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New Comic Book Day! My Pull List this week.

  • ‘Monstress’ #10 (Image Comics)
  • 'Descender’ #19 (Image Comics)
  • ‘Rat Queens’ Web Comics (Image Comics)
  • 'Serenity: No Power In The Verse’ #5 (Dark Horse Comics)
  • 'Pathfinder: Worldscape’ #5 (Dynamite Comics)
  • ‘Clean Room’ #16 (Vertigo Comics)
  • 'The Hellblazer’ #7 (DC Comics)

people reblogging my illidan runed dick post shocked like “HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME THINK ABOUT THIS” and “how do i delete this” were u guys not around on tumblr when the entire wow fandom used reaction images made from wow porn so pretty much every day you would see cropped images of illidan’s face mid-orgasm

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There a new interview by Ruben Napels and he says Tom was wearing all black Gucci and not the burberry sweater.

Here’s the interview: 

Tom donned a simple all-black Gucci ensemble, with shirt sleeves rolled up, complementing his trim physique in our recent encounter at The Ritz-Carlton in downtown Los Angeles.

That is interesting because Ruben took these pictures of Tom from the day of the interview. 

I think we can all agree those are his jbrand jeans he’s worn 8979879 times and the seams are about to burst. And on higher-resolution images from that day we can see a) his shirt is navy and b) the Burberry logo is clearly visible. 

10th Anniversary All-Month Long March Event TEASER

These are the storyboard pieces that I will be posting for the entire month. You’ll get to see each and every one of them up close, all spread out over the month so that you’re not attacked with a ton of images all on one day. Be warned that some of the photos are not the clearest and the individual drawings are not always cropped perfectly (that’s how it was arranged when this big thing was framed) but if you ever want a more clearer image of any that I post, please feel free to ask.

I just realize that it’s been nearly seven months since I’ve been fully dedicated to recovery. There’s been some ups and downs, and today is a down day (in which my body image is terrible/feeling terrible about eating). However, IT HAS BEEN NEARLY SEVEN MONTHS SINCE I’VE DECIDED TO RECOVER AND FOR THE MOST PART, MY LIFE IS 500% BETTER SO FUCK YOU EATING DISORDER

You kicked my ass the second you saw me, you would kick the entire world's ass eventually

Day 3: I’m your roommate’s friend and I have a extra key to your apartment but clearly my friend did it tell you about that And now I’m pinned against te wall because you think I’m a murderer and holy shit where do you take martial arts?

Ambar’s life was always the same, full of luxuries and money, she was supposed to go to Harvard and study international business so she would be able to run her family’s company, but after one semester she realized that all of that wasn’t right for her, that perfect world and that image of perfect girl only were making her miserable, so one day she just drop out business uni and started to study fashion design, and like her family didn’t approved it, she had to go to live by herself, thank god she found in her class a cute and very nice girl called Luna that was looking for a roommate. 

Ambar saw the flat and fell in love immediately, small and classy, and the most important now that she didn’t have her family’s money, cheap, so she moved with Luna, it was great, with all her savings she payed 3 month until she could find a job and keep paying her, and Luna didn’t even stay in the house much time, she spend many nights at her boyfriend’s and Ambar really liked having the flat almost just for herself. Just a week passed since she moved with her and Ambar already felt like home. 

One night she was in bed already, it was 11 pm but she was still awake checking her social media when the sound of the door brought her attention, Luna never came back that late, but maybe she fought with her boyfriend so Ambar went downstairs to check if was her, but couldn’t saw nothing because all the lights were off, but she did hear a male voice and she was almost sure that wasn’t Luna’s boyfriend voice, he had a very notable Italian accent.

-Yes, I just got here… No, I think Luna is with Matteo… Because all the lights are off and Luna let always one light on at least l… Yes, I’ll call you tomorrow… okay, bye -The second he hang up he could felt how someone took him from behind and pinned him up against the wall, holding his arms in a way he couldn’t even move

-WHO ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT? -Ambar demanded holding the guy with all her strength

-He..hey who are you? Can you please let me go? You are hurting me… -The guy managed to say with his face against the wall

-I’m not letting you go, I’m going to call the police, I bet you thought that Luna for live alone would be a easy target to rob or do something worst, well guess what, she is not alone -Ambar said pressing him harder

-Hey I think you misunderstood me, I’m not going to do nothing to Luna, I’m his best friend

-I don’t believe you, Luna would told me something about you

-Do you really know Luna? Her head is always in the space, she didn’t even tell me she found a roommate who can kick my ass -The guy said and made Ambar realize that Luna was indeed quite clueless -Look, let me go and I’ll explain you

-I’ll let you explain yourself but I’m not letting you go until I can trust you -Ambar said without loosen up

-Okay, I’m Simón, Luna’s best friend from Mexico, I have an extra key because I always stay here when I’m in Argentina for work but clearly she didn’t tell you, and damn where did you learn martial arts? I could use some classes -Simon said and that made Ambar giggled a little, Luna did tell her about a best friend in Mexico but never talked more about it -You can call Luna and ask her if you want, I won’t try to do you anything, I know you would kick my ass if I try -Simon said laughing and Ambar let him go

-Yeah, I’m going to call her, but don’t you dare to move -Ambar said treating him

-No thanks, I appreciate my life -He said showing his hands and smiling and Ambar couldn’t help but let out a little giggle -Hey look take my phone, I told her I would call her when I get here -He said handing Ambar his phone, Luna was on his favorites contacts, so maybe he was telling the truth after all, but Ambar needed to hear it from Luna, after the second ring she answered

-Hey Simón, did you arrive already? -Ambar could recognize Luna’s voice so she put the call in speaker

-Yes, he is here, and I think you forgot to tell me about it -Ambar said to Luna trying not to sound mad, she wasn’t, Ambar knew Luna was quite distracted

-Oh dear god, I knew I was forgetting something, I’m so sorry Ambar, hope you don’t mind he stays there a few time while he is in te country -Luna rushed to say

-No, is not a problem, but next time when a guy is arriving here at the middle of the night I would like to know so I don’t get scared the hell out -Ambar said in a joking tone

-Yes, I will, I promise, hope you didn’t get a lot scared -Luna said and Ambar could noticed her worried tone

-The guy who dares to enter here and try to do something would be more scared, I can assure that -Simon said laughing

-What? -Luna asked confused and Simon and Ambar both laugh accomplices

-Nothing, your friend just got a humor -Ambar said laughing -I’ll let you go back to your things now

-Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow, maybe we can all go out for lunch

-Yes, sounds nice, I’ll go unpack and we’ll talk tomorrow okay, sleep well, say hi to Matteo -Simon said and ended the call -See, not a delinquent

-Yes, I see, I’ll try to not attack you from now - Ambar said and both laughed- But I’m really sorry if I hurt you, is just living alone is so new for me, and was like really nervous

-Don’t worry, I’m a tough guy, but you got some moves, I could use some -He said joking and Ambar laughed

-Whenever you want -She said smiling but then she remember the hour-I’ll probably should go upstairs now, let you rest, you should be exhausted -Ambar said caressing her arm shyly

-Actually, I slept all the flight here, so no sleepy at all, I could use a good conversation, only if you want, and aren’t tired, because if you are you can totally go to sleep -Simon said way more fast than intended, and that made Ambar laugh a little

-Actually I napped all afternoon, so no sleepy here neither -She said smiling -I can make some cocoa, if you like

-Sure, cocoa would be awesome, let me help you -Simon said smiling and both went to the kitchen to make the cocoa, while Ambar was making it Simon was taking off the mugs and the toppings, he chose whipped cream and Ambar had some marshmallows. They both took each mug and sat on the big couch in the living room, with a lot of space between them

-Hmm, is really good- Simon said tasting the cocoa, and Ambar let a laugh out 

-What? What happen?

-You… you have some… -Ambar pointed his mouth where he had some bits of whipped cream

-Oh, where? Here? -He said touching his nose and the corners of his mouth but didn’t take much of it so Ambar leaned close to him and clean it with her tomb, then she looked at his eyes and saw that he had really cute and deep brown eyes, and Simon also got lost in Ambar’s blue eyes, thinking about that her eyes were as blue as Cancun ocean, they stayed that way for a couple of seconds until Ambar went back to the other side of the couch -Thanks -Simon managed to say

-No prob -Ambar said looking at her cocoa again, there was some seconds of silent only them drinking their cocoas, but the weirdest thing was that neither of them felt awkward, then Ambar decided to break the ice -And how was the flight?

-Good, I slept all the way here and they gave me a cookie that tasted actually good -He said joking

-I’ve never been in a commercial flight, but I’ve heard that the food is quite bad

-You never been on a plane? -Simon asked shocked

-I’ve been, but only in my family’s private jet, so they always made the food I wanted -Ambar explained herself and Simon was looking at her even more shocked than before

-You have a private jet?

-My family does -She said without taking her eyes of her cocoa

-Is the same, isn’t?

-No, it isn’t, my family kind of kicked me off their lives, so… -Ambar said and Simon felt how her voice was cracking so he stayed in silence -You want to ask me about that, right? -She said with a soft smile

-I don’t want you to talk about something that wouldn’t make you any good -He said and Ambar felt his sincere tone and that made her feel that someone was worried about her, a feeling that was very uncommon lately

-Actually maybe, it could be good, talk about it, I haven’t talk about it since it happened and I still feel something in my chest that doesn’t let me breath properly -She said placing one of her hands in her chest, she really would like to talk, since that happened she wasn’t able to talk about it to anyone, because she always had the feeling that everyone would judge her, but with Simon she just didn’t has that feeling

-I’m all ears, I won’t say anything, I can promise that, just let out all you have inside, scream, cry if is necessary, sometimes that things help a lot -Simon said moving a little closer to Ambar, she smiled him and told him all about her problems, at the end some tears where going down her cheeks but she felt so much lighter.

-And I’m so afraid that they were right, that my dreams just don’t work out, and that I have to go back to them for help -She said trying her best to keep calm

-Hey, dreams are hard, but they totally worth it, and I can trust you would be great at whatever you put your mind into, you kicked my ass the second you saw me, you would kick the entire world’s ass eventually -Simon said and Ambar laughed at it, the guy was great making her feel better

-Is just… I feel so alone now. If I’d have at least one person on my side, only one person of my family or my old friends, just someone to believe in me, everything would be so much easier -Ambar said and now tears were bursting down her face

-Hey, maybe I’m not an old friend, or part of your family, but I believe in you, and if someone you just met believe in you, all the other people in your life will -Simon said getting closer to Ambar ad cleaning her tears with his hand, the touch of Simon’s hand on her face made her feel that someone actually care about her, and she needed to feel that way so much, so she shrugged her face a little on his hand closing her eyes, when she opened them she saw that they were just centimeters apart, but the weirdest was that neither of them feel it awkward, it felt natural, like they knew each other for all life, Simon was smiling lost in Ambar’s eyes he thought that every second that passed they were getting bluer

-I think is time to sleep -He said in a very soft tone and Ambar just nodded so they both went upstairs

-Thanks for listening me -Ambar said stand in front of him

-You are more than welcome, I think we would have a lot of time to get to know us

-I hope so -Ambar said and then both split pats to go to each end of the corridor to their rooms, at the door Ambar turned her head to look at Simon again who was looking at her too -Good night Simon

-Good night Ambar -Simon answered and then both entered to their rooms, to dream about each other from that night and on. 

Hey you! You’re beautiful and gorgeous in your own way. Don’t let anyone make you feel undesirable, because you are perfect just the way you are!

hp quotes // “‘Oy, you! 'Arry Potter!’ shouted a particularly grim-looking dwarf, elbowing people out of the way to get to Harry.
Hot all over at the thought of being given a Valentine in front of a queue of first years, which happened to include Ginny Weasley, Harry tried to escape. The dwarf, however, cut his way through the crowd by kicking people’s shins, and reached him before he’d gone two paces.
'I’ve got a musical message to deliver to 'Arry Potter in person,’ he said, twanging his harp in a threatening sort of way.”