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I Watched Inside Out a Day Before my Brother
  • Brother: I'm gonna see it tomorrow. Is it good?
  • Me: It's really good but it's kind of sad.
  • Brother: Does anyone die?
  • Me: *Thinks about Bing Bong*
  • Me: *Doesn't want to spoil anything*
  • Me: Not really.
  • *The Next Day*
  • Me: Did you like the movie?
  • Brother: YOU LIED TO ME
Singer’s Automotive (Part 7 of Mechanic!Dean)

Ever have a day, or week, where everything that can possibly go wrong does? Ever get rescued by someone you can’t resist?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Summary: You and Dean manage to work it out, but does that actually mean smooth sailing from now on?

Word Count: 3100ish

Warnings: smut, angst

A/N: I’m still sorry. As always, thanks to my Mishka ( @abaddonwithyall )  , the babe-iest babe on Tumblr, for letting me use some of her real life events in this story. Again, I encourage you to wonder which parts are Jess’ life and which parts are made up. It’s a fun game!

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It bothers me how some of y'all are still sleeping on Kirstin’s EP when it has literally banger after banger. Break a Little has been out for about two months now but hasn’t even breeched 1 million views yet. Imaginary Parties got 1 million after just the first week… I understand Superfruit has a bigger audience, but we’re all Pentaholics so shouldn’t we be stanning everyone’s solo endeavors?? This goes for Avi’s EP too, and whatever Kevin is working on for the future.

Reference Sheet for Carousel Mist.

Carousel Mist is a pegasus with a million imaginary friends. She talks with them and plays with them, and as a result, she is considered weird and unlikeable by other foals her age.  She doesn’t mind though, she knows they are real.

She is tall and lanky with a small dark gem on her forehead.  Carousel is quiet and gentle.


The (Imaginary) Million Dollar Shackleshot

Nebraska | 2013 | dir. Alexander Payne

Watching this film was very difficult for me because someone in my family is similar to Bruce Dern’s Woody Grant, a somewhat stubborn old man who is just extremely tired of getting old, so watching Grant remain so determined about retrieving his imaginary “one million dollars” was occasionally very sad, but Dern and Will Forte created such a touching relationship with one another that I still left the theater smiling, even through all of the tears.