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There was an article when they asked me what life was like for me as a teenager. I could choose to lie and say it was sunshine and lollipops. Or I could talk about what my experience was really like, which was not great for me. I decided to be honest. When the article came out, I wanted to throw up. I started receiving letters from men and women, who told me they were seeking help, seeking treatment, and I felt that this was right. What matters is that people feel like they’re not alone.
—  Troian Bellisario [x]
10 Underrated Self Care Things To Do:
  1. Tidy up your bedroom
  2. Change your whole outfit - underwear, shoes, hairstyle, the lot
  3. Scribble with a Crayon as hard as you can on a big sheet of paper
  4. Go to a library and wander around in the quiet
  5. Make a wish list on each of your favorites shops’ websites
  6. Go to sleep as early as you can bare
  7. Play the “would you rather?” game with a friend
  8. Talk to your sibling(s), see what they’re up to
  9. Sit down and study for a bit, then see how you feel
  10. Open a window, sit next to it and smell the fresh air
Be mindful of the way you speak to yourself. You can lift yourself up or bring yourself down just as much as anyone else can.