The Monkey of the Inkpot from Jorge Luis Borges “Book of Imaginary Beings”

“This animal, common in the north, is four or five inches long; its eyes are scarlet and its fur is jet black, silky, and soft as a pillow. It is marked with a curious instinct – the taste for India ink. When a person sits down to write, the monkey squats cross-legged nearby with one forepaw folded over the other, waiting until the task is over. Then it drinks what is left of the ink, and afterward sits back on its haunches, quiet and satisfied.” (Borges cites Wang Tai-Hai, 1791)”

Part of my daily sketch challenge on instagram

Once a Week Bullet Journal Challenge for 2017!

I really wanted to spend more effort on both my bullet journal and my studyblr especially since I’m in my final year of high school and will be going to university soon! Feel free to join in. Just upload a photo of your bullet journal with these prompts once a week! I will be tracking #studyinpeace!

1. New years resolutions/ goals

2. Places you want to go to

3. Books to read

4. Habits to break, habits to make

5. How are you feeling today?

6. Favourite quote

7. Playlist of favourite songs/ playlist for

8. Things you are grateful for

9. Plan your outfit for tomorrow

10. Movies to watch

11. List of stationery you want to buy (you can use these as rewards!)

12. Things that annoy you

13. Draw a cute animal or a pet

14. Favourite fictional characters, reasons why you like them

15. Write a letter to your future self

16. Self care routine

17. Favourite recipe

18. Positive words for yourself

19. Scrapbook with pictures of whatever

20. Research a topic you’re interested in and write a summary

21. Your handwriting/ tumblr handwriting tag

22. Your favourite poem

23. Draw the first thing you see

24. Tv Shows to binge watch

25. STICKERS (No seriously just put a bunch of your fav stickers)

26. Pictures of cute animals

27. Review a book

28. Favourite jokes/ puns

29. Self Reflection

30. Pen test! write something with all of your pens!

31. Quote of the day #2

32. Review a movie

33. Things you love about yourself

34. Favourite resteraunts + favourite thing off the menu

35. Create an imaginary animal/ creature

36. Favourite lyrics

37. Write or draw something you are passionate about

38. Recipe for an easy to make healthy snack

39. Timeline of your life so far

40. Reasons to smile

41. Favourite beauty products/ self care products

42. Favourite colours swatch

43. Favourite Youtube videos to make you smile

44. Quick 10 minutes workout routine

45. Review an episode of a tv show

46. Draw your favourite cartoon character or print a picture and describe them

47. About me page

48. Things to do on a rainy day

49. The Alphabet in your favourite font

50. Character study: analyze your favourite character

51. Things you’ve accompllished in 2017

52. Things you want to accomplish in 2018

Zutara Week 2017: Confessions of a Teenage Sugar Queen

The title is a throwback to a movie I liked when I was in high school, so that is the voice I’ve chosen for this AU. (Not Lindsay Lohan’s from the movie, just me trying to channel my inner teenage Katara…)

All of my @zutaraweek submissions will be part of one continuous story. Get ready for some slow-burn Zutara angst starting with Day One: Fire Lady.

“I can’t wait until summer!” A blur of orange brushes past me in the school hallway. “I’m gonna go hang gliding and kite surfing and eat ice cream for breakfast and donuts for lunch!”

That would be Aang. He lives with his head in the clouds on most days.

“Let me guess. Cream puffs for dinner, Twinkletoes?”

Toph is pretty solid for a freshman. She keeps Aang grounded when he starts to get too flighty. I like hanging out with them, but sometimes their immaturity annoys me. I can tell this is one of those moments. No one can eat dessert all day. Talk about a serious sugar crash.

“What about you, Sugar Queen?” Toph asks.

I don’t know why she calls me that. OK, maybe I suggested once that I could survive solely on fudgsicles and moon pies, but that was only after that bad breakup with Jet. Toph elbows me hard in the ribs, her usual gesture for getting my attention.

“Oww! I have plans this summer, alright? I can’t just goof off. I’m going to get a job and do something that matters for my future!” I hate how haughty that sounds, but I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately. I hurry past them before I say anything I might regret.

“Geez, what’s with her?” Toph mutters. Aang sighs airily in response.

They just don’t get it.

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anonymous asked:

I really like the ageplay reaction and i was wondering if you could write one for one they are the little ones on the relationship

First of all, I would just like to say that for this particular reaction I wouldn’t see any of them being submissive when it comes to their sexual lives so age play would probably switch roles or be “turned off” during sex if they’re playing the younger role. Since that is the case, I’ll only do this as the “Normal Life” aspects of the age play relationship. Sorry for any inconvenience and for the lack of imagination on part for the “Sex life” aspect. 



Y/N: “Would you like marshmallows in your hot chocolate Xiumin?” 

Xiumin: “rrress Pweaazze! I Lovze marshmallows!”

Y/N: “oK, here you go” *hands him a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows* “be careful, it’s very hot right now, let it cool down a bit or you might burn your tongue”

Xiumin: “Thanks *mommy/daddy* I love marshmallows with hot chocolate!”

Luhan: “I don’t want to go outside *mommy/daddy* There’s other kids out there and they’re big and scary”

Y/N: “It’s ok lulu, they won’t hurt you”

Luhan: “but what if they do *mommy/daddy* they’re big and scary. What if they do hurt little lu? What then *mommy/daddy*?”

Y/N: “They won’t hurt you, I promise. Here, I’ll go out there with you, would that make you feel better?”

Luhan: *looks around shyly and unsure* “…yes *mommy/daddy*

Kris: “*mom/dad* I don’t wanna do dance practice!”

Y/N: “Sweet heart, you need to do your dance practice, how will you grow up to cool kid if you don’t know how to dance?”

Kris: “I’ll do basketball, basketball players are the cool kids”

Y/N: “well, you’re still going to dance practice today so get in the car before I count to three”

Kris: “NOOOOO….”

Y/N: “one…..two…”


Suho: “if I can make you laugh I get thirty more tv minutes”

Y/N: “No Suho, it’s your bed time, be a good boy and go to bed. I’ll be there to tuck you in soon”

Suho: “noo! More tv minutes please *mommy/daddy**does aegyo* “If I make you laugh I get more tv minutes” *does more aegyo* “more tv minutes” *aegyo* “I love you *mommy/daddy*! please more tv minutes” *aegyo*

Yixing: *Absolutely loves to play pretend. Literally every day when he gets home from work he reverts to his ageplay childishness and acts like some imaginary creature or animal*  “Look *mommy/daddy* today I’m a bunny rabbit!” *does bunny rabbit ears*

Baekhyun: *you and baekhyun were baby-sitting some REAL kids for one of your friends and his childish/ageplay nature came out in full force*  *Mommy/daddy* look what I taught the baby to do” *does large heart sign* “see *mommy/daddy* I do that then the baby do dat also”

Chen: “*Mommy/daddy* I can’t get my cookie in the Nilk! There’s not enough Nilk!”

Y/N: “baby, it’s called milk. MMMMM-ilk not N-ilk. Pronounce it correctly and I’ll give you more milk to eat you cookie”

Chen: “*mommy/daddy* I need more Nilk”

y/n: “M-ilk”

Chen: “N-ilk”

y/n; “M-ilk”

Chen: “N-ilk”

y/n: “M-ilk”

Chen: “N-ilk”

Y/N: *throws hands up in the air* “I give up”

Y/N: “now Chanyeol, what are you not going to do again after you are done being grounded?”

Chanyeol: *sulks underneath his blanket, hugging his pillow, and pouts* “we’re not going to watch the tv past our bedtime and eat all the popcorn and ice cream when *mommy/daddy* said no”

Y/N: “that’s right, now I hope grounding you will teach you a lesson. You’re grounded for 2 days”

Chanyeol: *pouts even more* “hmmm!”

Kyungsoo: “*mommy/daddy* look, I learned how to ride a bike and it’s really big. I can stay on it with no help anymore. Do you see me? I’m riding the bike right now see”

Y/N: “that’s amazing kiddo! I’m so proud of you”

Tao: “Look *mommy/daddy* my friend gave me this pink and yellow ball on a stick and it tastes good! I waited for you to get off of work to show it to you”

Y/N: “that’s so cool sweetie. Your friend is really nice”

Tao: “yeah he is. I saved some of it for you because it’s good and I want you to have it. I love you *mommy/daddy*

Y/N: “…Oh… thanks but you can have it… I love you to sweetie”

Y/N: “Kai, how many times have I told you not to talk with your mouth full?”

kai:  “but *mom/dad* this is important! I was playing with my toy cop car during play time then I heard a real cop car as I was playing with my cop car and the real cop car looked just like my toy cop car but it was bigger and realer, it was awesome!”

Y/N: “that’s interesting baby, but it’s time to eat and it’s impolite to talk with your mouth full when you eat so we can talk about it later okay?”

kai: “ok…. but *mom/dad* is was so awesome, the rrrrrrrr-ing sound was playing and the cops were driving really fast and it was a real cop car, really”

Y/N: “Kai, baby! No more talking!”

Kai: “but *mom/dad* it was really real…….”

Sehun: *You come home to child Sehun playing on the living room floor in a pile of feathers that came from all of the couch and bedroom pillows. The entire house is covered in the feather, the pillows are destroyed, and the beds are a mess*

Y/N:  “Sehun, can you explain this mess to your parent right now?!” *crosses arms*

Sehun: *looks up from the handful of feathers he’s busy playing with at the moment and sees his parent (you) staring at him, un-amused* “uh-oh”

Y/n: “yeah uh-oh is right you bad, bad child”

Sehun: “…. Sehun sorwwwy”


small imaginary animal friends

There is a big fluffy lil mouse who transforms guilt over not being able to do things that need to be done, and survivour’s guilt and guilt over not being able to make other people not suffer. This lil gnawer will make sure guilt doesn’t gnaw at us!

There is a little elephant shrew (take a closer look at that snout!) who uses the excellent snout to evaluate if worries are useful or not. It mostly finds them unhelpful, but never worry - it won’t dismiss necessary concerns! The snout has special worry-evaluating snout-senses!  

There is an equally adorable hamster who transforms shame. They’re not ashamed of always munching and hoarding stuff, they don’t even have a concept of being ashamed; while I was trained to feel shame for all my needs, and more. The hamster transforms all kinds of shame, and reminds you that you are. And that is enough.

There is a little hedgehog who guards against triggers. Triggers have a hard time getting through those dense quills and chances are, they won’t affect you. The hedgehog can even eat them if they are small! But if they do get to you, the hedgehog will allow you to curl up and be safe.

The rat, big sibling to guilt-transforming mouse, also transforms guilt. The guilt over things you did wrong or wish you had done better or fear you are doing wrong or will do wrong in the future. Guilt will not make you a better person! But this rat will, together with mouse-friend, by freeing up the energy that is constrained by guilt and enableing you to put it to good use.

YoyoPy Fursonas!

I was drawing updated versions of my personal fursona and Yoyo wanted me to draw hers too! I was happy to~

Basically Im using a imaginary animal I made up in 2nd Grade with some tweaks since then (no longer made of geometry for example)  The update is: Now with more arm for more butterfly-like components. I called them a flutterfox but if you prefer, PapillioVulpes sounds fancier.

Yoyo is a tiger with feathery red wings! You probably recognize those attributes from her usual persona.

These were so much fun to draw…omg.


wakerife - wakeful; indisposed to sleep

wanhope - dispair

wanze - to decrease, to waste away

waygone - exhausted from long travels

wegotism - excessive use of the pronoun ‘we’ in speech or writing

weirdward - bordering upon the supernatural

welkin - the vault of the sky, firmament, heaven

whangam - an imaginary animal

wis - to know; to believe

woofits - an unwell feeling; depression

wordbound - unable to find expression in words

worsification - the composition of bad poetry

wyrd - the personification of fate or destiny 

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 2 Translation [PREVIEW]

Thanks to @chibiyuuto for posting the preview scans!  [Link Removed by @cardcaptorcoconut]

I went through them and did a rough translation of what’s available so far below.  I’m a little curious if the pages are in order, but for now, the translations are in the right to left order that the photos appear in @chibiyuuto’s post.

I just found out the issue is out on July 1st at my bookstore, so I’ll clean things up more on Friday night or Saturday morning (depending on how late I get back from work).

If you haven’t already, please see my translation notes for how I’ll be adding in footnotes for the new chapters.

Also, the two things I have to say from the preview are that Syaoran is TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD and Yamazaki/Naoko are an evil team, lol.

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Oh. My. God. Stop.

You are not a “kin” anything you are a human being. You are a human being. You can imagine whatever you want, but that does not make it real

If you believe that you are not a human being, and that you are some kind of animal or imaginary person, you are suffering from a DELUSION and need MENTAL HELP from a PROFESSIONAL.

DELUSIONS can be harmful to your physical and mental well-being, especially if you let them go out of control, and others enable you.

You are a human being, you are a human being, you are a human being. Get the help you need. See a therapist today.

Different animal things:

Totem = a symbolic ancestor, an animal symbol for one’s clan. Word of Ojibwe origin.

Spirit guide/animal = Some sort of spiritual entity which guides/protects you and has an animal form. Similar concepts under different names exist in many religions.

Power animal = Kind of like above, in shaman traditions.

Fylgja = A type of spirit guide in animal shape from norse paganism, may be inherited through family lines.

Fursona = An anthropomorphic animal character that represents you in the furry fandom.

Furry = A) An anthropomorphic animal character B) A fan of such characters

Therianthropy = Identifying as an actual real life non-human animal mentally/spiritually (not physically). A therian is their theriotype (animal species), they are not separate personalities or entities.

Multiplicity = Experiencing multiple personalities.

Pet play = An erotic role-play in which at least on participant plays the part of a non-human animal.

Otherkin = A) Someone who identifies as a mythological non-human being spiritually/mentally B) In a wider sense, someone who identifies as something non-human spiritually/mentally.

Daemonism = Based on Philip Pullman’s fantasy books “His Dark Materials”, a practice in which you create a visualisation/imaginary friend in animal form that represents your personality and conscience.

This is just for throwing out some very basic stuff for those who wonder “am I X?” or “What is this experience called?”. Feel free to add and/or correct me.

Questions for OCs

Hi!!! Merry Christmas, Pixelberry fandom! I wanted a way to give back to this fandom, so have a really long bunch of questions for OCs and stuff! You know, Askbox fodder.

1) Do they collect stuff? If so, what kinds of things do they collect?

2) What kind of usernames would they use online?

3) If they were to make up an animal, what kind of imaginary animal would it be?

4) If they were to play HSS/HWU, what are they going to do? Would they put in their real-life friends, or would they put in OCs?

5) If they could design an outfit for themselves, what would it look like?

6) What kind of clothes do they sleep in?

7) How did the parents name them? How did they get their nicknames?

8) If they were to write a fairy tale, what would it be?

9) How would they design their bedroom, given an infinite budget and no restrictions?

10) What country would they like to live in?

11) What kind of patterns do they like? Ex: stripes, spots, plaid, etc.

12) What’s their favorite kind of footwear?

13) What’s their dream gadget? Ex: ellphones, laptops, TVs, etc.

14) What would they prefer: Nintendo, PlayStation, or XBox?

15) What kind of blogs would they have?

16) If they had to write fanfiction on their real-life friends, what would it be?

17) If they could donate a large sum of money, what kind of charities would they donate to?

18) What issue is most important to them? Ex: sexism, racism, LGBT+, etc.

19) What kind of toys would they give a child, given no restrictions?

20) What’s their favorite sound to hear?

21) Do they have any phobias?

22) If they had to sing karaoke, what song would they pick?

23) How do they find the holidays? If they celebrate them, how do they celebrate?

24) If they had to make a horoscope post, what would they put in it?

25) Do they have a family recipe that they’d love to cook/bake, given the skills of Liam Archer?

Feelin’ kinda down today, so I colored an old Profesora Regina comic strip of mine from 2011. I drew it as a sorta fake Sunday strip on the subject of “pet death” for a newspaper project - I didn’t make it in, but something about this mad scientist girl in the woods got my wheels turning in the best way and this lil seed bloomed into my series Deep Forest. Click for the full view!

Pet deaths are always hard, even when your pets are imaginary. And what if you could make those imaginary pets real?  How much of their death is your responsibility…?