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On Oshii’s Chinese Gothic

In honor of my presentation on Innocence at SFRA 2017 yesterday, some screenshots from the amazing, beautiful, haunting film.  

Oshii calls the architectures of his imaginary cityscapes in Ghost in the Shell: Innocence the “Chinese Gothic” style. Although sf fans will probably recognize his citation of Blade Runner’s city in the industrial spires of buildings rising through an orange-fog, the baroque details and flying buttresses also recall everything from classical Chinese temples to the form of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Oshii builds a hybrid city space – not of “old” mixed with “new” but rather new technologies mixing traditional forms in new ways.

Stilted City (final)

Finished version of this illustration I’ve been working on, on and off, for a few weeks. 


Drawn in a Moleskine sketchbook, with Staedtler pigment liners and a Copic Multiliner. Coloured with Copic Ciao Markers.


In miniature,
interesting parallel
with urban centers

Modern architecture,
mixed lines,
futuristic colors.

Processing centers
connected with
storage centers.

Communicating in
High speed and

Expressways in several directions,
continuous pathways without intersections,
routes without conflict.

movement of goods
and data.

Designed and optimized
for performance.
Idealized for the future.


for Seriously Edited Friday


Thanks to PWS - Nikos

Seriously Edited Friday - Sunday Reblog 15-11-2015

I always thought motherboards looked like tiny futuristic cities and this photo depicts it perfectly.The vivid colors and the ideal framing transform a piece of hardware into an imaginary cityscape.

PWS - Nikos

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