Grad Work: Blue Gel, Red Gel, UT Dallas, ATEC Building

I took this photo as a part of my series for my Studio Lighting class. I hooked up a power pack to two model lights.  The light behind me was covered with a blue gel, and the light in the hallway was covered with a red gel.  I love unconventional lighting because it can take a regular space and make it irregular. 

If you are not the free person you want to be you must find a place to tell the truth about that. To tell how things go for you. Candor is like a skein being produced inside the belly day after day, it has to get itself woven out somewhere. You could whisper down a well. You could write a letter and keep it in a drawer. You could inscribe a curse on a ribbon of lead and bury it in the ground to lie unread for thousands of years. The point is not to find a reader, the point is the telling itself. Consider a person standing alone in a room. The house is silent. She is looking down at a piece of paper. Nothing else exists. All her veins go down into this paper. She takes her pen and writes on it some marks no one else will ever see, she bestows on it a kind of surplus, she tops it off with a gesture as private and accurate as her own name.

Anne Carson, from section “Could 1” of “Candor,BOMB Magazine (no. 116, Summer 2011)

Dark thing,
make a myth of yourself:

all women turn into lilacs,

all men grow sick of their errant scent.
You could learn

to build a window, to change flesh
into isinglass, nothing

but a brittle river, a love of bone.
—  Jennifer Chang, from “This Corner of the Western World,” The History of Anonymity (University of Georgia Press, 2008)
The Signs are...

Aries: Midnight bond fires on a cold night, sloppy kisses, mindlessly dragging your finger across someones arm, the liberation of finishing HW, being alone in the city

Taurus: Silence in the desert, reading your favorite book on a rainy day, big sweaters/top knots/long socks, playing acoustic guitar, walking into antique bookstores

Gemini: Not being able to stop laughing with your best friend(s), bright umbrellas in heavy rain, splashing around in puddles, jumping into a giant pile of leaves, holding eye contact with someone

Cancer: The panic and excitement of a first kiss, christmas parties, falling asleep on FaceTime but not ending the call, spontaneously making cookies at 2 am, wearing someone else’s oversized sweater

Leo: Looking in a mirror and going “damn I look nice”, winning a race/competition, sitting in comfortable silence and playing with ur s/o hair, being in a room full of people but only caring about one person in there, receiving surprise gifts

Virgo: Finishing a good book, buying new school supplies, singing at the top of your lungs when no one else is around, taking a selfie and being satisfied with it, making new friends

Libra: Holding your s/o hand when nervous, performing with the spotlight solely on you, someone kissing you a million times at once and telling you they love you, binge watching disney movies, winter’s breath

Scorpio: Learning a new language, tender neck kisses, photoshoots with friends, the view of the city from up top, sipping hot apple cider in winter

Sagittarius: Playing with glow in the dark sticks, wearing red, rave parties, running into the ocean, a late night hook up

Capricorn: Leather bound books, finding small quaint towns, holding in laughter at a serious moment, someone holding you while you sob loudly, movie and popcorn

Aquarius: Wearing heels, grocery store runs, last minute christmas shopping, going cherry picking, creating something you’re proud of

Pisces: Ice skating in an empty rink, tight hugs, traveling to a foreign country, forehead kisses, picking a loved one up from the airport

So this is how it happens, you wake to find her gone. It should be a surprise but deep down you know it’s not. She’s brighter than anything you’ve seen before but it hides behind dark words. She’s quiet and she’s calm but sometimes she cracks and light pours out of her eyes. She flashes across your own black darkness and it blinds you. She’s brighter than the stars, hotter than fire, and through the beauty of it all, it just stings.

This it how it happens, you blink and it all disappears.
She’s here and then she’s not and that’s what the girl has in common with the lightning.

—  ~Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #51