SK Broadband & Season 1 + 2 of Miraculous Ladybug

There has been a surge of articles recently discussing SK Broadband’s Btv VOD service and Miraculous Ladybug (미라큘러스 레이디버그). I couldn’t decipher much of the news other than SK Broadband having the right to stream Ladybug. I did find something of note.

Here is an article by Yonhap News: B tv ‘미라큘러스 레이디버그’ VOD 내달 서비스

Ladybug is set to have 26 episodes - however, there are 2 seasons. This isn’t particularly surprising if you caught this on Ladybug’s EBS site:

It explains that Ladybug will have 26 episodes, each 26-minutes long. The 26 episodes are split into 2 seasons, each with 13 episodes.

The recent articles, such as the one by Yonhap News, mention that season 1 will begin September 1. On season 2:

미라큘러스 레이디버그 시즌2는 내년 3월 EBS 방영 후 B tv에서 VOD로 제공된다.

The line above basically states that Miraculous Ladybug season 2 will air March 2016 in Korea.

If Ladybug airs September 1 in Korea and continues airing without pause each Tuesday, we can expect the final episode of season 1 to air November 24. Then a hiatus will take over until March.

Please note that this post only discusses the Korean releases of Miraculous Ladybug on EBS and Btv. Broadcasters TF1 and Nickelodeon USA have not released any information regarding ladybug’s airdate outside of “Fall 2015″.

Everyone is freaking out over the She’s Kinda Hot ep and and Jet Black Heart and even Fly Away and I’m over here still not over Permanent Vacation 

We already saw Black Smoke‘s cosplay of Ayame Kajou from anime adaptation of Hirotaka Akagi’s Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai (Shimoseka) light novel series, and now cosplayer Roast rabbit has done a marvelous job at replicating Anna Nishikinomiya in this cosplay.

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Valentine’s dance

Calum wants to ask you to dance at the school valentine dance but doesn’t have the guts

You twirled in your purple dress in the dim evening light outside your school. Arriving in style, you and your friends had booked limo to carry you to and from the school valentines dance. You all laughed as you danced with each other, waltzing into the school hall all of you linked by the arm. The school hall was decked out in banners and balloons, all red and pink to match the valentine theme. Scanning the room, you and your friends checked out the lads, all brushed up and groomed in their suits and ties. There was an arrangement of choices but you scanned looking only for one. Calum Hood. The low class, blend in the background band guy, ever since you saw him you were curious to get to know him, you’d heard him play once or twice when you hung down by the music corridor.

You felt yourself being pulled to the dance floor, someone tugging on your hand. Turning to see who it was, you were disappointed it was Jack, the school jock. Popular, good looking, but s complete dick. Your face fell as you realized it was Calum, still scanning the room you tried to find an excuse to get away from him. Desperately signaling to your friends they ignored you, caught up with their own boy problems. Sighing, you walked towards Jack, rolling your eyes as you prepared for what to come. Without warning, someone pulled you back. Nearly falling over you fell backwards being caught in unknown arms. You looked up to see Michael and Luke smiling goofily. You smiled back, thankful for the rescue. ‘Excuse me?’ Jack says, pulling you up. You shrug off his arms and back into Michael and Luke, both of them still smiling goofily.

‘I’m with these guys’ you say following Michael and Luke to the drinks table. 'What gives?’ Luke laughs nodding to Jack 'He never leaves me alone’ you mutter reaching for a drink, before being able to grab one you’re carried off by Michael and Luke again, being pushed and pulled towards….Calum. 'He’s to scared to ask you to dance’ Luke whispers in your ear 'So we’re doing it for him’ Michael finishes positioning you in front of Calum. He looked handsome in his suit, his hair gelled into a quiff. He was blushing, twiddling his thumbs as he caught eye contact with you. You smiled, comforting him. 'So…did you want to dance?’ He laughed cocking an eyebrow. 'Well that’s one place to start’ you laugh holding out your hand, he takes it, slowly pulling you to the dance floor.

You both slowly fall into a rhythm to a slow song. You rest your head on his shoulders and fall into step with him. You hear him chuckle nervously, holding you closer as you dance round the floor. As the song comes to an end you look up, catching and holding his gaze for a few seconds before he blushes. 'Am I supposed to kiss you now?’ He laughs pouting. I laugh 'Yes’ I pout back as he leans in and kisses me. We pull apart while Michael, Luke and my friends burst out in applause 'FINALLY GREW SOME BALLS MATE!’ Michael shouts and I laugh blushing. 'Guess I finally did’ he whispers, swinging me round and kissing me again.

- A🌸

The publisher of Isuna Hasekura (World End Economica) and Keiko Koume’s (Queen’s Blade: Rebellion) Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice and Wolf) manga, ASCII Media Works, revealed on their catalog site‘s 12th volume page that the manga’s final arc will be starting on its 13th v……

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