imaginary ocean

I will sit across from your ethereal being
carved in white marble
and I will get lost in your eyes
blessed burrows that lead directly into your intangibility
I will slide though them, evading the borders and filling the voids
and once inside, your breath will tame me
I will come out again
emerging from your mouth as a smothered scream
with a strong scent of ebony and sweet remembrance
and I will float in the air, above your forehead
and I will crown you with a filigree of sighs

I will inhale your salty fragrance
and I will feel at the vortex of an imaginary ocean
I will sway in your hands like a drifting ship
and I will make port in your arms, rocking amidst your tides

And there,
under the heavy dark sky
I will grow wings, and I will spread them over your velvet chest
and I will lay a kiss on you for every star I see in the sky
I will paint galaxies on your skin and draw a thousand moons in your neck
I will take you through the darkest night
only to light your placid valleys with the warmth of my sunrises
I will plant poppy fields in your hips and their opium roots will cloud your sight
and as a vine I will grasp your torso and my branches will clench your heart
I will stroll above you
like a heron
and I will land in the midst of your fields like a crow, hungry for your harvest

Like a snake I will crawl around our legs and I will bite your thighs
poisoning your body with the sweet sour memory of me
and the venom will run through your currents, reaching your core
and you will feel short of breath
and your heart will pound uncontrollably, wanting to escape and fly away

You will drown in want
and sink in the deep abyss of desire
and you will die a little
and in that moment
while you are dying
I will claw your back until your wings emerge
and my moaning will propel your flight
we will rise together and we will burst at mid-flight
sketching the universe with a thousand golden nebulas
and we will become indelible elements of the infinite

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I think one aspect of Reylo's relationship that some fans ignore is how playful Kylo is with Rey. Not just in battle, cause as we've all pointed out, him taunting his opponents and engaging in games of cat-and-mouse is kind of his thing. But with Rey it's much more flirtatious and very similar to how his father acted around his mother during their younger years. I also noticed that during the interrogation scene, when he talked about Rey's imaginary ocean, there was a faint smile on his face.

If you think this is playful, then sure:

Originally posted by deadly-pathogen

I gotta be honest with ya, anon: Kylo being “playful” is less of a playful thing (specific towards Rey) and more indicative of his overall habit of dragging out the hunt. Of his aggressive, predatory inclination towards toying with others (as mentioned before).

Han has always, always been the loveable/comedic rogue, but Kylo is not. Kylo may have his father’s good looks and his father’s smirk - and he definitely treats Rey better than the other (see: context) - but that don’t mean his playing is “good,” like Han’s. When Kylo starts playing with you, 99.9% of the time he can and will fuck you up. Rey being the exception to this rule does not make his behavior good, and we really shouldn’t be romanticizing it.

Are their romantic tensions/subtext between them? Yes, definitely. Absolutely, and as mentioned before they’re basically Bastila and Revan. Those two had a similar push-and-pull dynamic in the beginning, too. But Kylo’s habitual stalking is separate from that - its not specific to Rey - and you need to distinguish between them.

The reasons for Kylo dragging out his hunts/his predatory “playfulness” are varied and nuanced, but basically they boil down to it being a power trip (for him). Kylo actually has way less agency than Rey (see: being controlled by Snoke, faltering under his grandfather’s legacy), so this is how he gets his kicks. This is how he exerts his dominance, because he can’t express it in other ways. Being submissive grates on Kylo, and dragging out the hunt - being “playful” with those he considers weaker than himself - are how he reassures himself of his place in the universe: that he is strong, just like his grandfather. This is part of the reason why he treats Rey differently (see: Rey is strong), but not entirely.

And I’ve actually talked about this subject before, btw. Quite extensively.

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There are days where I feel that my heart needs to stop. There are days where I would see myself drown in an imaginary ocean. There are days where I wished I shouldn't exist. There are days I wished I could just run away. Your words gave me so much courage to stand on my two feet. I want you to know how beautiful your words are, how it echoes my thoughts and how it pulls me away from despair. Your words made me feel how beautiful the world is and how wonderful to be born into it. Thank you

her abstract faces

she draws abstract faces
on cobblestone walls
to murder herself
with tumid art
but shadows
laughing at
a parade of
classic ghosts
who remember
fragments of her past

a time
when shady
flowers whispered
secrets over and over … teasing
reactionary graves with church doctrines
as they scraped erotic fragrances off of flaunting nymphs …

such graveyards came to life
when she dug deep
into the

now …

rain pours down upon her
rinsing sins off her fluffy hands …

and her art
begins to

so …

her thoughts fly
to hummingbirds trapped
in cellars of beautiful minds
calling long-distance for a simple
rendez-vous with travelling butterflies
who swim by my open window
on imaginary oceans as
i leak my thoughts
on blank
pages …

more madness
as the day stretches
itself into a vortex of confusion …

the circus
winds up my mind while
my endless self-conversations
take me to her symmetrical soul

sitting there
by the window
with her hummingbirds
and a thousand butterflies
littered with abstract faces.