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TBH when you have an irrational fear of aquatic life/ open large bodies of water and yet you love the prince shark boy.

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Stuffy Nose

Request 1: Can you do an Evan imagine where he’s ill and ends up getting you sick and feels bad about it (FLUFF) thank u so much if you do this forreal 

Request 2:  Bby can you do one where he’s sick and you take care of him? It would be awesome if you could! I love your imagines

I always loved the cold days, specially because I got to sleep next to the love of my life, Evan. The storm outside our bedroom’s window was getting louder than ever, but it was pretty cool to be honest. It was romantic, at some point.

Evan was holding me close to his body, hotter than usual. 

“Are you okay?” I asked touching his burning forehead “I think you might have temperature” 

“Maybe” he whispered “my head is hurting pretty bad” 

“Let me see” He had, indeed, a little bit of fever. Nothing to worry about, though. “Stay here. I will get you some tea and a ibuprofen, you’ll feel better in matter of minutes” 

When I walked into the room, he was asleep. I woke him up so he could take his medicine, and his face showed me how sick he was. 

“Don’t wake me up, (Y/N)” he said sounding a little bit rude. 

“You must take your medicine. Thank me later” 

“Could you…” he said before he cough “bring me some tissues?” 

Great! He had the flu. With a hot tea and some sleep he would feel immediately better, but I hated it. I went to the bathroom to find them, and then I laid next to him as he drank the hot tea. I touched his red nose playfully and he smiled a little. 

“Thank you, baby" 

"Don’t worry” I said kissing his forehead “now try to rest, tomorrow you have to work" 

"Ugh, I know” he complained “I’d love to stay right here with you, to be honest" 

"Me too, but you know…" 

"Yeah, yeah, the responsibility and blah” he said sounding funny because of his stuffy nose. I hugged him and he rested his face on my chest, breathing slowly. He fell asleep in matter of minutes. 

The next morning I woke up to an empty bed. I could hear Evan cooking something, but no matter how hard I breathe, I smelled nothing. 

“Hey there” he said crossing the door with some coffee and eggs “Thank you for what you did last night. I made breakfast for my special girl" 

"I’m glad you’re feeling better” I said and immediately notice how stupid my voice sounded. I had a stuffy nose. 

 "Oh, (Y/N), I’m so sorry" 

“I’m going to kill you” I whispered. I tried to get up fast but as soon as I did it I almost fell to the floor. I was feeling really dizzy and my head was hurting badly. 

“Stay in bed, I’m going to get you a ibuprofen and make you some tea…”

oH MY GOD I bEt luke looks really good with wet hair like could you imagine laying in bed and luke would come out of the bathroom with a towel around his hips loosely and his tummy and like chest would be glistening with water and his hair would be wet down to his forehead and he’d lean down for a good morning kiss and his towel would get a little bit looser and youd reach up and run yOur hands through the tangled clean mess and push it away from his eyes and like you wouldnt be able to stand seeing him looking that good anymore so you’d just tug his towel off and just like pounce on him right then and there