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Okay I was not completely disappointed with Sleepy Hollow tonight

I mean….every time Ichy expressed his love for Abbie I just looked into my imaginary camera, “The Office” style, like: “Bitch, did you just hear this lonely puppy dork?”

I feel like the writers are toying with us, but at this time I don’t even care.

This angsty shit Ichy is going through is what is supplying my oxygen tank right now. Keep this up and add in some Abbie angst too. I wanna see that hefa break down on the other side realizing how much she needs her tall puppy dork man. And how pissed she is at sacrificing her life for the damn umphtenth time.

P.S.- Did anyone else lowkey cringe at the Jenny and Joe scene? I mean…I don’t know if it was the acting or if that relationship is just TOO forced. I seriously laughed out loud at how awkward I felt watching it. Maybe it was just me……

Behind the lights

Harry Styles Imagine

Harry is only used as physical appearance. Nothing that I write about him is my opinion about him or a reflection of what I think his character is like.

Now enjoy, loves:)

All the stars brightened up the mistirious night with the moon as their leader. It had been so long since the last time I had admired the night sky. Actually, I can’t really remember the last time I had admired anything else than him. It was probably insane to say that he was everything but the truth is that he was even more than that and that scared me the most. All this was never supposed to happen, at least not like this. I never wanted to have something without i couldn’t be able to live. Then those are the things that hurt you the most. He was like I drug that I should have never tried and I remember my dad telling me to be careful.

He used to say, “People that you meet are a gift or a lesson” and I don’t really know which one he was.

I probably don’t even want to know that. But whenever I see my Dad wrapping an arm around my Mothers waist, pressing her gently against his side, staring down at her while she talks with that happiness in her voice and my Father just starts to smile, that smile that reaches his eyes and his whole face seems to light up by just knowing to have the honour of holding her every single night, yeah then I wonder If he ever looked at me like that. If those two holes got craved into his cheeks, every time he looked at me. If his eyes started to glow, when he heard my name and if he told strangers about my smile. What I would give to know If he had truly loved me.

I guess those are the lines of life, but I can’t help but feel pain every time I see you with another one.

One day it won’t matter anymore and one day I will be able to fall asleep without tears in my eyes. But one day isn’t today, so I keep sipping on the bottle of wine in my hands. Drowning the memories of his lips on hers that soiled my heart with pain and his’ fingertips with blood.

Was she worth it? But he probably can’t answer that himself, then every time I see him, his eyes are underlined with dark circles that prove his leak of sleep. His smile stopped reaching his eyes a long time ago and the look on his face that he has every time he looks at the girl in his arms is drowned with sadness.

The swing squeaked whenever I made the slightest movement and after awhile it drowned together with the other noises of the party in the house behind me and the traffic light.

I swayed to the beat of my heart and watched the stars dance in my blurred mind while I kept sipping on the glass bottle.

Quite footsteps walked towards the swing set and I knew that it was him. He sat down in the swing beside me and I didn’t even had to force myself to look away, my drunken self did it for me. Both of us stayed quite for the remaining time till’ I felt his glaze on me, burning holes into my system. I turned my head and met his eyes that looked exhausted and dull, not much remaining green.

“You got skinnier” He breathed. I looked away again and shrugged my shoulders, taking another sip of the wine.

“Possible” I slurred and starred at the trees ahead, resting my elbows on my knees. This wasn’t how I wanted the night to end. I didn’t want to have him in my system while I was already drunk enough.

“You should eat more” He said calmly and I knew that his eyes were still glued to my body shell that appealed skinnier to him.

“I don’t think that you’re in the position to tell me what’s best or worst for me” My voice probably sounded strong for a person that was completely shattered inside and I was proud of myself for a second, but the sigh that left his lips, which I knew tasted like heaven, told me that he knew how weak I really was.

“Probably not. You’re right” He took a deep breath and I glazed over at him, hoping to just get a glimmer of his beauty without him taking the sightliest bit of notice. Maybe it was the alcohol that flooded my veins but I could have sworn that the moonlight in his eyes reflected a hint of pain, but before I could look any closer, he turned his head, so that a dark curl fell over his face that he stroke behind his ear with a soft gesture. “But I still care”

I shook my head gently and took another sip, the last sip, of the bottle before I threw it to the side and got up. A chuckle left my lips and I run my hands down my jeans and turned around to him. His full appearance was still so beautiful and he looked a little to big for the slim swing. “You never cared, Harry. I was you’re little toy. But the thing that hurts is that you knew I was scared. You knew that I gave you something that I never gave anyone. But you still played a game that I never wanted to play. I guess you forgot to tell me the rules and I was too stupid not to ask.”

I bite down on my bottom lip while he just stared at his laced fingers in his lap. This was probably the first time I didn’t feel pain or love or a mixture of both when I looked at him. I just felt disgusted and stupid. How did i trust him so easily?

For once I faced him my back and was ready to never turn around but the soft touch of his hand on my wrist made me freezer. I didn’t feel his skin on mine in weeks but it still felt the same. Soft and warm. And for a short moment I closed my eyes and his scent embraced me.

“I want you to know that it’s not true. I never meant to hurt you. God knows, you’re the only person I’d never want to get hurt.  And I’m sorry how it ended. I wish it wouldn’t have. I wish you were still here, next to me, when I’m sober. And even if I deny it..” I turned my head to the side, my lips tempting and my eyes covered with a veil of tears. “You’ll always own every piece of my heart”

I glazed up in his eyes and realized that we hadn’t been that close in months and I thought of a way our lives wouldn’t have crossed each others lines, but I couldn’t imagine it. Then he showed me the lights and I knew that we’ll remember and maybe in a few years I’ll smile when I hear his name and thank him for what he did.

I squeezed my eyes shut and took a deep breath before I pulled away from him, stepping behind the lights and walking into the darkness.

First imagine in ages. Let me know if you enjoyed it and if you’d like a second part or something like that:) 

Have a good day!

“Who are you texting?” Harry asked and  leaned over to you. Both of you were sitting on the couch and watched TV.
“Nobody” you smiled.
“Oh come on, why don’t you tell me?” He looked at you with his big green eyes trough is thick lashes.
“ It’s noone important” you kiss his nose and play with his curls.  “But you keep smiling while you’re texting and I want to know who else makes you so giggly” He pouts.
“Oh Harry , are you jealous?” You laughed, but he was just looking at you. Your eyes get wide. “It’s just a friend of mine and she told me that she did something really stupid today“ Harry relaxes when he heard the female pronoun.
“Good, because I thought I had to fight you back” He comes closer, noses touching. “I will always be yours don’t worry Styles, you won me the moment our eyes met for the first time”
“Good to know” his lips brushed over yours and he closed the space between them.