Hey Tumblr,

I am working on my senior thesis film The Skeleton God. It’s about a boy who takes his friends on an imaginary adventure as a means of dealing with his abusive father. So he takes his friends A Knight, A Spacewoman, A Sheriff and Wizard on a quest for four candles to take down the Skeleton God.

This is a fantasy film with 90% black cast. The kids are amazing. If you could like, share or donate to this project I would be grateful. You can even get the poster (shown above) and credit in the film. Thank you guys!

[i]n their own strange ways, imaginary musical instruments exist. What’s more, they have not merely shadowed or paralleled musical life; they have formed a vital part of it, participating in ways that show the fragility of the distinction between imaginary and real. No less than instruments you hold in your hand, imaginary instruments act as interfaces between mind and world, limning the edges of what we may think and do.”

Our umbrella organization is crowdfunding towards a warped ASMR romcom. Don’t kill their idea before it crosses into the actual. Dial up today:


Our new skin flick ‘AAA’


Symmetry - City of Dreams

Perfect for reading/writing/driving a Porsche through Los Angeles at 3am in 1986 fucked up on pills and wondering if you actually witnessed a murder, or is it your imagination at it again, reality sliding in and out like so many lubricated gears, sweat and cum on your hands, on the steering wheel, on the tape deck, and you can’t remember the address to that house in the hills, but the smell of metal blood and gasoline rising off the early morning summer cement tells you to head for Mexico before dawn.


We here at Imaginary Hockey League have just released a new music video! It’s our goofy, vague homage to exploitation flicks. (TW for cartoony violence and fake blood). We made it with our good friend Dylan/Lanooski! Please check it out then go download our music for free here! Also we are a 4 piece now we just filmed this video before @natethemap joined the band! And yes the title is a JoJo reference!