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Can you do an Exo reaction to you being really sassy to them (just for fun, since they're always doing the same to you) ?

Baekhyun: “-That was a good comeback.”

Chanyeol: “-I never though that she could have comeback like that.”

Jongin(Kai): “-Am I suppose to cry ?”

Jongdae(Chen): “-She learned from the best.”

Junmyeon(Suho): “-Daddy will not let that sink in.”

Kyungsoo(D.O): *the gif say it all*

Luhan: “-That was good.”

Minseok(Xiumin): “-Smile, laugh, do whatever you want. We’ll see how it will be later.”

Sehun: “-Well, because she had a good comeback, now she thinks that she’s the best.”

Yifan(Kris): “-She spends too much time with Chen and Baekhyun.”

Yixing(Lay): *Again, gif say it all*

Zitao(Tao): “-Wo.”


Hope you’ll like it :)

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Exo's reaction to their crush being all nervous and flustered on their first date? (like constant blushing, playing with her fingers and like nervously fixing their hair all the time) Ty💕

Baekhyun: “-You look so red right now. *Laugh*

Chanyeol: *Gif says it all*

Jongin(Kai): *While thinking* “-If she keeps on being that cute, I have a good idea of what could happen tonight.*smirk*

Jongdae(Chen): “-Omo, you’re so cute Honey!!”

Junmyeon(Suho): “-This is as cute as you, darling.”

Kyungsoo(D.O): *While thinking* “-Why is she always playing with her fingers and fixing her hair? She don’t even look at me. Does she even like me ?”

Luhan: “-Aww, this is probably the reason why I Love you.”

Minseok(Xiumin): “-You’re so cute, I can’t even look at you.”

Sehun: *While thinking* “-She’s so cute”

Yifan(Kris): “-Why are you getting so red ? Are you sure you’re okay ?”

Yixing(Lay): “-Why are you so cute, huh ?”

Zitao(Tao): *While Thinking* “-She’s even cuter than me.”


I’m sorry if I made you wait a lot for this reaction, this blog is my 2nd one, I’m more on my “main” blog. Hope you like it ^^ 

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Can you do a reaction of Little Mix if you (their bff) is actually lesbian ?

Jade: “I am too, so everything is cool then ?” She laughed after saying that , after all, it’s an inside joke.


Leigh-Anne: “Well, it doesn’t change anything. Exept if you have a crush on me…” 

Perrie: “AHAHA! So funny!” She will laugh, thinking that you’re joking, but when she’ll understand that it’s true, she’ll support you no matter what. 


Sorry, if this wasn’t what you though it will be. I’m new in that kind of thing xx