imaginary ships are better than nothing

Inspired by a few jagoff antis in the Star Wars shipper tags, but universally applicable.

It really saddens me that people are getting bullied into feeling morally obligated to abandon ships they like just because some salty-ass antis got nothing better to do than try and validate their own sorry selves by sitting around spewing false accusations. 

If you’re one of those asshats who’s pulling this shit - plz go take a giant flying leap. And you fuckers know EXACTLY who you are. The ones who are saying shipping Fictional Character X with Fictional Character Y makes someone a rapist or an abuser or whatever the ridiculous fuck else. The ones who conflate creating and consuming fictitious works that contain questionable activities with perpetrating those acts IRL. The ones who think protecting imaginary people justifies harassing real ones while you hypocritically assume the moral high ground.

Fantasy is fantasy for a reason - it allows us the ability to explore beyond the bounds of what’s possible or acceptable in the real world. Okay, so you want to argue life imitates art and therefore art should be forcibly censored? Fine. Don’t you have bigger fish to fry than whining at fandom shippers? You know, like getting DVDs of Breaking Bad and the Sopranos taken off the shelves because it glorifies making meth and encourages people to participate in organized crime? How about getting adult toy stores with leather floggers and fuzzy handcuffs shut down because they romanticize violence, even though that stuff’s clearly for roleplay between consenting adults? Let’s get rid of Pokemon too while we’re at it, because that glorifies dogfighting rings and promotes taking wild animals out of their natural habitats to be kept in captivity. 

Sound ridiculous? GOOD. Because quite frankly, so do you.

If you’re not personally comfortable dabbling in certain fantasies, that is 100% your choice. But you don’t get to make that decision for the rest of us, and you sure as hell don’t get to guilt, bully, and shame real people for their fictional shipping preferences while posturing from some ridiculous position of assumed moral superiority. 

If you’re doing this, YOU are the bully. YOU are the aggressor. You are the goddamn problem. If you’re accusing fictional character shippers of being IRL rapists or abusers or whatever the hell else and demanding they apologize to you for having the audacity to put you in the position of “needing” to bully them for The Greater Good - you’re also a gaslighting asshat. 

Conversely, if you enjoy reading fanfic about fictional characters in a fictional world, and you fully realize it’s 100% fiction - you are doing absolutely NOTHING wrong. Enjoy what you love. Haters gonna hate. Let their hate be their problem, not yours.