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Season 4 Bashir: Have been officially dumped by everything in a skirt on the station. Adventures are scary. Major Kira is scary. Captain Sisko’s shiny bald head is scary. Also am fairly certain I want to fuck a lizard.


Genre: photographer/model!au | lots of fluff | angst if you really squint

Member: Johnny / Reader

Word Count: 9, 200+

Note: inspired by and dedicated to the one and only @jeou, who motivates me with her own motivation and passion on the daily. also inspired by the work of fanny latour-lambert

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[ 1/100 of 100 Day of Productivity ] Wednesday // 7.12.17

The 100 Days of Productivity Challenge seems like an excellent method of keeping me on track with my studies. By day 100, my study routine ought to be a well ingrained habit, and until then this will keep me accountable. Today is the laziest of all photosets, feat. recommended reading from my therapist, and the rose my boyfriend got me yesterday. The tiny red notebook is my mini bullet journal. I can’t afford a big one yet, so it does the job for now.

Computer security lecturer, on how designing security messages for users is really difficult: “And in this way, what happens when you train users to look for the green ‘secure’ message in the url bar, they actually become more susceptible to attacks where a screenshot of the secure site is displayed inside a malicious site, because they think 'oh, there’s the green thing we were told to look for, this must be safe’ even though the real address bar doesn’t have it. It turns out positive indicators telling people when something is safe doesn’t make user behavior more secure, it’s better to use negative indicators telling them when *not* to trust a website.”
Student: “What if a website displayed a user-specific image and trained their users not to trust the website if they didn’t see the image they were used to? The attacker won’t be able to forge it without knowing information about the user.”
Security lecturer, emitting broken laughter: “Aha. ahahaha. ahhah. Okay. So. People have tried this. The Bank of America used to do it but phased it out. If you look at user studies, what happens is: if you display the page, and instead of the image they’re trained to trust put in a box saying 'sorry, due to technical difficulties we cannot show you the image right now, please log in normally’ – most people will go ahead and log in.  This simply does not work.”

The pride parade was the first time I’ve shown this much skin in public. I’m very proud of myself because I used to be so ashamed of my body, specifically my midsection. But, now I love and take pride in my body. Other than struggling with dysphoria, I am very happy in my body

With AJ LoCascio talking about playing Lotor next season on Twitter and one of the showrunners talking to him about it on Twitter, now I have a mental image of him logging on to Twitter tomorrow, blushing and laughing like mad when he figures out most of the fandom is busting a nut, thinking his voice sounds extremely hot. xP

Confession: In all honestly, I kind of wish that this fusion of Hanzo/Genji exist more than Genji and Hanzo.(not that I don’t like the Shimada brothers, I adore them both and their lore tied into the Overwatch lore) The main reason being because what kind of gameplay would this fusion be like??? Pseudo-sniper and hardcore melee fighter? To me, that is badassary right there.

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