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👏dont 👏tell 👏real 👏people 👏to 👏kill 👏themselves 👏 over👏 an 👏imaginary 👏ship 👏

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Dean doesnt give any look to cas

Oh my Chuck!! you are right my friend. 

I can’t believe I even dedicate a blog to this lie.
Thank you very much, now I see the light. 
I will now close my account and burn all the material I was reblogging the last months to stop spreading its false message. 

Please join me in the burning of false propaganda and how my twisted imagination can make or ship anything like Destiel from them.
But thanks to your mighty intervention I see the light brother.
Let’s burn this misleading and false idolatry Imaginary (arranged in an random order, not of my creation, and taken from various sources that I hope don’t mind, or can please send me their inks so I can identify every one of them) of the poisonous cult of Destiel.

headcanon that one of percy and piper’s shared interests is 90′s and early 00′s cartoons bc that’s mainly what both their childhoods were all about: percy grew up with an abusive stepfather and piper with an absent dad. those hours they got to spend in front of the tv and forget about their lives for a while were very precious to them, and they bonded over their love for those memories

Sorry not sorry!

This is for the triggered bitches posting garbage in the Mon-El & Karamel tag, so this is me, invading your anti space snowflakes! 

I get that your imaginary ship didn’t happen & you are triggered right now but let’s get one thing clear, you losers clearly don’t understand the meaning of “Toxic” & “Abusive” and the only thing your petty ass is accomplishing is watering down serious issues that a lot of people are actually struggling with. You are not accomplishing jack shit for teenage girls because all you are doing is manipulating facts. I understand that Donald Trump is the president of USA & Americans are currently living in some hateful ‘Alternate fact reality’ but you have to stop being stupid & unaware if you want it to be over. 

Well I’ve had a horrible childhood that nightmares are made of, like none of you snowflakes would be alive right now if you had my childhood so I very well know what abuse actually means, don’t try explaining it to me. If you find yourself unnecessarily projecting personal unresolved issues with your fathers or ex-boyfriends onto pretty harmless ships, creating alternate facts to suit your narrative & throw words like abuse around so freely, talk to a therapist ASAP because you are unhinged from reality & need serious help! If you are just a salty shipper loaded with ulterior ship war motives, as someone who actually knows what abuse is, I feel disgusted by people like you, you are everything that is wrong with the world! 

PS: I’m Bisexual & Brown, in case you start making assumptions! 


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Since this post worked so well on you salty losers, I’ll be replying to only creative & sassy responses, not basic bitch responses or the ones where you just copy paste my words.. Try harder if you want to be noticed! Plus keep re-blogging, I’m only gaining followers!  


Proof Moe is connected to the Better Reality Island

1) Same Clothes

2) Moe built BMO with the ability to resurrect the entire system in case it was destroyed

3) BMO was able to become a mod king very quickly (Moe probably would’ve made the software give BMO preferential treatment just in case BMO ever went to the Island)

4) That MoCo ship

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I'm not adding to drama or anything I just think it's funny because now I'm reminded of how link said people on Tumblr imagine Rhett naked and then grimaced. Or the off-hand joke where Rhett warned link not to do something because of the gifs. Like I want to know what conversation they had about it and if Rhett pushes it more now because he knows link doesn't like it lol

I could imagine them having a conversation in which Link would tell Rhett he finds that stuff embarrassing, Rhett telling him it’s funny (and cute?) when he’s embarrassed, and Link agreeing that it is pretty funny, too. But I’m sure that if Link told Rhett that any part of it really bothers him, that Rhett would respect that and not push it. As they’ve said, their relationship has lasted so long because neither of them have ever broken each other’s trust. Therefore, they must trust each other to know when enough teasing is enough.

okay i’m sorry but for real i think it’s ridiculous how much people want tyler and josh to be together because two men who are seemingly straight out in public, one of which has a wife, are still found to be “gay” when they hug or say nice things about each other or maybe even smack each other’s asses? why can women do it but two men who are really close friends can’t without being gay???? don’t get me wrong i like the imaginary ship and the fanfics and headcannons but for real.. it’s starting to get out of hand in real life

Just saw a $q fan openly say on Twitter that they hate on JMo because she acts like their ship doesn’t exist…

First of all, your ship DOESN’T exist. Not in the context of the story being told on the show itself. It’s something you invented in your own fandom space.

Secondly, hating a real life person for not supporting an imaginary ship on a TV SHOW?! SERIOUSLY?!

Such garbage.

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Why are people sayin shallura is pedophilia?

It’s been recently revealed that Allura is a teenager, so now people feel they can’t ship her with Shiro because he’s apparently a lot older than her and it’s considered illegal to them if they got into a relationship…But what they’re seeming to forget (as always) is that this is an imaginary ship that will never exist in the real world because it’s between two cartoon characters. They take this so seriously, calling it paedophilia which is so not even close to the same thing, and it’s honestly just embarrassing and stupid, that’s literally it. I just cannot deal with antis, they make me speechless.

Shallura is a beautiful ship and if people are trying to sink it, I will literally go down with it, no regrets.

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Hey Holly, you might not know the answer to this, but I've been wondering about something! Is the (very creative) Fannibal tradition of pairing various Hugh/Mads characters an instance of a type of thing that happens in other fandoms? In other words, do fans of any other show ship multiple imaginary pairings played by their lead actors? This idea has led to some lovely art and fics among Fannibals, but it's not something I ever saw happen in fandom before I got into this show.

Hello nonny, while it’s possible that it does occur in other fandoms, the Hannibal fandom is the first and only that i know of that does this. I’ve seen other fandoms use an actor’s body of work to make au gif sets and things for their preferred pairings, but it’s always understood to be those same characters, instead of pairing the different characters themselves with one another.

I mean, fandom crossovers are nothing new, but those tend to be mashups of already existing/popular pieces of media, as opposed to taking two actors from one piece of media, looking at their entire filmographies, and pairing up the characters from said movies with one another. :P

Regardless of how common it is in other fandoms tho, its prevalence in this fandom is something I hope never ends. <3