While at my grandmother’s over New Year I sorted through all her old ciné films. There were 23 8mm reels, dating from the late 1950s to the 1960s, and gosh weren’t they a treasure. The colours, the colours! To have survived the interceding decades still as vibrant and atmospheric as when they were first developed; when we put up the screen and threaded the projector, still they flickered into life and glowed like a hoard. Faces of the dead passing across the screen, obscure relatives I never met or knew, odd places and queer vistas. Seaside holidays, village life, the farmyard, the haunted house, all preserved as butterflies behind glass. The ultimate aim of the project was to get all the films transferred onto DVD; which act we did, after wrestling the ‘cans’ into a box and sending them off. I will have the disc tomorrow, and wait to receive it.