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Hi, I don't mean to bother you but seeing how your blog is mainly alta I had a question. Do you know exactly why Azula lost her mind? I've been trying to figure that out for years.

azula is so hard for me to analyze but here i go! :)

Azula was born in a very oppressed and partly brainwashed society where power and status is above everything else. In a nation that thinks they’re better than every other nation in the world. She’s the princess, which puts her in a prime position in her society, but a position with immense pressure to be the best and perfect. When we are first introduced to her, she’s firebending with the old lady twins. One of them states “almost perfect” and she goes “almost isnt good enough.” which is a line thats really telling of her personality and personal struggles of perfection. Going back to her childhood, her mother Ursa sees her anti-social tendencies and tries to teach her right from wrong - she cant stay because she is banished. No one is left to tell Azula no. And probably Ozai encourages that behavior in her because she’s the stronger sibling.

Ozai basically throws his kids to the wolves and only the strongest survives. Zuko obviously didnt “survive” that treatment and was thus BURNED and BANISHED for simply speaking up. 

Azula knows why Zuko has been mutilated and banished. If she speaks up or says anything to defy Ozai will she be treated the same way? Yes. I think Azula’s afraid of Ozai but needs his approval on an emotional level - what she needs is love that has been denied to her. At one point Azula even says to Ozai, “Don’t treat me like Zuko!”. I think her thought process is something like “If I’m the best, then he’ll love me and everybody will love me.” but it seems that her best probably isn’t good enough considering how terrible Ozai is. 

Then she becomes Firelord while her father is Phoenix King ruler of the realms. During her short reign as the Firelord, she sees her mother. But it’s not the fact that she sees her - it’s what imaginary Ursa says thats the kicker. Ursa says that she loves Azula and that she’s so proud of her. Azula turns and breaks the mirror that see shes Ursa in and cries. I think that Azula always says that Ursa thought she was a monster, not because it’s a fact - but it’s because Azula herself thinks she’s a monster and she’s impressing that on Ursa (now a distant memory) so she doesnt have to feel it about herself. I don’t believe that she thinks that Ursa didn’t love her.

With Mai and Ty Lee, after they left her, Azula is all like “fear is the only reliable way” because Azula thinks that the only way people will stick around and “love” her is through the same fear and oppression that her father placed upon her.

Her father taught her that love is fear.

Azula lost her mind because all of that pressure from her life. When she screamed after having lost the fight with Zuko and Katara, she was so desperate not to fail. Everything that she ever did in the series was to not fail and not “be” Zuko (probably her worst nightmare to “become”). Zuko is the epitome of “failure” and she lost to him. But she lost to Zuko and she lost the throne and she failed in her fathers eyes because at this point she doesn’t know Ozai also lost. Azula lost everything in that moment.