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Dean doesnt give any look to cas

Oh my Chuck!! you are right my friend. 

I can’t believe I even dedicate a blog to this lie.
Thank you very much, now I see the light. 
I will now close my account and burn all the material I was reblogging the last months to stop spreading its false message. 

Please join me in the burning of false propaganda and how my twisted imagination can make or ship anything like Destiel from them.
But thanks to your mighty intervention I see the light brother.
Let’s burn this misleading and false idolatry Imaginary (arranged in an random order, not of my creation, and taken from various sources that I hope don’t mind, or can please send me their inks so I can identify every one of them) of the poisonous cult of Destiel.

headcanon that one of percy and piper’s shared interests is 90′s and early 00′s cartoons bc that’s mainly what both their childhoods were all about: percy grew up with an abusive stepfather and piper with an absent dad. those hours they got to spend in front of the tv and forget about their lives for a while were very precious to them, and they bonded over their love for those memories

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a top 10 or top 5 of the nastiest fandom wars that ever happened around the years on the internet in the Rivals verse and why they happened

Top Ten Nastiest Fandom Wars of the Rivals!Verse Skating Fandom

10) The ‘Only True Viktor Fans’ war - a war that happened relatively early in the series when a bunch of Viktor fans started getting elitist and claiming that a lot of Viktor fans were fake fans who only liked him because he was popular and famous. They claimed you had to have liked Viktor before he was popular to be a real fan or know loads of random facts about him to show how dedicated you were to him. There ended up being a online quiz made called ‘How To Prove You’re A True Viktor Fan’ asking all these different questions like his birthday and his favourite colour and all that. Phichit dared Yuuri to take it while Yuuri was drunk. Yuuri did and got 100%. He didn’t speak to Phichit for a solid three days afterwards.

9) The ‘Is Katsuki a Virgin’ war - When Yuuri was about 18 there was a big fandom war over whether he was a virgin or not as some people claimed he was too 'cute’ and 'innocent’ and some claimed he was clearly mature and experienced. It was fuelled a lot by the fact that no-one had ever seen Yuuri date and so they didn’t know if he was extremely good at hiding it or just didn’t do it. There was a lot of gross speculation going on and digging into Yuuri’s past through social media to try and figure it out. Eventually people on both sides really crossed a line trying to find 'proof’ either way and when people started asking Yuuri about it in person other parts of the fandom got together to tell them that it was wildly inappropriate and invasive and clearly made Yuuri very uncomfortable when people asked him and they all needed to stop right now

8) The 'Viktor/Victor’ war - A massive prolonged fandom argument over the correct way to spell Viktor’s name. Viktor eventually settled it by saying his name was written in Cyrillic anyway and so he really didn’t care how people wanted to translate it into the Latin alphabet

7) The 'Phichit/Yuuri vs Viktor/Yuuri’ war - Fandom war between shippers that got really nasty. People on the P/Y started calling V/Y disgusting and abusive and people on the V/Y side started calling P/Y manipulative and wrong and it all became a massive shitshow where people started to insult the real people they were talking about (Viktor, Phichit and Yuuri) over imaginary ships

6) Chris/Viktor vs Viktor/Yuuri War - Very similar to the above war only with Chris/Viktor instead of Yuuri/Phichit

5) The 'Stop Showing Real People Fanfic/Fanart’ war - Some Viktuuri shippers were taking things too far and asking invasive questions about Viktuuri to Viktor and Yuuri themselves or sending them links to explicit fanart or fanfic. Other people in the fandom had to step in and remind them that it wasn’t ok to show the real people fanfic or fanart unless they explicitly asked to see it as they might not be comfortable with it and that asking shipping questions to the real people involved was inappropriate. This was before Viktor and Yuuri were together and contributed to Yuuri’s fear of revealing their relationship as he knew that some people would never leave their personal lives alone once they knew.

4) The 'Sabotage Conspiracy Theories’ war - Some of this you saw in the fic itself but this was a prolonged war over all the conspiracy theories like 'Viktor Crashed Into Yuuri On Purpose’ theory, the 'Yuuri Sabotaged Viktor With The Doping Scandal’ etc etc

3) The 'Yuuri Katsuki is a Slut’ war - A small subset of Viktor fans started this war after Viktor and Yuuri’s relationship was revealed and started claiming that Yuuri was just a slut who slept around with other skaters to convince them to let him win. Viktor was FURIOUS when he heard about it and he spent about a solid week online absolutely ripping apart anyone who had been speaking badly about Yuuri. Chris and Phichit also helped very enthusiastically

2) The 'Viktor Fans vs Yuuri Fans’ war - The fandom war that extended across the whole series between the Viktor fans and the Yuuri fans that you see a lot of in Rivals. Most of it stayed to insulting each other online but there were several actual fights at competitions and some really bad sportsmanship shown during times when the fans booed or catcalled the opposing skater

1) The 'It’s All Fake’ war - The final big fandom war that happened after the Viktuuri relationship was revealed. While most fans accepted that they were together and were happy that they were happy regardless of who they supported before, there were a subset of skating fans who still loathed either Viktor and Yuuri and were convinced the whole relationship was fake. Viktor was manipulating Yuuri into being with him, Yuuri was blackmailing Viktor into pretending to love him, all stupid conspiracy theories like that along with the people who thought that they were both faking it for the publicity. These rumours were only completely crushed after Viktor and Yuuri got married and everyone could see how completely in love they were and how committed they were to each other.

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Funny how reynos go running to comfort some white bitch whos celebrated Finn's getting hurt. You don't call out racism in your fandom but you'll run to comfort them when they get called out. I just think it's funny :))

Let’s go through your message, anon.  

First, yes I did comfort a fellow Reylo recently.  I’m assuming you are talking about @coupdefoudrey , who received some pretty vile Anti-Semitic messages recently.  What you and your friends did isn’t calling out, it’s harassment.

Second, I comforted her because I value her feelings because unlike Finn, she’s a real person.  This is something you and your little group of victim playing sociopaths forget when you go to avenge imaginary slights against imaginary characters. 

Third, I have yet to see an incident of racism not addressed in this fandom.  In fact, for the longest time, many people would rush to attack a person when what they did was not intentional and was the cause of being from a different culture.  I am honestly proud of Reylos for taking a step back from the callout culture and attempting to educate rather than eviscerate. 

I’m not sugar coating this next part; every single one of you and your anti friends are sociopaths.  You take pleasure in harming real people under the delirious reasoning of helping.  If you wanted to help people, you would spend your time doing productive things.  You could volunteer to work with disadvantaged children, walk shelter dogs, raise money to donate to real victims of abuse if you truly wanted to help.  Hell, you could make content for your own ship and be far more productive than you are now.   Instead, you and your sociopathic friends spend their free time circle jerking to something that supposedly triggers them.  Each one of you competing to cum the hardest while shouting all the ways an imaginary ship has victimized you personally.  You and your friends are so completely pathetic and your lives are absolutely disgraceful.  

Your parents should be ashamed of the monsters they have raised, ones that believe it is okay to threaten real people over imaginary characters.  What you are doing isn’t because of immaturity from youth or from mental illness.  All of you are just horrible assholes who lack empathy because you were raised to believe that everything you think and feel is incredibly important.  You truly believe that the importance you personally place on a fictional character is more important than someone else’s mental health and therefore have the right to send them threats and Anti-Semitic messages.  You derive pleasure from harming real people and I worry for the safety of the people around you.

Since we are talking about things we find funny, I think it’s hilarious that you would reach out to me over this matter and expect me to address it in any other way than what I just did.  Now if you will excuse me, I have to finish editing stories for a Reylo project that is coming out soon and am very busy.  Since you obviously have nothing productive to do, I would offer for you to come help me, but from your original message, we both know your editing abilities are not up for such a task.  

Sorry not sorry!

This is for the triggered bitches posting garbage in the Mon-El & Karamel tag, so this is me, invading your anti space snowflakes! 

I get that your imaginary ship didn’t happen & you are triggered right now but let’s get one thing clear, you losers clearly don’t understand the meaning of “Toxic” & “Abusive” and the only thing your petty ass is accomplishing is watering down serious issues that a lot of people are actually struggling with. You are not accomplishing jack shit for teenage girls because all you are doing is manipulating facts. I understand that Donald Trump is the president of USA & Americans are currently living in some hateful ‘Alternate fact reality’ but you have to stop being stupid & unaware if you want it to be over. 

Well I’ve had a horrible childhood that nightmares are made of, like none of you snowflakes would be alive right now if you had my childhood so I very well know what abuse actually means, don’t try explaining it to me. If you find yourself unnecessarily projecting personal unresolved issues with your fathers or ex-boyfriends onto pretty harmless ships, creating alternate facts to suit your narrative & throw words like abuse around so freely, talk to a therapist ASAP because you are unhinged from reality & need serious help! If you are just a salty shipper loaded with ulterior ship war motives, as someone who actually knows what abuse is, I feel disgusted by people like you, you are everything that is wrong with the world! 

PS: I’m Bisexual & Brown, in case you start making assumptions! 


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Since this post worked so well on you salty losers, I’ll be replying to only creative & sassy responses, not basic bitch responses or the ones where you just copy paste my words.. Try harder if you want to be noticed! Plus keep re-blogging, I’m only gaining followers!  


i feel so bad for rahul, in a short time he got to witness how toxic and ugly this fandom is, before the episode even aired. he was just doing his job and people treated him like shit for being in the way of an imaginary ship. and by the way, jack was awesome, i loved jena and i loved monjack and im still mad that he died.


Proof Moe is connected to the Better Reality Island

1) Same Clothes

2) Moe built BMO with the ability to resurrect the entire system in case it was destroyed

3) BMO was able to become a mod king very quickly (Moe probably would’ve made the software give BMO preferential treatment just in case BMO ever went to the Island)

4) That MoCo ship

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Re your post, I was almost out of Larry fandom (solo Harry revelations made me seriously doubt). Dan-Syco-Sony-Wooton just brought me back full fucking speed. If they seriously set up a BS3 for Louis solo launch day (and if that happens it was planned and okayed by his team. Dan does not ever defy them) then Larry is far more dangerous to them than some imaginary ship or dead relationship. So Im back. Thanks Dan.

Welcome back you beautiful soul!

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Galra analysis - part 1 - generics


I can’t really hide my love for Galras anymore and since I’m drawing them a bit (a lot more in the future, yeaas) I need some down-to-earth flatly objective and compulsory depiction of them (also because I’m personally pretty thorough and obsessive with accuracy and avoiding OOCness and I like analysing stuff). Since I could find no compilation about this, I made it myself. Hohohoho!

This is based on the show only; no comics here, I know it’s considered canon but it’s so freaking bad I can’t bring myself to refer to it, also the show got the whole team working on it and thus is a far better reference.
There is NO headcanons here, this are only facts and stuff that happened in the show. It’s meant as an objective source of informations. So no shipping, imaginary past, fairy dust or whatever. I don’t claim I’m right about anything, I’m simply compiling existing datas.

And of course, if this helps you with anything, refer yourself to it as much as you’d like.

EDIT: corrections in tabs!

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i love you, love you

the five times he told her he loved her and the one time she finally heard him

he’s eight years old and riley is the only one in his class who’ll invite him to play. a little blonde girl is the captain of an imaginary pirate ship. riley claims to be the queen of the galaxy and asks farkle to visit him on her home planet. maya calls out to him and says he can get there in her ship which is equipped for both sea and space travel.
when recess is over and the kids are lined up and farkle has a smile so wide he reveals his missing tooth. as they walk back to class, farkle taps riley on the shoulder.
“riley?” he says.
she turns around and replies, “yes?”
“kids! quiet in the hallways, please!” their teacher reminds them.
“thank you for playing with me. i love you,” he whispers.

he’s eleven years old and sits behind her in her father’s history class. farkle stares at the back of her head every day. he wonders if anyone else notices how bright and kind and wonderful she is. he loves her. he doesn’t know exactly what it means, but he loves her and he doesn’t care who knows it.
“i’ve been in love with riley since the first grade,” he declares.
and yes, she hears him but she’s not really listening. yeah, yeah, yeah; he’s in love with her. riley throws her hands in the air and thinks, why me?

he’s thirteen and he cares about her so much. she wipes away tears and hugs him. riley feels warm even on a night as cold as this one. he never wants her heart to break. he does everything he can to make sure it doesn’t.
“i love you, farkle,” riley says.
“and i love you,” he answers. and again, she hears him, but he knows she means as friends, so he means that too.
she wipes her tears one last time before her date appears. farkle’s decided what to do. he’s putting her happiness first because he loves her; he really does.

he’s fifteen and she might move thousands of miles away. he’s up all night thinking of ways she could stay. he tosses and turns in bed and knows that if she leaves, he’ll never be the same.
the next day, he tells her he loves her: past, present, and future.
“thank you, farkle,” riley says and then lightheartedly reminds him he has a girlfriend. he knows that and of course he cares about her.
but when riley’s mom says they’re not going anywhere, absolutely nothing else matters.

he’s sixteen and they’re sitting on her bedroom floor. his girlfriend broke up with him and he was fine until he saw her with someone else. farkle swears he’s okay, but she knows him too well. it’s not long before she gets a real smile out of him. they sit and talk and talk and talk until their eyelids get heavy.
the sun rises and the rays come through the window to wake him. riley’s head is on his shoulder and he’s careful not to move her. he’s never stopped loving her.
“riley?” he whispers.
she’s still asleep.
“i love you, riley,” he says.

he’s seventeen and it’s a rainy day. the usual group, minus riley, is sitting in the cafeteria. when she walks in, her hair is slightly wet from the rain.
“hey guys!” she says to the her friends. “sorry i’m late, i had to go talk to my dad. did i miss anything?”
zay begins to tell everyone about his french presentation. they all listen and laugh, but farkle can’t stop looking at riley. she’s laughing and combing through her hair with fingers. he really loves her.
when the day is over, farkle walks riley home. it’s like any other day, except his heart is beating fast and he’s not sure he can feel his hands anymore. he’s going to tell her.
“hey, riley, do you mind if we take the long way home?” he asks.
“yeah! the weather’s really nice today!” she exclaims.
they walk slowly, taking in the view. riley looks at the clouds in the sky. farkle looks at riley. they keep walking and riley interlocks her arm with farkle’s.
“don’t you just love the way everything feels after the rain?” she says.
“the earth smells fresh, and the trees are all dewy, and there’s puddles everywh—”
“i love you, riley,” he interrupts.
“well, okay, that came out of nowhere, but i love you, too, farkle. you’re my best friend,” she smiles at him and keeps walking.
“no, riley.” they stop again. “listen to me. i love you, love you. like, since the first grade and you know that, but i don’t just mean i love you like i love maya or like i love my computer. i mean i love you, love you, ri—”
“farkle,” she interrupts him, holds his face, and kisses him. “i love you. love you, too.”