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Frank Lloyd Wright

This was the last Frank Lloyd Wright’s dream: Ellis Island ‘city of the future’, designed in 1959. As a part of those projects never built in New York, journalist reports the news accompanied with colorful drawings :

‘’..After the immigration centre was decommissioned in 1954 the site was offered to developers.
The highest bid proposed a ‘completely self-contained city of the future’ designed by recently deceased Frank Lloyd Wright.
It featured a circular podium superimposed on the rectangular island. There were thousands of apartments and a 500-room hotel. Air-conditioned domes would house theatres, hospitals, churches and schools. Cars would be replaced by moving pavements.
All proposals were rejected and the island was declared a national monument…’’ 



“ Entrer par la fenêtre ” par anitaa
Via Flickr :
Handmade collage ©anitaa 2018

anonymous asked:

If you could have tea with any 4 people, living or dead, fictional or real, who would they be and also what would your tea party spread be? If you could be any monster, what would you be and what are 5 things someone could summon you with? What is one of the most mind-blowing meals you've ever had? How would you describe the mental place where all your stories come from? Is it a liminal space, a city, a library, an undersea cave, etc? I'm sorry things are hard and I hope this helps a bit.

Thank you.  <3

My GF would have to be there. I would totally invite Seanan McGuire. And. Uhh. Damn. I am bad at these just very bad. Freddie Mercury? And probably just like, uhh, this really fat mountain lion named Luna, who lives at Turpentine Creek big cat rescue. She’s just a big fatty and I love her. She is my patronus, my daemon, a reflection of me. So if she could be friendly, I would def want her there.

I think we would all have a great time. Diet Dr. Pepper and candy corn and cookies for everyone, and I want some Panera orange scones and some mint chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for my GF, and probably some rose and cardamom tea for the angelic being that will be among us, and Luna can have like an entire deer to herself.

Ummmm a monster, IDK, I would probably just want to be some sort of flying big cat.  Have you seen the jaquins from Elena of Avalor?  I would have been all over that as a kid.  They’re amazing.  Something like that.  You could totally summon me with glitter, fire, steak, cool skulls, and the opportunity to touch a friendly animal.

My stories don’t come from any specific place, really, but many are rooted in some sort of place.  One of the imaginary cities I play around in with my RP partner/s, usually. They’re all base on real cities, though, which is pretty cool, because it gives us a place to go visit.

starspin ; a space inspired playlist


art credit to taranandart


oh earth [the brilliance] ; dance on our graves [paper route] ; two veils to hide my face [passion pit] ; anathema [twenty one pilots] ; stratosphere [mutemath] ; nightfall [anchor & braille] ; shooting the moon [ok go] ; cold moon [the zolas] ; stars [barcelona] ; under stars [aurora] ; broken bottles form a star (prelude) [snow patrol] ; only way out (ft. vancouver sleep clinic) ; planet [anamanaguchi] ; hear the bells (ft. imaginary cities) [porter robinson] ; o [coldplay]

i made so many playlists while i was finishing my finals, here’s one of them

Grand Love

  1. Out Of Line - Gesaffelstein
  2. Grandloves (feat. Young Magic) - Purity Ring
  3. Chick Lit (Danger TV Remix) - We Are Scientists 
  4. Entertainment - Phoenix
  5. Hear the Bells (feat. Imaginary Cities) - Porter Robinson 
  6. Innocence (feat. Aquilo) - Madeon
  7. Left Alone (feat. Chet Faker) - Flume 
  8. Masterpiece (ft. Jordan Rakei) - Disclosure
  9. Krystal - SUNSET
  10. Doin’ It Right (Feat. Panda Bear) - Daft Punk
155. Epilogue

It hits you when you least expect it.

I was washing dishes when I realized – it’s over. He’s moved on.
I was in his life for a reason, and that reason was for me not to stay.

The conversations in the wee hours.
Waking up to each other’s voices.
Weeping into each other’s arms,
Smiling as it dawned on us we were soulmates,
One heart kissing the other’s.

It was, however, a ship that would never sail.
That was never meant to sail.

And so tonight, my friends,
The words you have heard have been the journey of a heart, (maybe two)
through imaginary cities, transient time zones, wistful worlds that collided, exploded
bits and pieces of which still taunt me
but only as fuel for the pen and nothing more.

It hits you when you least expect it –

The epilogue to a love that could have been,
The epilogue to a heartbreak.


I washed the last of the dishes, switch off the kitchen light and climb up the stairs.

Disney’s Magic Highway - 1958

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