images of a weekend

[Image of a plant sprouting from a layer of dead leaves. Its flowers are highlighted in purple.]

This layer of decay
Won’t stand in my way


i just like drawing jimin (photo cred)


Took these two selfies earlier today and boy do I look cute! Even when the wind is hitting me right in the face, it just manages to get my hair on point ✌🏼💕😂🤓😅😇🙈💛💙🌻🌸

Monday Commute

Photo of the Day! When it’s Monday but you’re still thinking about the weekend…
Image via Karolline Cunha.

ebkas  asked:

In your opinion, what are the most sad and frustrating things you have drawn?

Dusty’s answer: The ending of the first arc. It was really emotionally draining to draw it.

Tem!Frisk answer: SKELETON BROTHERS *TORMENTED SCREAMS* Drawing the brothers over and over and over! I felt so repetitive but the story had to go that way! ARG.


Just to let everybody know, we’re no longer doing Goat Chara stuff during the week (those little asks with only one image responses), they will be saved up and posted on the weekend. So expect a lot of posts on the weekend! Hooray!

The reason behind it is that many people have gotten confused and don’t realise that the Flowey comic and Goat Chara stuff are completely separate.

So for those who don’t know:

Flowey story: canon to the main plot of the blog

Goat Chara: Silly stuff, not canon, completely for fun on the weekends


New item in my shop! Sleepy beetle stickers, each one is a unique reduction linocut print. 

Reduction linocut is a process that involves printing multiple layers of color all hand-carved from the same block. As each layer of color is added, more of the block is carved away, revealing the image from light to dark. The block is destroyed in this process, making reprints impossible. Pics of each color layer carved for these stickers are shown in the last image!

Free shipping in my shop this weekend with coupon code HEXYES. Coupon valid only til 1/23/17!