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Hey guys!! The folks at redbubble were kind enough to give me a little promo code flash sale going on for my redbubble today! It’s only for today (Nov 1 until 11:59 pm!) but you can get 25% off all hoodies,sweatshirts, and long sleeves and 20% off of everything else in my store like t-shirts, art prints, stickers posters and more!!

BE SURE TO CHECKOUT WITH THE CODE : draw-Lightsintheskye so you can get your discount!

  I try to update my redbubble with more products every now and then but if there’s anything you’d like to see thats not there just send me a quick message!



Hey guys! The folks over at Redbuble were cool enough to give me another promo code for everyone on tumblr, and this time its for 20% off everything in my shop!!! It’s flash sale so it only lasts until 11:59pm tonight~!! But I’ll still have all the special items up for sale after. I know last time I asked around people really wanted more Zelda Stickers and Chibis up so I’ve added more that I hope you’ll like! I figured i’d make a fancier reminder since I only gave a little text post this morning about it!

Just use the code: perfect20-Lightsintheskye at check out to get your discount! Remember It ends at 11:59 pm (11/15/16!!! They extended it for an extra day!) so don’t wait! As always thank you guys so much for your support! And spread this around if you’d like<33 Love you guys!

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I photographed a Beekeeping Book

The beekeping book I photographed last year is now available! This was a really neat project for me! You can purchase it at book retailers or on Amazon here.  I have a great library of beekeeping images now for stock sales. Author: Tanya Philips Publisher: DK Media.

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for a limited time only ill be doing quick flat icons for 3$ again bc i need some money for work stuff and im still saving up for graduation stuff!!

Skype/(email): photovoltaick (
Or you can DM me or message me through imessage to my icloud email OR use i duno smoke signals or something
Amythest Schaber: Art, Design & Photography | Redbubble
Art, Design & Photography by Amythest Schaber

Redbubble is having a Black Friday sale!

35% off hoodies and sweatshirts, 20% off everything else! Go through the link to see my portfolio of designs. Not into t-shirts or hoodies? I’ve set up some coffee mugs, notebooks, laptop cases, scarves, etc. Fun!

Use the code gift-amythests at checkout to apply the sale!

[Image: A mock-up of a light skinned person in a navy blue pullover hoodie. The hoodie t-shirt displays one of my text designs, which reads “I love someone who is autistic (it’s me)” in white font. End image description.]

For the people who were asking, I finally have my Takumi sticker up for sale on my Redbubble! I cleaned up the drawing a bit, so I hope everyone likes it, and just have fun putting the pineapple prince wherever you want!  I’ll also probably be putting my Magical Girl Items image up for sale as prints as well later, so look out for that~

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Even though I only make 42 cents or $2.20 on the average sale, I always get a little sense of glee whenever the Dreamstime companion app notifies me of a new sale. Maybe I should add some new images. More images means more sales means more little moments of yay.