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Imagine if we communicated in real life the way we do on tumblr.

silence… silence… silence. flashing images. so. many. random. images. flashing words. big. small. short. long. deep. for diving in. so shallow. forgetting how to swim. voiced. (of sorts) shared. sparse. balding into mountains. blooming into valleys. intense and personal. steps, steep dropoffs. all at once. with strangers… silence… strangers… silence. again. and again. and again.

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“He’s out on assignment” she shrugged “I’m going to have to get used to the fact that he’s not always going to be around whenever I want him.”

“But you really do like him,” he asked.

“I do” she smiled a far away dreamy look in her eyes “this may sound crazy considering I haven’t known Phoenix that long but I’m glad things went south with Donovan. If it hadn’t I never would have met Phoenix.”

Vincent grunted “can you believe he thought Trinity was his girlfriend?”

Looking at her friend in concern “be careful Vinny from what Phoenix has told me Trinity isn’t the settling down kind.”

He stared at her for a moment wanting to deny the truth of her words. Images of Trinity as she left class kept clouding his vision. As much as he didn’t want to admit it she might be right.

“Oh look there’s Zach” she pointed running in his direction without even saying goodbye.

anonymous asked:

Do you keep a planner to keep track of tarot or daily life things?

Yes I do!

So I have what I call a Tarot Business Book: its a monthly planner (from Target) where I’ll write in every single order I receive from The Cackling Moon Shop. I’ll also write in reading ideas and coupon codes and sale ideas I get. Everything relating to TCM and the Tarot Biz goes into that planner.

I also have a Spirit Journal: this is a journal in which I write in personal readings I do for myself, card pulls for journal prompts, I will write down paranormal encounters I have with my brother who passed away, I’ll write images/words I hear in meditations, anything having to do with my spiritual journey and spirit communication goes into that journal!

And then I have a Spreads Journal which is a book of Tarot Spreads I create. I’ve kept this journal for 3 years now. It’s jam packed with Spreads I created and Spreads that are now available in my shop for ordering. I keep it with me whenever I’m working on client readings because even tho I created every single spread i use, I cannot remember them word for word. Lol

Relax. Breathe. It’s okay, you have time. Take it day by day and allow things to unfold as they’re meant to. Your life will happen according to its own timing, and you will become the person you’re meant to be.
Work hard. Play hard. But you know what else? Laugh hard. Love harder.
At the end of each day, take each and every one of your worries, and allow them to blow away in the breeze. The day is over. Tomorrow is a new day. Until then, rest easy.