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Can you do an Exo reaction to you being really sassy to them (just for fun, since they're always doing the same to you) ?

Baekhyun: “-That was a good comeback.”

Chanyeol: “-I never though that she could have comeback like that.”

Jongin(Kai): “-Am I suppose to cry ?”

Jongdae(Chen): “-She learned from the best.”

Junmyeon(Suho): “-Daddy will not let that sink in.”

Kyungsoo(D.O): *the gif say it all*

Luhan: “-That was good.”

Minseok(Xiumin): “-Smile, laugh, do whatever you want. We’ll see how it will be later.”

Sehun: “-Well, because she had a good comeback, now she thinks that she’s the best.”

Yifan(Kris): “-She spends too much time with Chen and Baekhyun.”

Yixing(Lay): *Again, gif say it all*

Zitao(Tao): “-Wo.”


Hope you’ll like it :)

Guys, don’t be afraid to ask me Imagif, I’ll answer to all :) Even if i’m not a great fan, i’ll still do it for you :D