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When they discover their s/o is scared of butterflies

This one was a hard for me because I love butterflies!  I’m literally that person who has butterfly necklaces and rings and earrings and shirts, etc.  I hope you like it though! I tried really hard! :( 

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 He might be taken aback at first.  When he initially sees the way you ducked hurriedly out of the way when a butterfly fluttered by a little too close, he doesn’t notice the winged creature right away.  Instead he might jump at the sudden motion and just blink at you with slightly wide eyes.  But when he asks what’s wrong and you answer him that you hate butterflies because they’re scary and too up in your business, this guy is going to laugh.  Not in the ‘I’m making fun of you way’ but rather the ‘good lord you are adorable’ kind of way.  He’ll think it’s cute the way you shy away from them and will wordlessly steer you away from them.  Mark is the kind of guy that will keep an eye out for the critters in the future and try to put himself between you and them all without you noticing.  It’s his own quiet way of protecting you without being over the top.  “Don’t worry about them, babe, I won’t let them get close to you.” (insert cute grin)

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 He might be a bit dumbfounded, honestly.  He’s going to look at the butterfly that’s sitting on the park bench he was headed over to with you and then at you standing there glaring at it and refusing to move any closer.  Confusion, perplexity, 404 Not Found Error.  It’s a butterfly.  It’s not a bee or anything he might think is scary.  I feel like Jaebum is the type to ask a lot of questions.  ‘Why are you afraid of them?’ ‘when did this start?’ ‘blah, blah, blah,’ He’s a fixer, so he might try to get you to overcome your fear of butterflies.  It might start with small things like fake butterflies and videos of them.  If he saw progress it would definitely encourage him to step up his game, however, if you’re reaction is anything like mine with spiders (i can’t even look at them on a tv screen without flinching and freaking out) then he’ll definitely stop.  Above all else, you are his priority and your happiness is all he wants.  He’s going to accept you no matter what, even if he is stubborn and wants to help in his own way.  “Butterflies?  Really, jagi?” “They’re scary okay!” (cute amused chuckle and tight hug) “whatever you say, babe.”

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 He’s another one that will initially be very surprised and a little bit off kilter with the new information.  Not in a bad way, though!  Jinyoung, for all his bravado, is a super caring person.  He’s not known as the mother of GOT7 for nothing.  He won’t force you to change how you feel about them, either.  I think Jinyoung would just accept it as a part of who you are.  But, this IS Jinyoung, so expect him to tease you a bit about it.  He does it in the most loving way possible, but no worries if the teasing really bothers you, because he’ll stop immediately.  He’s a very conscientious person.  Like Mark, he’ll find your fear of butterflies to be really endearing.  He also strikes me as super cheesy, so if he starts saying things like ‘who needs butterflies anyway?  You’re way prettier!’ don’t be surprised.  “Aww, jagiyah, are you afraid of butterflies?” *frantic nodding* *hugs you closely* “Don’t worry, I won’t let the mean butterflies get you” (cue arm slapping)  

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Part Thirteen

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Okay guys! I know you’ve been waiting for this for forever (I’m so sorry, seriously, I’ve wanted to write on this forever, but I haven’t had the heart, and when I did, I didn’t have the time and…ugh. I’M SORRY.) and I know it seemed like I wasn’t going to continue it, but I swear, I’m going to do my best to continue, and finish, this story, because it’s important to me, too.

This chapter definitely isn’t my best—I’ve been ill for the past week or so, and I’m working incessantly, which means I’m trying to write around work—but it IS progress, which is important, because it means I’m working my way in to getting back to this story properly.) It probably seems like filler, but the events within are important to the story, so I hope the lengthy description here isn’t enough to deter your enjoyment.

I’m still getting back to my stride.

But I know you guys have been waiting for this, so let’s just jump right in! I quote the request:

“something to do with stripper!Gladers?? ;)”

And the warnings:

This story will contain mentions of mental and physical abuse; conditioned responses; feelings of hopelessness, entrapment, rage, fear, hate, and many other drastic emotions; thoughts of suicide, including being okay with dying, and thoughts of the consequences of suicide; drinking; language; smut in later chapters (although, if it has a plot, is it smut…?); and other things that may or may not be added later. (Basically, this is a dark story…but I promise it will have a happy ending, loves.)

Now, enjoy, dears! I hope you guys haven’t given up on me. Please “like” this to let me know you’re still with me! And let me know if you enjoyed the new chapter, please!

(Name) woke early, but she couldn’t say why. His bedroom had only one window, with the blinds closed, so the morning light filtering through was faint—so faint, it might have been a street light, for all her sleepy mind could discern. And having woken here three times, she knew where she was, and that she was safe, wrapped in Newt’s warm arms. Her side didn’t hurt—though there was a faint soreness, it was probably from the unfamiliarity of sharing a bed with someone, someone wrapped around her without her pillow there.

She blinked blearily at the little window she faced, reaching up to rub her face, letting out a deep sigh. She was still tired.

Newt was still asleep. She could feel his breath ruffling her hair, could feel his chest rising in to her back with every even breath he took, could feel how limp and heavy he seemed.

When he was awake, Newt could lift her with little effort.

Now, he himself seemed heavy—not heavy enough to cause her pain, but she could very much tell he was utterly unconscious. He was wrapped around her very distinctly; his arm had tightened a little in sleep, had adjusted and his fingers had edged fractionally beneath her other side, and he was leaned in to her a little. His slender body wasn’t too heavy, even though it was pressed to her, but the pillow had left a breath of room between them, before.

Now, she was pressed to him in full. She could feel his every breath, could feel the little twitches of his muscles in sleep.

There was something soothing about feeling him asleep around her.

It was…human.

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hi~ i'd like to ask a Gif Reaction to when the boys find a smut fanfic between them and another member, please

Does this even make sense OTL I don’t even know I hope you like this

Jin: “abs of steel?”, “silky smooth skin”, “sensual eyes” I never knew Namjoon thought of me like that, and he says I’m not the visual….

Suga: ………. anyways, if this were to happen, you bet your ass Jimin would be the one screaming *smirks*

J-Hope: You kiss a guy one time on a tv show for ratings and suddenly your licking his butthole I cant believe this who in the world would do such a thing I’ve lost all hope wait no that’s just my appetite

Rap Monster: But what does this mean? Is it a statement for equal rights? Because we are torn between the world of rapper and idol? That our education system reduces teens to finding an escape through imaginary intercourse? The economy? *continues talking to members who tuned him out*

Jimin: I am not this flexible… or am I? *sudden realization of his powers*

V: I, Kim Taehyung, don’t care how much ice cream you promise me I won’t be caught in the same room as Jungkook again after I’ve defiled his innocence no don’t touch me

Jungkook: I am seventeen, at a flowering age, so premature I forgot how to read, I do not understand what you are showing me

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i. the man comes around - johnny cash | ii. blackbird song - lee dewyze | iii. oats in the water - ben howard | iv. devil’s backbone - the civil wars | v. iron - woodkid | vi. bartholomew - the silent comedy | vii. blowin’ in the wind - bob dylan | viii. demons - dry the river | ix. far away - jose gonzalez | x. when i’m at home - the maine | xi. compass - jamie lidell | xii. last man standing - people in planes | xiii. fire escape - imaginary future | xiv. redemption day - johnny cash | xv. all comes down - kodaline

There is a very strange thing that can occur at exactly the point where you realize that there is no escaping the imaginary world of your illusions. You bare your heart open to illusion, surrender your eternal struggle against it, and admit to being bound by its cunning imagination. I don’t mean that you become despondent or resigned to your fate. I mean that you truly let go in the face of your utter defeat and stop struggling. And when all the struggle ceases, we realize that the prison of our mind cannot hold us in anymore, because the prison was all along something we imagined into existence. And imagined things aren’t real, they don’t exist. But we could never really see this as long as we were fighting the phantoms of our minds. We needed the one thing that our imaginary minds could not bring about, could not fake or create: the genuine surrender of all struggle. In the blink of an eye, we are no longer confined within illusion nor our attempt to avoid illusion. When all struggle ceases, there is nothing to bind us to a distorted perception of existence and we can finally see. What we see is that we do not simply exist within existence, but all of existence exists within us as well. And although everywhere we look we see the endless diversity of life, we also now see our own true face in everything under the sun.
—  Adyashanti
For she had but a single weapon against the world of crudity surrounding her: the books she took out of the municipal library, and above all, the novels. They not only offered the possibility of an imaginary escape from a life she found unsatisfying; they also had a meaning for her as physical objects: she loved to walk down the street with a book under her arm.It had the same significance for her as an elegant cane for the dandy a century ago. It differentiated her from others.
—  The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera