150703/04 Dongwoon and Doojoon’s Twitter update

Yo yo hyung, although this is a little early, happy birthday YeY This emoticon is cute I reserved the best hotel buffet but since I’m in Japan, I had to cancel it, such a waste (yongjunna)

Birthday gift (justdujun)



Why do you not have wacky (ugly) photos ㅡㅡ (thatyongkid)

Hyung’s aren’t wacky pictures they’re cool pictures happy birthday hyung I love you (thatyongkid)

Thanks my dongsaeng come to Korea quick YeY (thatyongkid)

Luke Hemmings: Record Girl

Y/N leaned over the box of records, flipping through them. Y/N was humming “Therapy” by All Time Low under her breath when the famous Luke Hemmings and the rest of his band walked in. His eyes drifted around the store and landed on her. Y/N hadn’t even looked up when the bell jingled on the door. Y/N was in her own world, focused on the music. Luke was automatically drawn to her. He took a closer look and noticed that she was wearing an All Time Low shirt. He sighed, knowing that she was somebody he wanted to get to know. He turned to the boys and nudged Michael. “What?” Michael asked. “See that girl over there? She’s hot,” Luke whispered. Michael chuckled and got Ashton and Calum’s attention. “Little Lukey seems to have a crush on that girl over there,” Michael said condescendingly. The three boys smiled wickedly and Calum said, “We’ll just leave you to it then.” Luke looked at them in confusion as they strutted out the store. Luke followed behind them like a lost puppy and asked them, “Guys! Hey, what are you doing?” “We aren’t going to let you out until you talk to her,” Ashton smirked. Luke huffed and worked up the courage to walk over to you. Luke tried to act cool as he strolled towards her. He was so worried about what he was going to say, he wasn’t aware of his surroundings. He tripped on the corner of the record stand and ended up falling on top of her. Y/N gasped in surprise as she looked up into the sharp blue eyes of Luke Hemmings. Y/N’s cheeks blushed a rosy pink at the closeness of the famous Luke to her. She could feel Luke’s breath on her face. Y/N saw his cheeks turn red too. He seemed to shake out of his daze and quickly jumped up off her. Putting out a hand, he helped her up off the floor. “I’m… I’m so sorry. I’m such a klutz, and I’m Luke,” he stuttered. Y/N smiled sweetly and blushed a bit more, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear whispering, “It’s okay. And I’m Y/N.” “You have to let me make it up to you. Let me, uhm, let me take you out to dinner,” he nervously asked. Y/N got a boost of confidence and said, “Like a date?” Luke let out an adorable giggle and nodded his head saying, “If that’s what you want it to be.” Y/N smiled and handed her phone to him. He quickly typed his number into your phone and sent himself a text. “I’ll text you to make plans. And I’m sorry again,” he said with a guilty smile. Y/N smirked and replied “I’ll be waiting for it, and it’s fine, I promise.” Luke grinned at Y/N and made his way out of the store. When the door shut behind him, Y/N heard her phone ding. Looking down she saw a text from “Luke 💖.” She read, “Hey, Record Girl. How does dinner tonight sound?” Y/N smiled and looked out the door to see Luke grinning at her. She couldn’t wait.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Coming to North America 2016 on PS4 & Vita


At Anime Expo, Japanese video game publisher Bandai Namco Games have announced that a localisation of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth will be releasing in North America next year for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. It will be a Digital release only, on the PlayStation Network Store. Digimon …

Ever since its announcement fans have been anticipating the release of this summer’s hot anime Gangsta. As an anime for more mature audiences who wish to stray away from the usual moe, Gangsta‘s OP and ED tracks sure pack a punch, and deliver their blows expertly to set the tone of……

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