Five British pop groups, bound for the United States on a tour which will yield half a million dollars, board their plane at Heathrow Airport, London. The groups are Jimi Hendrix Experience, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Alan Price Set and Eire Apparent. The Jimi Hendrix Experience group will receive in the United States a gold disc from Sinatra’s record company for their first LP Are You Experienced? to pass the million dollar sales mark. 30/01/1968

Rafael Nadal climbing the Centre Court stands clutching a Spanish flag, after defeating Roger Federer in the 2008 Wimbledon Mens Singles Final. The match has been held as the greatest moment of Nadal’s career, and one of the most exciting Grand Slam finals ever played. 06/07/2008

Photographer: Stephen Wake

Taken from the Wimbledon Collection at

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