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I saw the Night Court.”
He glanced sidelong at me. “I didn’t send those images to you.”
I didn’t care. “Thank you. For everything–for what you did. Then…and now.

A Court of Mist and Fury (page 289)

Okay but like Feyre just continued the conversation without thinking much about Rhysand saying “I didn’t send those images to you.” I never thought twice about it either but I’m rereading ACOMAF right now and it JUST HIT ME. Feyre saw the Night Court due to the mating bond. She saw places in the Night Court when she was under the mountain and it wasn’t Rhys sending her those images. It was the bond itself. It was comforting her. I’m gonna go cry now.

I'd like to point out something

Here is the scene where Feyre hears music in her cell in acotar:
“I let the sounds ravage me, let them lay me flat and run over my body with their drums. Up and up, building to a palace in the sky, a hall of alabaster and moonstone, where all that was lovely and kind and fantastic dwelled in peace. I wept—wept to be so close to that palace, wept from the need to be there. Everything I wanted was there—the one I loved was there—”

Here is Rhys and Feyre discussing this scene in acomaf:
“‘You,’ I breathed, not taking my eyes from the musicians playing so skillfully that even the diners had set down their forks in the cafés nearby. 'You sent that music into my cell. Why?’
Rhysand’s voice was hoarse. 'Because you were breaking. And I couldn’t find another way to save you.’
The music swelled and built. I’d seen a palace in the sky when I’d hallucinated—a place between sunset and dawn … a house of moonstone pillars. 'I saw the Night Court.’
He glanced sidelong at me. 'I didn’t send those images to you.’
I didn’t care. 'Thank you. For everything—for what you did. Then … and now.’”

Feyre saw home. Feyre saw the one she loved. She saw Rhys. Feyre saw everything she had ever wanted.
She didn’t see the Spring Court. She didn’t see Tamlin.
She saw the Night Court, without ever even being there. And Rhys didn’t send those images to her.
It’s like there was some sort of bond….that guided her towards those images…of complete and utter happiness…a mating bond, perhaps?

archeron family theory

While I was going through my ACOMAF sticky notes, some things were, at least for me, still a mystery and got me into thinking again. This theory might be a bit crazy and overanalysing is probably involved, but hear me out. If I missed something that would overthrow everything, please tell me! Also, SPOILERS for everyone who hasn’t read ACOWAR yet. You’ve been warned. :)

1. Feyre’s faeness

So in ACOMAF there was this scene where Rhys was talking to Feyre:

“He said quietly, “Because these days, all I hear through that bond is nothing. Silence. Even with your shields up rather impressively most of the time, I should be able to feel you. And yet I don’t.” (p. 109)

There is also another strange scene later on, where the two of them talk about the pictures and music Rhys send to Feyre Under the Mountain:

“I saw the Night Court.” He glanced sidelong at me. “I didn’t send those images to you.” I didn’t care.” (p.289)

That the connection between the two of them is special is showed throughout the last two books, but also considering, that Rhys already saw Feyre through the beginnings of the mating bond, while he didn’t even knew her, was still strange. There must be something more to it. One could argue, that “The Mother” or “Cauldron” or whatever knew the future and already showed something definite to Rhys, but in that case what about Lucien? There is no prior connection to Elain, as far as we know it, but would it still be possible? Why is it different? Sadly, I don’t have an answer for Elain and Lucien, I just wanted to point it out. I will focus on Rhys and Feyre since they interact more often.

2. Nesta’s and Elain’s transformation

It is stated that Elain got something from the Cauldron while she was transformed into a Fae, and that Nesta took something. Here the question would arise why the Cauldron would grant Elain with special powers and why was Nesta strong enough to steal from him? Would the Cauldron have given Nesta powers on its own or does it simply prefer Elain? For the second question I also don’t have an answer, but I will come back later on why power was maybe granted.

3. The Bone Carver & Feyre’s father

In ACOWAR when Feyre visited the Bone Carver he was talking about his past and mentioned an ancient female Fae warrior who contained his siblings:

“Clever, that Fae warrior. Her bloodline is long gone now – though a trace still runs through some human line.” He smiled, perhaps a bit sadly.” (p. 239).

Maybe he wanted to chat a bit, but it still is a bit weird that he suddenly is so open about his past. And why would he mention it in front of Feyre? I don’t think that he is sentimental, so there must be some kind of reason for it.
It is another mystery why Feyre’s father was aware of the thread Hybern was and would go to the continent to search for Vassa. Some people from the fandom already had the idea that Feyre’s mother had some business with the mortal queens or even be some sort of Fae herself. While nothing like that was confirmed, it would have explained why Feyre’s father knew about these things. Still, with the Bone Carver’s tale some sort of special family background could be possible again.

4. Theory / Speculation

So, let’s say that the Fae blood from the female Fae warrior does run through Feyre’s family, regardless if it is through her father or mother. It would explain why Feyre’s father knew about Hybern and the risk it was. One could assume, that the Archeron family would have some kind of connection towards the Fae. Also, it was often stated throughout the series “Like calls to like”, as we have seen it with Nesta and the Bone Carver. Due to this, it might be possible that the Cauldron saw the trace of Fae blood in Elain and Nesta and decided, in this case still just for Elain, to grant them immense powers since they have enough potential to wield them without problems. Going further with this argumentation, Feyre’s and Rhys’ connection so early in the book can also be explained.

Again “like calls to like”. So, Rhys was able to sense his bond to Feyre so early could be because the small amount of Fae blood within her might have reacted. Also, the images of the Night Court, which Rhys didn’t send might have gotten to her through her Fae blood as some kind of memory. We still don’t know anything about this female Fae warrior so maybe she had some connections to this part of Prythian and memories can be carried through blood due to some kind of magic. Also, if some kind of magic could be carried through blood or if the Fae heritage in the blood would strengthen Feyre’s mental abilities, it would make sense that Rhys was not able to sense Feyre sometimes. The Fae powers that she got from the High Lords and the “power” she got from her heritage could have strengthen some aspects of her new being.

As SJM left some mentioned questions open, it could be possible that we learn more about the family background in the possible book about Nesta as she is the oldest of the three girls and maybe knew about something about this possible heritage and kept it hidden.

I felt homesick, so I asked Raphael to describe part of heaven for me. He allowed me to write it down as he spoke, so here’s what he said:

“It was beautiful, child, it always was beautiful. There are gardens in many parts of heaven. There are lilacs and greens and blues you can’t even imagine up here, all in one plant, or all in the dozens that cover the various gardens. There are archways and pathways and walkways, through and under and around various places. Some parts of heaven may even look like earth, but an unearthly earth, if that makes sense. There is one part, as I’m showing you [He is referencing a mental image he’s sending me, which he tries to describe]. This one part, there is a pathway leading through into a dip in the walkway, with an arch on the upper part and leading over the other like a bridge. They meet at both ends. It’s like you have two different paths to take if you want to get to the same destination. And then on some days the clouds look just right, juxtaposition themselves just right, and there is a cloud behind the archway or off to the side. And the trees will always sway with a light breeze but no leaves will fall, like they’re permanently alive and breathing, and just shuddering with the light and the air and the love. Oh, child, I know how much you miss it. I do hope that when you come Home I can take you to some of these places, but for now you must live here. You must make a life here for as long as possible, understood? ”

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✋ (Tiberius-Nasir) >D

Agron felt a rush consume him as he fell onto his back, his lover’s body on top of him as he held his hands against the bed. An unwavering smile on Agron’s lips, chest heaving with anticipation and excitement that went straight to his cock at this reversal of position. It had started with playful teasing between the two of them, one that would have led to Agron undressing Nasir eagerly, had the Syrian not taken control. He pushed Agron back, the larger male falling onto the bed with no complaint. 

To see Nasir take a more dominant position … well, it left Agron aroused and at his mercy, just as he often was with his lover. Being unable to move his hands left only his lower body to shift, so with a playful smile, he thrust his hips up, rubbing his erection against Nasir’s length. “Your actions fucking excite,” Agron said, vocalizing his body’s reaction. Raising his head, lips pressed against Nasir’s ear where he could reach. “And fill with desire,” he whispered, thick with need, parting his legs a little more so Nasir could settle comfortably between them.  


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The Obvious One that I have no problem answering :D

Who’s the cuddler: Victor, definitely. He’s incredibly grateful he gets hugging privileges from Alice – he likes to snuggle up to her whenever he can.

Who’s more clingy: Alice, given that her backstory involves losing all of her loved ones to fire in a single night. She doesn’t want to ever go through that again. (Poor girl probably has nightmares about Victor burning to death and then stays up the rest of the night holding him.)

Who wakes up first: Probably Alice? I picture Victor as a little slow to get up. Neither of them are really morning people, but Alice is likely used to getting up earlier simply to start on the Houndsditch chores.

Who tends to get more sick: Victor – my headcanon for Alice not having worse scarring from the fire is her having a pretty great immune system, so she shakes off colds and other illnesses a lot easier. Victor doesn’t get ill all that often, but he tends to feel worse when he is sick, so…

Who’s the little spoon: Honestly, I can see them switching it up. I know it probably makes more sense for the super-tall Victor to be the big spoon for Alice, and he enjoys cuddling with her like that and making her feel safe, but I can easily see her taking on the role when he’s feeling vulnerable and sad.

Who’s more productive: Depends on the activity. Alice is probably better with household chores, but I headcanon that Victor eventually discovers he enjoys cooking, so he likes to do that. Victor is much more productive musically, but they’re about the same when it comes to drawing. Alice is the better storyteller, of course. They both can be distracted easily, though…

Who sings in the shower: I’m thinking Victor might hum to himself from time to time, either familiar tunes or pieces he’s working on. Alice probably argues with Wonderlanders who try to bug her while she’s bathing.

Who likes to embarrass the other: Neither likes to, but Victor’s probably going to do it a bit more often, given his occasional foot-in-mouth tendencies.

Who cries during movies: Victor’s the more likely candidate, but I can see Alice hiding tears at anything involving the loss of one’s family.

Who kisses more roughly: Alice, most of the time. She likes to pull Victor down to her. Victor can match her once they get going however.

Who’s more dominate: Alice. Definitely Alice. She likes the feeling of having power for a change, instead of being manipulated or played for a fool by others. Victor, by contrast, likes the idea of giving up control to and being taken care of by someone who loves him. It’s a good dynamic.

My rating of the ship from 1-10: 10, 50, 100 – I named my blog after the pair, what did you expect

Wrong Number

It’s work.

Arthur’s never liked his career, even if he wanted it, strove for it, and bled for it. He’s an omega who’s figuratively scraped his way to the top with the same vigor a prison inmate uses to carve at a wall with a plastic spoon. He prides himself on this but, Christ, he hates his work.

The business meeting is slow-going and he jots down notes, squashes down the urge to roll his eyes, and maintains a professional air because he knows that one wrong move will have the whole assembly looking at him and making that ‘oh, it’s the omega’ face. There’s no other expression quite so infuriating as the side-quirked lip and the wrinkled nose. He would punch those that did that to him, if he could.

“My number,” and a wink. Great. This is work, not fun. He only asked for the alpha’s number for business reasons, which he specified. Prat.

Arthur texts the man, 'Here’s me.’

He assumes that’s the end of it.

He doesn’t at all realize that he has the wrong number.

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Designer Robert Beatty is known for having a bit of an old school style to his work, but while designing the art for Neon Indian’s upcoming album VEGA INTL. Night School (out 10/16), Robert found himself on an adventure back through time in a very different manner than he was used to.

“The Neon Indian [cover] was a pretty good example of not having any idea what it was going to be like [at the start],” explained Robert.

“I eventually talked to Alan (Palomo) on the phone a few times to see what he would have in mind, and he was all over the place,” Robert added. “[But] he had definite ideas that he knew he wanted to have.”

Those “definite ideas” were twofold: the cover was going to be a photograph, and that photograph was to feature a neon sign (that Robert would design) reading “Night School,” a phrase that Alan knew he wanted to incorporate into the album’s title.

"From there he would send me folders of reference images a few times a week – 15 or 20 images [at a time] that he was like ‘This is cool I like this…’ There’s just tons of stuff being thrown my way and so it’s my job to figure out what I could do to tie this thing together.”

“There were a lot of ‘80s post-modern design stuff, a lot of Memphis Milano – which is an Italian design firm from the ‘80s – and stuff like that. He had a lot of element from lyrics that he wanted to covey the vibe of… There was b-movie and VHS imagery that he was sending me.”

Robert’s art for Neon Indian’s single “Annie”

With these images as their inspiration, Robert, Alan, and photographer Luke Lanter began to develop the cover, each person bringing their own touch to the project. For Robert, this meant supplementing Alan’s suggestions with his own library of ideas and references.

“I am pretty obsessive… I have collections on my computer of all sorts of different images from different eras and types of things,” he said.

In particular, Robert’s interest in the Japanese “obi” strip manifested itself onto the cover of VEGA INTL. Night School – a fitting addition that feels in place with the album’s retro style.

“When records come out in Japan they have that strip with the additional info. [On this album it] says the name of the record and 'Neon Indian,’” Robert explained.

But in addition to the explanatory info, Robert’s obi strip features less concretely identifiable images and patterns that are meant to bring a sense of mystery to the artwork.

Robert’s art for Neon Indian’s single “Slumlord”

“I really like kind of corroded, pixelated, 8-bit stuff. Things that almost look like they are glitch-y but could be some sort of bar code, or QR code, or alien language. More than anything it was meant to evoke something that you can’t really place – something that you’ll have questions about and try to figure out,” he said. "We wanted it to be messy and confusing – something that was a little more out of left field. Maybe not really have everything so neatly tied up.”

“That’s always something I’m thinking about – I’m not worried about answers. I would like to have people see something that I’ve done and have more questions… I think that’s better than to have something that’s right off the bat very obvious. It’s always a challenge to convince people that is actually a way to go about it. But when it works, it works.”

-Dylan Singleton

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Jared Leto’s Joker antics honestly seem like they would be the basis for an episode of Batman: the Animated Series called “Batman Goes Hollywood”:

“Batman must save an actor whose on-set antics outrage the real-life Clown Prince of Crime.”

A wild weeabo stalked his prey...

Strap in folks, this is a long one. 

So, this happens to be more of a story of a stalker that happened to be a weeabo than anything else, but his weeaboness does play a huge role in everything.

So, warnings I suppose?

Mentions of rape, pedophilia, abuse and all kinds of other things of that nature.


Me: Just call me Jasmine because honestly, I don’t particularly care if this creep finds me again.

Stalker Weeb: Alex

So, we all know online relationships are a thing right? And someone can mentally fuck you up despite the distance, right? Right, kay cool cause that’s important to keep in mind.

So, for the sake of leaving out the gritty details, I’ll give a very quick (but detailed) version of my relationship with Alex so you all can understand exactly what this dude was. A complete freaking pedophile and abusive dick.

We met through a pokemon page I used to admin waaay back in the day. He and I had talked a couple times in the comments of photos I had posted, but nothing weird happened then, so when he messaged the page and asked to add me, I shrugged and said cool. He wasn’t too weird at first, just a bit clingy but I didn’t particularly mind considering I’ve had clingy friends in the past. Eventually, we found we had a mutual interest in each other (more so on his side however) and started dating.

Now, lets fast forward a couple months, shall we?

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For You ~ pt. 26

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~ Boiling ~

“Is something wrong?”

“Huh?” I jump startled from Lee’s voice.

“Is something wrong? You’ve been staring at blank space for a few minutes now.” She is frowning. “And you seem distracted today.”

“Do I?” I run my fingers through my hair with a sigh. “Sorry about that. What were you saying before?”

She stays silent and when I look up, I can tell that she wanted to push the subject but as always she lets me be. “I was saying how my idiot of a boyfriend keeps sending me images of your boyfriend.”

“He does?” I snicker at her expression. “What’s so bad about that? I wish someone would send me photos of him.”

“Please put yourself in my situation for a second, imagine Jungkook sending you photos of Joon. How would you feel?”

“I would…” I clear my throat because I would probably toss my phone out the window. “Yeah, OK, I get it.”

“See? Not saying that Jungkook looks bad in the photos, it’s just weird…” And then she mutters something about Joon being weirder. I laugh. “Anyway, how is he?”

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You,” I breathed, not taking my eyes from the musicians playing so skillfully that even the diners has set down their forks in the cafés nearby. “You sent that music into my cell. Why?”
Rhysand’s voice was hoarse. “Because you were breaking. And I couldn’t find another way to save you.”
The music swelled and built. I’d seen a palace in the sky when I’d hallucinated-a place between sunset and dawn…a house of moonstone pillars. “I saw the Night Court.”
He glanced sidelong at me. “I didn’t send those images to you.”
I didn’t care. “Thank you. For everything-for what you did. Then…and now.”
“Even after the Weaver? After this morning with my trap for the Attor?”
My nostrils flared. “You ruin everything.
—  A Court of Mist and Fury (Sarah J. Maas)
Acomaf question

So you know how Rhys sent the music to Feyre Under the Mountain? Well, didn’t she say that she also saw Velaris? Rhys said that he didn’t send those images to her, sooooo who did?? It bothered me the entire book, and they never explained - or at least I think they never explained. Thoughts???