Guy: Can I buy you a drink?
Me: that would be nice
Me: *whispers* while we’re waiting, let me offer you some free advice
Guy: what
Me: what

Dancing with the Devil

Graceful yet fierce, powerful yet innocent. You danced around the corridors of the Cortez in a way that was god- like. Every movement was timed to perfection yet done so effortlessly that it was hard to believe this was all for practice. You were a ballerina; a master of dance and a true artist in every sense of the word. You were practising for your biggest role yet…Swan Queen. Since you were a child, you dreamed of landing a role this huge and finally making an impact in the dancing world. You practised every second of the day and you were always thinking of ways to enhance your routine. You were finally living your dreams. You were so caught up in your movements that you forgot what you were supposed to be doing. Walking up to your hotel room, a fairly simple task, somehow transformed into a full-blown dance recital! You didn’t care though as you moved to imaginary music unaware of the stranger watching you…

James stood across the hall and watched you with a slight smirk playing at his lips. He found you exquisite. He had never cared for things such as dance but the way you moved truly entranced him. It was unlike anything he had ever seen! Such purity was rare and the fact that he found it was incredible to him. You moved with such confidence yet you were meek in your own way. You were a peculiar creature but you were beautiful. Something he had not called anyone in a long time. 

Despite his sudden fondness for you, he couldn’t help picturing you move another way. He found himself wondering how you’d move underneath him whilst covered in blood and a terrified expression on his face. He found himself wondering how you would dance for him in your last moments. Would you scream or take your inevitable end with a quite dignity? He was unsure. He was unsure how a somewhat ‘cutesy’ creature like you had stumbled into a place like this. 

All that he knew was that he was going to find out…one way or another.

It’s your girl Mavis and after taking some time off I feel ENERGISED! I am trash though and I’m so friggin’ sorry for being a douche and not uploading.

Tom Boy - Jon Snow x Reader

{Credit to gif creator}

Fandom- Game of Thrones 

Character- Jon Snow {Mentions Sansa Stark and Robb Stark} 

Word Count- 428 Words (whoops…)

Drabble friday- reader is normally very boyish but one day Jon Snow walks in on her practising dance moves and cheekily threatens to tell Sansa unless she gives him a kiss

You look round your room one last time and check to see if the door is definitely closed and no one can see you. You imagine the music playing in your head as you look down at your creased trousers and untucked shirt as you start to spin round in time with your imaginary music. You turn so your back is to the door and you start doing elegant spins and steps and sways in your hips. 

You turn to do another spin, swirling with a smile as you practice your dancing skills, you wanted to dance with one of the Stark boys, either Robb or Jon (Though he wasn’t a full Stark) and you wanted to impress one of them too, though you knew Sansa and Arya would laugh at you, and Bran and Rickon would probably laugh too. 

You kept on practicing and you turn to do a full spin but your stance falls you stare at the curly haired boy at the door. 

“Jon!” You hiss and he bursts out a laugh that seems to have been held in for ages. 

“Wow,” He says and you frown, “I’m used to seeing a bow or a sword in your hand, not you spinning round on the tips of your toes,” 

“How long have you been stood watching me?” You ask and he shrugs. 

“Don’t tell anyone Jon,” You say and you see a smirk come over his lips. 

“I’ll tell Sansa if you don’t give me a kiss,” He says and your lips part and you roll your eyes. 

“Really Jon Snow?” You say, folding your arms and he grins. 

“Yes, really,” He says and he folds his arms too, imitating you like a child. 

“Fine,” You huff and you walk over and kiss his cheek, “There,” 

“No,” He says firmly, pointing to his lips, “Here,” 

You sigh, dropping your folded arms and Jon drops his. 

You decide to surprise him. You quickly push your lips on his, your hands wondering round the back of his head, locking your fingers into his hair and he moves back at first, but then his hands fold round you and he smiles. 

“Still telling Sansa?” You ask and he smiles. 

“Not if you keep kissing me like that,” He says and you push him to the wall. 

“Good,” You mumble and he pulls you closer and your lips push harshly onto his. 

“And you have to dance with me at the next event,” He says and you nod. 

“Done,” You say and he pushes his lips softly onto yours. 


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nailbiter- thomas jefferson aeroplane
two songs- thomas jefferson aeroplane
two more songs- thomas jefferson aeroplane
(yall srsly pls check out my buds tja theyre super great and deserve more fans)
because the internet- childish gambino
all you can do- watsky
talon of the hawk- the front bottoms
a/b- kaleo
louder than bombs- the smiths
fire escape- imaginary future

my music taste is weird as hell!!!!
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snow white in a modern, magical world (pt 1/2)

An imaginary live-action musical set in a modern world where magic exists. Your favorite characters all have unique magic- meet the characters in part one and see how their story unfolds in part two.

Snow White (Fan BingBing) is a magical baker in a small town where magic is everywhere. Snow has the ability to infuse her baked goods with spells and potions- scones that cause perfect singing pitch for two hours, cupcakes known to cause the consumer’s fingers to drip with sparkles, and apple pies that inspire feelings of self-worth. Snow is known for her own kindness- her generosity, her good humor, her laughter. She always hires the homeless to work for her, she donates extra baked goods to the local school, she attends all the town meetings.

Max (Peter Dinklage) is not known for his sweetness. He is the youngest, grumpiest, and most sarcastic member of a large family of magical men with a gift for growing fruit. Max’s gift? Apples. He produces the crispest, sweetest apples in the state. He is Snow’s fruit supplier and visits Snow daily, bringing her fruit and sarcastic comments. Snow doesn’t seem to mind though- she banters with him, laughs at his dumb jokes. She might be the only person in the world who can keep up with him, put up with him. He tries not to watch her, but the whole damn town can see the way he lights up when she smiles.

15 DAYS OF FANMIXES // For a book

The greatest grief, songs for Achilles and Patroclus and their love.

All we are – OneRepublic | It was you – 12 stones | Take me to church – Hozier | Run boy run – Woodkid | Angel with a shot gun – The cab | Deep Down – Saosin | Safe and sound – Taylor Swift feat. The Civil wars | How to save a life – The Fray | Dark Paradise – Lana del Rey | Sigh no more – Mumford and sons | I’ll follow you into the dark – Death cab for cutie

anonymous asked:


Do you sing or do anything unusual in the shower?

Showers are for imaginary music videos so of course I sing. I also lip sync and dance.

Im a better dancer in the shower than on a dancefloor cause worrying you look like a slut is nonsense when youre already naked.

Imagine #38

“C’mon Puddin’, let’s set your mind on new boundaries.”Harley cooed while her fingers pressed skillfully on your shoulders, rubbing the sore muscles with delicate but precise movements which almost made you melt under the females touch.

Grunting, you bit your lower lip and stare at the blonde only to grip her wrists to stop her, adding you need something else to relax you, something just like her body working up all against you.

“Ah, I know what my pudding likes so badly~”The female cooed, a smile forming on her perfectly painted red lips, skipping to the platform in the middle of the room while her dress rode up her knees, a hand placed on her left hip while the other reached for the steel bar.

The playful smirk still evident on her lips before she swayed her body to some imaginary music she was imagining in her mind while you sunk back into the leather couch, gripping the side of the material while biting your fist and watch the blonde give you the best show of tonight.

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