images that will change your perspective on life

Thoughts on The Breakfast

I love it when a cartoon I already love does something I can appreciate on an artistic level as well as a story level. This was such an episode and what it used to lift an extremely simple story into genius levels of artistry was a split screen. Craig McCracken continues to amaze me with his cartoons because of his immense creativity and the ability to use a team’s talents to make his ideas come to life.

The story simply follows Wander and Lord Hater through a morning side by side comparing and contrasting them. The majority of the plot is just them trying to make breakfast and as typical with Looney Toons the gags are primarily visual but in a unique way thanks to the split screen.

Instead of trying to balance both sides of the screen with images that are the same size with the exact same action it keeps your eyes focusing on the opposite sides by changing perspectives at times.

It contrasts the personalities of Lord Hater and Wander at just the right moments like how they choose to wake up their compatriots. 

Other times the compositions of the frames mirror each other to great effect.

The action also moves from one panel to another in very clever ways changing it up. At first its simply a form of mirroring where Wander walks past the edge of his screen just as Commander Peepers walks out from the edge of his screen. Then the stories actually sink up toward the end where Hater throws something from one screen to another. This leads to them entering each other’s sides of the story.

It ends on the perfect note of a understated fourth wall break where Hater glares at Wander from his side of the screen. Honestly, this episode is so clever I would be shocked if it didn’t win an award of some kind. It took great skill on every level to time these things out because with animation its not as flexible as live action. Every frame has to be planned exactly.

Watch it and enjoy it for its humor and its amazing artistic merit!

Images that will change your Perspective on Life. 📷

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