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My Daughter’s Imaginary Friend

My little daughter Alicia says she has an imaginary friend who tells her to do bad things. She says it lives in her closet and every night just before she falls alseep, it talks to her.

One morning my wifes purse was missing and she found it in Alicia’s room. Alicia said that her imaginary friend told her to take it. Soon after she stuck a rusty screw in her stepbrothers shoe, his foot got infected badly when he stepped on it. Again, she claims that her friend told her to do it. But then my troubled daughter took things farther than I ever thought she actually would…. 

Last week my wife got into a car wreck and was killed. A detective brought me in for questioning. He told me that my wifes brakes had been messed with. Of corse they question the husband first, it’s always like that. But I didn’t do it and he can see that I’m telling the truth. In the back of my mind I know who really did it though, my troubled daughter. But when the detective asks if I know anyone who would want to do this to my wife, I say no……..because I don’t want to lose my daughter.

Now I’m sitting in my room alone. My wifes dead and her son is back living with his father. Meanwhile my daughter is laying in her bed a room away from mine. That reminds me, I better talk to her before she falls asleep.

I layed down on the floor in front of the vent that connects to a vent in her closet and spoke in my usual dark disguised voice,

“Hey Alicia it’s me, your friend. Good job following my instructions on how to cut those break lines. Your a smart little girl. Now you and your father can live happily without your evil mommy and her ungrateful son around. Trust me, You’ll be much happier this way.”

Written by: Sage



She giggled as he tossed her into the air. Of all the games she played with her father, this was her favorite. There was something about flying into the air but knowing she’d be safe that would stay with her forever. After the fourth toss, he put her down. He knew it was lunch time, and that he had to disappear into the closet before her parents opened the door. 


Ayyeeii—finally did an RPG horror fanart for Halloween!//onedaylate tho

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Sweet Honey

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realm-er  asked:

So, you've never been down for writing smut. And I get that. I respect that. But can I just say that this last chapter of the Wrong Strain, where there is no smut, barely even a hint of a kiss, maybe some grinding, was way more entrancing and romantic and all of those things that make you blush when you're reading a story about imaginary people, than any smut could ever be? I loved it, so much, and I love the way you highlighted the mutual respect and want to make your imagery. Thank you!

Thank you so SO much. I cannot even express how great it is to hear that. I hope it continues to feel that way.

I could hug you.


It's effing genius

Why do people not get past the relationship thing and see the actual point of “When Marnie Was There”?? *cries*


Marnie and Anna did not have a close heterosexual friendship. The whole movie was Anna’s journey as she reclaimed her memories and came to accept why her parents and grandmother left her. She remembered stories long buried in her consciousness in the only way her sorta messed up brain knew how - by imagining the stories. Whether it was a psychosis or just wild imagination and dreams (tbh, probably psychosis), it was her way of coping with the position in her life. The episode was triggered at the sight of the mansion and the silo. Memories came flooding back, but not in the usual way. There was no ghost, it was just Anna going to the mansion and staring up at the window, or Anna climbing alone up to the silo, as she remembered stuff in the only way her brain could cope with it - placing herself into the story. It was really, really romantic because the story happened between two lovers and that’s how she remembers it.

And the soul of the movie isn’t Anna finding a friend, or their relationship, or her falling in love. It’s about her reconciling her problems by sorting out her past.

It’s beautiful, really. One of the best Studio Ghibli movies I’ve seen :))

Known biological sons and daughters of Bruce Wayne
  1. Bruce Wayne Jr. (Batman II and Robin II Imaginary Stories)
  2. Helena Wayne (Huntress of Earth-2)
  3. Batman Jr. (Super-Sons)
  4. Batman III (Bruce Jr. of “Generations”)
  5. Thomas Taylor Wayne (Generations)
  6. Tallant Wayne (Brotherhood of the Bat)
  7. Ibn al Xuffasch (Kingdom Come & The Kingdom)
  8. Unborn child by Janifer Wayne (Reign of Terror)
  9. Child by Julie Madison (Dark Knight Dynasty)
  10. Unborn daughter by Selina Kyle (Catwoman: Guardian of Gotham)
  11. Terry McGinnis
  12. Max McGinnis
  13. Damian Wayne
  14. Kiki Wayne (Batman: Brave and the Bold)
  15. Thomas Wayne II (Detective Comics #27)
  16. Unnamed child by Julie Madison (Batman #49)