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hell is right-clicking to save an image and accidentally clicking ‘email image’ and having to wait forty years for some email program you didn’t even know existed to rise from its slumber like some lovecraftian ancient god, meanwhile the fans on your laptop are preparing for takeoff and you stare dead-eyed as the rainbow spirals, spirals, spirals. you wait and suffer this cosmic karma. days pass. “just a few more seconds” you slur. your laptop freezes and the concept of time is no longer comprehensible. your family and friends forget your name and you fade from existence.

A lovely batch of Tumblrs

Got a minute? Of course you do. Just a minute. Just click on any of these links below. 60 seconds to allow yourself to decompress. Let go of stress. Enjoy these affirmation-loaded, self-care heavy, soothing-as-heck Tumblrs:

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Positive Pastel (@positivepastel)

An aptly titled Tumblr, for sure. Take a visually soothing scroll through this (mostly) soft pink curated blog. 

Their mission: “hope to make your day a little brighter.”
Their rate of success: we’ll estimate a conservative…100%.

Motivational Tattoos (@motivationaltattoos)

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Motivational Tattoos has the one-stop shop for anyone who wants to buy inspiring temporary tattoos, self-care printables, and dissolvable paper in the shape of a thought bubble all in one stop. Something weighing you down? Write it down, place it in some warm water, and watch that heavy thought melt away.

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Gentle Reminder (@gentle-reminder)

The phrase “gentle reminder” might conjure up the image of old emails and texts from a passive-aggressive someone-or-another. That’s not this Tumblr. Gentle reminder: It reminds you, gently, to do nice things for yourself.

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Living Stills (@livingstills)

Remember when people were calling beautiful, artsy GIFs “cinemagraphs” because they seemed to be too beautiful to be called GIFs? @livingstills is full of those GIFs—beautiful, calming GIFs from the outdoors. It’s the second best thing to actually being in nature.

Just a few hours left until the release of Splatoon 2!
Who else is excited??

a super lovely commission from @rainbowwbroker


* Additional background: + $5 or higher depending on the difficulty

If you’re interested, send me an email to with the following information:

  • What type of commission? (ex. Colored fullbody)
  • Name of the Character/s
  • REQUIRED: Picture references*
  • Optional: Short written description (personality, etc.) lengthy details of their past/background are not necessary
  • Optional: Scenario/Theme (may be subject to additional costs depending on the complexity)
  • Tumblr handle (or any nickname) I can use to specify who commissioned it
    * If there’s no existing picture of your character yet, you can whip up a concept board (or just a series of pictures) for what your character will look like. (Subject to additional costs depending on the complexity of the design)


  • The price is per character. So two characters will double the price and so on.
  • If NSFW, I’m ok with drawing: your OC’s, my own OC’s and characters from popular media, but I’m not going to draw OC’s by other people UNLESS this OC is from an nsfw comic or made to be nsfw! (Otherwise, it would be awkward! =-=) also not real people.
  • No old people, I’m not good at drawing those.
  • No mecha or machinery
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission if it’s too graphic (or at least not post it in this blog)
  • I will send the larger image per email and will post the picture on the blog unless stated otherwise.
  • These pictures are for personal use. Please do not redistribute, sell or claim as your own.
  • I will start working only after I receive the payment through paypal.
  • I’ll send you wip previews for the sketch and the lineart (and sometimes the colored wip depending on the clarity of the reference provided).
  • I occasionally stream the commissions but it depends on the time I have available and how fast my internet is.

My Commission Tag

My Art Tag


Hey everyone, I’m opening up commissions again!

I know the prices are higher than last time. Well that’s cause there ain’t no rest for the wicked, money don’t grow on trees. I got bills to pay, mouths to feed, there ain’t nothing in the world for free!

Check out my commission page for slot availability and other commission-relevant information. The commission slot list is at the bottom of the page. Commissions I’ve drawn for other people can be seen here. You can contact me to reserve a commission slot either through a note on dA, an ask or fanmail on tumblr, or through my email listed on the commission info image ( For actual commission details and such, please send that over to me in an email. I will regularly send you updates about the commission through email, too.

Prices and more commission info under cut

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tumblr: *does pretty much nothing against all the p0rn bots/blogs*

me: *posts a vid of antoine griezmann with the hot dog snapchat filter*

tumblr: sorry sweaty 💁 it looks like you violated our terms of services because we don’t allow sexually explicit videos to be uploaded to tumblr 😡



Additional info:

  • Marsh#6871  is my discord if you wanna talk more specifics one on one 
  • email me the info and tier you’ve selected. I will respond with the okay and a rough sketch, if the sketch is approved by you, you may pay for the finished image.   
  • primary contact email is
  • you can also message me on tumblr for further questions and discussion
  • more examples of my art can be found –> HERE <–



adoptables are first come first serve

when you adopt a character from me i relinquish all rights and you are free to do with the character what you please including any changes you may want to make to the initial design

once payment is received you will get the full-res unmarked image(s)




So yeah I gotta move soon since the the landlord is selling the property and I’m mostly trying to raise money so I can pay for a pet agreement over at the new place we’re moving to (plus any other costs that come with moving) :’D


Can do: Fanart, OC’s

Will not do: NSFW

An extra cost may be added if the characters are complex but I will let you know beforehand.

I will need image references.

So please email me at or message me through here if you’re interested c:

I might have these prices until the end of april since that is my move in date :D

Another Super-Luthor Scandal

Please accept 2.9k of crap as an apology for my miserable mood at the moment.   You guys are amazing.

Read below or on AO3

It felt like Kara’s eyes had barely closed when the door to her loft swung open, breaking her from her sleep.  It took her a few seconds of panic to recognise Alex’s heartbeat, not that she needed to, with the volume that Alex was hissing angrily into her phone.  


She groaned, rolling out of bed and padding into the kitchen, squinting as Alex flicked on the light and grabbed a beer from the fridge, before putting back.  “Wait, I can’t have beer.  I’m working right now, thanks to you.”

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(Remaking my commissions post to showcase some of my newer stuff as well as commissions that I’ve done previously for folks! Thanks so much guys!)

Please help, I’m in debt much moneys right now and have panic attacks about that fact daily. c’: 15% off for greyscale shaded images!!! message me or email:

So, if you didn’t know, Funko made The 100 Funkos! This would be exciting but if you haven’t noticed from the above image, they whitewashed the only characters of color they’ve included.

I made a chart to show Bellamy, Raven, and Lincoln’s skin tone in similar show lighting vs. their Funko Pop tones. I included Clarke for reference in how light she is and how her Funko Pop is similar in color to Bellamy and Raven’s. And I included Doctor Strange to show how even though his actor is white, his Funko Pop was still more brown than Bellamy and Raven, and just as brown as Lincoln.

If you’d like, you can also send this image in an email with a message of concern to or retweet it on twitter here.