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How to Develop Resilience

1. Work on developing a positive self-image, and accepting and loving the person that is “you”.

2. Develop a network of friends whom you can trust – who’ll be there to support you, and give encouragement.

3. Work on developing a positive mind set. Be grateful, optimistic, and focus on success.

4. Believe that you can change things, and make a difference. You’re not a helpless victim; you can take some control.

5. However, don’t waste your energy on things you cannot change. Walk away from toxic people and hopeless situations.

6. Take a long term view of things, and try to maintain your perspective. We all encounter obstacles and challenges in life.

How you see you is how you’ll be. If God can change your perspective, your whole life is changed. Knowing Him changes your life.

God’s light, no darkness in Him. The day, the night, none of it defines Him. And you were made in His image, so don’t let what isn’t changing Him, make you. Imitate the Father as His dearly beloved child.

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So glad to see the ask box is open!! Your imagines are so amazing! How would Hanzo feel about having a younger s/o, like someone 19? You don't have to do this request if you don't want to! Thank you 💖

Aa, thank you so much! ;u; Your kind compliment made my day <3 I didn’t mind writing this at all, since I think most of us are around that age and you’re officially an adult then as well, so I don’t see anything wrong with it! Age is but a number, which I believe in to be honest (of course, this does not count for when you’re underage and the person is far too old, because then it’s obviously wrong). I did it in HC form, but if you wanted something different, please tell me :) Enjoy!

- To be quite honest, the age difference would put him off at first, but that is mostly because Hanzo himself thinks lowly of his own personality and generally thinks you would deserve someone your own age, full with hopes and dreams like yourself. He would feel as if he’d only hold you back from certain things that you enjoy, viewing himself as a rather old and boring person while you are an elegant flower. This obviously is far from the truth, as you are open minded and caring enough to convince him to think more worthy of himself. Finding a suitable partner is not about the age or body type, after all, it is the spirit that counts most and the archer had to admit, that you were quite the mature young individual already for you to be having such thoughts.

- For that reason, it was hard to ignore you really. He had tried moving on from you, only brushing off his feelings as just a fancy for your youthful appearance, your young beauty you can say. Over time though, he couldn’t help but become infatuated with you and found you more endearing every passing day he spent with you, as you quietly talked and laughed over a cup of tea whenever you would cross paths. You had many things in common with each other, which made the age gap less noticeable in return. Hanzo is also fond of the childlike innocence you hold, it makes him feel more at ease and perhaps even restores his own faith in the world for a little. Thanks to your persistence, the marksman had no choice but to stay at your side while being thankful for your company in the process. He never would have expected that such a fragile being like yourself wanted to have anything to do with his older regal character, but there was no denying it that the both of you matched pretty well and as the tea ceremonies spent with you became more frequent, the both of you found equals in each other, both intellectually as well as socially.

- Even though Hanzo had now accepted your company, he was still feeling like a huge fool for even asking you out for dinner and laying his heart out to you, the tiny devil in his head not quite leaving him yet. Before confessing to you, he kept reminding himself that your spirits both matched and that you were already an official adult by now, completely able to make your own choices wisely. No, you were not an ordinary young person, you had already flourished into so much more. He especially noticed it in the way you talked, your grammar and vocabulary a lot more complex than most people your age would use, as well as your interests. This was also the reason why most people at the Overwatch base were fond of you, you could converse freely with them and any bystander would think you were around their age, the youth you carried with you not being evident in your voice or mannerisms at all. Hanzo had gotten to know you through the exact same way for that matter, it was for your passion rather than your age. A passionate soul that simply moved itself in a blooming vessel.

- Still though, he couldn’t help but feel nervous as he admired you greatly now and was still not fully convinced you would choose someone that much older than yourself, no matter how open minded and accepting you were. The grey in his hair was showing after all and suddenly the archer felt more self-conscious about that than before and changed his general look over the weekend to hopefully appeal more to you. You were shocked to say the least when you noticed him standing outside your door, but chuckled at his silly reasoning once he explained himself. You told him it was in no way necessary to pimp himself up like that, as you were already in love with the Japanese warrior from the start and even found his grey strands rather divine looking. While you smiled and laughed with joy as you accepted his confession, Hanzo could only look on helplessly at you, a mixture of adoration and confusion on his face as your understanding and big hearted personality once again rendered him speechless. You were a true being, he was certain of that now and you were his to protect from now on.

- During the beginning of your relationship, things would be a little awkward at first, mostly because Hanzo would be too careful with you. The man would be so afraid of crossing any boundaries, as he still struggles with his self-image. He would need reassurance now and then, knowing that you’re still attracted to and in love with him, as he can sometimes feel disgusted with himself at touching you, often asking for permission in the early stages. You would be hurt but understanding of his way of thinking, always making sure to be there to comfort him or initiate physical touch yourself to show him you enjoy it and that it’s fine for him to do the same to you if he wishes to do so. You are his little blossom and that image might be a bit hard to get out of him in the beginning. Not that he thinks that you’re helpless, but he just wants to pamper and provide for you, seeing as you are such a wonderful young person. If you tell him it is unnecessary though, Hanzo will surely try to change himself and give you some more space. You are an adult already after all and know your fair share of martial arts as well as having a healthy perspective of life.

- As your relationship progresses, the archer would become more confident in you staying with him and that he indeed has a real chance with, seeing as you haven’t made any moves on leaving him yet which he is incredibly happy for. He feels blessed to have such a refreshing soul beside him and the both of you learn a lot from each other as well, since you have different but matching mindsets after all. In a way, you two resemble his brother and omnic master Zenyatta, but then more romantically involved. There is a lot of mutual understanding and peace between you two despite your age difference. Due to the rise in his confidence, many forehead and hand kisses would occur, as Hanzo now likes to make you flustered and generally act like a true gentleman to give you the love you deserve. He would still never cross any boundaries though and if anyone between you both is initiating something more intimate, he still won’t hesitate to ask you for permission first. Your comfort is his top priority and he will not sway from that path by risking anything.

- The two of you like to talk about your goals and dreams as well, Hanzo mostly talking about the ones of his past when he was still the heir to his clan, while he listens intently to your visions for the future in the meantime. He would be sharing all of them with you and he honestly never felt more blessed in his life as you stared at the starlit sky together while you’re laying protectively in his hold. Many cute dates to café’s or cozy restaurants are also an annual thing for you both. The archer discovers so many different but exciting things with you, which he didn’t have the eye for at first, making the experience ever the more enjoyable. And even though he would never admit it, you do in fact make him feel younger. Not just finding his own style, but also his own inner childlike joy and interests. His spirit had been trapped for so long, only focusing on training and discipline, that it felt like such a big relief now that he could be his true self again after such a long time. Perhaps you never really grow old, the spirit just needs a break from time to time and charge itself with curiosity and imagination.

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I'm struggling heavily with depersonalization ever since my mom passed away. I have a hard time finding anything to matter or that this life has any meaning or anything after it. Any advice?

Let the grief in and be with it. Be with the anger, the sadness, the loneliness. Let it all in and feel it as much as you can. Let it push you to new things and to new ways of being.

This has changed you and you aren’t going to be how you were before. Things don’t make sense and old things are like shadows. Grey images pressed against a white wall. It all shouldn’t make sense to you anymore. Her passing has take away a foundation, a stability in your life and now you’re going to have to find new platforms and new ways of relating to life. That’s ok. That’s all ok. This isn’t easy, but there is a wealth of strength and love within you to guide you and to bring you back to your fullness.

Things change and shift and we can gain new perspective and new ways of dealing with things if we allow ourself to be pushed and changed by these circumstances. You are never given anything that you cannot handle and this depersonalization is a helping mechanism that you have put up unknowingly to protect yourself from the harsh reality of your mom being gone. It is here to help you through all of this. It is here to help you so you don’t have to take it all in at once and can deal with it in bites. It was too overwhelming and so this has stepped in and is here to aide you. It is like a cocoon that you unknowingly put into place to shield yourself.

This is Life at work and you can take this as a sign to draw back a bit and process as much as you can when you can. You’ll know what you’re ready for because it is coming up in you. If you feel sad, feel that as much as you can, cry and let it out. Write. Write it all down and let it all out. If you feel anger or rage, feel that as much as you can and let that out as much as you can. Write, exercise and find the power of this all within you. This is all a very powerful thing you contain. Try to sense that and honor that. Something in you has the power to totally alter how you perceive life, take time to respect that within you.

Bring love back into your heart. Take time to lie down or simply sit, soften your body fully and picture what you love –what brings up a full warm feeling in your chest– sit or lie with that feeling and get a good visual of it. It could be your mom holding you and supporting you. Let that come into your chest and your heart and them into your whole body and be with it. This love never leaves you and it is your life-raft in all of this. It is what anchors you and what brings back wholeness, life and what fills these cavities you feel within you and within your life. Let it in and even if it doesn’t feel natural, try to see that all of these feelings are simply trying to lead you back to this supportive love by getting your attention and slowing your life down so you can let it in.

Let things not make sense for you. Let all those old things have a back seat to what is going on in you now. You can return to them if you feel like it, but take time to let this all work through you and bring the love back to you that you feel is so distant. Let things open up for you and let this lead you to a new way of being and new way of processing life.

If this all gets to be too much for you and you feel simply stick or lost, it is more thang ok to talk to a caring and trained professional about all of this. That one-in-one help can have no substitute at times and it is truly ok to seek it out.

Much Love and I hope this helps,


Sigh. I can’t post this on my real tumblr because I follow the types of people who would dox me for saying this, but here goes:

This is to the majority of Tumblr users. To the people who complain about being triggered, victimized, cishets, neurotypicals, whatever. I am diagnosed with depression and used to have the worst time socially. What was tumblr’s advice? “Stay inside and pet a kitten! Lie down next to your favorite books and sleep in! Fuck “neurotypicals”, they don’t understand.“ And you know what? I made ZERO progress. It wasn’t until I FORCED myself to get a job that required talking to people, started seriously taking meds and stop self-diagnosing myself with whatever condition I felt applied to me, before I actually gained a life. I made so much more progress in a month off this website than the 2 years I spent on it. Ya’ll are so busy labeling yourselves as being oppressed that you exonerate yourself from any personal responsibility in making your life better.

This whole website, which says it’s dedicated to providing a "safe environment” is a cesspool for stagnation and complacency. Why go out and try to change yourself when you have 100K+ people telling you that everybody sucks and is against you, that you’re a victim and here you will find acceptance. This shit isn’t real. Nobody in the outside world cares about your triggers. Nobody cares that you can’t handle speaking in public, or that you have body image issues. Everyone here is trying to force their warped perspective onto the outside world–where literally no one will bat an eye at your precious feelings or self-dx’d Asperger’s. It’s like…please go out, and try to live a life. Form genuine connections with people. Sitting on a website feeling self-assured that you harrassed someone for misgendering you or getting you’re “gotcha” moment don’t mean shit in the long run. 




Art Writer’s Wednesday 12 - Tumblr Artist

Jack Hardwicke aka The Ediophusikon | on Tumblr (UK)

Jack Hardwicke started taking photographs in 2011 and found a freedom and comfort in the creative processes that he had always struggled to find before. A year later, he became Artspace’s “Next Artspace Artist”, and his vibrant abstract work caught The Creators Project’s attention. Using creativity as a cure for his own mental fragilities, Brighton-based photographer communicates a personal struggle between both his own anxiety and a deep appreciation for everything bleak, beautiful, and incomprehensible. A year after his first feature on Artchipel, Jack sat down to chat with us about his story, creative process and future projects.

Artchipel: How has the photography initially captured your attention, as opposed to another outlet?
Jack Hardwicke: I feel quite substantially removed from the person I was when this, for want of a better word, ‘journey’ began. Digital photography appealed to me straight away because it’s such an immediate medium. I was too impatient for film, too imprecise to draw, not determined enough to play instruments, what I do now just kind of happened out of a need to do something and express things that I have always internalised. Photography leads me to the way I work now.

A: How would you describe your work and what are you trying to express?
JH: I think my work is fairly varied, even if it may not appear as such to everybody else. What I’m creating can be altered quite dramatically by my state of mind and the style of work can shift from one project or idea to the next. In that sense it is quite hard to describe - abstract is certainly an easy answer, but I’m not a big fan of categorising art. I think aesthetics is at the absolute core of everything that I try to do – the most important aspect for me no matter what is that something looks great.

I guess one of the prevailing themes in my work is an anxious struggle. My work is often very personal and one of the reasons I started making art, and certainly one of reasons I don’t intend to stop, is the therapeutic nature of creativity. Life is an extremely complicated and incomprehensibly dark phenomenon but inside of that is so much beauty and hope and I guess that notion completely envelops my own thoughts and is therefore manifested in anything I create. I don’t know if that is what I am trying to express as such but I’m not sure how much art should ‘try’ to do anything. It is what it is.  

A: How would you describe your creative process and how did you come to develop your aesthetic?
JH: I try to be flexible. I’ve never had any kind of schooling in art, so compositional traits are completely innate. Technically there are things I can do but there’s a million things I can’t. In that sense I try to work within myself and expand outwards. When I start working on a piece or a project, what results is rarely what I expected. I try not to think about things too much and to trust my instincts. If something looks right expand on it, if it doesn’t then change it.
One of the beautiful things about art is that there is no right and wrong - so much of my life is spent questioning things but when I am creating there’s a much greater freedom inside my mind, it’s far easier to trust my intuition where the consequences are simply a visual reflection of something. It’s nice if that produces something that other people an enjoy, but it matters to me more that I like it.

A: The idea of using images to create an illusion and a unique perspective is what drives lot of your work. How do you feel about the way your work has progressed?
JH: I think what’s interesting about art is the ability to create something completely otherworldly and to be able to do that in an almost infinite number of ways, including the most underwhelming practices. I guess one of the goals for myself as an artist is to try and turn the mundane into something extraordinary. I don’t like to give too much away, but you would be amazed at what you can create with a dirty saucepan or dusty window pane for instance. When I started taking photographs I loved the idea of being outdoors and finding interesting spaces, but I came to realise that there’s a huge limitation in relying on environments and places as your external sources - if you use your imagination then you can try to make anything and everything beautiful.

A: What has been your biggest challenge or strongest memory to date as an Artist?
JH: It might sound self involved or cliche but every day is a struggle – I think that’s how life is probably supposed to be. It is a huge blessing to be able to make things, and it’s one that I try not to take for granted – I try to appreciate how lucky I am in life, to be driven by creativity and to have the time and resources to pursue that is an amazing piece of fortune.

I saw an interview (I think it was with the musician Grimes) a few weeks ago where she basically describes everybody as an artist in waiting, the only difference is between those who pursue it and those who don’t. I kind of agree with that idea, and I think that’s once you become one of those who go for it, you open yourself up to people and to criticisms and self doubt more so than in most walks of life. That in itself is a challenge. It is also a gamble to stake what you are and what you have on something which is totally subjective. I constantly question myself and what I make, but I also have a lot of conviction in what I am doing, and what I am trying to do, however I might live my whole life being the only one who feels that way about my work. Then the challenge is to stay true to yourself in the face of that.

A: Could you name 3 living artists that inspire you the most?
JH: Atelier Oslchinsky & Mark McGuire & Wes Anderson. They’re too many to chose from. These are just three that came to mind quickly and inspire me a great deal. I would recommend their work to anybody and everybody.

A: Describe a real-life situation that inspired you.
JH: I’m fascinated by what can be done whilst sleeping and I’m sure like millions of people before me, it feels like I seem to be at my most inspired when i’m asleep. More specifically I’ve tried to develop my skills as a lucid dreamer, not so much over the past 6 months but before that I had got to a pretty good level and was able to stay fairly lucid. The series ‘A Lucid Space’ was directly inspired by my initial amazement at the lucid experience and it has continued to inspire a lot of the aesthetics that I aim to work towards. If anybody is interested in finding out more about lucid dreaming I highly recommend Stephen LaBerge’s book ‘Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming’.

A: What are your plans for the coming year?
JH: I’m very excited about 2014. I have a number of projects on the go that I would like to finish and then exhibit. I am art directing a number of awesome musical releases and working with some amazingly talented producers, vocalists and musicians which is something that excites me immensely. My collaborative project SLEEP/WALK with my buddy SnowSkull (aka Matthew Evans) will be really switching gears this year and we have lots of stuff planned so watch this space. I’ve got a few more things up my sleeve but they’re safer up their for now.

Thanks for the questions, big up Rery & Artchipel – I’ve come across so many talented artists through the site it’s nice to be featured in the same space as all those before and after me. Happy New Year, Merry Xmas, etc.


Sleep/Walk Art Collective is a collaborative project between Jack Hardwicke The Ediophusikon & Matthew Evans SnowSkull
 (Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr), with Sleep/Walk/Listen coming January 2014.

Many thanks to Jack for taking the time to answer some questions and sending over his new works. Jack can be found with updated posts on his Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

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How to Develop Resilience

1. Work on developing a positive self-image, and accepting and loving the person that is “you”.

2. Develop a network of friends whom you can trust – who’ll be there to support you, and give encouragement.

3. Work on developing a positive mind set. Be grateful, optimistic, and focus on success. 

4. Believe that you can change things, and make a difference. You’re not a helpless victim; you can take some control.

5. However, don’t waste your energy on things you cannot change. Walk away from toxic people and hopeless situations.

6. Take a long term view of things, and try to maintain your perspective. We all encounter obstacles and challenges in life.

Images that will change your Perspective on Life. 📷

Happy Veterans Day for those who served our country valiantly and my condolences to the families of those who lost their lives defending ours. Thank you. ♡