes that I’ve made so far and right now I’m about to drop a new one for this week. The songs that I curated have some sort of old school rock vibe incorporated into it. It makes me think of casually sitting on the rooftop on lazy afternoons, or kinda like going on a road trip, if you know what I mean. As much as I want to avoid doing it, I really like visualizing the songs, making imaginary music videos and I think it’s kind of my weird habit lol Well anyway, I hope you enjoy this one!  

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mulan in a modern, magical world (part ½)

An imaginary live-action musical set in a modern world where magic exists. Your favorite characters all have unique magic- meet the characters in part one and see how their story unfolds in part two.

“You may look like Fa, but you have none of the Fa woman magic!” Those are the words that continue to ring in Mulan’s (Angelababy) ears. She has been trying to emulate the magic of the women in her family for as long as she can remember, but she’s never been successful. She’s never brewed magical tea, she’s never made cherry blossoms bloom, she’s failed every time. Mulan is terrified that she will never make her family proud. One day, as she’s cleaning her father’s magic armor, something in her sings. A few moments with the magical weapons, and it occurs to Mulan all at once: she has weapon magic, a gift prevalent in the men of the Fa family. She cannot tell her family, but she is desperate to learn. So Mulan gets a job at the local magic gym as a receptionist. During the day, she answers phones. But at night when everyone is gone, Mulan practices with the bags and the swords and teaches herself.

Shang (Godfrey Gao) owns the magic gym. He inherited it from his father, who recently passed away. The members of the gym are powerful, threatening men who respected Shang’s father deeply. Although Shang has powerful battle magic, he is still struggling to be the man his father was. The members of the gym doubt him. Despite how hard he’s working, he can’t gain the respect of his members or the surrounding community. Gangs have targeted the gym as a weak spot now, and begin encroaching on Shang’s space.

The 2nd Imaginary Symphony, Episode 2

Augustus: Auggie Plumb here.  You are listening to part two of the PBC’s broadcast of the 2nd Imaginary Symphony.  It is, of course, Platypus Night, the night in our month-long lead up to Platypus Eve, where all Paris goes dark.  The city of lights is extinguished and one finds not a single lit electric light or candle.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, at the strike of 8 in two hours’ time, the Parisians will gather with friends, with loved ones, with only the moonlight to light their way, and later this evening, waiting, all of us, waiting.

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Plane Rides (REQUEST)

(I literally got so annoyed with Justin writing this, hahahahahaha)

“Ugh, this is taking forever!” Justin whined, fidgeting in his seat.

We were flying to New York, and although that was only a 5 hour flight, Justin was incapable of sitting still and waiting patiently, God knows what it would be like to fly internationally with him.

He never knew what to do with himself, meaning I would have to keep him occupied, somehow - he was like a 5 year old, one of those annoying ones.

“Justin, we’ve been in the air for like 30 minutes.” I announced, rolling my eyes, flicking through my magazine.

“That’s all?! It feels like forever.”

I was planning on getting a little bit of reading done, along with some paperwork for something or other - but with Justin around, I knew I was going to get slim to none of that done.

“Do you think birds think planes are just really really big birds?” He asked, looking up at the ceiling, making me look at him with wide eyes, “You’re such an airhead.”

Filling out the paperwork, I couldn’t concentrate because all I could hear was Justin singing Mariah Carey really obnoxiously, I mean, Mariah Carey? Really?

“All I want for Christmas, is youuuuuu!”

“Justin, it’s April.” I said.

“You don’t just sing summer songs in the summer time.” He replied, dancing to the imaginary music. Sighing, realising I wasn’t going to get any work down, I set the papers down and picked up my book and my earphones.

A chapter in, I felt my right earphone being pulled out, “Hey, whatcha listening to?” He whispered, “Rihanna.”

“Ooh, can I listen?”


I went back to reading, before Justin started humming along to the song, making my jaw clench.

Trying to tune him out, I turned the page, “So what’s that book about?”


I felt like screaming, can’t a girl just have some peace?!

Setting it down, I closed my eyes and sighed, hoping sleep would shut him up.

“Can we cuddle? I’m in a cuddling mood.”

“Oh my God, Justin!” I exclaimed, laughing in disbelief. “What?” He asked, looking at me confused.

“Babe, you’re literally so annoying.” I whined, making him pout. “I don’t mean to be…”

“I know you don’t, you do it without realising.” “I’m sorry, I’ll stop.” He said, pulling the divider up and resting his head on my shoulder, his arm draped lazily over my waist. I sighed as I finally got some quiet.

“So how long until we land?”

russianspacegeckosexparty  asked:

dance with the devil by breaking Benjamin is deffo in his playlist. He films imaginary music videos in his head while hunting. Abusers who get out on technicalities turn up missing/dead. "That's GOOD EATS!" Vampire Bucky declares after draining a stalker dry

other suggestions for bucky’s hunting playlist:
- red right hand by nick cave and the bad seeds
- one way or another by blondie
- psycho killer by talking heads
- dracula’s wedding by outkast
- heads will roll by yeah yeah yeahs
- pursuit by gesaffelstein

love with a dash of violin

Title: love with a dash of violin

Genre: fluffy drabble

TW: none

Word Count: 377

AN: I’m really bad at titles i know. This is for day 9 of the @carryon-countdown (prompt - music).

Soft music drifted in through the cracked door. Deft fingers jumped around the fingerboard, vibrato ringing with each long note. The song itself alternated between slow, tranquil romance and fast, upbeat tension. The bow slid across the strings, changing speed and direction every note. The violin was held parallel to the floor, music flowing freely from it.

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